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InstaGC Reviews – Are they any good?

InstaGC Reviews

InstaGC is a well known online rewards website that I have used on and off for the last year or so. In this InstaGC reviews ill be showing you the best ways to earn money on the site and maximise your earnings

With both pros and cons to this website, in this InstaGC reviews, I will be giving you my overall verdict of the site as well as everything you need to know about them.

Who is eligible to sign up for Insta GC?

Insta GC is available worldwide to anyone aged 13 and up

What payout can you request?

There are many payouts available to you, from Amazon, Wallmart, and Paypal Gift cards…to….Restaurant outlets, Console gift cards.

What’s the minimal payout you can request?

You can request a payout for most gift cards at as little as $1, to unlock PayPal however you will need to have redeemed $50 worth of gift cards before requesting a payout.

What ways can you earn on insta GC?

InstaGC Survey Routers

InstaGC has survey routers which include the likes of Your Surveys, Global Test Market, live Sample and others.

Offer walls

Instagc is also home to a wide range of offer walls including the likes of…screenshot_20161117-221414

  • OfferToro
  • Adgate
  • Peanut labs



They also have a section where they pay you money to check out and watch the latest videos, these are updated daily!


Sweepstake section

  • Decimal Pot – This feature allows you to put any decimals you have in your balance into the decimal pot for the chance to win the whole lot, you can enter up to 1 point a day this gives everyone an equal chance of winning.
  • Offer Contest – By completing offers you are entered into the contest, the more offers you complete the better the chance of winning.
  • Weekly Referral Contest – This contest is similar to the offer contest but with this one you enter the contest by referring people to the site.
  • Sports – This feature allows you to bet on sports results using your points to win big

Insta GC Referral system

Thier withdrawal system gives you 10 points per referral plus 10% of all their earnings.


InstaGC Pros:

  • Instant payments
  • Lots of offers to complete
  • SOO many rewards

Insta GC Cons: 

  • Thier Admins can appear quite rude

My Conclusion

Despite the one con I noted above, this site is still a good paying rewards site offering instant payouts and loads of earning opportunities

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Thank you for reading my InstaGC reviews

Have you tried this site before? If so what do you think to them?

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