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Is GetPaidToTry Surveys A Scam Or Genuine?

GetPaidToTry Surveys Review

So your looking to get paid to take surveys and you have come across a site called GetPaidToTrySurveys, well that sounds perfect and maybe exactly what you are looking for.

For many people online completing surveys is one of there sources of income and today we will be delving deeper to find out whether this site pays out.

Stick with me for the next 5 minutes as I will take you through everything you need to know about GetPaidToTakeSurveys.


GetPaidToTry Surveys Review Summary


What Are They?:

Survey Site





 What Is GetPaidToTry Surveys

GetPaidToTry Surveys is a US based company that pays people to give there opinions through surveys. People can get paid cash or instead opt for gift cards.

They are owned by ClearVoice Research which may sound familiar to you as they also own another survey panel.

The main way to make money is through surveys here and while you can get paid to refer its not a great system in place here. Lets get into it though.

How Do You Get Started?

Signing up is straightforward and for this review I signed up to see what would be offered to me once a member of the panel.

The process took me 5 minutes to do and required me to complete a quick profile survey.

GetPaidToTry Surveys Sign Up

You are required to give your phone number which is interesting as this is not common, so if you are uncomfortable with that I wouldn't sign up. I say that as they do say in the terms that they try to contact you for surveys

Looking at the FAQ it seems as if the site is available worldwide and anyone over the age of 13 can access the website.

How Do You Make Start Making Money?

Now there a few ways to make money, not a lot of opportunities like you might find with other survey sites though.

The main one is of course through surveys, now for me when I signed up I wasn't given any surveys.

I do assume though after time that you will get survey invites however its not a good sign. 

It seems that this is quite common though looking at other peoples reviews online. 

The amount you can expect to make per survey does depend but you can expect to make between $1 to $2 a survey. The payout will of course depend on many factors though like most sites.

I wouldn't advise you to do any surveys under a $1 as that too little pay in my opinion and there are many surveys out there on other sites that pay more at least that.

The other opportunity to talk about is there referral program. This is something that popped out to me briefly after signing up where I got a message saying that I would get $0.30 per referral.

GetPaidToTry Surveys Referral Program

That may sound good but truthfully it isn't and that is from someone who has reviewed many survey panels.

Most panels will either pay you a cut of someones earnings or give you a one time commission, with the latter being offered here. 

The main issue with the referral program is the limit they have and that they only allow you to refer 10 referrals. This means your potential is only $3.00!

What Rewards Are Available?

GetPaidToTrySurveys cover multiple payments and anyone can redeem rewards.

The main payouts are catered for UK, US and Canada. 

GetPaidToTry Surveys Rewards

For UK and Canadian residents you can get either a Pre-Paid MasterCard or Amazon Gift Cards. If you are from the US you get both of those options plus Dining Dough gift cards.

If you are not from those three countries then you will be able to get just the Pre-Paid MasterCard.

You do need $10 in order to get cashed out and credit for surveys is put in your account once the survey is finished.

The GetPaidToTry Surveys Positives and Negatives

The 'Good' Stuff

1. Legitimate And Free

There are few aspects that make me excited about this site as there isn't a lot to it and the layout is very boring.

With that said the most important factor with these sites is whether or not they pay and in this case GetPaidToTrySurveys do. They are free to sign up for which is good and it should be like that.

The 'Not So Good' Stuff

1. Spammy Calls?

You might remember earlier in the review where I mentioned how you would need to give out your phone and this is an aspect I don't like. 

Giving your email address for me is fine but making it compulsory for you to give your phone number does seem personal.

Not every one is going to be comfortable with this and getting 'spammy' calls talking about surveys.

2. Nothing Special

As it says above there isn't anything particularly special with this site as I have found the opportunities for the most part below par.

If you take a popular site like Swagbucks for e.g which I do recommend they offer a number of opportunities for users to make money online.

You can get paid to watch videos, shop, do surveys, refer friends and for the last two that I mentioned there there is more opportunities for you to earn.

3. Limited Earning Potential

Another problem I found with this site is the limited earning potential that comes with it. As you will know I was offered no surveys on the first day and the referral system only lets me earn $3.

With a minimum threshold of $10 getting $3 will get me no where and unless I get $7 of surveys that is basically free promotion to the company. 

GetPaidToTry Surveys Legit?

Looking online and from what I have seen from reviewing this company it looks like GetPaidToTry Surveys is legit.

However, I don't recommend them as I feel it would be better for me to give you better suggestions if completing surveys is something you are interested in.

My 'Worth It' Rating


What do you think to GetPaidToTry Surveys? Have any questions or opinions you would like to throw my way?

Let me know by leaving a comment down below, I'm interested in hearing what you guys have to say 🙂

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