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Digital Reflection Panel Review – Are They Worth It?

Different from the companies that pay people to allow them to track there internet browsing a panel called Digital Panel Reflection instead track people’s internet usage. How they go about doing this is they ask there members to place an Internet Usage meter on your household router. 

The issue or shall w

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Digital Reflection Panel Summary

Digital reflection is part of a research company called comScore Inc, infact there actually one of the most established companys of there type. The aim of the company is to help give companies feedback on various things to do with internet by reading more into how people use there internet. 

How Do You Sign Up and Get Everything Set Up?

When you consider that the majority of reward sites signing up process takes around a couple of minutes this one will take a lot longer, thats only because there’s more steps involved.

Firstly you will want to head on over to Digital Reflection Panel site and register an account, included in this process you will need to complete a quick survey. This is to check that the devices you have meet all the requirements and that the meter is compatible with your router. This won’t take you long, around 5 minutes for this step.

After that’s finished the next thing you will want to do is install the internet meter which can be found on the site. This add on can be added to most browsers including chrome and firefox. This process while long is rewarding as once you’ve connected your devices you will recieve $20 just for the installation.

Digital Reflection Panel is a good example of passive income as it allows you to earn money without doing anything, that’s apart from the initial set up that is quite long winded.


What Payouts Can You Get And When Can You Get Them?

With all the bonuses that are awarded to you just for signing up means you will be able to easily go over the minimum threshold of $50. If you add up the bonuses including setting up the router and installing the first couple of updates would leave you between $100 – $150, so requesting that payment can be done effectively before they have even started collecting data. You could say it’s free money so in a sense it’s definety worth checking out and signing up just for the initial bonus.

As I mentioned you can request a payment through either Paypal or a Gift card once that threshold of $50 as been met. Normally I would say that a minimum threshold like that amount is too much but in this case it’s reachable. However once the bonuses have been credited you will only recieve $5 a month so it would take you another 10 months before you see another payment.


Digital Reflection Panel Pros and Cons


Digital Reflection Panel Pros:

  • Fairly straight forward to reach the first payout
  • Offers a different and simple way to earn money


Digital Reflection Panel Cons:

  • Removed some households due to financial issues with the company
  • Could be quite difficult/take time to reach the threshold in the future




Apart from the first bonuses you get given for signing up and setting the router up you will find reaching the threshold rather difficult as you only get $5 a month. Overall however it looks like a good way to make some money especially as there’s little effort needed. The only thing that could stop you from earning is the privacy doubts, however from looking at he terms and reviews it looks like this site is in the clear. 



My Verdict



Is Digital Reflection Panel legit?

Yes it is legit

Rather Make $5 a day instead of $5 a Month?

While I would say that Digital Reflection Panel is legit it’s definety not the most worthwhile way to make money online. You can make $5 a month but that’s just about it and I don’t know about you but that’s not enough for me to live on. 

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