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Is Ibotta Legit – Can You Really Make Money By Shopping?

I knew before I came across Ibotta that there were already survey sites that offer features similar to what Ibotta does, the question is whether Ibotta is legit.

I think its cool that you can earn money to do things that you would normally do for free. Paying for things such as groceries can take up a high percentage of the bill in households so having an app like Ibotta that can help you save money is sweet.

Anyway today I’ll be bringing you a review on ibotta to see if it’s a genuine opportunity to make money from your Smartphone. Is Ibotta Legit or a Scam, Let’s find out!

What is Ibotta?

Ibotta allows you to save money on your shopping at many retailers in the US. When you pay for something at one of the stores supported at Ibotta you can then use your receipt to get cash back on items you buy.

As soon as you get a receipt you can redeem the points on it and that will be uploaded to your account within the next 24 hours. So basically all you need is a receipt and a smartphone to start earning with this company.

How to Start Earning with Ibotta?

Ibotta makes it very simple to start earning money from your shopping. There are two ways that I could see someone using to earn money from Ibotta.

1. Choosing Rebates

Ibotta has a catalogue of over 350 retailers to choose from, with this way you could simply browse the store for items that interest you. Let’s say you found an item that gives you 50% cashback and is also a product you would buy in your weekly shop already you could go and purchase that item and make a saving.

2. Choosing a store

Another way to earn could be if you live near a store that is partnered by Ibotta. If you were to go and do your weekly shop at one of those stores the chances are there will at least be some items on that receipt that will give you cashback. I reckon in the long run this could be a good way to earn money as for example if you made $5 back on every weekly shop you did you would save $262 a year.

3. Link a Loyalty Account

Another way to make money is that if you have a loyalty account with one of their partners you can earn money before you shop. In this little feature Ibotta lets, you unlock rebate when you complete tasks in the store. When you get to the cash out of the shop you can get paid by simply entering either your Phone Number or giving them your loyalty card.

4. Mobile In-App Purchases

You don’t have to visit a store to earn money with Ibotta, you can also get paid for in-app purchases as well. In the Ibotta app you can choose from a variety of apps that are partnered with Ibotta where you can earn cash back on them.

Does IBotta Have a Referral System?

Yes, Ibotta also has a referral system that gives you $1 for every referral that signs up under you. Another thing is that if you link your facebook account, you and your facebook friends join a group called ‘Teamwork’ which gives you extra opportunities to earn extra more money.

How does Ibotta Pay-Out?

As soon as you reach $10 you can request a payout, at the moment you can get paid through PayPal and gift cards. Your Paypal cash will be deposited into your account within the next 7 days. The gift cards will be processed at the same time and are sent to your email address.

Pros Of Ibotta

  • Different to completing surveys
  • Get paid for something you do for free
  • Payout is fairly low and easy to reach
  • Has a good referral system

Cons Of Ibotta

  • Only available for US residents

Is Ibotta Legit?

Yes and many people have been paid for using the app


Ibotta looks like a great app to make money especially as it takes very minimal effort to do so. Being able to receive money to do something that you would normally do for free is a massive win-win.

Want to earn more money in the long term?

Ibotta has a good referral system of $1 for every referral that signs up under you, but this won’t provide you with a huge amount of money in the long term.

I highly recommend Affiliate marketing as it gives you the opportunity to make a full-time income from the come comfort of your own home.

Check out my 4 simple steps to start earning a full-time income today! Read more here

Similar Apps and Sites For Making Money?

Have you tried Ibotta? What are your thoughts on the app?

Let me know in the comments section below:)

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