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Is Click 4 Surveys Legit Or Another Dodgy Survey Site

Is Click 4 Surveys Legit

If your  looking to find out whether is Click 4 Surveys Legit or not then you are in the right place as today I will be bringing you a full and honest review on them.

Most of the survey sites I review do not ask for any money to register an account and instead pay their members for completing surveys instead of it being the other way round.

Survey sites are a great way to make money especially if your looking for some quick cash but in no case should you be paying to sign up.

My aim is to review as many survey sites out there so that I can show you which survey sites are worth your time and will earn you money but also warn you off scams out there so that your not being scammed by companies that’s the only intention is to get hold of your money.

With that said and with the answer to whether Click 4 Surveys is legit or not looking obvious I’ll be reviewing the site to see just what they’re about and whether they are as shady as they seem.

Click 4 Surveys Summary


Click 4 Surveys Logo

What Are They?:

Survey Site Funnel






Click 4 Surveys is a site that shows you other sites to make money. They claim that you can make upwards of $75 however they don't pay out neither do they help you make money.

 What Is Click 4 Surveys?

Click 4 Surveys is a site that claims to offer a exclusive list of survey sites that will help you make lots money from home. In fact the amounts of money they say you will be making is quite a considerable amount however it does sound way too good to be true.

Were talking a full time income for many, as you can see in the screenshot below you can make up to $3,500 a month. Obviously this isn't true and can't be done just by doing surveys however I will get more into that as we go through this review.

Click4Surveys unrealistic expectations

With Click 4 Surveys you will need to pay in order to get access to the survey panels they recommend.

The way the site works is a lot like Top10bestpaidsurveys and Survey Spotter, however with those while they give false expectations on what you will earn the good thing is they won't make you buy anything.

Unless your not aware you need shouldn’t need to pay money to complete surveys. It should be the other way round with market research companies paying you for your time.

If you do find sites that make you pay for some special list then there most likely a scam.

 How Do You Get Started?

First off you will be signing up and paying for access to the exclusive survey sites they claim you will make a lot of money with.

So after you’ve given away your money and signed up you will then need to sign up for other survey sites.

This is a process you could do without Click 4 Surveys, so if you’ve come across this review for clarification that this site is legit then I can tell you that this site is one big con.

 How Do You Make Start Making Money?

Click for surveys is a site that claims that by signing up to the site you will make a ton of money through surveys.

Now everything about this site screams scam as when you go the site you come across a video which is a presentation from the owner himself. This is quite odd as before I go onto the video itself it’s worth mentioning that this is fairly unusual for survey sites.

You do get videos on sites showing you how to make money on the site but this video is basically just random videos of people’s experiences using the site which are clearly fake.

I’ve found that many of the people who gave testimonials for the site have got accounts on sites like fiverr where they offer testimonial services for $5.

This is very shady as there is nothing genuine to the videos and it just feels that when your watching the video you feel like your being sold to which shouldn’t be the case.

After scrolling down I came across a story from the owner himself who talks about how he quit his job to do surveys. As you can see by the image below he talks about how he took surveys to take himself out of debt. 

Click4Surveys quit your job

Owner claims to quit his job after making money completing surveys

Its quite remarkable and I'm sure its fooled many people into thinking he holds some secret however this is all b******t making thousands of dollars a month completing surveys isn't possible.

As you can see there is only one aim of this site and that is to con you out of your money. Of course for the money you pay you do get access to a what they call ‘exclusive’ list of survey sites. 

But for $19 it really isn’t worth it as you will find most of the survey sites by searching into Google.

In case your still not aware you will not be directly making money with the site instead you are directed to sites that will pay you for surveys.

 The Click 4 Surveys Positives and   Negatives

With Click 4 Surveys as you can tell there are some aspects that raise some eyebrows so I'll go over these now.

 The 'Good' Stuff

1. Shows You Legitimate Survey Sites

If there is one positive that can be taken from Click 4 Surveys is that the sites they recommend are legit. 

However making you pay for access to the list is wrong as you shouldn't need to pay anything.

These are sites you could find by typing into google phrases such as 'best survey sites' and you will find many legit sites come up.

 The 'Not So Good' Stuff

1. False Expectations

One thing that stood out to me is the fact they claim you can make up to $75 a survey and even $3000 a month. 

Click4Surveys make $75 a survey

For someone who as used and tested many survey sites I knew straight away that this wasn't true as these rates simply don't exist. 

You won't find any survey sites paying out this amount even with the sites they recommend.

While its false they tell you this to entice you into their trap. 

2. Costs Money To Sign Up

In order to get these survey sites you will need to pay upwards of $35. This is crazy especially for a ordinary list of survey sites that can be found online for free.

I recommend survey sites however I do it to show people like you sites that payout, I wouldn't charge as its not something that should be sold.

I have found companies who sell lists of survey sites to all be scams that are just looking to make money and don't put you first so you must be on guard as they do exist such as Click 4 Surveys.

 Is Click 4 Surveys Legit?

If it isn’t clear Click 4 Surveys is a scam already then I can say that it definitely is and one to avoid.

It’s sick to know that sites like this exist especially with there fake videos and there false promises of making you lots of money.

Luckily you have come across this review as this site is only out to get your money.

So for that reason and the fact you shouldn't need to spend money to earn money completing surveys I won't be recommending them.

If you are looking for some genuine survey sites that are looking for your opinions and don't cost a cent to sign up for then check out these top rated survey sites here.

  • ​Won't make you any money

  • Includes many upsells and costs money to make an account

  • Won't make you any money
  • Recommends legitimate sites

 My 'Worth It' Rating


 Still Looking To Get Paid For Your   Opinions?

Sites like Click 4 Surveys are sites that are full of false expectations and conning people out of money.

Now instead of going anywhere near Click 4 Surveys which I doubt you will there are survey sites that don't require any investment and are looking for peoples opinions on different topics, services and products in return for rewards.

If you are looking for some genuine sites that have helped me make money online in the past few years doing tasks such as surveys, watching tv and playing games in my spare time then check out the banner below.

Do you think Click 4 Surveys is a real opportunity to make money with?

Let me know by leaving a comment down below, I'm interested in hearing what you guys have to say 🙂

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