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Hiving Review – Is It Legitimate or Infact A Huge No?


Today I’ll be bringing you guys a review of a survey site called Hiving. Off the bat, the first thing you might want to know is that unlike most sites this panel is based in France. While they may be based in a country other than the US and UK they do support over 20 countries. Now the main question is ‘Is Hiving a Scam or Is It Legitimate?’ well by the end of this post you will know the answer.



Now very quickly before I give you my verdict on Hiving. If you want to know the program I use to make a passive income every month then check out this program here which is my #1 recommendation for making money from home.

What are Hiving Surveys?

As I briefly mentioned earlier Hiving panel was first set up by a French business which is mainly based in Paris, France.

The panel also supports 20 countries but only members from the UK are able to register an account and participate in surveys. To add you must also be 15 aswell so while some sites dont allow teens this one does.


Is It Free and How Does The Program Work?


It is free to join and create an account with, you also have the option to sign up with Facebook which takes a little less time and skips those extra profile questions. 

On the making money part Hiving will pay you to complete surveys that they have been sent by market research panels. As you will probably know with these survey sites is that these panels use this information to improve and create products and services.

How do you start making money with Hiving?

Effectively as soon as you have made an account with Hiving you can start making money right away. Hiving will give you points which they call ‘Hiving Points’ for every survey you complete.

There are two ways of making money with Hiving and thats with Surveys and there referral system, the latter ill talk about in a minute. For the surveys however you will find that they will be based on a variety of topics from shopping to cars to food.

For the purpose of this review I made an account a month ago to see what opportunitys Hiving would offer me to make money. So far I have recieved 6 surveys and from them I managed to complete 1 of them.

While from the one I attempted it took me around 20 minutes to complete and to be fair that dragged on.

What is a familiar story when it comes to surveys is getting disqualified from surveys once in them and thats what happened to me, which was so annoying.

When I finally got to the end of the survey that i completed I only got paid half a dollar so I can only imagine how long It would take me to withdraw money.

I like to use survey sites that offer a combination of good payouts and a number of opportunitys to make money. Theres nothing worse then running out of surveys but with Hirving that is the case as you only recive a handful of surveys a month. 

Hiving Affiliate Program

The other way to make money is through Hirvings affilate program, however it isnt as starightforward as your typical ‘refer a friend’ feature would.

When you click on there referral system it takes you to a landing page where they take you through there goals and how they want to help people monetise there website through there affilaite system.

They then at the end of the page encourage that if you want to refer people to there site and make money that you contact them with the form with your ideas.

What Payouts Can You Get And When Can You Get Them?

Reading online through many members experiences of the site alot of them mention how they are either still waiting for payments or have not recieved them.

While I havent got enough points to withdraw and try it out myself it does put me off completing any more surveys at Hiving with the current repuation. 

The minimum threshold is £4 which means you need 4000 points to get the lowest reward. Now considering that the surveys pay little and not many are offered this is gonna be a huge task to reach.

They do payout in three methods which is through the popular PayPal and Amazon aswell as the option to donate to charity being the third option.


Hiving Panel Pros and Cons


Hiving Panel Pros:

  • Pays out through PayPal and Amazon 


Hiving Panel Cons:

  • Limited survey opprtunitys
  • Will take you ages to reach the threshold
  • A poor repuation for support and paying out members




When you look at survey panels to join you want to be able to find one that pays. With this one you wont be getting paid as they make it difficult for you to reach the threshold and even if you make it they have a tendancy to not pay out members.

In my opinion I would pass on Hiving as it just isnt worth your time and effort. If you want to know which survey sites to join and which ones I recommend then check out this list of sites here.


My Verdict



Forget about Hiving? Why not create your own business?

If your looking to make £4 a year with Hiving then I would recommend them to you however if your not into having your time waisted and want your precious time to go towards something that will benefit you in the long term then keep on reading.

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What they do is give you all the tutorials, tools and training you need to make your own business from scratch and ultimately show you how to make a living.

If you’re at least slightly interested then I would recommend giving it a go as its free to try out.

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What do you think to Hiving? Do share your opinions in the comment section below

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