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Is ClickPerks A Scam Or A Genuine Site To Earn Free Rewards?

Is ClickPerks A Scam Or A Genuine Site To Earn Free Rewards

While I do review many survey sites I do also like to review what is called GPT sites, these are ones that pay you to do various things which normally include surveys. I am fan of these sites however not all of them are great and offer a genuine opportunity for you to make money.

Today in this post I will be taking a look at a GPT site called ClickPerks which claims to offer an opportunity for you to earn cash and rewards online through doing various tasks.

So if your looking to find out if ClickPerks Is a scam then make sure to read until the end as there are few things that you should know about them.

ClickPerks Review Summary


What Are They?:

Reward Site






Clickperks is a rewards site that targets the US, Canada and UK demographic by offering opportunities such as surveys, watching videos, completing offers, shopping online and more.

 What Is ClickPerks?

Clickperks is a GPT (Get Paid To) site owned by marketing company called React2Media and are based in New York City, US. The aim of the company is to help their clients with thier market research by connecting the business to its consumer over at ClickPerks.

How Do You Get Started?

Before I go over how you sign up there are a few things you should know, first thing being that you must be either a US, UK or a Canadian resident in order to participate in any opportunities. You must also be 18 years old to be a member. They are the main thing should know about them as most rewards sites work the same, if you want to read the full terms and conditions then check them out on the bottom of the main page.

Anyway with that said back to the sign up process and this will take you roughly 5 minutes to do. You will be asked for a number of details these consist of age, name, gender, location and a few others, its quite simple to do.

After that and this is where my original impressions changed a little, as I was shown a few pages of offers from their partners that they encourage you to sign up for.

When I see this I do think negatively as this is something that many scams I have seen and tried have tried. My question when sites like Clickperks do this is do they think that members like to see many random 'special' offers when trying to sign up, most of them have nothing to do with surveys or earning money online. For me it takes the quality away from the site as if you look at any of the top established reward sites like Swagbucks don't have anything like this.

How Do You Make Start Making Money?

You can make money through completing like I mentioned above things like surveys, offers, watching videos, searching emails. I will go over what exactly is offered as at first glance it looks like there is alot of earning potential however I think otherwise.

1. Taking Surveys

The first way to make money using Clickperks is through taking surveys, these are not there surveys exactly but ones you will find on the majority of survey sites as these are third party ones. If you have taken surveys in the past the chances are you will recognise company's such as Peanut Labs, Adgate media, Offertoro, they do also have a few more. These pay upwards from 1 to 500 points depending on the router and the survey. 

CinchBucks Surveys

2. Completing Offers

Offers is another way to earn ClickPerks points on the site, on the tab you will find various priced offers where you can do various different tasks such as downloading apps, free trials, sign ups and others. From having a look at these it seems that the pay is between 5 and 100 points.

CinchBucks Offers

3. Watching Videos

You can also make money by watching videos, this is probably the least efficient way to make money however if you were a few points away from withdrawal then this would prove useful. For each video you watch you get 0.05 points, which is 5 cents in real money, so you can see how you will need to watch hundreds of these in order to cash out.

CinchBucks Videos

4. Shopping Online

Another way to make money is through shopping on the site, you aren't exactly making money but instead you are getting cash back when you purchase at the partnered stores.

5. Reading Emails

Reading emails is another quick way to earn a few cents on the site, while I couldn't find the opportunity on the dashboard it is something they claim to offer. As easy as it sounds though you can get paid for reading emails which is something most of us do daily.

6. Playing Games

You can make money through having a go at some of thier games, however the catch with this opportunity is that in order to earn you need to spend as they give you CP when you make in game purchases. You can also get paid at random points while playing the games for free, however that doesn't see exactly right as you not exactly getting money for your time.

7. Using Their Mobile App

While this isn't an opportunity of such but another way to earn is on the go through using there app. Here you can do what you could do on the desktop but just on their app as well, whether that's doing surveys or viewing a video.

What Rewards Are Available?

As I have mentioned throughout the review ClickPerks pay out through points, for each point it is worth $0.10. So bearing that in mind you will need 30 points to get the lowest range reward at $3. Its then an extra 50 points per $5, for example the Starbucks Gift Card the lowest one you can get starts at $15 so you will need 150 points.

Most rewards require different amounts and there are a whole host of retailers to choose from which consist of Starbucks, Amazon, Delta Airlines, Walmart, Target, MasterCard, Visa, Ebay, CVS, Kohl's, Babies 'R' Us, iTunes and  a lot more. 

ClickPerks Payout

If you would rather receive cash instead of just a gift card then you can get PayPal, however it will require you to have a balance of 250 points as that reward starts at $25.

The ClickPerks Positives and Negatives

The 'Good' Stuff

1. So Many Rewards To Choose From

This is one of the good things I found about ClickPerks is the many different payouts you can get the reward options are endless. So if you can get enough for a reward there are lots of stores to choose from to use your earnings on.

2. Pays Through PayPal

Again another nice thing I found is that among all the payout options you can get paid out in cash through the means of PayPal. This one is a mixed one as while its great they have it as its safe and quick to receive funds it does mean you will need 250 points in order to request a reward which is the lowest possible one. This means it may take you a number of months before you can request this reward, it depends on how active you are on the site.

The 'Not So Good' Stuff

1. Low Earning Potential

As with most survey panels out there you will find that the potential to make money is normally quite low and nothing changes with Clickperks. Admittedly I have tried and used survey sites that do pay out quite well and actually make it possible to make a part-time income however with ClickPerks I don't find anything special about them as the opportunities they give are quite general and basic.

I would say I have good experience when it comes to earning with reward sites and I can tell already that i would have a stressful time trying to make money with this site mainly due to the lack of opportunities. Yes at first glance initially it looks they offer various ways to earn 

2. Issues With Privacy

This is something I noticed and also heard is that there is an issue with privacy where your data is protected. They do assure you that your data is safe however on various occasions they have shared data with third party companies.

This is a major concern as with all survey panels that require you to give personal details you need that trust that any data you give them is confidential however it seems to not be the case here. 

I can't say I am particularly surprised either as going back to the registration where they give you various random offers it does seem like they are money focused by doing something like that.

3. 'Spam' Offers

I've touched upon this within this review a few times and this is something that needs talking about. I understand the offers within a reward site as this is another opportunity that can help members make money. I would also understand if the offers they gave you at the start gave you some kind of bonus but they don't which is why I question why they put it in. Obviously its something to help them make money but to be honest it comes across quite spammy as for most of them they are irrelevant. 

Is ClickPerks Legit?

ClickPerks does appear to be a legitimate site to earn money with despite the negatives I did highlight, which is why if you are thinking of trying them out to see if they are a site for that you make sure you consider the negatives I have mentioned in the review.

With that said I don't really see the big deal with ClickPerks and they do seem to be over hyped as they don't offer much more than any of the other sites that I have tried. 

My 'Worth It' Rating


What do you think to ClickPerks? Have any questions or opinions you would like to throw my way?

Let me know by leaving a comment down below, I'm interested in hearing what you guys have to say 🙂

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