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HearWatchSay Review – Another Scam To Avoid?

With everyone having access to the media and with it being so much bigger today then it was years a go, today ill be taking a look at a survey panel that targets the media audience.

So if you can't go a few hours without checking your social media this panel ill be talking about HearWatchSay could be website to use that could help you earn some extra rewards.

Of course not every panel out there is perfect and this one is no exception so in this HearWatchSay review ill be going over everything you need to know about them including a few extra things you should know before checking them out.

HearWatchSay Review Summary


What Are They?: Survey Site

Verdict: Legit

Worth It?: No

What Is HearWatchSay?

HearWatchSay is a online survey panel owned by a market research company called Ipsos. If you are familiar with Ipsos from taking surveys online with other panels then you may know that they are a company that helps collect opinions and feedback on products to help improve the world.

For this panel the aim of the site is to find out what people have to say about trending media such as TV, Gadgets, Movies and Music, etc. They offer opportunities for you to make money through giving your opinions on those topics through surveys and online discussions.

Getting Started With HearWatchSay

Registering an account with HearWatchSay isn't straightforward as similar to survey sites like Pinecone Research you will need to receive an invite to join and participate.

How Do You Start Making Money?

There are a number of ways that HearWatchSay try to engage with and pay thier members. You can get paid to complete surveys and interact in discussions and live chats however from the reviews I've seen you can also get paid for watching videos and other ways.

Going back to the reviews and this is where the complaints come into it. Many of the reviews I've seen from thier members say that making money with the site is hard work and that the opportunities aren't given to everyone in the commuity.

From what I've seen it appears that for completing surveys and watching the odd video that it is on a first come first serve basis which basically means its first one to complete the activities gets rewarded.

In general the surveys industry is competitive and market research company's reach their targeted quota fairly quickly. In this case however members have clicked on opportunities that have come their way as soon as they have become available however still don't get in.

What Rewards Are Avialable

Rewards consist of Amazon gift cards and the amount of the gift card depends on the opportunity completed.

There is also additional bonus of a sweepstake entry into their $500 draw as a new member of their community. 

HearWatchSay Complaints

I'm sure you will be wanting to find out more about what complaints there are on the panel. I did briefly touch upon a few of them in this review, but ill just go over them more in detail

Unresponsive Customer Service

From looking at the complaints and the site many member have complained that contacting the customer service is hard and that they are often unresponsive. 

Having a good customer service is important and is a factor I use when deciding which survey sites to use to make money. You want to know that if theirs an issue you can get a solution pretty quickly.

Hard To Qualify For Some Opportunities

As I briefly touched upon another area which came up a lot is the difficulty in qualifying for certain studies despite trying to getting into them upon being released.

Some Members Not Receiving Rewards

Another complaint I came across was some of the members not being sent gift cards that were promised for completing certain studies. This is also related to the first complaint as even when they tried to contact the customer service they would ignore them and not solve the issues.

The HearWatchSay Positives and Negatives

The 'Good' Stuff

  • check
    A panel for those interested in giving opinions on the media

The 'Not So Good' Stuff

  • close
    You must be invited
  • close
    Some members haven't received their rewards
  • close
    Lack of support

So Is HearWatchSay Legit?

Going along the reputation of other Ipsos survey panels I've reviewed they are generally quite poor. While HearWatchSay as a unique spin targeting the audience who are in touch with the media, I wouldn't recommend them.

Even if you wanted to join them you would need an invite which im unsure on just about how you get that. Apparently its completly random who gets sent them.

With that said and the issues HearWatchSay are having I would't class them as worth your time and if you are interested in making money online I would recommend checking out these high paying survey sites in 2018 instead.

My 'Worth It' Rating

What do you think to HearWatchSay? Have you been invited to them? Heard anything from them?

Leave what you guys have to say in the comments section below 🙂

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