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Google Opinion Rewards Surveys App – My Full Review

These days there seem to be many apps that offer ways to make money straight from your mobile device. One of those apps is Google Opinion Rewards Surveys which is an app that has been made by Google themselves.

I have in fact had this app on my phone for a couple of years now but the question is is this app really worth using to earn money on the spot. Today by the end of this review you will find out

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What is Google Opinion Rewards Surveys

Google opinion rewards is basically an app that pays members with Google play credit to complete surveys. I know what you’re probably thinking right now ‘so you won’t be earning actual cash or gift cards?’.

Yeah unlike other apps and sites that pay members for surveys they don’t pay out using third party companies such as Amazon and PayPal. Being an app made by Google you wouldn’t expect them too though.

Yeah unlike other apps and sites that pay members for surveys they don’t pay out using third party companies such as Amazon and PayPal, but then again you wouldn’t expect them too.

The app Google Opinion Rewards is made by Google Consumer Surveys, and their main aim is to bring surveys to their users on all kinds of things. I have found from my experience of using the app that the surveys have been influenced by the places you visit and your location.


How To Start Earning Money?

As soon as you’ve installed the app which can be found in the play store you can start earning money. First thing I would recommend doing is making sure that the location or GPS on some devices is turned on. This is because most of the surveys Google will bring to you will be based on your location.

Google will then send you various surveys straight to you. You will know whenever there’s a survey available as a notification will come up on your phone notifying you. I do really like the surveys as there very easy to complete and you can’t get disqualified from them as thier opinion based.

How Long Do Surveys Take?

Surveys last 5 minutes tops but then again most of the surveys ive had have only took me a minute max to complete. On average you can expect to recieve 3-4 questions per survey which are all multiple choice.

What Kind Of Surveys Can You Expect To Recieve

An example of a question you could get is ‘How many times do you use Facebook in a day?’ or ‘Have you heard of Mcdonalds’. As you can see the surveys are very simple, so anyone could complete them.

How Much Do Google Pay Per Survey?

Moving on to how much you get paid from a survey you can typically expect to recive between £0.20 to £1.00 a survey. Then again these surveys take minimal time so the rewards are not too bad. I have once before recieved a survey that paid £1.30 but that one was 6 questions and slighty longer then the usual. Still 6 questions is nothing to be honest.

Frequency Of Surveys

I think one flaw to this app or downside you could say is the frequency of surveys. I have found mine to be rather on and off. When I first got the app I recieved 3 a week but then other times I would only get 1 a month. Which isnt great! Looking around on the internet and seems that this issue is quite common with users of the app.

What Payouts Can You Request?

Unforrtunately this app only rewards with Google Play credit, although I really dont mind it and ill explain why. Why I can accept that there isnt any other payouts, is that as soon as you complete a survey not only do you recieve your credit instantly, but you can also use that credit straightaway in the PlayStore.

So unlike other apps you wont need to worry about delivery times and waiting for points to be confirmed. 

As for the credit you can pretty much use it and put it towards anything in the playstore such as Apps, Games, Music, Films, Books and In Game Purchases. One thing I did notice is that I did try and put it towards a subsciption and I wasnt able to, so anything apart from that you can put the credit towards.

Pros Of Google Opinion Rewards:

  • Quick Surveys
  • Instant Credit

Cons Of Google Opinion Rewards:

  • No other types of payouts

Is Google Opinion Rewards A Legitimate App?

Being an app made by Google I assumed that this app would be legitimate and I can also confirm that it definety is. If you type in Google Opinion Rewards into Google you will find many positive reviews for them. Aswell you will find quite a few negative reviews with most of them ones being because of the lack of surveys at times.

My Verdict


Want a more efficient way to achieve a full-time income?

An app like Google Opinion Surveys will definety help you put some money towards a movie accompanied with some popcorn on a friday night but nothing more than that. Most of it coming down to the fact you cant earn any cash with the app. 

However if your like me or was like me and your looking for a way to make a full time income, then your in the right place as I’ve got you covered.

I personally recommend starting up your own website from home as its the best way to go about making a nice passive income.

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My Full Review

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Are you a fan of Google Opinion Rewards? Let me know what you guys think in the comments section below

Have a great day guys:)


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