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How to Identify Which Online Survey Sites Are Legit And Which Ones Are Scams

For me survey sites are one of my favourite ways to make money online as they are generally speaking an easy way to make an income online. However knowing which sites are legit and which ones are a scam can be difficult especially if you don’t know how to identify them. 

In the online world there are a number of scans out there which you need to be aware of before you come across them, well today I’ll be sharing some tips that will help you identify which online survey sites are legit and which ones are scams.

Using these tips will help you earn money with legitimate survey sites instead of giving money away to sites which aren’t all they make out to be.

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1. Signing Up Should Be Free and Shouldn’t Cost You Any Money


One sign which is probably the easiest to identify is if the site charges you or has a price in order for you to be able to make an account with. This is a huge sign as you shouldn’t be paying any money to sign up for any survey site, if a survey site has a price for making an account with them it’s almost always a sign that there after your money and have no interest in helping members make money through surveys.

If you have taken surveys in the past you might be familiar with the likes of Swagbucks and many others who don’t charge a cent to sign up. This is because it should always be the survey panels paying you not the other day round and you paying them money. There are many well established survey sites out there that are completely free and will help you earn extra cash.

2. Should have a Privacy Policy On Show

This is another sign to look out for as every survey site should have a Privacy Policy that you can access, this is something that all survey sites well the ones that are legit anyway have. So if you come across a survey site that doesn’t have a Privacy Policy available for you to read or it’s cleverly hidden then the chances are it’s probably a scam.

Your probably wondering why this is such a big deal and why a survey site should have this on there site, this is because privacy policy contains lots of important information such as disclosures and user agreements. If you come across a survey site which has none of this information then I certainly back out of it and go no further with the sign up. The chances are with these kind of sites is that they will probably share your details against your will with other company, So to avoid the hassle I would avoid these kind of sites.

3. No background Information

No background information is refinery something you need to look out for, if you come across a survey site that has nothing that shows they are a legitimate survey site it really is best to avoid them. If information such as about us, how to contact them and FAQS are missing then this is usually a sign that the site is a legit. 

These days having this information is almost a must and you will find all the legitimate sites have them. Just think if you sign up for a site and complete some surveys to find out there is no ‘Contact us’ or ‘About me’ pages, then how would you be able to contact the support team or find out more about the panel/company.


4. Reviews Are Mostly Negative

Reviews of a company can also be a sign that a site is a scam, reviews such as people saying that survey sites aren’t paying out, not crediting for surveys can make a site look very shady as it gives you an impression before even signing up that a site is not worth it. 

I always check reviews of a survey site before joining any site as it’s important to find out just whether a site has intentions of paying out. Normally I’ll look at sites like surveypolice where you will find reviews for a lot of survey sites, so always advise doing that or checking reviews elsewehere before registering for any site as it can save you a lot of time and in some cases a lot of money.





Overall If you notice one of these signs when going to sign up for a survey site to get option is to head back out and avoid it as there more then likely a scam. 

Now in general survey sites are a great way to make money but obviously you will find scams from time to time as there always bad people out there trying to cheat people out of there money. But using the tips listed above should help you identify which survey sites are all there made out to be and the ones that simply aren’t.


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What are your thoughts on these tips? Have any more you would add to the list? Let me down below by leaving a comment

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