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Is Clear Voice Surveys Legit or Just Another Scam – My Full Review!

So is Clear Voice Surveys Legit or is it indeed another one of those scams. Well, today by the end of this review you will find out exactly which of the two Clear Voice is. 

My first impressions were that Clear Voice as a well laid out site looks like a survey site that has been around for years. I’ve browsed the internet recently to find mixed opinions and reviews while some really enjoy using the site many do dislike.

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Without further ado, let’s get into the review

ClearVoice Surveys

What is Clear Voice?

Clear Voice is a company that started back in 2006 since then it has been providing market research to many companies. Like the name suggests Clear Voices aim is to hear the voices and opinions of their members in their surveys.

Who Is Available To Sign Up?

Despite it being an American company, Clear Voice Surveys is available to anyone worldwide

How Do You Sign Up To Clear Voice?

The sign-up process as two stages to it, firstly on the main page you can either sign up with a facebook account or you just put your name and your email address and continue to part 2 of the process.

ClearVoice Surveys Log In

For Part 2, it’s pretty standard you will need to enter all the usual stuff such as emails, and names etc, and then you will also need to put in your mailing details.

I know it may seem a little long winded but it shouldn’t take you more than 5 minutes to complete


What Payout Can You Request and When Can You Request One?

The payouts that are available depend on which country you sign up under. I’d imagine that if you were a US resident that there would be more payouts available for you then if you were a member living in another country.

This is because the company is based in America so most of the payouts will be gift cards in dollars which would be no use to anyone out of the US.

However, as you can see below are the payments that I can get being a member in the UK. These payouts, however, will defer if you lived in the US or Canada which are the other two big currencies that Clear Voice surveys payout in.

The minimum threshold is $10 and as soon as you reach that you are then able to request a payout


ClearVoice Rewards

What Surveys do they offer?

Clear Voice surveys offer a variety of surveys the only issue is the frequency of them. You know the score the more surveys there are on a survey site then the more opportunities to make money and reach the payout it quicker. 

Unfortunately for a survey site such as Clear Voice, you won’t receive many surveys on a daily basis so earning potentially is fairly limited.

However, when they do offer surveys they could be either Online surveys, Surveys over the phone and even being sent products to test and reviewWhile it is possible to get Telephone surveys and even test products i am yet to recive an opportunity since i joined so i can only imagine that the majority of these kind opportunitys are avaiable to US residents.

I have though been offered a couple of online surveys but i got disqualified from the couple i got so i can see how some members have struggled and found reaching that minimum threshold hard.


Pros Of Clear Voice:

  • Offer different types of surveys

Cons Of Clear Voice:

  • Will take you time to reach the payout
  • Lack of payouts for members outside the US

Is Clear Voice Surveys Legit?

Yes, Clear Voice Surveys is Legit and will pay you for taking surveys

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It is definitely possible to get paid out using Clear Voice, but I still wouldn’t recommend this site as it’s not a good use of your time. Clear Voice surveys is legit but making money with the site just takes too much time and frankly.

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Want to try an Alternative to Surveys And Earn More of a Long Term Income?

Using Clear Voice Surveys to get extra cash isn’t an efficient way to make money, without any kind of referral system and also a lack or surveys will make it difficult.

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Have you had any experiences with Clear Voice Surveys? Got a question in general to ask me?

Let me know in the comments section below:)

Have A Great Day! Josh

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