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CitizenMe Review -Are They Legit or Scam?

CitizenMe is an app that pays members for completing surveys, however what’s interesting with this app is that there main aim is to help people make money without all the added unneeded questions you typically see in alot of surveys. 

There are many apps out there that reward users for taking surveys, with CitizenMe they aim to stand out from the rest with an app that has a better mobile experience.

For me thats what I look for, no one likes to be stuck in a 40 minute survey nor have to work there way around a ad infested app.

That’s the reality we want but with CitizenMe is that even true and are they even worth it. In this review I’ll be going through those aswell as both the pros and cons.

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What is CitizenMe?


Citizenme is effectively an app that pays you to complete quick surveys on things like your data. I like the idea of this app as giving other people and companies an insight into what we do is something many of us do. The app offers a smooth experience and rewards are paid instantly which is definitely a postive. 

Too many survey panels flood you with what seems like  a lot of the same questions over and over again, this drives me crazy, however with this app it hasn’t been that case.

What I like is that after you complete the profile surveys they don’t ask you to answer the same questions again, CitizenMe store your answers so that you don’t repeat yourself.


How Do You Start Making Money With CitizenMe?

There are different types of surveys on offer and available for you to start completing, one thing that’s worth noting it that despite the range of surveys available not all of them pay out. In fact most of the surveys you recieve will be on a first come first serve basis, so you will probably find only 1 or 2 available at most times. 

While I’ve had the app for around a week in total I’ve recieved 7, so on average I get 1 a day. I haven’t got into each and every one of them since sometimes a survey can reach its maximum capacity before i get to the survey.

For the surveys there are different types of them, with insights, fun, donate and earn. Insights like it suggests are mini surveys on daily life which you simply give your inputs on, these with the fun surveys don’t pay out. The donate and the earn surveys are the other ones available with these allowing you to earn money or either have your money donated to charity which is a great idea implemented. 


What Payouts Can You Get And When Can You Get Them?

What’s one of the main highlights of this app is that they pay you instantly, no more having to wait days or even to reach a certain threshold. This is because after you finish a survey the rewards from that survey get sent straight to your PayPal account.

The only thing you will need to do though is sign into paypal to add your paypal account to the app, which is safe and only one of the steps so that you paypal account can get verified by CitizenMe for rewards to be sent.


CitizenMe Pros and Cons


CitizenMe Pros:

  • Instant Payouts through Paypal
  • App runs smoothly 
  • Surveys take 1-5 minutes to complete


CitizenMe Cons:

  • Won’t make you a lot of money
  • Can be a lack of surveys at times




Overall this app is a really good app especially if your someone who loves recieving money instantly, I know I do myself! But in general this app does offer a good way to make a passive income that would pay for a couple of cups of coffee at your local Starbucks. Apart from that the earning potential is fairly limited just because the majority of surveys are not paid ones.

With all this taken in there really is no harm in downloading the app to your phone to earn a little extra cash in your spare time.



My Verdict



Is CitizenMe legit Or A Scam?

CitizenMe is legit.

Dont Want To Waste Your Time With Surveys?

CitizenMe won’t make you a fortune but they will help you earn some extra cash through completing just simple 1 minute surveys, something I recommend if your looking for a short term income. If your looking for something that will provide you with more of a full time income I wouldn’t look much further then my #1 recommendation.

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What are your thoughts on CitizenMe? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below

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