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Crowdology Reviews – Should You Follow The Crowd With This Survey Site?

Crowdology Reviews – Is it a Legitimate Site To Get Paid?

Recently I came across a rewards site called Crowdology so I thought it would be a good idea to review them to see whether they are legitimate or not. 

In this Crowdology Review I’ll be covering all the areas you need to know about them including most importantly whether they are a survey site to invest your time in.

Who are Crowdology?

The Crowdology Survey Panel is a market research company that pays members to complete surveys.

Crowdology which is partnered with a popular survey router called cint is a fairly well-known survey site among survey takers on the internet.

While it is possible to make money using Crowdology it definitely isn’t the most efficient site out there to make money. In this Crowdology reviews, I will explain why.



Does Crowdology pay out their members?

Crowdology is Legit and does pay out their members.

How Do You Sign Up?

The sign up is standard and takes only a couple of minutes

What Payout Can You Request?

There are two payouts you can request on the site being PayPal and Amazon

What’s the minimum payout you can claim?

The minimum for Paypal is £4 and the minimum for Amazon is £10

How long can you expect to get your reward?

Crowdology is quick to process your payments for PayPal as you will generally receive a payout through PayPal within 48 hours.

However, Amazon Giftcards can take much longer to arrive, up to a few weeks.

How Does Crowdology work?

Every time Crowdology as a survey for you, they will send out an email Invitation to you.

In the email it will say the reward of the survey and how long the survey will take to complete, this is good in a way as you know the details before starting.

How long is each survey?

They say that each survey takes around 5 to 10 minutes but I have completed surveys that have taken way more time than that. For most of the surveys, I ended up spending within the region of 10 to 15 minutes on each survey.

How many surveys do they offer you?

I found Crowdology to be fairly disappointing when it came to receiving survey invites.

At best I would receive an email every couple of days and that was at best. Even then when you do receive a survey 9 times out of 10 the reward is normally under £1, which isn’t great.

Crowdology Pros:

  • Low Minimal Payout
  • Payments Processed within 48 Hours

Crowdology Cons:

  • They don’t send you many Survey invites
  • Pay little for each survey
  • Most surveys take around 15 to 20 minutes to complete


You can make money with Crowdology, you just need to be really patient!

With only a couple of surveys at most a week and low rewards for the surveys. I wouldn’t recommend Crowdology as a survey site to invest your time with as there are just much better survey sites out there.

My Verdict


My Alternative To Crowdology

Using Crowdology not only will you not make a part time income using the site you will be lucky to earn enough to receive a payment or 2.

That’s a minimum of £4 a month which is quite poor. Trust me I’ve tried this site for this review and the pay is poor and not worth it.

If your looking to make money online on a consistent basis and add roughly $500 to your monthly income then check out my #1 recommendation here.

To add you also get $5 just for signing up so feel free to check them out.


Thanks for stopping by and reading my Crowdology Reviews

Have you tried this site before? What are your views on the site?

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Have a Great day guys! Josh

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