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Is PaidViewpoint Legit Or Just Another Time Waisting Scam?

Is Paidviewpoint Legit

There are many sites out there that claim to help you make money and today I'll be taking a look at a popular one called PaidViewpoint.

To be honest I have heard of them before as many of readers have mentioned the site to me however never got around to checking them out.

Right now your probably asking is Paidviewpoint legit which is exactly what I was wondering myself so I have decided to delve deeper to find out more about them and whether or not they are worth the time and effort.

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Paidviewpoint Review Summary


What Are They?: Survey Panel

Verdict: Legit

My Worth It Rating: 4/5

Is Paidviewpoint Legit

What Is PaidViewpoint?

Paidviewpoint is survey site owned by a company called Umongous, Inc. They claim to pays members to complete surveys at home and give their opinions on all kinds of topics. You can get paid to take surveys plus invite friends to the panel.

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​Getting Started

The signing up process is like most survey sites a simple and easy process. You will need to fill out a few details such as your email which you will then after registering need to confirm in your inbox. By confirming your email address it gives the panel permission to send emails your way, you can also unsubscribe from them at any time if you wish.

As far as the requirements go, there doesn't seem to be alot apart from the fact you need to be at least 13 to make an account.

It is also free to join, just thought I'd put that in as I get many people asking me whether survey panels are free. I have found only legitimate survey panels to be free and that's how it should be, you should never be asked to pay to participate in surveys, so if you ever do they are most definitely a scam. 

If your not sure how to spot out scams this guide I created should help you differentiate them.

​How Do You Start Making Money?

PaidViewpoint is a site well known for its quick and easy to complete surveys, this means that making money with them is quite straightforward. For every survey you complete you will receive cash, these will be then be accumulated towards a minimum threshold of $15 which is the amount you will need to achieve before getting paid out.

Once you have signed up you will start getting invites through your inbox to various opportunities that fit you. Something you will want to know with this site is that its known that surveys go quite quickly, so if you are thinking of joining you will need to attempt them quickly otherwise they will go.

The positive thing and what I like is that once you have got into a survey, your good to go, you won't be at risk of being disqualified which is a common issue among most survey sites these days, so it's good to know your at least guaranteed to get paid. 

As for the survey length they are short and average at around 5 to 10 minutes per survey.

You will also have the added feature of Trait Surveys that will help you maximise your survey earnings. You can earn up to $0.10 for completing these and the purpose of them is to help PaidViewpoint get to know you a bit better and know what kind of surveys to send your way. So completing these honestly will give you a better earning potential.

The other way to make money is through their referral program which you could argue is the best way to make money on the site. With the issues with the surveys I will be highlighting in a moment, they do seem to have a good invite a friend program in place. You can make 20% of your referrals earnings for life, so if a referral makes $100 you will receive $20 as an example.

​What Rewards Can You Redeem?

Like I mentioned you can get paid once you have made $15, you can either be paid via PayPal or through a Amazon/Target gift card. The rewards are paid out in dollars and issued out within 72 hours of request.


Hard To Get Into Surveys

From most of the survey sites I have reviewed a common theme I have found is that surveys are hard to either qualify for or stay in (in other words the quota is full or the disqualification rates are high).

With Paidviewpoint and the fact they have a massive member base means that surveys are hard to get into in the first place. So in order to make money you have to be very fast to get into it before you are told that all spots are taken.

You do get this with a lot of survey sites as many get there or have surveys sent out at the start of the week. Which is when I complete surveys I tend to do them on Monday/Tuesday as by the time the weekend most companies have received all the responses they required

Earning Potential Is Low

While at the end of the day its a source to make a few extra dollars I was surprised to see so many great reviews despite the fact that the earning potential is so low.

Many of the members have reported how they have only been earning $0.10 a survey which after looking more into it is because they are trait surveys. This highlights the previous complaint I just talked about on that a lot of surveys are hard to get into because of the high demand.

The PaidViewpoint Positives and Negatives

The 'Good' Stuff

  • check
    Surveys are quick and easy
  • check
    Free and legitimate panel
  • check
    Pays out through PayPal
  • check
    As a good referral program

The 'Not So Good' Stuff

  • close
    Earning potential is limited
  • close
    Hard to qualify for surveys
  • close
    Surveys pay out small 

Is Paidviewpoint Legit?

There's no doubt about it that PaidViewpoint is a legit survey site to make money with. The earning potential is quite limited but the fact that they have a great reputation, pay on time and that your guaranteed to get paid once in surveys are good positives. 

There is one issue and that is the earning potential however all in all and the opportunities that they offer it could be worth giving a go as it does seem like a good way to make easy cash.

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My 'Worth It' Rating

What do you think to my Paidviewpoint review? Do you agree or disagree with me?

Make sure to leave your thoughts by leaving comments down below 🙂

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