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Consumer Opinion Institute Review – Are They Worth Your Time And Effort

Today I’ll be taking a closer look at a survey panel called Consumer Opinion Institute. I’ve gone ahead and had a look at this site to see whether they are a genuine opportunity to make money which I’m sure you’ve come across this Consumer Opinion Institute review to find out.

There are many survey sites out there however not all of them are genuine and pay out.

Which is why it goes without saying that you should always do your research before registering with a survey site.

With that said in this review I’ll be giving you my opinions on Consumer Opinion Institute aswell as whether they are worth your time and effort.


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What is Consumer Opinion Institute?


Consumer Opinion Institute is a survey site where you get paid for completing surveys. 

The idea of Consumer Opinion Institute is to pass on opinions and views from you guys and pass that information on to different market research companies and businesses. 

Essentially you are able to help other business by completing surveys, in return you will get paid.

Consumer Opinion Institute is a UK based survey panel that is owned and operated by a company called TNS.


How Do You Sign Up?

The sign up process is simple and easy to do. 

You need to fill out a few details of which include your email address which you will need to verify to register with them. 

if your familiar with this procedure you will know what to and it should be straightforward to complete. Even if your new to surveys you will be fine

As for registration requirements and some strict demographic restrictions, which means you will need to live in the US to qualify.

As I said they have strict restrictions after that so you might not be able to register if you don’t match the demographic of people there after.

How Do You Start Making Money With Consumer Opinion Institute?


What’s interesting with Consumer Opinion Institute is that while sites like Swagbucks invite you to online surveys this panel will send them through the post. 

While they do invite you to online surveys they are also renowned for their surveys through the post.

Surveys generally take around 5 to 20 minutes to complete however it depends from survey to survey on how long it will take. But they are good guidelines to go by also it’s good to note that the surveys are simple to complete so anyone could do them.

As for invites you won’t receive many which means the earning potential is fairly limited with Consumer Opinion Institute however you will still receive a couple each month. 

These will typically pay between $1 to $5 for each survey you complete

What Payouts Can You Get And When Can You Get Them?


What’s unusual with this site and something you you may not be used to is that when surveys are sent in the post you will be sent the reward with the survey in the post.

That is for the surveys through the post, for the ones you complete online you will be sent cheques. 

You don’t need to worry about minimum thresholds as your payment is sent after completing a survey. 


Consumer Opinion Institute Pros and Cons


Consumer Opinion Institute Pros:

  • Are legit and will earn you some extra cash each month


Consumer Opinion Institute Cons:

  • Invites and surveys sent to you are limited
  • Not a lot of earning potential




While consumer opinion institute is legit they are simply not worth it because the amount you get paid really isn’t great for the time your spending on surveys.

While you are getting extra cash through relatively little effort there are still many better survey sites out there to Consumer Opinion Institute that will help you earn much more

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My Verdict




My Alternative To Consumer Opinion Institute?

If your looking to earn a long term income or just a consistent income then I wouldn’t even consider Consumer Opinion Institute as they simply won’t be able to offer you that opportunity.

Instead I would recommend my favourite survey site that I’ve been using for years now to make money – you can check them out right here


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