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Is Clear Voice Surveys Legit Or Clearly Just Rubbish?

Is Clear Voice Surveys Legit

In this post, I will be talking about another survey panel I have recently come across called Clear Voice Surveys.

So is Clear Voice Surveys Legit or is it another one of those scams that waste your time. Well, today by the end of this review you will find out exactly what they are all about. 


Clear Voice Review Summary

What Are They?:

Survey Site

Target GEO:


Worldwide (More opportunities for US residents)


 What Is Clear Voice?

Clear Voice is a company that started back in 2006 since then it has been providing market research to many companies.

They are based primarily in Denver, Colorado and work with many firms driving research from the consumers to various businesses. 

Like the name suggests Clear Voices aim is to hear the voices and opinions of their members in their surveys.

Clear Voice Surveys Logo

How Do You Get Started?

Despite it being an American company, Clear Voice Surveys is available to anyone worldwide

The sign-up process as two stages to it, firstly on the main page you can either sign up with a Facebook account or you just put your name and your email address and continue to part 2 of the process.

For Part 2, it’s pretty standard you will need to enter all the usual stuff such as emails, and names, etc, and then you will also need to put in your mailing details.

I know it may seem a little long winded but it shouldn’t take you more than 5 minutes to complete

Clear Voices Sign Up

Sign Up Form

How Do You Make Start Making Money?

Clear Voice offers a few opportunities for you to make money albeit not many, however of the few they have I will talk about how you can make money and my thoughts on them.


Clear Voice surveys offer a variety of surveys the only issue is the frequency of them. You know the score the more surveys there are on a survey site then the more opportunities to make money and reach the payout it quicker. 

Verify Your Email

Unfortunately for a survey site such as Clear Voice, you won’t receive many surveys on a daily basis so earning potential is fairly limited.

However, when they do offer surveys they could be either Online surveys, Surveys over the phone and even being sent products to test and review. While it is possible to get Telephone surveys and even test products I am yet to receive an opportunity since I joined so I can only imagine that the majority of these kind opportunities are available to US residents.

I have though been offered a couple of online surveys but I got disqualified from the couple I got so I can see how some members have struggled and found reaching that minimum threshold hard.


Clear Voice Sweepstakes

Another opportunity they have on offer is sweepstake's, now these aren’t renowned for being popular on survey sites however it does give you a chance of winning I nice amount of money.

They do have a few sweepstake's which consist of a daily one, a weekly one and finally a monthly one. They pay out $100, $250 and $1000 respectively.

On the sweepstake page, you will be able to see how many entries you have into each draw and also how long there is to go before each one closes.

Referral Program

The other opportunity that you can utilise is the inefficient referral program they have. I say Inefficient as there isn't a great deal of money to be made here. 

Initially it does sound promising however they pay $0.50 up to a max of 10 new referrals. This means that once you have invited 10 people to the panel you won't benefit financially from then on.

Clear Voice Referral Program

What Rewards Are Available?

The payouts that are available depend on which country you sign up under. I’d imagine that if you were a US resident that there would be more payouts available for you then if you were a member living in another country.

This is because the company is based in America so most of the payouts will be gift cards in dollars which would be no use to anyone out of the US.

However, as you can see below are the payments that I can get being a member in the UK. These payouts, however, will defer if you lived in the US or Canada which are the other two big currencies that Clear Voice surveys payout in.

The minimum threshold is $10 and as soon as you reach that you are then able to request a payout

Clear Voice Rewards

The Clear Voice Positives and Negatives

Now this is normally the section where I would compare the pros and cons that I found with the panel I have reviewed however I struggled to find anything that was good about this one. You will understand why that is by the time I have gone through the negative aspects that I think you must know beforehand.

1. Missing Money

It sounds like a mystery and it actually is, there are reports from a number of users where people have seen there balance disappear.

Any panel that has payout issues instantly throws me off and this issue is very peculiar. 

I like to know that when I complete surveys or take part in any online research opportunity for that matter that I will receive a payment for my time as promised however that doesn't seem the case here.

2. Lack Of Opportunities

With Clear Voice as you can see from what I said earlier I received no survey invites after signing up and completing profile surveys.

Clear Voice No Surveys

So if my on only other way to make money is through referring 10 people to the site how do I get a payout.

It seems as if it isn't possible and I can now see why so many of there users have grown frustrated with how the panel is and also how difficult it is to make money. 

3. 'Below Par' Referral Program

The referral program is another way for you to make money on top of the surveys however its really not a great opportunity to earn money with.

The plus side is you get $0.50 per referral however on the bad side you can only invite 10 people to Clear Voice. This means you can earn $5 and that's it.

You do get entries for every referral however but from a earning point of view you have nothing to gain by promoting them. 

When you compare to this to other survey panels there are no limits on referrals which means you can make unlimited money. Sites like Vindale Research pay out at $5 a referral and there is no cap on how many you can refer.

Is Clear Voice Legit?

I have come to the conclusion that Clear Voice is a scam and despite anyone saying they do pay I have found too much evidence that they are not to be trusted.

This isn’t to say that they haven’t paid anyone since launching there is just a massive amount of angry users who are yet to get paid.

So there is no way that I could recommend a site like Clear Voice to you as I have done with other legit survey sites in the past.

As disappointing as that is it isn’t all bad news as I do want to steer you in the direction of survey sites that payout.

Here's the go-to list of my favourite survey sites that will make you money online, so feel free to check them out.

My 'Worth It' Rating


What do you think to Clear Voice? Have any questions or opinions you would like to throw my way?

Let me know by leaving a comment down below, I'm interested in hearing what you guys have to say 🙂

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