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Crowdology Review – Should You Follow The Crowd?

Crowdology Review

Welcome to my Crowdology Review!

Recently I came across a survey site called Crowdology so have since decided to check them out further so that I can bring to you a detailed review talking about everything you need to know about them.

For those of you who don't know what is Crowdology is its basically a site that pays people to complete surveys and give there opinions.

Since I have reviewed a lot of survey sites, somewhere over 250 at the time of this review I do know what to look for and what makes a good one as well as what to avoid.

Anyway hopefully you find this post helpful and without further ado lets get into it.


Crowdology Review Summary
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What Are They?:

Survey Site





 What Is Crowdology?

The Crowdology Survey Panel is a market research company that is partly operated by VIGA that pays members to complete surveys. They have UK and US version based panels.

Crowdology is also partnered with a market research company called Cint which is a fairly well-known survey router among survey takers on the internet. Most if not all surveys on the site will come through Cint.

Your probably wondering what is the point in all this and that is a fair question, well basically there are many companies out there looking to develop there products and services further and rely on consumer feedback to give them the answers they need.

Essentially by taking part in surveys not only are you getting paid but you helping today's society with your thoughts.

How To Make Money With Crowdology

How Do You Get Started?

Getting Started With Crowdology

To start making money with Crowdology you will first need to make an account. This process is very simple and requires a few steps, you will first need to press to sign up button on the top right of the page and then go through the various details. Here you will be asked standard questions such as your name, email address and age.

After you have done that all is left is for you to do is verify your account which you will need to go and click on the link that they send to your email, again simple to do. Once you have done this you can start making money and I will now get more into this now.

How Do You Make Start Making Money?

Every time Crowdology as a survey for you, they will send out an email Invitation to you.

In the email it will say the reward of the survey and how long the survey will take to complete, this is good in a way as you know the details before starting.

They say that each survey takes around 5 to 10 minutes but I have completed surveys that have taken way more time than that. For most of the surveys, I ended up spending within the region of 10 to 15 minutes on each survey.

I found Crowdology to be fairly disappointing when it came to receiving survey invites and within the first month only received 6 invites.

At best I would receive an email every couple of days and that was at best. Even then when you do receive a survey 9 times out of 10 the reward is normally under £1, which isn't great

What Rewards Are Available?

There are two payouts you can request on the site being PayPal and Amazon.

There are different thresholds depending on where you are from, if you from the UK then the payouts are as following, with £4 needed for PayPal and £10 for a payout via Amazon Gift Cards.

Once you have hit the minimum threshold you will be able to request a payment from Crowdology of which they do have a quick process involved as you will receive your PayPal payments in 48 hours.

You will need to wait a while longer to get Amazon though as they are processed inside a few weeks.

Crowdology Rewards

The Crowdology Positives and Negatives

The 'Good' Stuff

1. Payments Processed within 48 Hours

From my experience the great share of survey sites do make you wait to get paid, normally up to a few weeks. However in this case and if you are getting cash in PayPal then you will receive your payout much quicker. 

This is a fairly common complaint in the online survey industry so its good to see that Crowdology have got this spot on.

2.  Low Minimal Threshold

Another good positive is the low threshold needed to cash out at only £4, and while the majority of surveys do pay small this is still a relatively small amount to reach to get paid.

You probably won't make much but reaching that threshold once or twice is doable. Not only that I have reviewed many sites that have thresholds that require £10 up to £50, which has you can imagine will take you a lot of time to reach.

The 'Not So Good' Stuff

1. They Don't Send You Many Survey invites

As with any survey site along with the pro's come the con's also. One of the issues I experienced while using Crowdology is the lack of surveys, In fact I was only getting a few each month which is just not that much and enough to make anything significant.

2. Pay little for each survey

As I mentioned earlier the pay for the most part is quite low and a lot lower than £1, in fact the majority of the survey invites I got to my email inbox were around there £0.50, so once you add that to the fact they don't send out too many surveys it makes it very difficult to earn any money.

They do say that you can receive up to £10 a survey but since I signed up I haven't received one over £3 with my highest survey invite coming in at £2.48.

You can also expect to be disqualified through a fair share of the surveys you get this takes any of the earning potential you had and crashes it down.

Is Crowdology Legit?

Crowdology is legit and does pay, there are an established company and there are many payment proofs around the web showing that you can make money.

The only real issue is that you are going to have to be extremely patient to get paid, because Its a long grind. 

Not every survey pays and the ones that do, pay low and take you ages to do so,

With only a couple of surveys at most a week and low rewards for the surveys. I wouldn't recommend Crowdology as a survey site to invest your time with as there are just much better survey sites out there.

If you have come across this website looking for a panel to put some time into then I would recommend you check out this UK based survey site list or if you are from the US these high paying American survey sites.

My 'Worth It' Rating


My Alternative To Crowdology

Using Crowdology not only will you not make a part time income using the site you will be lucky to earn enough to receive a payment or 2, that's because of the things about them I talked about in this review.

That's a minimum of £4 a month which is quite poor. Trust me I've tried this site for this review and the pay is poor and not worth it.

If your looking to make money online on a consistent basis then check out my #1 recommendation below

What are you thoughts on Crowdology? I may of not been keen on it but I would like to hear your thoughts negative or positive

Let me know by dropping a comment down below 🙂

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