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How to Create your Own Website for Free?

Many may think that the process for creating your own website is complex and long winded, however, it is quite the opposite.

When you browse the Internet going from site to site you wIll notice that many sites out there especially the well-known ones are well designed and include a lot of big features within them.

the thing is though and this is what I tell to anyone who questions me on getting success through making your own website is that anyone can make their own website and gain success through it

There are a lot of sites out there that allow you to create your own website such as the likes of, weekly and others

However, in this post I’ll be showing you how you can make your own website entirely free through Wealthy Affiliate in just a couple of easy steps

Step 1 – Make an account with Wealthy Affiliate (Takes approximately 30 SECONDS!)

First things first you will need to sign up with an account at Wealthy affiliate which takes little to no time whatsoever



Step 2: What do your want your niche to be?

I’ve put choosing your niche as a step on its own as finding you perfect niche can take some time and research. So basically what your niche is the specific topic you want your website to be based on.

Before going into building your website what I would suggest and this is also what I did before going into building my website is brainstorming ideas down this is basically putting anything down that cone’s into your head as well as using the Internet to research other ideas.

Once you have your niche sorted you are now ready to move on to step 3….


Step 3 – Start the Course 1 of the online entrepreneur’s qualification

One thing you may notice when you first have a look around the site is the amount of information, online guides and tools available at your doorstep. Unless your planning on going straight into the site builder, I would suggest you start to make your way through Course 1.

Also throughout these lessons they will show you how to setup your own domain with hosting for FREE!


As you make your way through the course which is 10 lessons in total it will show you a step by step guide to setting your website up and will also hell you develop a beginners understanding of websites. By completing the 1st course you will by the end have the basic.


All the courses are made by co-owner Kyle who also helps run the side alongside Carson. In each lesson, Kyle also provides an in-depth video walkthrough of each lesson, which I found especially helpful for when I first started at the site.

Kyle and Carson decided to make the first course free to all members on the site, however, there are another 4 courses on the online entrepreneur’s qualification available for premium users to access which contains all the information you wI’ll need to master your site and take it to the next step. Although you don’t necessary need to upgrade to premium o get success with your website I do highly recommend you look into the premium memberships as there are many benefits available to you.

Hope you enjoyed this blog on how to create your own website

if you have queries or need help or anything feel free to leave a comment below:)

if you are interested in checking out wealthy affiliate and looking to create your own account with them for free check out the link for Wealthy affiliate

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