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Today Ill be looking at a reward site called that is brand new to the scene. With the trends currently going on this one seems to be very popular at the moment as crptocurrencys are available to you, so apparently you can get paid in Bitcoins, etc.

However with that said and with Bitcoin being so popular is this site even legit or are they just another time waisting scam. 

Read this review to find out what I have to say as their are some aspects to the site you should know about before checking them out yourself.

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What Are They?: Get paid to complete surveys and watch videos

Verdict: Scam

My Worth It Rating: 2/5

Is Legit

What Is is a rewards site that pays members to complete different activities mainly being watching videos and completing surveys.

They are a site that boasts over $700'000 in rewards paid out and an average of 800 active members at a given time. However looking at the payouts that does seem a lot, especially when you consider at first glance earning the minimum quite difficult.

Similar to other sites like this one the more you complete the more you earn however its not as straightforward as your about to find out with this one.

​How Do You Start Making Money?

Watching Videos

The main way to make money on the site is by taking advantage of the main videos on offer.

They have and also Smores Tv for you to choose from. For every 3 videos you complete as well you get paid. I did try and do this myself however after the videos played the entirety I didn't recieve any gems which is odd and also a concern.

The one issue with these is that they are low paying which means it will mean you will need to watch many videos before you start too see any money. 

To be honest this goes for most reward sites out there as while there easy activities, you wont get paid much for them, maybe a few cents here and there.

One tip I have used and which many others have used is with Swagbucks and leaving the videos playing in the background. Some times if you leave it on long enough in the day you can make an extra $5, which is easy money.

Completing Surveys

The other notable way to make money is through completing thier surveys. They have offer walls including Adscend, AdGateMedia and OfferToro.

Unfortunately while you can get paid more than for watching videos the pay for there surveys is notably quite low. In fact I would probably go as far to say there not worth it.

Referring Friends

If you no how to utilize these kind of features they can be the most rewarding as referring fiends can build up a passive income. With I've found it out to be considerably lower than the rates other reward sites give out.

When you refer a friend with you will only get 5% of all your referrals future earnings. In my opinion thats quite bad as I use panels that have much better rates.

For instance at the top of that list, PrizeRebel offer 30% of earnings so you can see quite a difference.

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​What Rewards Can You Redeem?

There are various payouts you can choose from, this is quite unique to this site as there aren't many reward sites offering them.

You can recieve your earnings via PayPal, Coinbase, Bitcoin (Including Bitcoin Cash), Litecoin, Ethereum and Steam. 

One thing you will notice however which is confusing is the various amounts of points needed for redemptions. For e.g Bitcoin you will need 220,999 points for $2, for me that's too confusing and I can't work out the conversion from points to cents.

There is just no need for the crazy amount of gems when they could probably simplify this and make it easier to understand. Whats wrong with $0.50 being worth 50 gems, that would solve the confusion.

The Positives and Negatives

The 'Good' Stuff

  • check
    Offers payouts through Cryptocurrencys such as Bitcoin
  • check
    Nice interface and easy to navigate the site
  • check
    Open to anyone over 18

The 'Not So Good' Stuff

  • close
    Hard to work out how much a gem is worth
  • close
    Referral Program is low paying

Is Earn.GG Worth It?

While from first glance they look like just another scam, Earn.GG is legit and they do have a number of members earning each day.

The questions I would ask is on terms of whether or not its worth it as it seems like its a lot of work just to get paid. Aswell as the fact the opportunities are nothing to special and quite ordinary in my opinion. 

I normally stick to surveys on reward sites as there easy to complete however lets say you run out as there are only 3 offer walls, its going to be a grind to get paid by just watching the videos.

All in all and with everything considered I wouldn't recommened Earn.GG as there are far more sites out there that make it easier for you to earn money. Of the top of my head, Swagbucks and Prizerebel are two GPT sites I've enjoyed success with over the past years.

It seems that Earn.GG is legitimate, but it’s a pretty new site that doesn’t offer anything special. You can get paid to watch videos on most reward sites, and there’re much more established reward sites that pay via Bitcoin.

If you do decide to join Earn.GG, it should be a safe site to use, but my recommendation is to use more established sites.

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My 'Worth It' Rating

What do you think to my review? Do you agree or do you have any opinions or experiences of your own that you would like to voice?

Well let me know by leaving a comment down below 🙂

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