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Is Clout Cash Club A Scam Or Make $350+ Per Day?

Is Clout Cash Club A Scam

Were you wondering whether Clout Cash Club is a scam, well I was when I first came across them. 

At first impressions it does seem that Clout Cash Club is a survey aggregator however I will get more into what the site is about and most importantly whether or not you can make money with them


Clout Cash Club Review Summary


What Are They?:

Survey Aggregator






Clout Cash Club acts as an survey aggregator that promotes various survey panels to you. Each time someone signs up they get a one-time commission.

 What Is Clout Cash Club?

From first impressions it seems that Clout Cash Club is a survey aggregator, not to be confused with survey sites.

What is a survey aggregator I hear you say?

Well what they are is a site that promotes and shows you different survey sites that you can earn money with.

Basically you wont be making any money with the site itself but with the ones they recommend. 

Make Money With Clout Cash Club

While the concept may sound different and not common there are existing survey aggregators out there that operate in the same way.

Check out these other ones I reviewed a while ago:

All of these sites are effectively the same and promote the same sites.

For Clout Cash Club themselves they have been around since 2017 have been claiming to offer people with high quality survey site companies.

The thing with these companies is that there are plenty out there and while there supposed to help people, most people like myself find them quite 'spammy' and 'unrealistic'

That is because they will often send you lots of spam whether thats on the website or through email.

As for unrealistic these sites also set out crazy expectations for surveys that aren't true.

I have seen that have claimed that you can make up to $100 a survey, When the reality is most surveys pay up to $5 at most if you are lucky.

How Do You Get Started?

For the purpose I got started with Clout Cash Club to see what they could offer me over similar survey aggregators I have tried out previously.

Before I go any further with my experiences let me just point out that Clout Cash Club is free and you won'

Firstly they asked on the site that you fill in your email address and your name. This is to supposedly qualify for my first survey. 

Clout Cash Club Sign Up

It felt at this stage that we were skipping many steps as to actually receive actual surveys you would need to sign up to an actual survey site. 

Next I did get an email saying to sign up for a survey panel called 'ISay'.

Funnily enough I have tried that panel out before and found them to be rubbish.

Here in the email though they gave me a few steps to get signed up.

How Do You Make Start Making Money?

It seems like they connect you with survey sites that pay out however for me when I clicked the sign up link on the email they sent me I was sent to a online scam site. 

So I don't recommend them based on what I have experienced with them. I mean it makes no sense too, theirs no point in using them as you can simply to type survey sites in google and find many that are legit without all of the hassle.

But to clear up any of you who are unsure Clout Cash Club don't pay out its the partners who do,

What I Don't Like About Clout Cash Club

1. Spammy Site

As you can see from below when I clicked on the link in the email I was sent to a scam not the I-Say survey site that was presented. 

This is a clear indication that the site is spammy and a scam. 

I then got another email saying I had qualified for the panel. However most of the email was talking about there sponsor LifePoints and how there is a offer for today only and that I must sign up now. 

Is there a sign up bonus when I clicked on the link I'm afraid not. Will LifePoints be here today, tomorrow and the day after, probably. 

They only urge you to sign up now so that they can get paid today. I expect to recieve more emails from Clout Cash Club for there other so called 'partners' in the next few days.

2. Unrealistic Expectations

Looking on there site and from the emails they have sent me they say you can make upwards of $350 a day from surveys.

This means that there so called surveyors are making $9000+ a month from surveys. Sorry but I smell BS here as that is not possible and I of all people would know that having used survey sites for many years. 

Now my question to them is what planet are you on as these very untrue in fact making that amount at times can be impossible.

The idea of surveys and the expectations generally is that you will make some extra cash just giving your opinions. You won't be quitting your job or making a full time income, its just not possible.

3. Not Worth The Time

I say its not worth the time as you don't need to go through survey aggregators to make money with surveys.

Most of these sites are set up with the intention of making the owners money and not putting there foucuses on helping you earn money online.

When you supposedly sign up with Clout Cash Club you are giving away your details such as your email address.

They will then use this and most likely send spam your way or share your details with others, you aren't sure which is why you must avoid this site. 

Is Clout Cash Club Legit?

No Clout Cash Club is a scam and a site I don't recommend to any of you looking to make money from completing surveys online.

Completing surveys in return for rewards is possible and many people are currently doing that as I speak now. However the whole vibe of Clout Cash Club and the spammy nature of the company is one I don't advise anyone to get involved in.

They clearly don't put there members first and are only out for there only gain. If you are looking to make money online giving your opinions I would take a look at this list I made here. There you will find much more value and most likely just what you are looking for.

My 'Worth It' Rating


My Alternative To Clout Cash Club

Clout Cash Club honestly sucks however while you can't make $350 a day doing surveys like they boldly claim you can get that through other making money opportunities online.

In fact I even make money each day with this blog, its simple how it works and it is through creating your own online business. Alongside doing surveys in my spare time its ones of my favourite ways to make money online. 

I would love to talk more about how it works however I would make more sense to direct you to my full and detailed review of the program I use to make money here

What do you think to (Site Name)? Have any questions or opinions you would like to throw my way?

Let me know by leaving a comment down below, I'm interested in hearing what you guys have to say 🙂

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