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Sharing Is Caring! Review: Make $1000+ Referring Others? Review

Welcome to my Review.

Now chances are your here because you have stumbled across what is apparently the #1 earning network.

But I have a slight feeling they may not be all that.

There homepage boasts a number of payouts, many of which are over $1000+.

While it does look impressive, if they don't actually pay out then that makes the site look a little pointless.

So if your initial reaction was that hmm this site looks to good to be true then you will be find this review interesting to you.

As I will uncovering all the dark secrets behind them and will be telling you why they are essentially all lies. 

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What Are They?:

GPT Site

Target GEO:




 What Is EarnAndGo.Co

Scams come and go, they are constantly launched and often are relevant with the times.

This is the case with EarnAndGo a so called earning network that claims to be the top 1 out there. Fairly similar to Earn Money Network.

What they claim is that they are an affiliate marketing network that is based in London, UK.

They supposedly work with influencers on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

They claim to work with anyone from the top 10% to people like you who have a standard following.

There journey started back in 2015 and has lasted until the present day, where they are now well known. 

Now again that is there words, not mine.

The reason why I won't be backing that up is because it is not true, and I will explain a later on.

How Does Earn and go Work

How Do You Get Started?

The first thing you are greeted with on the site is a messege from a well known influencer Dej RoseGold who has 571k followers.

It doesn't state where these followers are from, but from doing research it is her instagram page.

But what this message includes is a video where Dej basically talks about the platform and how you can make money.

Instead of it being a welcome for me, it made me more suspicious of the whole company for a number of reasons.

Firstly the video felt like one of those unconvincing fake testimonial speakers that scam companies by of Fiver to quickly promote there service/product.

You can tell right away that EarnAndGo are paying here, and that what she is saying is off a script from the company.

The second red flag I recognised was that while Dej has a number of followers, she doesn't have millions like some people on these platforms.

I'm saying this because on the site they claim to work with the top 10%.

So either that is a lie or Dej Rosegold was the only one to agree to sponsorship, which is a red flag in it self.

Signing Up

So to check it out further I did what she advised me and signed up.

Not that I recommend you do it yourself as any details you give will likely be sold on to other companies.

However I will be doing it with a spare email address so I don't get spammed and so I can find further red flags on the inside.

After making an account, which required an email address, password and a username I was in.

Like I was promised for signing up I was given $50, which seems over the top generous, but there are reasons for that.

This is to rope you in and convince you that you can actually earn money.

Now looking at the dashboard you have a few ways that you can apparently make money with.

You have:

  • Get Paid To Read Blogs - $25 Per
  • Make A Video On YouTube Promoting - $30
  • Create A Post On Facebook - $30
  • Upload A Image With A Link On Instagram - $15
  • Create A Video On TikTok - $25
  • Task Wall Of Surveys and Offers - $50

As you can see there are some high paying opportunities on offer here.

However none of them make sense.

Advertising is a thing and its common for companies to pay the rates mentioned above.

However they don't just pay anybody, you need some kind of following.

Not only that but that following needs to be a fit for the service of product that is being promoted.

But here is seems that Earn&Go will pay you lots to just get you to share the link to the site around.

The reality is that these site doesn't payout, the proof is right there with those rates there.

However unlike this site there are plenty of GPT sites that do pay out such as:

The Red Flags

1. Company Launched In 2020 Not 2015

Scams love to tell little lies especially if they know it will buy your trust.

What sounds better, a company launched 5 months ago or a number 1 site that is been around for 5 years?

Obviously the second one but for anyone who does just a little research will find out to quickly that this is a lie.

That research being a domain tool that tells you when a site was launched, and from banging in the url to one of these tools I was able to learn that the site was created 5 months ago.

The only possible way I can see them digging themselves out of the hole is if they had been operating offline for that time and only now decided to get a website.

However to be a influencer network or whatever this scam claim then having a website should be the first thing that you purchase.

But as this one is a scam none of this matters, as this is just a scam trying to cash in while they can by tricking people into thinking they can be a influencer.

But all these people are doing it just giving this scam free exposure as there is no chance that at the end that they will pay out.

Now this red flag is enough to show there true colours, so I could just end this review here.

2. Claiming To Pay Too Much

While it is very obvious at this point another aspect that made it very apparent that this was a scam was the rates.

Even in the video Dej mentioned how you get paid $10 for every referral you refer to the site.

That is a lot of money just to invite someone to a site.

Its so much that there are no other sites that will pay anywhere within that region for just a sign up.

So from an advertising point of view they are over paying and just spending far too much money.

Its not only the refferal payouts which are suspicious its also the other opportunities they have on the dashboard.

For instance paying someone $25 just to read a blog post is just crazy.

On other sites you would be lucky to get a few dollars for carrying out the same action.

Is EarnAndGo A Scam?

I think you already know the answer to that question, but to clarify EarnAndGo is one of the biggest scams I have seen in the GPT site. So it comes as no surprise to hear that I do not recommend to you or anyone for that matter.

They have been around for 5 months not the 5 years that they claim so I don't expect them to last that long.

Once they have phished peoples data and sold it on you can expect to see the site disappear.

Only for the owners to then rinse and repeat with another site under a new name.

If you wanted to make $10 per referral then this review may not have been what you wanted to hear.

But saving you from falling from this scam means you can now put your time to better use.

So if its a GPT site you are looking for that will genuinely pay you to do tasks like referring others, playing games, completing surveys and more then click on the button below.

My 'Worth It' Rating


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