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My Top 5 Survey Sites For Teens

With many teens browsing the internet nowadays there are always teenagers wanting to know good ways to make money.

With the Online rewards industry growing and paying more and more members each day. A good number of these sites are now making themselves available for the younger years. There are a good number of survey sites for teens and I’m sure that will increase over the next couple of years.

For some teens, it can be hard to find jobs. This especially if you’re under 18 years of age, as there are limited opportunities for making money.

When you turn 18 it becomes easier to make money but a lot of teens like even myself want to be able to start making money before then.

While years ago most surveys were only available to people aged over 18. Survey sites nowadays have lowered the age limit making it possible for young teens to make money on the internet. I’ve signed up for quite a few survey sites in the past couple of years. So today I thought I would bring to you 5 great survey sites for any teens out there who want to make money.

If your 13 and older then you may find these sites useful in earning some extra cash.

My Top 5 Survey Sites For Teens

Global Test Market

This Site is a well-recognised and one of the most popular sites within the online rewards industry. Not only do they have their own site but they also branch out their surveys on other survey sites as well.

I like this site because of their surveys, they are easy to complete as the qualification rates are low and give out good surveys. I can normally get through a load of their surveys without getting disqualified.

Global test market has made their site available to anyone over the age of 14. So any teens can happily sign up for the site and make a little pocket money for themselves using the site.

I’ve also made a full review of the site. If you would like to find out more information on Global test market, feel free to check out my honest review for them here – My Full Review

Ipsos I Say

Ipsos I say is a good survey site for earning rewards for completing surveys. They offer rewards such as Amazon, Visa and Mastercard Gift Cards. This survey site for teens states that anyone over the age of 14 is eligible to sign up for the site which is a good.

Ipsos regularly updates the surveys on the site so as long as you check the site every now and then to complete the odd survey or so you will find that you will reach a payout in no time. The great thing about Ipsos from my experience is that most of the surveys they offer you are between 5 – 15 minutes.


Swagbucks is another popular surveys site, maybe even the most popular. Swagbucks is one of the best survey sites for teens out there that offers anyone over the age of 13 years old of making money by doing all sorts of tasks.

The great thing I love about swagbucks is how simple the site is. With so many opportunities for teens to make money on this site, you could easily be making the minimum payout every day.

I have made a review for swagbucks and how you can increase your earning potential using the site. Feel free to check it out here – My Full Review


YouGov is a nice survey site for teens that is accepting anyone from 14 upwards to join their survey panel.

YouGov is a UK based survey panel that pays you through cheque when you complete surveys. When I first signed up to the site I wasn’t expecting so much but since I have been a member I have been sent many survey invitations through email.

The only downside to the site I could say is the high payout of £50. If you take advantage however of the surveys they send out daily. It’s definitely possible to receive a payout within a month or so of joining.

If you would like to find out more information on YouGov. Feel free to check out my honest review for them here – My Full Review

Insta GC

Insta GC is one of the first survey sites I became a member of. Insta GC pays members who are over 14 years old for doing things such as surveys, watching videos, tasks and much more.

The great thing I love about Insta GC is its huge rewards catalogue. If you want a gift card to your favourite store they will probably have it. From Amazon Gift Cards to PSN cards they’ve got the lot. They also have many minimum payouts of $1. Which makes reaching a payout easier!

If you would like to find out more information on Insta GC. Feel free to check out my honest review for them here – My Full Review

Want To Earn More Than Just Extra Cash?

You can definitely earn an extra a couple of dollars using each of these sites per week as there are all good sites for making money. However making a full-time income with these sites is quite tricky. That’s why I recommend Affiliate marketing as it gives you the opportunity to make a full-time income from home.

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