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Cheery Ruby App Review: Legit Or Scam?

Cheery Ruby App Review

You may be here off the back of watching an ad for Cheery Ruby where one user was making hundreds of dollars playing a game.

Now while my initial reaction was that it was fake I was intrigued into finding out more about them. 

While it is unlikely that anyone downloading it will make lots of money there could be a way for you to earn a few dollars.

Lets delve in to this Cheery Ruby review and find out what they about.


Cheery Ruby Review Summary


Cheery Ruby

What Are They?:

Making Money App

Target GEO:





I have marked Cheery Ruby as a scam because there are a lack of payout proofs and too many negative reviews.

If you want an opportunity to earn free cash from an established company then check out my recommendation below. Plus get $5 free when you register.

 What Is Cheery Ruby?

Cheery Ruby is a free app where you can win free rewards playing arcade games. 

These games consist of scratching cards, throwing knifes, lucky cards and a claw machine. All of which I will explain how they work in due course.

The app itself as gained a lot of popularity since there release 2 months ago.

They have amassed 500 thousand downloads with the help of the advertising there doing, which is the reason I came across them.

Cheery Ruby Loading Screen

Cheery Ruby is similar in how it works too:

What all those apps have in common is they rely on advertising other apps to bring in revenue.

They get people to use the app and while doing so they show them ads, this is how they fund the rewards. It's also the reason why it is free.

How Do You Get Started?

From loading the game myself it looks like you only need to either login as a guest or use a Facebook account.

Either option is fine, but using your FB account will ensure your progress is backed up.

As a bonus for becoming a new member the first thing you will see is a 100'000 coin bonus.

Cheery Ruby Sign Up

How Does It Work?

.Through the various games Cheery Ruby you will be looking for cash and coins.

Each type has different uses, cash as you would of guessed can be used to withdraw cash and with the coins you can get gift cards.

Lets look closer at the games.

1. Scratchcards

Once the app is opened you can go through the scratchcards, these can be done right from the dashboard.

You will know how many of these you can complete, I personally started with was 50.

For each scratchcard you complete you have a chance to win the featured prize, whether that be coins or cash. 

I completed a few, the one below was I that I needed to match 3 hats for 20'000 coins which I found.

I also picked up some cash as you can see from my current balances. 

2. Lucky Knife

Lucky Knife is a game where you need to hit a board with a selection an amount of knives.

The table will start turning and you will need to get them on there without hitting any of your own knives.

It sounds quite complicated but is easy to understand.

How you will make money here is by trying to hit the green money that appears on some levels.

Everytime you get the cash and complete that same level you will keep what you've earned.

I did attempt the game a few times but never picked up any money as the difficulty starts to get higher around level 4/5.

If you have quick reactions you may be able to beat this game.

3. Lucky Spin

Lucky Spin

You have three attempts to spin a wheel and try to earn a big prize. From the image under there is again coins and cash you can win.

I tried my luck with my three go's, for the first two I picked up various amounts of coins, nothing big.

For the last spin I did pick up $0.40, however it did make me wonder whether this game is fair.

As I am new the chances of them giving me money would probably be higher as they want me to keep playing.

The real test is playing these games daily for a few months to see if you could earn anything from them.

4. Quiz

20 question quiz

This one is self explanatory in that you are answering quiz questions in order to win a prize.

You need to do 20 questions and have only three lives to complete it. At the end you will have three boxes each with a cash prize in that you need to choose from.

I did complete the quiz once and let me say it wasn't as easy as you would expect.

There are many questions in there to throw you off, this is so you lose your lives and shown a video as a result.

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5. Lucky Card

Lucky Card

For Lucky Card you have 9 cards in front of you and you need to choose three.

Each card you reveal will have some kind of bonus, for this you can only choose three.

From the free attempts I had I got some plays at some of the other games as well as some cash

Cheery Ruby Cash Out

Where the complaints for Cheery Ruby come in to play is with the payments. To be honest this wasn't unexpected for me as every variation of this app I have tried all follow in the same way.

Cheery Ruby Cash Out

The minimum threshold used to be $50 however its since been changed to $40. This is for the PayPal payout which can only be done with cash.

For the coins there are 5 gift cards you can redeem from:

  • Amazon (10 million required)
  • PayPal (30 million required)
  • Google Play (30 million required)
  • Starbucks (30 million required)
  • Walmart (30 million required)

For Amazon the smallest prize is $4 and for the rest its $12.

Something that is worth knowing is that for the rewards that require the least coins they do run out of stock.

You will be shown how much of each reward is left in the store. As you can see the $4 Amazon gift card is not available

The 'Good' Stuff

1. Layout Looks Good

I am not sure if this is a positive but as soon as you have got to the dashboard you have a screen which draws you in. 

You have the four games to start playing plus you can start doing the scratchcards. Overall it just looks really good on the eye.

This is the whole point of the app, which is to make you a regular user and interest you in to making money.

I have tried other apps of which I listed above and while they all seem to do a good job with presentation this one is the cleanest.

The 'Not So Good' Stuff

1. Forced To Watch Full Ads

What tends to be the case with free apps is that you will be required to watch ads, typically for a few seconds here and now.

However one thing I picked up on with Cheery Ruby is that they do force you to watch full 30 second ads. 

These are quite random and you never know when your going to hit with one. For instance when I was doing the quiz on certain questions or if I got one wrong I would be shown an ad.

Now to be honest and while I understand why there implemented there should be ones that you can skip. At times it feels like your watching adverts.

And you know for a fact that Cheery Ruby are making bank from all these long ads.

2. Games Are Too Hard

For me the games are very difficult and some are just too hard to complete.

Now I am someone who likes to play the odd game every now and then but after giving Knife throwing game I wasn't able to move past the first couple of levels.

It was the first level that involved money that I couldn't complete despite numerous attempts.

Whenever I tried to judge the money and aim for it I would miss because it would wizz past.

If you have tried the game before coming here you will know what I am talking about, but I think this is all done on purpose.

Like I mentioned in the first point the app thrives on ad revenue and everytime you fail you are offered retries be watching videos.

3. Shady Thresholds

Its safe to say that for the coins and if you stick with it long enough you can cash out.

However its the cash that intrigues me due to the way the app works and the amount you need to cash out.

You are required a massive $40 to cash out which isn't too bad tho if you consider what you are given in the early stages.

Just from playing the games for a day or two I was able to make about $7. That is good considering the game is free and makes you think this is too easy.

But from reading the reviews it looks my gut instincts were true as the more people are earning on Cheery Ruby the slower it becomes.

I have read reviews where as soon people are within touching distance, a few dollars away that they aren't earning anything days.

When they do it is just cents.

This is concerning as there are thousands playing the game and even though there making lots from ads I'm not sure if everyone can get paid.

The business model just isn't stable enough to support everyone getting paid.

Is Cheery Ruby App Legit?

From my research I would go out on a limb and say Cheery Ruby is a scam.

The app and company mislead you from the get go giving you little bits of money to keep you using it. 

Then right once you have got to the payout you will have tens of dollars you can't cashout.

But on there end they will have all this additional ad revenue they have milked out of you.

This app is not worth it so if you want to actually get money online doing fun activities then I would check out my #1 recommendation.

There you can get paid to watch videos, play games and so on.

My 'Worth It' Rating


Have you played Cheery Ruby? Did you win anything?

Drop a comment down below to share your say  🙂

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