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Is Lucky Day App Legit Or An App With Dark Secrets?

Is Lucky Day App Legit


Welcome to my Lucky Day App Review

This is an app that has got my attention recently having appeared on many ads, in fact I was watching YouTube and came across Lucky Day an app that rewards users with free money.

Having seen that I thought I must try that myself and to find out is Lucky Day App Legit or an app to avoid.

I have seen many apps like this one in the past that are promoted heavily but end up either being scams or very disappointing.

So it's good that you are here as in this post I will be going through everything you need to know about them.

Lucky Day App Review Summary


What Are They?:

Making Money App






LuckyDay App is an app that claims to give free cash through opportunities such as Lotto, Scratchcards and raffle.

 What Is Lucky Day App?

At the time of writing this review the Lucky Day App is currently the #1 top rated and trending game within the Google Play Store. 

For those wondering what they are about they are basically an app where users can earn money doing lotto and scratchcards. This is all free and requires no depositing of money, so it's not classed as gambling.

Lucky Day App Payouts

The app being very popular at the moment currently as over 10 million downloads since being released back in 2015. It also has a average rating of 4.6 out of 5, which looks good.

How Do You Get Started?

Since I was eager to find out what they are about I have downloaded the app to see what they have to offer. 

Once I had installed the app I was required to make an account. The application is only available on the Google Play it seems at the moment.

When you launch the app you are asked to sign up, you can do this by either using your Facebook account or by signing up with just your email address.

How Do You Make Money With Lucky Day?

There is a lot to this app and a number of opportunities so here I will do my best to cover everything you need to know about them.

1. Lotto

The first way and the first thing I was greeted with when I launched the dashboard is the Lotto.

Here you will get a free entry into the daily Lotto and will be asked to pick 6 numbers in total.

5 of which are normal ones and the last one being a lucky number. 

Lucky Day App Lotto

2. Scratchcards

The second opportunity I got involved in was the scratchcards which seem to offer great ways to get money on the app.

These pay out up to $10'000 and require for you to match 3 symbols to win.

I did a number of these and only won 1 which was the first one for $1.

Lucky Day App Scratchcards

I don't wan't to make any assumptions at this stage but it looks like every one wins on the first scratchcard.

You get only $1 and from others online saying the same thing it looks suspicious. 

I then decided to go ahead through all the other scratchcards on the dashboard and repeatedly got 2 symbols on most of them.

It was like I was being teased and as if getting 3 symbols is very rare.

I guess like the app name suggests you have to be having a lucky day to win anything.

3. Raffles

Lucky Day has many raffles that users can enter. There are both monthly and daily draws, which for the daily one it is free to enter.

The daily raffle pay's out at $500 and the monthly one pays at $5000.

3. Tokens

Another way you can get paid for using Lucky Day is through earning tokens.

These can be found in the majority of scratchcards like a consolation prize. 

Once I was finished doing the scratchcards I had earned 200'000 tokens which seemed a lot until I realised how many you needed to cash out which is 3 million.

The other ways to get tokens is to complete various different activities. These include surveys, offers, watching videos and inviting friends.

Lucky Day App Surveys
Lucky Day App Offers

Surveys and offers are all 3rd party opportunities and here you will get paid to give your opinions on various things in surveys or do things like download and use apps. 

This is a way of making money that people don't know about with Lucky Day but looks like the best way to make any certain money.

What Rewards Are Available?

As I briefly mentioned earlier you can redeem tokens for rewards as well as redeeming cash from lotto, scratchcards and raffles.

In order to get paid you will need to have a balance of $10. This can be withdrawn for PayPal currency and is paid within 7 working days of request.

The next way to make money using Lucky Day is through the tokens, You will need a lot though and currently the lowest option is a £2 Amazon Gift Card starting at 3,250,000 tokens.

They match you with your country, so since I am from the UK that was the lowest payout however what is available does depend.

If you are from the US I think it's very similar and requires 3,000,000 for a $2 Amazon Card. The currency conversions don't seem clear and looking at the payout it seems like you get more value in a £2 card instead of $2 one.

They do also have limited quantities of rewards which they make clear. So you will see 5, 4, 3 and so on telling you how many gift cards are left in stock.

Alternatively you can use these tokens to enter into draws and get more entries

How Does Lucky Day Fund All Of This?

Some people are wondering where all the money is coming from and that is a fair question considering the payout of some of the opportunities.

Something that is unclear at this stage is whether or not they pay out these huge amounts.

In fact the owner of the app even stated in a interview that they are focusing on paying more of there members small amounts instead of a few members large amounts. 

Anyway some of the scratchcards go upwards of $10'000 per which is alot to give away reguraly for free. 

The app basically runs on ads which means you expect to run into a fair share of ads while trying to use the app. When I was working through the scratchcards I was shown roughly 5 ads in that time frame. 

So with the 10 million users Lucky Day have acquired over recent years its clear to see where the money is coming from.

Is Lucky Day App A Scam?

The Lucky Day App Positives and Negatives

The 'Good' Stuff

1. Simple And Fun

Its hard to come up with too many positives as its not easy to see whether many are actually getting paid at this stage.

Yes, there are people getting a few dollars but then they aren't hitting the threshold to get paid which is leaving people asking that question on whether is Lucky Day App a scam or not.

The only positive I found was how simple the app is and how the interface is smooth. Doing the scratchcards are quite fun and seeing tokens add up that you probably won't be able to cash out was nice.

The 'Not So Good' Stuff

1. Huge Rewards

You will probably be thinking why have I put this as a bad thing and that is because the prizes are so high its too good to be true. 

The money they are claiming to pay is big and entices users to keep playing in the hope that they will on day win it, but the reality is unfortunately that it is unlikely.

In all seriousness though every opportunity whether that is the raffle or scratchcards there are huge rewards all over the place. 

Apparently you can get up to $100'000 however from opening the app they show various different payment proofs which I'm not sure the legitimacy of them but that is another discussion. Anyway of these testimonials none have received over $1000. Surely if you pay out so much money like the figure above you would show it off and show how much you can actually get.

2. Not Many Cashing Out

Looking online there doesn't seem to be much evidence that the app even pays. From looking at reviews I see a recurrent theme of people making $9, $9.25, $9.50 and so, basically getting within touching distance of getting that payout they have been waiting for, only to receive no more money for ages.

If at the start they can throw a few dollars your way then surely when your close to withdrawing you are at some point going to get that extra dollar needed to withdraw. 

It does feel rigged at that only a certain amount of people are able to cross that threshold and ultimately get paid.  It reminds me of arcade games and that one in particular where you have to stack the blocks which is almost impossible to beat and only 1 in thousands of people actually win the top prize.

I just read this feedback from one user and his friends where they are came close to cashing out but in the months none of them using the app were able to get $10 they were hoping for.

The comments on this post that has received quite a lot of engagement is almost backed up with many other frustrations from other users

3. Floods Of Ads, Literally

Another issue and while the app loads completely fine you are constantly hit with ads. 

Every couple of scratchcards you complete you are likely to be hit with a add which you will need to watch for up to 30 seconds in order to proceed.

It makes me ask the question whether the app is conning people as by viewing the ads you are making them money but in return not many people are winning if any at all.

So Is Lucky Day A Scam?

As it stands I would consider Lucky Day App a con and an app that isn't worth your time. Many people have invested there spare time into this app to not get any thing in return. 

This goes back to the advert where it sees a lot of money being shown almost being misleading as not many people getting anything.

The way I look at it all that time people have wasted doing the scratchcards and making nothing could of put to actually making money. 

You can make money with these US and UK based survey sites or even create your own online business here. 

Both provide much better ways to make money online as making money with Lucky Day is not guarenteed.

My 'Worth It' Rating