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Ingather Research Review – In This Survey Site Worth It?

Today I have a Ingather Research review which is a American based market research company. There are many survey sites and reward opportunities online that offer ways for people to make extra cash online.

While not all great there are still a number of opportunities that will pay you for your time and effort.

If you have come across this Ingather Research review looking to find more answers about the site such as whether they are a legitimate survey site or an outright scam then your in the right place.

By the end of this review you will know whether this site is worth your time and effort.


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What is Ingather Research?


Ingather Research is a market research companie that offer members who have signed up to the site opportunities to make some extra cash.

There are many ways Ingather Research offer to make money such as surveys themselves, taking part in focus groups and various product testing.

Who Is Eligible?

Ingather Research is open to all ages however it is only eligible to United States residents.

So whether your a teen looking for some extra pocket money or your an adult looking for an extra income this could be a site for you.

There aren’t many sites out there that are eligible to all ages but Ingather Research is one that is open to all as they focus studies to children that have started school.

As for the registration process it’s fairly straightforward and will take you about 5 minutes to complete.

Like the majority of surveys sites in the process you will need to complete a profile survey.

This is to allow the survey site to find out a bit more about you and send your relevant research opportunities.

There is as slight catch which is that Ingather Research mainly targets the over 35 demographic.

Which has meant people under that age have signed up to find emails that they do not qualify for surveys.

While this is the case they do have surveys that do look at the below 35 audience it’s just worth noting that most surveys don’t.

How Do You Start Making Money With Ingather Research?


Once registered for the site and you’ve completed the questionnaires you can start making some cash with Ingather Research.

You will start to receive opportunities for earning money through the means I spoke briefly about earlier so getting invited to surveys, product testings and focus groups will make you some extra cash providing you complete the tasks successfully.

What opportunities are available to you all depends on your profile and whether the opportunity fits your demographic.

While some sites will pay you a fixed price for completing a task such as a survey the amount that gets rewarded to you at Ingather Research really does depend.

You can generally receive between $50 To $500, however by the looks of it while you can expect to receive a lot from doing a task or so i reckon it still will be hard to make a substantial long term income using the site.

Simply because the invites are hard to come by and you won’t be recieving many opportunity’s to extend your earnings.

Despite that the high layouts do make it worth it as I wouldn’t mind getting paid up to $500 for simply completing a study.


Ingather Research Pros and Cons


Ingather Research Pros:

  • Pays really well for some studies
  • Is legitimate and will make you som


Ingather Research Cons:

  • Lack of frequency in invites to new opportunities



Ingather Research is legitimate from what I’ve seen and experienced and does pay out there members for completing tasks like surveys.

From the reviews I’ve seen it also looks like a lot of the members signed up to the site are having good experiences using the site.

If I could earn 500 dollars for completing a study then I probably would use Ingather Research all the time, however reality is while you might be able get a cash boost every so often with the lack of frequency it will be hard to make a substantial amount with this site.



My Verdict




Dont Want To Waste Your Time With Surveys?

Ingather Research may be legit and also pay very well at times when members complete surveys however Ingather is a long way from being a long term income source for members.

If your looking to make a good income every month in my opinion I wouldn’t consider Ingather as there are other sites that give you better opportunity to achieve that.

In my opinion there are more efficient survey sites that will pay you much better for your time and effort.

The site I use called Swagbucks offers more opportunity’s then any of the other survey sites Ive used to make extra cash online which is why I recommend them over any other site.




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