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Is MySurvey A Legit Survey Site Or ‘Evil’ Scam?

Is MySurvey Legit

Ever thought of completing surveys online in return for cash and rewards well this is an opportunity that MySurvey claims to offer.

I mean you give your opinions on various things and get paid easy money for it. Sounds great doesn't it, and believe it or not many people do this worldwide each day.

However normally there is a but and with this one it is whether MySurvey is legit or not. I have heard one or two things about them, but since they are one of the most popular survey panels out there I thought Id check them out myself.

If your looking to find out more about how they work and whether they are a genuine opportunity I will be telling you within this MySurvey review.

MySurvey Review Summary


What Are They?:

Survey Site






MySurvey is a survey panel that pays you to complete surveys online in return for rewards such as Cash and Gift Cards.

 What Is MySurvey?

MySurvey is a survey panel that is operated by a LightSpeed LLC and owned by WPP. The idea is to help out businesses around the globe by bringing businesses closer to its consumers through surveys. 

They are one of the most well known and respectable survey panels of the ones that exist. This survey panel claims also on the home page that they had paid out over $20+ million pounds in rewards back in 2014 and you can only presume that has increased.

MySurvey Login Page

 How Do You Get Started?

Right now your probably thinking how does MySurvey work. With most survey panels it doesn't take much time to sign up and same is the case with MySurvey. 

First things first is you will need to be over 14+ (16 if in the US) and be from either the UK, Canada or US to go any further with the sign up.

There are different versions of the site, so if you try and sign up you will be told if you are signing up for the right panel, for e.g if you go on to the UK version you will be given a link to the US one if you are american.

After you have signed up the next thing you will need to do is complete your profile. This is quite an important step as this will qualify you for more opportunities and better your earning potential, its something I have picked up on with many other survey sites.

Doing this also helps them to send the relevant studies your way, so your not getting surveys that are irreverent/not a good fit for you.

 How Do You Make Start Making Money?

Once the registration is finished and you have verified your email address you will be able to start making money with MySurvey.

You will start getting survey invites to your inbox and you can generally expect to receive around $0.50 to $1.25 a survey. It all depends though on a number of things, survey length, topic and demographic are considered.

For e.g if you take a 30 minute survey you can expect to receive more for that then completing a 5 minute survey.

 What Rewards Do MySurvey Have To Offer?

There are various different reward selections all which depend on your preference of reward.

You can receive straight out cash for your survey earnings in PayPal. These start at $10 in order to request these and also require 1000 points.

If cash isn't what your after then instead you can receive gift cards for retailers such as Walmart, Starbucks, iTunes, Amazon and Tango. These also require a minimum of $10 to redeem

You also have the option which is a great touch from MySurvey is the option to donate your earnings to charity. While you don't have the option to pick one of your own, you can choose one from the charity's that MySurvey work with.

 The MySurvey Positives and Negatives

As you may or not have suspected while MySurvey as its pros there are some cons that come along with them as well. As I like to keep my survey site reviews as unbiased as possible and take a neutral view I will be taking you through both positives and negatives with MySurvey.

 The 'Good' Stuff

1. As A Referral Program

Whats a good additional opportunity is that as well as surveys they also have a referral program where they pay members to refer others to the panel. 

This can provide you with a passive and more long term source of income. At the rates that MySurvey offer it does seem to be worth your time and effort as they pay you 150 points per person (which is around $1.50).

Funnily enough while they are a survey panel and your signing up to complete surveys, this instead seems like the much better way to make money as its far more efficient.

If you can rack up 7 referrals that's enough to get you your first payout depending on your strategy it maybe quicker then waiting for survey invites to come through. If you want to know my 3 most efficient ways to getting referrals on survey sites then check out this other post.

2. Established Survey Panel

While of late there reputation hasn't been the best they are still one of the most established survey panels out there and have been around for over 10 years. Its important when looking up survey sites to make sure you do your research as sites close down from time to time as well as the main factor that not every site is legit

3. Free To Join

Something that's important to know and also a question that I get asked a lot with survey panels is are they free to join. MySurvey is free and for every other legit survey panel out there they should also be free as well.

Sites that cost you money or require you to purchase some kind of subscription to get access to surveys are all a scam as that's not how the survey industry works. Completing surveys online should be free with only you the consumer getting paid for your efforts, not the other way round.

 The 'Not So Good' Stuff

1. Problems With Payouts

One of the most common issues that seems to be with MySurvey at the minute is the amount of money you can make with the site. This is because many members are having issues with payouts and earning very little.

Is MySurvey Legit?

MySurvey as been around for years and there sudden increase in complaints over the last couple of years does raise some complaints. 

Unlike some of the panels I review MySurvey as been paying for years so it could be worth checking out too see if they are for you. If not then you have a choice of many other survey panels out there that also pay you for your time.

This list shows you roughly 7 of the best survey panels I have had the most success with. So you can go through them and see if anything appeals to you

  • ​Lack of surveys

  • Lack of consistency with payouts over the past few years
  • Legitimate and Established Survey Panel

  • ​Free to join

  • Pay out cash
  • Have a referral program with plenty of potential

 My 'Worth It' Rating


What do you think to MySurvey? Want to have your say and give your 2 cents on them?

Let me know by leaving a comment down below and I'll also make sure to reply to you as well 🙂

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