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Is Level Rewards A Scam Or Make Money Doing Offers?

Is Level Rewards A Scam

Welcome to my Level Rewards Review!

This is an interesting one for me as I haven't tried too many sites like Level Rewards as the concept to this one is quite unique and offers a new way to make money online. However whether they are worth it or not is the question and I'll be answering that in this review.

When I first came across this site a few days ago I was unsure about the concept and how it works. In this review I will be taking you through how they work, whether they are worth it and most importantly whether or not is Level Rewards a scam.

Level Rewards Review Summary


What Are They?:

Reward Site






A rewards site that pays members to complete offers and refer people to Level Rewards.

 What Is Level Rewards?

Level Rewards are a reward site (a site that pays you to complete various tasks) which offer opportunity's for you to make a passive income online but with there own spin on it.

The spin is that unlike with other reward sites where you are actively completing offers, surveys, etc it depends on how many people you refer to the site on who how much you earn.

Level Rewards Offers

Level Rewards pays you to refer other people to the site, you then get paid when your referrals join and complete offers. It sounds complex to start with but when you get familiar with it it does begin to get easier to understand. There are different levels of earnings

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What Is The Point Of Level Rewards?

Your probably wondering what is the point of Level Rewards as there is no surveys involved so no market research and also they seem to pay out quite a lot. As you see from there main page there is a payout of $20 via PayPal and I've heard they pay upwards of $100. 

How it works is Level Rewards work with a number of company's that are looking to advertise there products and businesses which is why you will see a range of different offers.

For e.g one offer I saw was for a well known UK betting company called William Hill, and the offer says that you need to open up a new account and bet 10 pounds to get 30 pounds in bonuses. The point of this offer is the company is looking to attract potential customers, so therefore is advertising this offer. So for each time this offer gets completed William Hill will pay out to Level Rewards (through what is called affiliate marketing) and then from there Level Rewards will use some of that money to pay out there members through there reward site system.

I used that example a lot however process goes for all of the offers on the site. The only difference is that some offers will be free which means you won't require to buy anything or input a credit card details compared to paid ones which are the opposite and require them.

So How Does Level Rewards Pay Out?

At level Rewards they have different levels in place, so for each offer you complete you are working up the ladder of the levels. The 1st level requires 1 offer and then the 2nd level requires you to complete at least 2 of the offers and so on and on, you get the jist of how it works.

Now where most people get confused or even wrong is that this will make you money and that you will get paid per level you complete or offer. However that's not how the site works, which may seem strange as you will find other reward sites with the same offers that will result in a straight out payout.

The money comes in to the equation once you have hit level 1 so you will need to complete one offer and then you will be eligible to invite other people like your friends and family. For every person you refer to Level Rewards that reaches level 1 you will get $5 and this goes up each time they go up a level, so if one of your referrals carry's on doing offers and reaches level 2 you will then get another $5 to make it $10.

The small catch however is that you do need to be on that level for you to get paid, so if a referral reaches a level higher then your current one then you will not get paid. Its one of those sites where you will need to invest time in to get to a good level before you start earning more money.

What Rewards Are Available?

With Level Rewards there are various means which you can chooses in order to get paid via. These consist of PayPal, Wire Transfer and Gift Cards.

Depending on which payment source you choose you can expect the payout times to be between 1 and 3 days.

The Level Rewards Positives and Negatives

For me I find its important to identify the strengths and weaknesses I find with every program I review and this is something I will be doing with Level Rewards. 

The 'Good' Stuff

1. Unique Concept

With so many reward sites doing the same thing its nice to see something a little bit different that offers another way to make money. While the concept at first maybe difficult to grasp as you have read in this review it is quite simple to understand. 

2. Pays Through PayPal

When it comes to getting paid out and reaching the minimum threshold everyone likes to be paid efficiently and that is the case with Level Rewards as they pay swiftly.

Again it depends on how you withdraw but if you go with my favourite which is PayPal you will get paid within 24 hours. The good thing about PayPal is that payments are safe, secure and you receive them much quicker then Bank Transfers.

The 'Not So Good' Stuff

1. Potential To Be Hard To Earn Money From

Yes, there are people earning using this site however how much you earn depends solely on referrals and the people you refer and the traffic you can drive to the site.

Maybe getting a few referrals will get you a few payouts depending on how long they spend with the site, but it seems like your best chance at making money is sharing your link around to get as many people to sign up.

What I am trying to get at here is that while you will have to invest time to up your levels so will your referrals so lets say you invite 10 people maybe out of them only 1 or 2 reach level 1 and complete an offer. This can happen as a many people sign up for survey sites and forget them making that referral you have just invited fairly pointless. Its basically a numbers game!

So Is Level Rewards A Scam?

Level Rewards is legitimate and does offer a genuine way to make money, on top of that they are also an established business that has been paying out for years. So everything is pointing in Level Rewards favour at this point.

The only issue I find is the concept and while yes it is different it also very difficult to earn with and unless you know how to get referrals you will struggle with Level Rewards as the main purpose is to refer.

Level Rewards is perfect for those who can refer lots of people. so if you have a social media account or even a blog like this one then you can share your link out with your audiences and make money that way.

With that said though and with Level Rewards being free as well as legit feel free to check them out for yourselves. You may find that they are an opportunity that works for you. If your question is how do I get referrals and lots of them at that then keep reading as I will share my strategy on how to that.

Whats The Most Effective Way To Get Referrals At Level Rewards?

Many people ask me this, not for this site in particular but for survey and reward sites in general as many offer opportunities where members can make a percentage of all what there referrals make.

This is passive income and a great way to earn an income online. The only issue is how do you get them in the first place, do you walk up to people in the street and tell them about a reward site? That could work to be fair however I know a more efficient way to go about it.

To get referrals you are going to need an audience which can be done by making a website just like I have done here.

I use a platform called Wealthy Affiliate which teaches newbies to the online world how to make a website/business online and then how to get traffic (this is basically getting people to your website).

All of this is taught in the training over there, so its something I highly recommend.

So with Level Rewards and for any survey site this becomes useful as you can target an audience through the billions of people searching the web and promote different websites. This is a proven to get referrals and ultimately make money online.

If you are interested in learning more I have made a full review which tells you all you need to know about them, to the owners all through to the concept of the platform. So feel free to check them out by clicking on the blue button below

My 'Worth It' Rating


What do you think to Level Rewards? Have any questions or opinions you would like to throw my way?

Let me know by leaving a comment down below, I'm interested in hearing what you guys have to say πŸ™‚

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