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Is Ipsos Panel Scam Or Is It A Genuine Survey Site? My Full Review

Hi everyone today I’ll be bringing you an Ipsos I-Say Review this one’s a fairly well-known one compared to some of the sites I’ve reviewed recently. However the question is Ipsos panel scam or is it actually a site that will help you earn some extra money, today we will find out. 

By the end of this review not only will you know if Ipsos is genuine but you will also know exactly who they are and what there about. Let’s get into it shall we

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So What is Ipsos I-Say?

Ipsos is basically an organisation that is that is currently mainly based in France that was first established 42 years ago in 1975. So yeah the companies have been around for some time, however, the survey site wasn’t properly made until 2011.

The company called Ipsos then named the site I-Say and its been in function providing surveys for about 6 years now. Now that I’ve mentioned some background information on them lets move on to how the site works

How Do You Get Paid For Using Ipsos I-Say?

Okay so kind of like how every other survey panel works, every time you complete one of their surveys successfully I-say will then reward you with Focuses. Ipsos pay in the site currency of focuses opposed to the usual points and cash systems you find on most survey sites.

A number of focuses you get really do depend on the survey but generally, you can expect to receive anything between 20-150 focuses a survey. If you know how surveys work then you will probably gather that the surveys that take longer to complete will pay you more then the ones that are short, but then you probably knew that.

What’s The Value Of A Focus And What Can You Redeem With Them

You will need a total of at least 1500 focuses on redeeming your first reward with converts to $15, that’s with every $1 being worth 100 focuses. You can be paid cash through either PayPal or Visa. You can also swap your focuses for gift cards such as Amazon, Starbucks and Target and many others.

Ipsos I-Say Pros:

  • People have been paid in the past
  • Many rewards available

Ipsos I-Say Cons:

  • Reviews for the site aren’t great
  • Takes a long time to build up points
  • Low Survey Frequency

So is Ipsos Panel Scam or Legit?

Well although this site was once well loved my members its reputation as since gone quite downhill. While Ipsos isn’t the most reliable of survey sites I have reviewed it could be worth trying it out and seeing how you get on with the site as it seems that some members get more success than others through using this site. Although overall I wouldn’t fully recommend the site as there are more consistent and better-paying survey sites out there



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My Full Review

Other Survey Sites To Ipsos I-Say To Earn Money

Have any of you guys heard or used Ipsos I-Say? Let me know what you guys think

Have a great day guys:)



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