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Is Opinion Outpost Legitimate? – Can You Get Paid For Your Opinions

Is Opinion Outpost Legitimate?

Do They Pay Well For Your Opinions?

Is Opinion Outpost legitimate I hear you ask, well today I’ll be explaining all you need to know about the company? Opinion Outpost is a Market Research Company based in the United Kingdom.

Opinion Outpost as been around for many years now and have paid out many times to their members. They will pay you for completing surveys that they offer to you, pretty much like any other survey site out there. I do like this site myself and am regularly checking the site from the time.

Anyway today I’ll be telling you everything you need to know about the company and how you can go about making money.

Opinion Outpost UK Review


Does Opinion Outpost pay out their members?

I can say that Opinion Outpost is legitimate and does pay out their members when they complete surveys. I have received many payouts from Opinion Outpost, most of them arriving within 24 hours of me requesting them. 

How do you sign up?

The signup process is straightforward as when you can sign up directly from their landing page. You can sign up using either your Facebook account or by filling a couple of details and creating your account. Either way, It won’t take you very long.

What payout can you request?

On most survey sites you will find that most payouts are for residents mainly in US and Canada. However, at Opinion Outpost you will find that they have quite a lot of gift cards available top you from many popular retailers. As well as Gift Cards you can also request a payout through Amazon, iTunes and PayPal.

What’s the minimum payout you can claim?

You can request a gift card/ E-Voucher as soon as you reach 200 Points (£10), for PayPal and Amazon you can request a payout at just 50 points (£2.50).

How long can you expect to get your reward?

Paypal Payments come within the next 24 hours after requesting. For all the other rewards, however, it can take up to 7 days to be processed.

How Does Opinion Outpost work?

For each survey, you complete you will be awarded an amount of points as well as one entry into the prize draw. Even if you get disqualified from a survey opinion outpost still give you entry. As I mentioned, they pay you using the currency points for each successful survey with each point worth 5 pence (£0.05). The amount you can get from surveys varies according to how long the surveys estimated time is. 

From my experience I have been awarded:

5 points for a 5 – 14-minute survey

10 points for a 15 – 19-minute survey

15 points for a 20 – 30-minute survey


How many surveys do they offer you?

Opinion Outpost does offer you a number of surveys for you to complete each day. While I’ve heard with some people that have used the site have even complained at not being offered many surveys, I normally have enough to last me and help me reach the minimal payout each day.


Opinion Outpost Pros:

  • Easy to reach Minimal Payout
  • Paypal Payments are processed within 24 Hours

Opinion Outpost Cons:

  • Is possible to run out of surveys


Opinion Outpost is legitimate and will help you earn money by completing surveys. Compared to some survey sites i found this one to be more time efficient and much easier to reach the minimal payout.

My Verdict


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