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Future Talkers Review – Legit or a Scam?

Today I’ll be bringing you a Future Talkers review which is a survey site that is new to the survey site scene, when I say new that is within the last couple of years.

Anyway today I thought it would be a good idea to see just what’s going down at Future Talkers and more importantly find out whether they are Legitimate or scam.

There are many survey sites out there but not all of them are as genuine as they seem or make out to be, today I’ll be telling you whether Future Talkers joins that group or where they are worth your time and effort.


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What is Future Talkers?

To start with Future Talkers is a survey site that pays people for there insights and opinions on a variety of topics in the world today.

Like most survey sites every time you complete a study you will be paid, it’s pretty much as simple as it sounds.

They currently have over 100000 members registered and completing ‘projects’ for them from all over the world in exchange for rewards.

How Do You Start Making Money With Future Talkers?


Making money with Future Talkers is very much similar to other survey sites where you will be invited to projects that consists of surveys, take part in focus groups and product testing which are the main ways to go about making money with Future Talkers.

In order to be eligible you must be 16+ apart from that there aren’t any other requirements since Future Talkers support the majority of countries.

Once you have signed up you will to start to recieve invitations to various opportunity’s at Future Talkers.

However its worth remembering that if you do consider signing up you won’t be earning easy money as such as for every survey, focus group and product testing but more specifically surveys you will be asked ‘pre-survey’ questions.

Alot like most survey sites, they do this just to make sure that your the right fit for the project and that there targeting the right audience.

I can already see why it can be difficult to earn with this site as they are looking for certain demographics for each studie.

So if your recieving a couple of projects a week there is a chance you might not qualify for any of them and ultimately not make any money.

However looking at the reviews it seems there are some who are having good experiences with it but also some having that problem of struggling to make money

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Earning More As A Super Talker

As weird as the title may seem members can earn more money through becoming a Super Talker.

What being a Super Talker means is that you will be able to recieve more frequent invites to projects.

This means that for most days even every day you will receive an extra project to complete to earn more money thtalkers Super Talkers do not recieve it.

This is an interesting feature as it allows members who want to increase there earnings with the site the opportunity to do so.

However its worth noting that for each project you do still need to fit the demographics, so despite the extra projects it doesen’t necessary guarentee more money.


What Payouts Can You Get And When Can You Get Them?

As for the Payouts the minimum threshold for this site is fairly reasonable, not amazing but I guess it is achievable.

The threshold stands at $10 or 8 euros or £6 depending on your currency and the current rates.

Once you reach the threshold you will be able to request a payout though PayPal

Although if you don’t have access to PayPal or your country doesen’t support it then you can contact them to be paid differently.



Future Talkers Pros and Cons


Future Talkers Pros:

  • Supports most countries and currencys
  • Fairly low threshold


Future Talkers Cons:

  • Won’t replace a full time income
  • Hard to qualify for some projects
  • Some compaints because of being underpaid




While they wont make you a lot of money, Future Talkers is a legitimate site that will help you earn some extra cash through completing surveys.

With an achievable threshold making $10 to $30 a month wouldn’t be pushing it and could add a second income.

Despite saying that there are still better survey sites out there that pay better.

For instance the one I recommend Swagbucks as loads of opportunity’s for making money.

When you sign up for survey sites you want to know that you can make money and always have opportunities available that will help you do that, thats something Swagbucks offers and Future Talkers unfortunately dosent.



My Verdict





Want to talk to me and tell me your opinions on Future Talkers, then leave them just down below

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