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Is Quick Pay Surveys Legit Or Just Another Scam?

Is Quick Pay Surveys Legit Or Just Another Scam

Are you wondering whether is Quick Pay Surveys Legit or not? When i first came across them I was unsure what to think as they were a few things that popped up to me that struck alarm bells. Anyway its good your here as this site doesn't look like a clear cut legitimate site to make money online.

At the start they do sound good and with a $3 bonus to get you up and running it seems you can't go wrong however has you will find out there is more to them that you should know about, so if you want to know whether Quick Pay Surveys is legit then I have all everything you need to know here in this review.

Quick Pay Surveys Review Summary


What Are They?:

Survey Site (With A Few Other Opportunities)





 What Is Quick Pay Surveys?

Quick Pay Surveys is a reward site that pays you to do various activities these range from you completing surveys to completing offers and many other things. The difference between these kind of sites and the reward sites which this is one of them is that they aren't exclusive to just surveys.

Quick Pay Survey Login Page

Now one thing you may be wondering straight of the bat is why are there different address'es and names, it does look quite confusing at which one is correct.

As you can see the from loading up the site it comes up with the web address '' however the name of the site is quickpaysurveys and they used to have the address '' before that was scraped and changed to the address they have now. 

They are an established survey panel and have been in operation since 2009 however despite that this does look unprofessional and if I was new I wouldn't this site any of my time.

How Do You Get Started?

The site is free to join and as far as I'm aware anyone can join and become a member. As a incentive to encourage you to sign up they also give you a $3 bonus which you can put towards a payout, you get this automatically credited to your account on registration.

While it does sound like free money it isn't exactly as you will need to make an extra $13 in order to withdraw, so you can't withdraw it once your up and running. Admittedly it is easier for the first time however will take you longer for future payouts.

There were people saying and I have seen online that people once had to pay a fee to sign up which sounds just like a scam, with that not being the case and with it being free you can be assured for the moment. 

It is something to bare in mind though as survey sites that I have checked out that charge for a membership 9 times out of 10 end up being scams, a great example of this is Click4Surveys who still to this day charge people for a secret survey site list.

How Do You Make Start Making Money?

From the main page and even the name it seems like the only way to make money is through surveys however there are a few more ways to earn which I'll explain in a second. The sites currency is simple also and keeps to dollars instead of points so for every survey you complete you will receive cash upon completion just like any other survey site.

1. Completing Surveys

The first and primary way that you can make money is through completing surveys these pay out between $0.50 and $1.00 each. These will take between 10 -30 minutes depending on the survey. If you are also wondering these surveys are not through Quick Pay themselves but through partners which consist of Your Survey, Global Test Market and some others as they aren't a market research company but more of a survey aggregator.

2. Reading Emails

Another way they advertise on there site that you can make money is through reading emails. Its literally just has it sounds. Although these are easy to do they are understandably low paying and you will only get between $0.02 and $0.05 per email. As you can see it will take you hundreds of emails in order to cash out, when I checked my account I found 2 emails both valued at $0.02, so your best bet is to try other ways of making money such as surveys that I mentioned above.

3. Shopping

While not really being a way of making money another option at your disposal is shopping. This opportunity rather sucks to be honest mainly because the retailers and partners they work with are small and not well known to most people. The only one out of the list I recognised was Gap so if you a frequent customer of them and the others then that's great however apart from that this isn't of much use to you.

5. Referral Program

You can also get paid to refer friends which is a common feature on reward sites nowadays as it helps survey panels gain more members and you get to make money from it. I have tried many survey and reward sites so I know when a referral program is worth it as some are and some aren't.

In this case you get 15% of your referral earnings which isn't a great deal when I compare to sites that pay between 20% and $35 

What Rewards Are Available?

Quick Pay Surveys pay out once you have acquired a balance of $15, for the first payout you will only need to make $12 as you get a $3 boost when you sign up.

For your first payment they do have a system whether they check them which means you will be paid on a net15 basis, so for e.g if a payment was requested on the 10th February it would be paid on the 15th March.

They do this to make sure no fraud is taking place, some other survey sites do this as well like Swagbucks who send a letter through the mail with a code to verify your address before sending there first payment to you.

Things To Be Aware Of With Quick Pay Surveys

1. False Promises

This is a concern but when you browse around the site they make it seem very easy to make money. In fact in the FAQ under a question on how much you can earn its even stated that you can make money and withdraw within minutes. If you have reached $15 and about to withdraw then I'm guessing it would be quick to withdraw but if you have a new account it will at least take you a few weeks to get enough.

2. Site Looks Unprofessional

This is a fairly big concern that is one of the first things that came to my attention which is that the site does come across quite unprofessional. First you have the web address and actual name of the site issue where there both different, which looks odd and suspicious. The second thing I picked out is that the logo and even the whole site in general looks like it was thrown together in a few minutes. 

From looking online it doesn't seem to be a scam but these areas do raise some concern as they aren't normal to see on most survey panels so just be wary if you are thinking of joining.

3. Not Many Opportunities Available To You

The main way like I mentioned is through the surveys and for me anyway when I made an account I was shown 3 surveys, one of which was Global Test Market which is a once a day survey and the other two being YourSurveys and Opinion Surveys which are both unlimited. I have tried these surveys on other survey sites and they are good and you can make a few dollars a day by doing this, however apart from this there isn't too much on the site that will make you more money.

Is Quick Pay Surveys Legit?

Quick Pay Surveys do seem legit however whether they are worth it is anothe question and for me they aren't and this boils down to many reasons which include the negatives I spoke about a few minutes ago. I have on this site reviewed so many survey sites that it gets to the point where if there's something that is risky on a survey site or there is a slight chance you might not get paid once you have hit the threshold I won't recommend them.

There are many established thresholds that are well known and offer the same opportunities as Quick Pay Surveys and more so its make's sense to use these ones over, plus I have actually had success with them.

If your wondering what survey sites I am talking about you can find my most recommended survey sites here. These ones are some of the best I have tried and offer the best user experience to help you make money online.

My 'Worth It' Rating


What do you think to Quick Pay Surveys? Had any experiences with them or even any questions you would like tho throw my way ?

Let me know by leaving a comment down below 🙂

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