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Is AppBounty A Scam Or Are They Legit – My Review

If you’ve ever searched up on the app store, apps for making money at some point I’m guessing you’ve probably come across Appbounty.

As you’ve probably gathered, yes appbounty is another app that gives you the opportunity to make money from your handset.

Sounds easy doesn’t it, not quite, but all will be explained in this review. 

So is Appbounty a scam or is it actually an app that provides a genuine opportunity for you to make some quick cash.

Let’s have a closer look into the app, shall we?

AppBounty Review

Name: Appbounty

Type: Get paid to download apps

Recommended?: No

Verdict: Legit

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What Is AppBounty?

As I explained, AppBounty is an app that you can download from the Appstore, that is both IOS and Google Play.

So basically what Appbounty is is an app that rewards you for downloading apps on your device and then trying them out for 30 seconds to a minute.

So effectively you are getting paid simply for opening apps on your phone.

Apart from downloading apps and referring friends, both of which I’ll explain how they work in this review, there aren’t too many ways to make money using apps.

However whats worth noting is that while this is easy to do the pay in my opinion is poor. Downloading apps and playing them is easy but not worth it for a couple of cents.

Is There a Catch with AppBounty?

When I first started exploring ways to make money online Appbounty was one of the first apps I tried.

For me it’s a case of ‘been there done that’ kind of thing as I used to grind out the points with these kind of apps just to be paid 5 dollars a month, which is just not worth it.

I have to admit the idea of these kind of apps sound great and if they paid more I would consider it. But unfortunately many of the apps available at Appbounty pay less then $0.50, some of them even pay half of that.

From time to time however you do get ‘fairly high paid’ apps that pay alot although from my experience these are rare and don’t come around that often.

What Can You Spend Your Points On?

If you can aquire enough points there are some rather nice rewards to choose from, including the likes of popular gift cards such as Itunes, Amazon, Xbox, and Facebook.

Prices for rewards start at £5 which will cost 3400 points, there are also higher amounts you can purchase such as £10 and £25 gift cards which of course do require more points.

What’s also quite cool is the fact you can use your points to buy in-game/app purchases on games such as Minecraft.

I know a lot of people also like to buy Xbox and PS4 gift cards for games such as Fifa with apps like this one.

What would make apps like these a little better and certainly attract more people to use them would be if they added cheaper rewards.

The lowest at the moment is $5 but for rewards like Paypal adding options such as $1 would massively improve the app as it wouldn’t be such a grind to redeem higher rewards.

What’s the Referral System Like?

AppBounty has a referral system where you can refer people to the app to earn more points. So not only will you earn points but the referral will also get extra points.

In my opinion the referal feature is arguably the most profitable way to make money using Appbounty. Since if you can get some friends or family to sign up you can make a good couple of bucks, much more worthwhile then downloading apps. 

You will get 250 credits for anyone on IOS you refer to the app and 100 credits for anyone you refer on Android.

So referring a minimum of 35 people will pay for your first payout of a £5 Gift Card, however that is alot of effort but better then the other opportunities available.

What are the Cons To Using AppBounty?

It will take you quite a long time to build up enough credits to request a payout. As some of the apps only reward minimum points within the range of 30 – 60 points which is only like $0.05 – $0.10.

This means you will have to download a lot of apps, the good thing is though that installing an app and then opening it doesn’t take much effort.

But when your using this to try and make a good amount of money you will notice that will eat up alot of your time and not give a good return.

The Appbounty Positives and Negatives

The 'Good' Stuff

  • check
    Has a referral program that offer's a longer term income
  • check
    Earn money from your mobile device

The 'Not So Good' Stuff

  • close
    Takes alot of time to build up the points to cash out

Is Appbounty A Scam?

AppBounty certainly isn’t a scam and is a legitimate app that many people are using to make extra money from there mobiles.

However while it is possible to make some extra cash with this app, you really shouldn’t expect to make any more than a couple of bucks a month.

As most offers pay a few cents meaning it will take you forever to build up the necessary points to redeem a reward 

My 'Worth It' Rating

What I’d recommend over Appbounty?

As I just mentioned Appbounty will give you the opportunity to make some extra cash, however, this app will definitely not make you alot

I personally recommend a site called Swagbucks simply because there are much more opportunity’s to make money.

I’ve been using them for years now to make extra cash and the reason for that is because there are no other rewards site out that come close to them.

They won’t make you rich but they will help you make an extra $400 a month

What are your thoughts on Appbounty in the past? Any questions to ask me?

Drop a comment in the comments section down below:)

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