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Gamermine Homepage

New GPT platforms are released all the time and one of the latest I have stumbled upon is 

This is a site designed to help you earn virtual goods through completing offers and surveys instead of having to fork out from your own pocket.

More specifically it is targeting gamers hence there name.

Gamermine was launched a little over a year ago and there have been a few question marks to do with if there good or not.

So in this review I will be going over if you can make money with them or not.


Gamermine Review Summary


What Are They?:

GPT Site

Target GEO:




 What Is

Gamermine is a GPT site that was launched by a group of developers.

They aim to bring a new way for gamers to earn money to fund purchases in games.

Gamermine Logo

They have been online for over 2 years and have acquired over 14,000 users and have forked out $85,000 in rewards.

Since they are fairly new its understandable why those numbers aren't as high as a site like Swagbucks but already the site is going down well.

This isn't the first platform I have checked out which is tailored towards gamers.

Good examples of sites made in a similar fashion are ​Treasure Trooper and Microsoft Rewards.

But with the background info out the way lets look at the nitty gritty details of them.

How Do You Get Started?

When you first go on GamerMine you see a layout which looks like a cartoon game and it feels like you have entered one. 

To get started you will see a box 'who do we call you' with a green enter button. Here you will need to put in your name to enter the main section of the site.

By putting in your name you are put in to trial mode, in order to get out of this you will need to verify your email address.

What you will see is this page:

Gamermine ways of making money

These are the eight ways you can make money with Gathermine

There is your ways to earn money which I will go over in a second, these is also your current coins.

Since you are new there will be zero but clicking on this balance you will be taken to your account.

How Do You Make Start Making Money?

Like I just mentioned plus you can see from the image there are a few ways you can get off the bat and earn coins.

Let's have a look at what there is and the earning potential for this is.

Let me point out the currencies of which for everything you do the payout is coins, these can later be exchanged for rewards.

Converting these you are looking at $0.25 per 500 coins you earn. 

1. Survey Routers

Choice of four survey routers

The first opportunity is through partnered survey routers, this will involve you giving your opinion in third party surveys. In return you will get paid in various amounts of coins.

There isn't much choice in this department with there being only four survey routers.

To make matters even more difficult they have set thresholds you must meet in order to unlock a couple of them.

At the moment you need to reach 5000 coins in order to do YourSurveys and thoeoremreach.

So the only ones you can do is Surveytime and Wannads which limits your choice somewhat.

Because you are restricted here you will either need to complete 10+ surveys or look at the other areas to make money first.

2. Offer Walls

Gamermine have partnered with 12 offer walls to bring you a way to complete every day tasks for coins.

This consists of:

  • Adgate media
  • Adgem
  • Revenue Universe
  • Wannads
  • OfferToro
  • Peanut Labs
  • Offer Daddy
  • AyetStudios
  • Adsendmedia 

The last one on that list requires you to earn 2500 coins in order to unlock it continuing with the theme of the survey routers.

Kiwi Wall and Minute Staff are the other two offer walls on that list but are currently undergoing maintenance.

But through going through these you will get coins for sign ups, downloading apps, etc. All simple tasks that are easy to do.

Just make sure to follow each of the instructions to make sure your coins are credited.

3. Watching Videos and VideoFox

There are two partners here where you can watch videos around different topics. This is which is operated by Adsendmedia and the second one is VideoFox.

For both ones you are getting paid to watch videos. For you are getting 5 coins per 3 ads that you watch.

VideoFox is only open for US residents but if you are eligible you will get paid 10 coins per 20 minutes of watching.

4. Leaderboards

Daily and monthly leaderboards

There are competitions for those who can earn the most coins over both a day and a month. The top 3 on these boards will get bonuses.

For the daily one you will get 2000 coins for finishing first, 1000 for coming in second and lastly 500 for 3rd.

The monthly leaderboard gives you more with 10'000 for the first placed member, then 5000 followed by 2000.

I was expecting there to be more bonuses because you up against the whole community but with only 3 spots it maybe hard to win anything.

If you have seen a similar opportunity on other GPT sites you will always know how the top ones run away of it. So if you are casual user you will most likely struggle.

4. Games

If you like to gamble they have a few games that tailor to this, while the choice you have is quite disappointing when you consider this is a platform for gamers.

Nonetheless you can chance your luck with the Dice when you will need to predict whether the dice will fall under or above a certain amount out of 100.

With the coin flip you are putting your accumulated coins on it to fall on a certain side.

These could be potentially fun however if you are completing surveys and offers on the site, I would stick to just that. As you could possible lose all your earnings.

5. Referral Program

The other feature that gamermine have is the referral program where you can get paid to refer others. 

Currently they gave a good rate of a 10%, so if you refer someone you will earn that percentage of there coins.

What Can You Convert Your Coins Too?

There are eight methods for you to get paid via, this includes:

  • Ethereum
  • PayPal
  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Lootbear
  • Amazon Gift Card
  • OPSkin
Gamermine Payouts

But following on the theme of a lot of maintenance with Gamermine, only the first three payouts are available.

If its your first payout it will be done manually within 24 hours, after that you are on instant withdrawals.

The low threshold of $0.25 is also a good positive as you only need to complete one survey or offer.

This is similar to the likes of:

The 'Not So Good' Stuff

1. Many Features Are Locked

With survey routers and offer walls already under maintenance I don't understand why for some of them you need to earn a set amount of coins to unlock it.

If I sign up to a reward site I expect to see all the opportunities open for me, and not needing to work hard just to earn more.

Yoursurveys is one of the best paying survey routers but if you are new you will need to do roughly 10 surveys in order to attempt one.

2. Poor Choice Of Games

With the name and even from my first impressions I thought It was a GPT site which was for gamers.

But on the site the gaming options are at a premium and in order to play them you need to gamble what you have already earn't.

Some members have already spoke about this on forums where they would want more choice.

The danger with games like coin flip and dice you are putting all your hard work on a certain outcome.

You could win double what you have got so far for e.g but in the long run you will most likely lose out.

Is Gamermine Legit?

Gamermine has been getting plenty of attention on various forums and so far it does seem like they are running a legitimate operation.

The owners themselves have been sharing proof of payouts online and from reviewing the site I don't see anything to think otherwise but that they are genuine.

Issues with Gamermine lie more in the cons I previously mentioned, being the lack of opportunities, specifically surveys. I also thought that the game section was below par.

But if you have been shown this site and want to make a few dollars the minimum threshold allows you to do that.

My 'Worth It' Rating


Since there launch have you had the opportunity to try out Gamermine?

Let me know below 🙂

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