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Is iSurveyWorld Legit Or A Survey Site To Avoid?

The site I’ll be reviewing today and taking a closer look at is iSurveyworld. I’ve seen various reviews on the internet for this site with mixed opinions. However, I thought id write a review to see whether iSurveyworld is legit.

My first impression of the site wasn’t great, of which I’ll go through in more detail as we get into this review.

Also in this review ill go through why this site is similar to others and why it is either legit or scam.




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What is iSurveyworld?


iSurveyworld is a site that pays members to complete surveys. But it’s not that simple, that is because they point you in the direction of other survey sites. They do have their own surveys available however there is a real lack of them.

If you have followed any of my previous reviews, you might remember a site called top10bestsurveysites. Well, I find that these two sites share quite a few similarities.  

How Do You Sign Up?

While most survey sites sign up process is fairly simple the process for iSurveyworld is a strange one.

If you have ever completed an offer for a giveaway then you might be familiar with the never-ending pages of offers.

This is because with this process you will have to go through a number of offers just to complete the registration. I don’t know if this is just me but I find this quite annoying.

When you sign up for a survey site you don’t want to be bombarded with loads of ads for other companies.

How Do You Start Making Money With iSurveyworld?

The only way to make money with iSurveyworld is through there surveys, of which there is a real lack. They set a minimum cashout at $25 which is far too high.

That’s just because with a small number of surveys available it will take considerable time before you can cash out. As for those surveys, they will pay anywhere from between $0.25 to $1.50.

I don’t mind some sites that have high thresholds such as Vindale as there are many ways to earn. Without a referral program at iSurveyworld, earning opportunities are very limited.


What Payouts Can You Get And When Can You Get Them?

As I mentioned earlier you will need a total of $25 before you can get a payment.

They pay out through Paypal, however even if there’s a slight chance you make it to $25, the payment can take up to 3-4 weeks. This is very slow for a quick easy payment method like Paypal



iSurveyworld Panel Pros and Cons


iSurveyworld Pros:

  • Payout through Paypal


iSurveyworld Cons:

  • Reaching the $25 threshold will take you ages
  • Try to get you to sign up for other sites



With constant advertising of other sites from the get-go,  just can’t recommend sites like this. I’ve wasted time with sites similar to these in the past so I wouldnt advise anyone to use iSurveyworld.

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When you can only take up to 3 surveys a month, I can’t see any potential



My Verdict



Is iSurveyworld legit?

Suprisingly people have been paid using this site, so I guess its legit. However I dont recommend, as personally these sites are just a waste of time.

Dont Want To Waste Your Time With Surveys?

Sites like iSurveyworld make it almost impossible to make money, which is why its best to stay clear of them. However I have an alternative, that will put your time to good use

I personally recommend starting your own business. As its arguably the best way to make a passive income in 2017.

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What are your thoughts on iSurveyworld? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below

Have a great day!


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