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ClipClaps App Review: Get Paid For Your Laughs?

ClipClaps App Review: Get Paid For Your Laughs?

Welcome to my ClipClaps app review!

Since coming online many moons ago I have seen a lot of different ways to make money.

Some are cool however some are interesting to say the least.

Today we will be looking at an app that pays you for your laughs. 

Yes you heard that right you can get paid to laugh, which is to videos.

This is what got me interested initially as there are dozens of apps where you earn money online.

However most like to follow the same concepts.

Whether that is completing surveys, playing games, but this one is different.

So without further ado lets look into this ClipClap app and see how it works.


ClipClaps App Review Summary


Grand Channel Entertainment Limited

What Are They?:

Making Money App

Target GEO:



 What Is ClipClaps?

ClipsClaps is an app available on both IOS and Android apps that pays you to watch funny clips. Its one of the latest trendy making money apps to surface and has ironically gone viral online.

They are a breath of fresh air from the other making money apps out there such as:

The app came my way by trending on the app store and also through word of mouth as a couple of mates had asked me whether I had heard of them

So up until a few weeks I had no idea what they were about.

Now they are owned by Grand Channel Entertainment Limited and have amassed over 1 million downloads.

What's crazy about that statistic is that they were only launched just over 2 months ago.

How Do You Get Started?

Firstly you will need to know the details to getting up and running.

Now what is normally the case with these apps is they are either available on IOS or Android but you can download them on both.

Once you have downloaded the app you will have the option to make a account, as you can see by the image.

Sign up for ClipClaps App

You can join using your phone number or your facebook account.

Doesn't necessarily matter which one you choose, so you can go with your preference.

On the next page you will need to fill in 4 details about yourself to get your account finished.

That's basically the sign up done though. 

As a new user you will want to get a feel for the app so you will go through a quick tutorial which will involve you watching a short video.

This is to show you how the app works.

How Do You Make Start Making Money?

At this point I already have a good idea of how the app works so here we go.

On the dashboard you will be shown videos, these are viral one

Chances are you may even recognise some of the videos has a number of them are created by top creators.

For e.g I saw well known influencers in Logan Paul, Lele Pons, KingBach, etc.

So if you are follow any of those people or like watching content similar to theres then you will probably enjoy the videos on the app.

Now moving back, so at the bottom of the screen you will see a timer.

As you watch the videos you will see the timer cut down. 

Once it is finished you will win chests.

These chests will include ClapCoins and raffle tickets.

Both of these will give you opportunities to cash out for money.

Let me now show you how each of these works


There are two currencies on the app and admittedly it does get quite confusing.

You have that one but you also have cash which you will need later in order to redeem rewards.

But ClipClap ClapCoins is what you will get from watching the videos. These will be inside the chests that you get for watching the videos.

Once you have these you will then need to go into the store and convert it to cash.


I hope I have still got you at this point and that you understand it all so far.

As like I said it is a little confusing at first.

Up next you will want to know about chests.

Chests are what you get for watching the video, and within these you will get various amounts of Clapcoins.

There are different chests you can get:

  • Bronze Chests: Lowest paying chest and is found halfway through the timer
  • SIlver Chests: Rewarded after completing a cycle, includes ClipCoins and raffles tokens
  • Gold Chests: Gold chests can include anything from the bronze and silver plus cash prizes.
  • Diamond Chests: These can be attained by inviting friends, these are the most lucrative giving you the chance to earn high tier rewards like iPad Pros and AirJordans. Each one is guaranteed a cash win.

You can also get more chests from the store by exchanging your earned clapcoins. There is 10 silver chests for 4,000 and 10 gold chests for 10,000.


Raffles can be collected from the chests, however how they work isn't like you would expect.

A normal raffle would consist of you having your name pulled out of hat, and then you winning an item.

But at ClipClaps it works differently.

First thing to know is that there a number of raffles.

Each with a number that you need to reach in order to be able to win.

To help you understand this more, look at the image below.

ClipClaps Raffles

As you can see I have 39 out of 120 raffle tokens and once I have reached 120 I can enter the raffle.

How it works is you have 9 cards in front of you, each facing the opposite way. 

What you need to do is choose one, and hopefully find the card with the biggest reward.

Using the above raffle as an example, you will have a 6 percent chance of choosing the card with 500k ClapCoins.

What ever card you choose you will have that added to your balance.

With the other raffles you can aso win cash and Amazon gift cards.  


At first I didn't see this feature but if you click on your account you will see the games center.

You have three games in here which you can play to earn more ClapCoins and on occasion make cash.

These consist of Texas Holdem (Beta), Aquarium and Brainaire. 

You don't need to install any additional games as they can be played internally within the app.

I did try out the games so if your interested this is how they work.


Aquarium is a game that requires you to collect fishes and basically build out a aquarium.

Its the most popular game with 700,000+ of there users playing it.

You will need to feed your owned fishes and also collect more fishes.

Just from playing it for a few minutes I was able to get some so called 'rare' fish that can be sold for dollars.

These will be added to your current cash balance if you do sell them.

However you can keep hold of them and grow them to earn more cash later on.


Now I will be honest this is the game that captured me and Infact I am a bit embarassed to tell you how long I wasted.

This one is a trivia game where you play 1 vs 1 agaisnt another user.

You have 5 questions and for each one you answer you will earn points. You have 10 seconds to answer each question, so you can't just google each answer.

Now the amount of points you get depends on a variety of factors. One of them is the faster you answer the question the more you get.

However that is risky as most questions are difficult and require some thought.

This one is probably my favourite of all the games however has you would expect it is designed for you to lose in the long run.

That is because the more games you win the higher the division you go into.

However while you earn 1000 ClipCoins per win, your entry fee for each game increases.

So you reach the point where you can lose more in one game then you would if you won 3 or 4 games in a row.

Texas Holdem (Beta)

The final game is Texas Holdem and if you are unlike me and enjoy poker then this may be for you.

Here you can win more coins, by playing with other users at poker. You can get up to 60 thousand ClipCoins by competing on the higher tables.

However if you are like me and not a fan of gambling then I wouldn't recommend this.

As its an easy way to flush your current earnings down the drain. 

ClipClap Code For Bonuses?

The final way to make money which I haven't gone over is with the referral program.

For some reason they are celebrating a birthday on the app, I'm not sure whos as the app has only been active for a few months so it can't be that.

But because of this they are giving users the opportunity to earn $10 by inviting friends.

You are given $0.30 for the first person you refer plus you are given $8.09 of the amount to get you going, but only if you use a code.

Here is mine so you can claim yours: eyJ1c2VyaWQiOilzMDU3MTc2In0=

Your job is to just make the rest for you to then be able to get a cashout.

Along with every person you refer to the panel you get one of the diamond chests I spoke about above. 

Essentially you are getting paid but how much you get for each one depends on the contents of the chest.

What Rewards Are Available?

There is one way to to get paid in that is through the cash.

So once you have done all the converting of ClipCoins into cash you can redeem a paypal reward.

The best aspect I like is that the app pays out $0.10 for free.

When you first see the payment section you will be able to instantly withdraw some free cash.

Albeit a small amount.

All you need to do is put in your PayPal email address and they will process a payment within 3-7 days.

Now after this you will have different thresholds you will need to meet in order to get more withdrawals.

The minimum threshold is $10, this goes too $50.

The 'Good' Stuff

1. Free Money For Everyone

The best thing I found out through while carrying out this ClipClaps app review is that right after the bat they give out free cash to users.

The fact there is no catch and users can just earn money without any effort is awesome.

It's not a massive big deal however $0.10 to every user is generous and considering the amount of apps I have tried out. None of these has offered this incentive.

So even if your not planning on using the app for the long term it may be worth just picking up the free money while they are still offering it.

2. Cool Way To Earn

From scrolling through my dashboard I saw a lot of videos which were similar to the ones I see on social media.

If you are a user of Facebook, Instagram or even Tik Tok you probably see funny videos com up on your feed or shared from others.

So the fact that you can get paid to scroll through various videos is definitely unique and cool.

The 'Not So Good' Stuff

1. The Timer Increases

It isn't as simple as just watching videos all day and essentially making as much as you want.

As like you may have guessed there are caps.

So as you watch videos after a while the timers start to increase. 

This means to get the chests you will need to watch for longer to get reach them.

At the start you can get a chest after watching 30 seconds of videos, however after a while this increases to 5 minutes and more.

The good thing is that this does reset every day, so if you come back the next day the times reset. 

They will go back up the more you watch, so just bare that in mind as I did see some people get confused with the times increasing.

2. More Entertainment Then Extra Income

While you can earn money the impression I got is that this is a app more for watching cool videos then earning money.

The app is nicely put together and the games are also cool, but even with them they are a bit of fun not a way for you to earn.

So if you've come to this ClipClaps app review hoping to get paid thousands for laughing.

Then unfortunately this is not the app for you.

The fact you can't earn lots with this app is not necessarily a problem as after all its not designed like that.

So as long as you understand that you will be fine.

3. Games Aren't In Your Favour

I played all the games however noticed repetitive patterns of them being rigged.

What I mean here is that they are designed for you to basically lose everything you have earned.

Look at it like a casino, you may win some money at first but in the long run you will likely lose it all.

Thats just how it is and is the case with these games.

I will point out Brainiare as an example.

They have a tier system where you can get promoted to higher divisions, that soynds cool and as something to work towards.

But the higher the level you go the more coins you have to spend on each match, this would be fine if the amount you won for each game increased but it doesn't.

So at the start you are in Newbie and then Iron where each game costs 100 coins however in the one I reached which is Diamond each game was 1000.

So if it wasn't for some of the winning streaks I went on I could of had a lot of my coins cleared from just a few loses.

The point I am getting at is by all means play the games however try not to get hooked.

As in the long run you won't be able to cash out relying on these.

Can You Get ClipClap Cash For Laughs?

Now you may be wondering with that $0.10 they give out, did I try to get a payout myself?

Let me say this was more a test for me then anything that they pay, so I did request the payment via PayPal.

That was a few days ago, and now I have just been paid the 10 cents to my account.

As you can see by the ClipClaps Payment proof below.

ClipClaps PayPal Payment Payout

So if you are wondering whether or not they payout, there is the evidence for any of you that are still feeling sceptical.

Is ClipClaps Legit?

Now I just want to make it clear that they do payout however its not a big earner.

So you can make money but just don't expect to make a great deal, as its simply not possible.

However with that said I am quite impressed with the app, it is different to what already exists.

While I was using the app I couldn't help but think I would be watching these videos anyway on social media.

The only difference is I wouldn't be getting anything from it apart from a few laughs.

But here you get both, so that's cool.

Feel free to check them out, you can use this link to get your $0.10 free bonus just for signing up.

My 'Worth It' Rating


I hope you enjoyed my ClipClaps app review and have learned a thing or two about this new trending application.

Also I would be interested in hearing your opinion about them, and for any of you who have used them already what do you think to it?

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