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How To Get Free Food For Taking Surveys



I’m not sure if its just me but I find that the majority of the expenses in my household goes towards food.

I can’t think of many things better than cutting down on costs and making savings, which in this case I will be talking about food.

Food can generally be quite costly when you’re buying it often, so finding away that will save money on food and fund extra meals in and out of the house can go a long way.

Has you can probably tell by the title I will be showing you just how you can save money and ultimately get free food by simply completing surveys.

Grocery Gift Cards

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Grocery gift cards are great as by redeeming them you can use them to get money off your shopping. Being from the UK I’ve redeemed gift cards for shops such as Sainsburys and Tescos, which you can use in store and online.

For people who reside out of the UK shops such as Walmart and Target, you will find most survey sites have them gift cards available. I do like these gift cards as while you may not feel as if you’re saving much, in the long term it does pay off.

PayPal Gift Cards

The majority of survey sites these days have the ever so popular online currency of Paypal as a reward option. For me, along with some other gift cards, Paypal is one of my favorites.

By redeeming Paypal credit you are then able to use them in many restaurants and stores up and down the country.

I’ve used PayPal to pay for meals at places such as Ask Italian and Prezzo, which are all supported with the Paypal app.

Amazon Gift Cards

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While you may not associate Amazon with food and normally being the online store that sells everything apart from food. Amazon does indeed have a huge catalog full of food that you can order from. These items consist of foods such as Cereals, Fresh Fruit, Sweets, you name it they’ve got it.

Restaurant/Take Away Gift Cards

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