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How To Save Money On Online Shopping




With a lot of people using online shopping to purchase goods thought I would share this great way to save a lot of money in the long term on shopping. 

There are a number of sites that claim to give you money back on online orders. My favorite site that I use quite a lot with my shopping is Swagbucks.

If you are a follower of my blogs then you will know that Swagbucks is up there with some of my favorite survey sites, as it’s easy to make and save money with.

In this blog, I will show you step by step how to save money on your online shopping. Being able to save money, in my opinion, is just as important as making money as if you can cut down on how much you spend you then have money spare to spend on other things.

Before I get into the step by step instructions, if you want to check out my full review on Swagbucks you can check it out here.


Join Swagbucks!


1. Make A Free Swagbucks Account + $10 Sign Up Bonus

Making a Swagbucks account is easy and takes a couple of minutes to register. Once you’ve registered, all you will need to do is confirm your email address and you’re good to go.

As you can see by the picture below you also get $10 bonus when you sign up.

2. Pick Which Store You Want To Shop With

Once the registration is sorted you can head on over to the shop and earn feature. From there you will see many stores to choose from to start saving with. These consist of the likes of Argos, Nike, Currys, The Body Shop and much more.


3. Shop With Your Favourite Store

Now that you have picked a store you can go ahead and shop now. In my case, I have picked out a special offer from Body Shop where you get 6% cash back from your order.

So If you spend £100 you get £6 back in Swagbucks, which you can withdraw right back into your bank account using Paypal.

Why Choose Swagbucks?

In my opinion, Swagbucks is the easiest way to claim cash back because it does everything for you.

Once you’ve clicked on the retailer you want to shop with Swagbucks then track how much you spend and put the SB in your account.

I have used cashback sites such as Cashcrate and Quidco in the past. However, for sites like these, you have to pay a membership fee to get certain offers, whereas Swagbucks is free.

If you want to find out more about Swagbucks then check out my full review on them here

How To Get Free Food For Taking Surveys



I’m not sure if its just me but I find that the majority of the expenses in my household goes towards food.

I can’t think of many things better than cutting down on costs and making savings, which in this case I will be talking about food.

Food can generally be quite costly when you’re buying it often, so finding away that will save money on food and fund extra meals in and out of the house can go a long way.

Has you can probably tell by the title I will be showing you just how you can save money and ultimately get free food by simply completing surveys.

Grocery Gift Cards

Grocery Store, Supermarket, Vegetable

Grocery gift cards are great as by redeeming them you can use them to get money off your shopping. Being from the UK I’ve redeemed gift cards for shops such as Sainsburys and Tescos, which you can use in store and online.

For people who reside out of the UK shops such as Walmart and Target, you will find most survey sites have them gift cards available. I do like these gift cards as while you may not feel as if you’re saving much, in the long term it does pay off.

PayPal Gift Cards

The majority of survey sites these days have the ever so popular online currency of Paypal as a reward option. For me, along with some other gift cards, Paypal is one of my favorites.

By redeeming Paypal credit you are then able to use them in many restaurants and stores up and down the country.

I’ve used PayPal to pay for meals at places such as Ask Italian and Prezzo, which are all supported with the Paypal app.

Amazon Gift Cards

Amazon, Icon, App, Symbol, Button, Sign

While you may not associate Amazon with food and normally being the online store that sells everything apart from food. Amazon does indeed have a huge catalog full of food that you can order from. These items consist of foods such as Cereals, Fresh Fruit, Sweets, you name it they’ve got it.

Restaurant/Take Away Gift Cards

Chairs, Interior Design, Restaurant

5 Legit Survey Sites In 2017 That Will Help You Earn Extra Cash

Today I thought I’d bring you guys 5 legit survey sites in 2017 that will help you earn extra cash. This list contains legitimate survey sites that I have used and had good success with them. So if you’re looking to find a way to make genuine money on the internet and pretty fast then your in the right place.

Today I’ll be bringing you five of the best survey sites out there that will help you earn some extra cash. Just before we start if you want the second list with another 5 sites do drop a comment in the comment section below.




Vindale Research


My Alternative To Surveys

Survey Sites are a great way to make extra cash however for most cases it is very hard to actually make a full-time income from them. I do use survey sites myself and is just one of the many income streams I have running at the moment that helps me make money online. 

Has I said you probably won’t be able to make a full-time income which is why I recommend affiliate marketing and the best site that teaches you that is Wealthy Affiliate. What affiliate marketing is and what wealthy affiliate teach you is how to make a profitable website from scratch and then show you exactly how to make revenue from it.

I’ve made a full review on the site, showing you just how it works, about the site and how you can benefit from using them. I’ll leave a link to my review which also includes my 4 steps to getting started.

Click Here To Read My Full Review


What do you think of my 5 sites? Have you used them and had success with them? 

Let me know in the comments section below:)

Have a great day!


How To Avoid Survey Disqualification

Survey disqualification is one of the most frustrating things and while sometimes when you get disqualified from a survey it may not always be your fault sometimes there are things you can do to prevent this from happening.

Most times you can completely prevent yourself from being screened out from a survey. When I tell people when I’m out and about that I take surveys for extra income. I normally get a reply saying ‘well that sounds easy’, well not all the time it is I say.

Although I have been with survey sites for years now, from time to time I’m always getting disqualified from surveys. This typically for making silly mistakes. Once I’ve clicked or done the wrong thing in a survey I almost immediately realise what I’ve done but by that time it’s too late…

Today I’ll be giving you guys some tips that you can use to prevent yourself from being disqualified as often

Watch out for ‘Quality’ Questions

When you’re completing a long survey it is sometimes easy to lose concentration and just tap any answers. For the majority of surveys I’ve taken somewhere down the line they tend to put in a trick question otherwise known as a ‘Quality’ question. These are put in their to check that you the survey taker are paying attention and not just picking random answers. If your halfway through a survey and out of nowhere you just get screened out it’s probably due to you falling for a trick question.

When I take surveys I like to scan at the question quickly before picking an answer. This is not necessary reading through the question but just having a 1 or 2-second look before going on. I do this because if a question for e.g said to tick the number 3 your more likely to see it and make sure that you tick the right answer. There have been times however where it hasn’t been so obvious that the question is a quality one. Sometimes you will be completing a string of questions with one in there that blends with the others but is actually a trick question there to catch you off guard.

Don’t Contradict yourself!

Some surveys are designed to be smart and remember choices that you’ve made in the survey already. If you were to put at the start of the survey that you were 24 years old and they asked you again at the end and you say your 18, they will notice and boot you out. What I do, especially with the demographic questions at the start is keep a note of what I choose. So for things like wage if I put ’15’000 to 20’000′ as my answer, I then keep a note of it in case the survey brings it up again. It’s not just for demographic questions however as some surveys like to generally repeat themselves time after time throughout their surveys. This is to not only make sure your not just picking random boxes but also to check that the survey is hitting their target audience. 

Don’t speed through

Some survey panels although not many like to put times on their surveys for them to be completed in. If a company gives out a survey with an estimated time of 25-30 minutes they expect it to be completed in that time. If a person taking the survey rushes through the survey completing it in 10 minutes, the system will almost certainly detect this and not credit you. There have been many times where I’ve completed surveys then been redirected back to the main page to be told that the survey wasn’t a good fit. I then realise that I’ve gone through the survey too quickly, it’s not that its a not a good fit but its the systems way of telling you-you speeded through.


There’s nothing worse then being disqualified from a survey especially if your half way through. Hopefully, you guys will find this information helpful and be able to use these tips to prevent you from being a disqualified from surveys.

Want To Avoid Being Disqualified From Surveys Altogether

For my #1 recommendation, you won’t need to worry about being disqualified from surveys, as you won’t need to complete them to generate an income. The way I recommend not only gives you the opportunity to make a full-time income but also puts you in control of what you earn

There will be a link to my full review underneath which will show you how to get started and what it’s all about including my 4 steps to getting to started and making that first step towards making a full-time income. I should also mention its free to try out!:)

it’s also free to try out!:)

Click Here To Read My Full Review

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Have you got any tips that prevent you from being disqualified from surveys as often? Do let me know:) 

Have a great day guys!

How To Get Referrals For Survey Sites – 3 Efficient Ways

How To Get Referrals For Survey Sites – 3 Efficient Ways

One of the best ways to make money on survey sites is by getting referrals to join the site. Everyone wants to know How To Get Referrals For Survey Sites. This is because if used effectively they can provide a good passive income once you’ve built up a good amount of referrals on a survey site. When you refer people to survey sites, and they sign up, you will then receive a commission. There are two types of ways that you can get paid for referrals on a survey site.

  1. You can get paid one off payments each time a referral signs up
  2. You can get paid a percentage of all the earnings of your referrals while there on the site

Every survey sites referral system works slightly different. The likes of Swagbucks, for example, pay you 10% of all the referrals you refer to the site. Whereas with a site like Cashcrate not only do they give you 20% of all your referrals earnings but they also give you $3 every time a referral earns $10.

Today I’d like to show you 3 of the most efficient ways to go about getting referrals.

Starting a blog

Starting a blog is one of the most efficient ways to go about getting referrals. The great thing about this method is that once you have everything setup and your blog is up and running; you will be able to gain as many referrals as you like as long as you are getting enough traffic to your site. How this works is that when you start up a blog, you will then be able to get visitors to your blog. From there on they will then be able to sign up for the survey site that you recommended.

Let’s say you want to get more referrals on Swagbucks; you would make then make a post on your blog showing your visitors and review of the site. You would talk in the blog on whats the sites about and how you can earn money using the site. After writing the review, you can then place referral links on the blog so that people can then use them to go and sign up for the survey site.

This is the most effective way in my opinion of the three as this can really help you get referrals in the long run. If you would like to create a website and make your own blog for free have a look at my #1 recommended method for making money 


Sharing Your Link on Social Media

Sharing your links around on social media is a great way to get referrals. When you share your links on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ all your fans, followers and friends will see the post and most likely at least check the site out. When I share posts on social media, i give a brief description of what the survey site offers so that my followers know exactly what they are going to gain from clicking on your links.

I would recommend making a new social media account to share links out and post about anything making money related.  By doing that, you can build a following of people who are interested in making money online. So that every time you post on social media you know that the links are reaching a targeted audience.

Online Discussions and Forums

Online discussions and forums can also get you referrals. Forums such as Reddit, Yahoo answers, Quora and others all offer services where you can share your link about. Many people are asking questions each day about money related things, so if you can find a question that someone’s asked the community like ‘What survey sites do you recommend’. You can then comment on the question and suggest a site for them to use with a brief description of it.

By doing this, you will gain a good number of referrals as loads of people visit these sites each day. Most likely the person who asked the question will try the survey site that you suggested out and as well as that person who come across the question will see your link. This is a good method as these sites gets quite a lot of traffic each day.

These were my 3 Efficient Ways on How To Get Referrals For Survey Sites

Got any good ways to gain Referrals? How do guys get Referrals? Let me know in the comments section below

Have a great day guys,


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3 Simple Tips to Qualify for Way More Surveys

Many have come up to me and asked the same question ‘how do I qualify for more surveys’

While some people tend to think that there’s not much you can do when it comes to qualifying for surveys and that its the luck of the draw when trying to choose the right answers at the start of surveys to help you progress in the survey.

However, there are ways you can go about it and as a result significantly improve your chances of qualifying for at least 50% more surveys than you originally do.

After tonnes or research and by putting these examples into practice several times I have been able to improve my survey rates drastically where before I was only getting into 1 or 2 ever days, but now it at least qualifying into a survey every other survey.

In this post, I will be talking you through 3 of the easiest tips that will help you qualify for way more surveys than you do at the moment.

1. Choosing The Right Occupation

As you may know, surveys tend to ask you several qualification questions before a survey. One of those questions being  ‘what is your occupation’, or ‘what industry does you or your chief income earner work in’.

Now I may here you say ‘ how can choosing the right occupation to help me qualify for more surveys. Well…Basically, when a survey is released from a company the company tends to reach a certain targeted audience in order to receive the information they require.

Let’s take for example a video game company released a new survey about a video game that they have just released. So you’ve now started the survey and answered the first couple of questions which are normally age, gender, location.

The next question is normally what industry do you work in and they might list a set of occupations for you to pick from. now from my experience, I have found that these lists of rules normally include the ones that they think might clash with their survey.

For example, if you worked in advertising and that was on the list the company may not want to get answers from you as they may consider your opinion biased as you may currently be advertising or know someone who advertises (even though you many not) games for a rival company.

Now for this survey example, it’s probably not just the adverting industry that it could clash with many of the others on the list.

I guess your all wondering which one do I go for then. Now for me, the option that I choose and works for me pretty much nine times out of then is the option that’s usually at the bottom that says ‘other’.

Now, most of the time it will just let you pick that option and move on with the survey while other times it will ask you specify where you can write pretty much write anything in the box/ on the line.


2. Don’t Rush through!

download-2There are have been countless times where I have been halfway through a survey and then been cut off because I misread a trick question.

Many surveys although not all of them like to put in various trick questions into their studies to catch people out. There are have been times where I have been rushing away through surveys and not known until I’d answered the question that I had chosen the wrong answer.



3. Try to give the survey makers the answer they need

I know this might sound silly and even obvious, but for some questions, it is best to provide them with the answers that you think the company would want to hear.

images-8For example, if one of the first questions was ‘Have you heard of Frankies & Benny’s?’, This could be a  sign that the survey is about restaurants. They could ask you in this instance whether you have visited them and your opinions on them. if the options were ‘yes’, ‘no’, or ‘don’t know’, and you were to click on ‘no’ then there’s a good chance you will get disqualified has they will consider your opinions irrelevant.

So even if you’ve not heard of the company, place or anything it’s probably best to click you have had heard of them for a better chance of progressing. Although this tip may sound a bit odd, it has indeed helped me in surveys and has stopped me from getting screened out as often

Feel free to leave a comment on literally anything below:)

Thank you for reading my 3 Simple Tips to Qualify for Way More Surveys

Cya Later Folks, Josh:)