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Ipoll Survey Review – Are They Legit Or A Scam?

Ipoll is another survey site that is mainly based within the US. They are associated with a couple of names so if you’ve come across survey panels such as ‘Survey Head’ and ‘Usamp’ then these are all related to Ipoll. 

While the name may suggest that there exclusively just polls, they also do surveys as well as owning their own app which you can download on your phone to earn on the go.

Anyway, today in the Ipoll survey review ill be showing you just whether Ipoll is legit or whether it is a site to stay well away from. So keep on reading for the answer.

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One thing that struck me early on while using Ipoll was the fact that this site isn’t mainly concentrated on desktop users and is more targeted for those who own mobile devices.

While I initially thought that I would be just taking a few surveys through the site, you will find the majority of polls will only be available on the app/mobile.

This isn’t a bad thing as being able to earn while you are out and about is rather good.

However, there was one thing I noticed and by looking at all the negative reviews on survey police I might not be the only one. I’ll talk more about that a bit later.

So Is It Free To Sign Up?

Like most survey sites, or legit ones shall I say Ipoll is free to sign up for and make an account with.

What Payouts Can You request?

The main and only payout that Ipoll use is through Paypal and you can redeem your reward once you reach the minimum threshold of $25. It will also take around 4 weeks to be processed so for such a safe and quick payment method like Paypal that is a long time to wait.

It will also take around 4 weeks to be processed so for such a safe and quick payment method like Paypal that is a long time to wait.

This is when you compare it to the likes of Swagbucks and Prizerebel where you receive your PayPal earnings within 1 to 24 hours.


What Ways Can You Earn Money Using Ipoll?

The way to make money with Ipoll is through their surveys. Now with the surveys, there are problems with them the main one being that you don’t directly get paid for every survey you take at I poll.

This also just me as looking at many reviews people are complaining because they’re working their way through long 30 minute surveys only to get a 5% coupon or something ridiculous. But in most cases, it is through vouchers that are unusable at best.

The pay is not just painfully little. It also takes eons for you to be paid.

While if you get surveys that do actually pay there’s also another problem too that as well, the reward is at best very little  I’m talking under a dollar for the majority of surveys.

While I’ve only attempted a couple I decided to stop there as I found the surveys such a pain that they just weren’t worth my time. But in most cases, it is through vouchers that are unusable at best.

Saying that I still reckon you could get paid with Ipoll that’s if you have the patience of a saint and are willing to wait a couple of years to get to the minimum threshold of $25.

With a lot of sites that I do suggest giving them a go as normally they have a lot of earning opportunities so even if the threshold is high they could still be worth a go in the long run but with survey panels like Ipoll, I wouldn’t bother.


Ipoll Pros and Cons


Ipoll Pros:

  • Can earn money on the go
  • Supports mobile devices


Ipoll Cons:

  • Takes ages to get your first payout
  • Completing surveys doesn’t guarantee you money



In my opinion and from trying Ipoll myself I would not recommend them to anyone trying to make some quick cash as in this case it would be ‘slow’ cash or even no cash. There are plenty of other survey sites out there that offer better earning opportunities over Ipoll, such as the likes of Swagbucks.

 My Verdict



My Alternative To Surveys

Instead of messing about with sites that promise so much but give out so little, I prefer to start up something that really is going to benefit me in the long term. In the case of my #1 recommended method, it is through creating your own business.

When it comes to making a lot of money, in the long run, I wouldn’t look any further than the idea of creating your own business. Not only is this the best way to make money going forward it’s also a safe and legitimate opportunity to do so.

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Have you managed to get any success with Ipoll? Or even had bad experiences with them

Let me know what you think by dropping a comment down below:)

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