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GiveUsYour2Cents Surveys Review – Can You Make More Then 2 Cents Using This Router?

 I use survey routers a lot to make a good income on survey sites, one of the routers in particularly that I have used is GiveUsYour2Cents Surveys. For me, I have had reasonable success with this router and that’s because of a few reasons which I’ll talk about in this review. Today I’ll be reviewing GiveUsYour2Cents to see if you can make more than 2 cents using this router.

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What are GiveUsYour2Cents Surveys?

Give Us Your 2 Cents is likewise called Toluna USA so you will find that a lot of surveys they provide are from Toluna, however not all of them are. The company Toluna first started GiveUsYour2Cents in 2009, so has been providing surveys for sites for quite a long time. 

Anyone is eligible to complete surveys from the United Kingdom, United States, Canada and Germany. You must also be 13 years and older, so if you’re a teenager you can try them out, which is good.

What Surveys Do They Offer

Samplicious surveys offer all kinds of surveys which target all kinds of audiences. What I’ve found with suspicious surveys is that it’s when you qualify for a survey as they do have fairly high disqualification rates.

While these surveys can be rewarding it all depends on whether you can qualify for them in the first place as I find a lot that when I attempt a survey I’m soon being redirected to a new one.

How Long Do The Surveys Generally Take?


Surveys tend to take 10 -15 minutes to complete which is a big reason why I like these surveys. There not like some of the other routers that have surveys which drag on, which these there over fairly quickly. Not just that you will find that the disqualification rates are low, one thing I absolutely hate is being kicked out, but with this one, you will find that only the occasional survey will screen you out.

How Much Can You Get Paid?

Normally you will get paid about $0.75 to $1.00 for completing a survey. Although this does vary from survey site to site. The one I use to complete GiveUsYour2Cents surveys the most is PrizeRebel that charge $0.75. I do think the reward is justified as surveys are like I said easy to get though and only take 20 minutes max. 

Pros Of Using GiveUsYour2Cents Surveys

  • They pay around $0.75 to $1.00
  • Low Disqualification Rates
  • Surveys are fairly easy to get through and take 10-15 minutes

Cons Of Using GiveUsYour2Cents Surveys

  • Can run out of surveys some days without getting paid for one

So Is GiveUsYour2Cents An Survey Router Worth Using?

I do attempt samplicious surveys every day but mostly I’m lucky to qualify for about 3/4 a week. There always worth trying so if you do qualify and complete a survey its a bonus

My Verdict


My Alternative To Surveys

I know surveys may not be everyone’s cup of tea which is why I recommend Affiliate Marketing. A site called Wealthy Affiliate is the one I use, which basically teaches you how to make a website and then how to earn revenue from it. Definitely worth trying out if you haven’t already. I’ll leave a link to my full review which gives you a full in-depth look at how it works and how you can start making a Full-Time income.

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