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How To Make $30 A Day Completing Surveys

In this post ill be showing you how you can earn a simple £50 a week and what I do to make that amount.

After a lot of researching and some weeks figuring out which sites are so used and which ones decent I have finally got settled into this method, I use to get about £50 a day.


I would like I only suggest any ways that I believe are achievable for you guys and after weeks of success, I just knew I needed to show you how brilliant it is.

When it comes to signing up for survey sites you want to know how you are going to earn the most money and resultantly be able to get paid out asap.

Some survey sites overwhelm you with all sorts of ways to make money, where some ways on these sites are effective not all of them are.

For me, to make this amount every day I tend to use a handful of survey sites and go round each of them each day doing various things to get a certain sum of money each day.

Of course on some days you don't make the amount you were aiming for but then on others, you exceed the amount you expected to make, that's just kind of how it goes.

Below i'll show you the things I do each day to make that daily sum

QuickRewards (£5 - £7.50)

My first stop of is typically quick rewards, I tend to start by going through the survey routers and then I go and check through the latest offers and clicks for extra easy cash.

Throughout the day I will do a couple of surveys every here and there about 5 to 8 value between 0.75 and 1.25. Also sometimes they also offer special daily surveys that are a high value for time.

The other day there was survey worth 0.75 that was 5 minutes long.

Mintvine (£10)

My second stop is at Mintvine, on Mintvine, I go through the survey funnels picking up points on just about every other survey that is offered to me.

Some days it can be harder to reach the minimum payout, but usually, if I don't quite make it by the end of the night, I would have it requested early next morning.

By using the site every day I catch up with the pending points for surveys this means that points are released from pending into my account nearly every day.

From time to time mintvine even invite me to take part in independent studies within the region of $5 to $10 which is another chance to pick some more dollars.

Keep Rewarding (£5 - £7.50)

After that, I then go on to Keep Rewarding which is another awesome survey site where I pretty much do all sorts of things from surveys to watching videos.

On KR I first look at there Survey wall. On there it contains some high paying surveys, although the qualification rates are higher for these.

I regularly qualify for one or so now and then which pay out in the region of $3.50 to $5! next ill then checks through some of the survey routers before having a browse through the 28 offer walls to look for any good offers that aren't too time costly.


Making money with surveys is easily done if you have the right sites at your disposal and a plan in place. If you have a daily routine and set out what you want to make and do, you will be able to achieve it.

With some sites you could probably make up to $50+ from just the one site, with a company like Vindale Research or Opinion Bureau

However a better strategy is to use more than one survey sites as that way you are not depending on just one panel and you have more opportunities for you to work through.

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