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Feature Points Review – Is this Money Making App Worth Your Time and Effort?

Feature Points Review – Is this Money Making App Worth Your Time and Effort?

On the off chance that you are searching for approaches to make some additional money online then you may have kept running into FeaturePoints, which is an application that pays you to experiment with different applications. 

The idea of making money just through installing apps may sound awesome but there are many things that are now so awesome about it. Don’t worry, all will be explained in this Feature Points review.

How You Can Start Making Money With FeaturePoints

1) Install The App From The App Store

Obviously, you have to download the FeaturePoints application to start earning money, that’s a given. Luckily its very easy to get and takes little to no time to install.

You will find the app in either the Google Play Store or the IOS apple store. When you first open the app you will be required to sign up.

After that, you will be asked for an invite code if you have one which will give you a bonus of 50 points

2) Download Apps From The App Page

Once you open the FeaturePoints application you will see a rundown of applications that are accessible for you to profit with each one offering a different amount of points.

Simply scroll through the list of apps and choose which one tickles your fancy or in other words which one you would like to try out. 

3) Test out the app

Once downloaded open the app and keep it open for 30 seconds.

After that you should recive your reward, however sometimes you may not as it many not register which is why I advise having the app open for a minute or two to be sure.

4) Redeem Your Points

The catalogue is full of all sorts of items for you to spend your points on, simple choose a reward and redeem it.

There are many rewards to choose from including PayPal, Amazon and much more. Some rewards you can redeem from as little as $1

How Much Is A Point Worth?

Keeping in mind the end goal to see whether FeaturePoints is justified regardless of your time is too look at how much a point is worth.

With this kind of apps you will find that the points don’t equal cash, so 3000 points will be $5 for instance.

Along these lines, you can make sense of how much cash you are setting aside a few minutes you spend.

Another Way To Earn Points

Other than downloading applications and opening them, you can acquire another way. By alluding individuals.

FeaturePoints referral framework is as straightforward as it gets. On the off chance that you allude, somebody, you will win half of their profit forever.

A great many people won’t have the capacity to make a big deal about anything along these lines, however in the event that you have an enormous web-based social networking taking after or a site that gets heaps of activity, you may have the capacity to get a considerable measure of referrals and acquire some great additional cash from them.

Is FeaturePoints an app to spend your time trying to earn money?

Yes in one way but you could definitely say no in another. You can definitely make money just probably not much of it as making money with these apps tend to be fairly difficult.

Making a couple of dollars shouldn’t really be a problem and by the looks of it, I would say getting a payout in a week or two is fairly reasonable.

So if you have a spare couple of minutes where you don’t really have nothing to do, I’m sure downloading a couple of apps won’t hurt, I just wouldn’t make a habit of using these apps all the time.

My Verdict


How Do I Make A Passive Income?

While feature points won’t get you a great deal of money I know and am a member of a legit platform called Wealthy Affiliate. I’ll leave a link to my review below so you can see what there about and what opportunitys they offer

Check out my full review for them right here

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Have you used Feature Points in the past? What are your opinions on the app?

leave any comments in the comment section down below:)

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