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Darwins Data Review – Are They A Genuine Opportunity To Make Money?

There are plenty of opportunities out there to start making money. While not every one is genuine you do get ones that will help you make extra cash. Today I'll be bringing you a Darwins Data Review

By the looks of it you have clicked on this post to find out more about Darwins Data and whether they are worth it. 

This is a survey site that has come to my attention recently so I thought I might check them out to see just what there about.

Now Darwins Data is yet another survey panel however what do they offer. Are they even genuine and legit? I'll tell you everything you need to know in this review

Darwins Data Review

Name: Darwins Data

Type: Survey Site

Recommended?: ​Not really​​​

Verdict: ​They are Legit​​​

Who Are They?

Darwins Data is a research company based in the US who operate the survey panel. 

The panel is somewhat different to most of the other survey sites out there as they send legal dispute based surveys.

So essentially you are able to put your opinions on to good use and make an impact on various legal cases.

A Slightly Long Winded Sign Up Process...

Firstly you will need to register for the site. While most survey sites make the registration process simple to complete this one works slightly different.

Let me explain how it works, first you will want to request an invitation. Once Darwins Data as accepted it you will then need to complete a registration form.

This registration form will take roughly 30 minutes to complete. However while that's a long time you there is an initiative to it in that you will recieve a free $10 Tango gift card.

How Do You Start Making Money With Darwins Data?

Once you have completed the registration and have recived your bonus you can start earning rewards.

Now if your used to surveys or taken some in the past you will know that they generally take anywhere from 10 minutes to half an hour to complete, generally that is.

With Darwin you will be required to complete hour long surveys, which you have to complete in one sitting.

The survey consists of several parts, you will need to watch a video and then answer some questions on it. The video will be a legal case.

An hour is a long time to be in a survey for although they do make up for that with there high payouts. For every survey you complete you will recieve $25.

There is a slight catch though, each member is only allowed to complete 2 surveys a year. This means that earning potential is capped of at $50.

I guess its a nice for a couple of one of payments however making money on a consistent basis wont be the case with this site.

What Are The Rewards Like?

They offer various Gift cards as rewards for completing there surveys.

Aswell as Tango gift cards they have the likes of Amazon, Starbucks and many other retailers to choose from

Darwins Data Positives and Negatives

The 'Good' Stuff

  • check
    High Paying Surveys
  • check
    Many Rewards to choose from
  • check
    $10 Tango Gift Card just for joining

The 'Not So Good' Stuff

  • close
    Earning potential is capped to $50 a year
  • close
    May require ID
  • close
    Time Consuming Surveys


They are Legitimate however with only so much you can earn with Darwin I wouldn't recommend them.

Of course if you don't mind completing 1 or 2 surveys a year and being paid well for them this one could be for you. Also if your interested in legal case based surveys this could be up your street.

​However with that said there are in my opinion better survey sites out there that will help you money on a more consistent basis instead of one offs every now and then.

My 'Worth It' Rating

Maybe you like or have even used Darwins Data?

​Let me know your thoughts and opinions on them down below in the comments

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