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Cinchbucks Review – Like Swagbucks…But Better?

Cinchbucks Review - Like Swagbucks...But Better

Welcome to my Cinchbucks review

Now a days you can do pretty much anything online and one of the main ways the internet is utilized is to bring in a income.

More and more people are looking to the internet each day trying to make money.

One of the quickest ways I have come across is taking surveys.

If you have ever considered or even taken surveys online then you may be interested in Cinchbucks.

They claim to offer numerous ways for you to make money through doing online surveys and other tasks.

While when I first came across them they did look promising and also seem to follow the same lines as an industry competitor named Swagbucks.

I did find many areas of concern that I will discuss with you in this review so make sure to read until the end.


Cinchbucks Review Summary

What Are They?:







Cinchbucks is a GPT site that offers the opportunities for people to earn extra cash doing surveys, offers and various other activities online.

 What Is Cinchbucks?

Cinchbucks is a GPT site but well known for being a survey site where you can get paid to do surveys, watch videos, do offers and more.

GPT stands for Get Paid To and there are many other sites out there that follow that concept where you can get paid to do various things.

Cinchbucks Login Page

They were first started up in 2014 and are a part of Cinch Data Solutions Pvt. Ltd which is a market research company who's primary aim is to connect businesses with its consumers. They are also based in India but are open worldwide.

Cinchbucks Stats

Cinchbucks stats since they were founded

If you have looked at the name you probably would of seen similarities too Swagbucks. 

Along with that big industry name, some GPT sites that go in to that same bracket consist of:

How Do You Get Started?

Cinchbucks is available to anyone worldwide, however there is a black list of countries who can't join which include the likes of:

  • Afghanistan, Albania, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Cuba, North Korea, Niger, Iraq, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Iran, Bangladesh and Vietnam

The sign up process is straightforward like most sign ups on survey sites are and will take you roughly 5 minutes to do.

When you first go onto the site you are immediately shown a pop up with a new member promo where you get 50 CB when you input the code 'CBLAUNCH' on registration.

While its not much these bonuses are good if you are new and want to reach a payout fast. 

Cinchbucks Coupon

When I signed up I got 10 CB for doing a quick profile survey which was 5 basic questions about myself which included my name and date of birth.

When I then put in my promo code I was given 50 CB and I could get an extra 60 CB by completing more of my profile.

However while that is nice you do need a lot more Cinchbucks to get paid out which is why they entice potential members with small bonuses.

How Do You Make Start Making Money?

Right now you are probably wondering how you can start making money and like I have gone over there are various ways you can earn money.

When you complete something like a survey you are paid in Cinchbucks (CB) quite similar to Swagbucks who pay in SB.

I have checked out each way and I'll go over things like how much you can make and what is available in each section.

1. Doing Offers

Offerwalls are on most reward/survey sites and that still goes for Cinchbucks. These offers consist off doing things like sign ups, downloading apps, entering competitions, doing tasks and more.

You will find many different ways and various opportunities to make a few CB here however the earning potential varies a lot as some offers don't require that much effort.

With that said you an expect to earn 10CB - 100CB per offer.

2. Completing Surveys

The main way to make money you would suspect would be through the surveys and that is where you will find third party surveys.

This means that the surveys don't come directly from Cinchbucks but from survey routers instead.

You will find survey routers on most sites and the surveys you can take with CInchbucks consist of Pure Spectrum, Cint and YourSurveys.

Again you can make again between 10CB to 100CB a survey

3. Cashback Shopping

While this way is a efficient way to earn CB without a lot of effort or time, it does require you to buy items at your favourite stores in order to get cashback.

So for that reason I wouldn't say this is worth it as it means you have to spend money to get some in return.

This feature is great if you need to make a purchase at a online retailer and instead of doing it for free you could do it via Cinchbucks and reduce the cost of that order with the cashback. 

4. Refer And Earn

Cinchbucks also have a referral program that invites members to get friends and family to join the panel.

The incentive here is that you can earn 10% of all their earnings on the site.

Now 10 percent isn't that good however if you know some people who are looking for GPT sites like yourself you can give them your Cinchbucks link.

5. Playing Games

Another way to earn money using the site is through playing games, while it's not the most efficient way to earn it is at least a fun way to earn.

When you click on the play games tab on the menu you will be directed to a page full of flash PC games that you can start playing.

How Does Cinchbucks Payout?

Cinchbucks payout through cash, various gift cards, bitcoin and others. The selection they have is wide however you will need to have $10 in order to get paid and these are paid out within 2 weeks of redemption.

Cinchbucks Payout

The 'Good' Stuff

1. Legitimate Site To Earn Extra Cash

To clear up any doubts you may have on Cinchbucks they are a legitimate site and do pay out.

Its always important to do your research with any survey panel and after doing mine I see that there are various payment proofs uploaded online which is always a good sign of whether you should trust a certain site.

2. Various Payout Options

Another thing I would point out as being a good positive is the amount of payout options you have at your disposal.

Whether you want to receive cash or a gift card is your choice as they seem to cover most popular gift cards.

They do have the option PayPal which is great as them in particular is a safe and quick way for you to receive your survey earnings.

The 'Not So Good' Stuff

1. Earning Potential Is Low

Unfortunately what can be the case with these sites is that they can be too low in pay outs.

Yes, they do have many ways for you to make money however most things pay low.

For instance a few hours a go I got an email for a survey invite that paid out 15cb for 5 minutes of my time.

That made me wonder whether it was worth clicking and completing the survey for 15 cents when I need $10 to cashout, which leads me to another issue that I will talk about in a second.

2. Minimum Withdrawal Is Too High

I'm not sure how you guys feel about thresholds in general but for me anyway I feel that a threshold of over $10 is too high.

Of course the amount of opportunities available to you does change how I feel, however in this case there isn't enough high paying ways to make money which will see you reach that threshold repeatedly.

This means you may be lucky to reach that threshold once a month, which is still kinda good but with some sites I have tried and still use you can get paid out more and faster.

3. Better Referral Programs Elsewhere

I have to be honest that even though Cinchbucks do offer a service where you can earn a fraction of everything your referrals earn, its not as good as other panels I have tried.

With Cinchbucks you get 10% which isn't too bad but when you compare it to others such as SuperPayMe and PrizeRebel who pay out 25% and 30% respectively of your referrals earnings then you can see where the value is. 

If you build your referrals on sites like I just mentioned you will end up making much more money and that is the fact.

With that said and to go on from the first negative I talked about the referral program does still seem the best way to make money on the site as overall the opportunities offered are fairly limited.

Is Cinchbucks Legit?

Yes, Cinchbucks is legit however I don't think it's worth it having had chance to review it and try it out myself.

Click here to make an account with them.

I found that you were offered to little money/cb for your time and not only that considering they are a GPT site there was a lack of surveys sent to me. 

They are not a scam but if you are thinking to use this site on its own to earn you will definitely struggle.

So I recommend taking a look at these top rated survey sites which you can use alongside,.

My 'Worth It' Rating


What do you think to Cinchbucks? Do you think there worth the time and effort?

I would be very much interested to hear what you guys have to say, so make sure to leave your thoughts in the comments section below 🙂

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