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Survey Spotter Review – Easy And Quick Way To Make £300+?

in this review I'll be going through a survey site that I have recently come across called survey spotter. From what I have seen you can make up to £300 a month with them however this all to familiar and similar to a site I have reviewed in the past.

With that said in this Survey Spotter Review I'll be telling you whether they are legit or a scam and if so a survey site to invest your time into.

Now quickly before I get started...

If you are looking for a legitimate site that offers opportunities to make money, don't look any further than my recommendation.

They have helped me make an extra $500 every month ever since I first joined them!

Survey Spotter Review Summary


What Are They?: A site that compares and recommends different survey sites

Verdict: Legit

Worth It?: No

What Are Survey Spotter

What Is Survey Spotter

Survey Spotter is basically a site that recommends survey sites to people like you who are interested in making money online. They are operated by a firm in London by the name of All Grove Ltd.

Who Are Survey Spotter

The catch however or where the confusion starts is that with this site you won't be making money directly with them. Many people sign up and think they will make £300 on the spot, however that's not how they work.

You can get where many people get that idea from as when you click on the site your showed a big text saying just how much you can make, it all sounds rather easy.

However alot like another site called Top10bestpaidsurveys and you are simply shown survey sites which you can then join up to and make money with.

How Does Survey Spotter Work?

Now for the purpose of this review I went ahead and signed up to see just what Survey Spotter as to offer. I started by filling in the first page which required details such as my email and date of birth, this was easy to complete and took less then a minute.

After doing that I went onto the next step which instructed me to choose survey sites to join, I was given a list of 11 survey sites I could sign up with.

Survey Spotter Step 1

I can see why this kind of site could be of use as you are shown sites that offer ways to make money through completing surveys.

The one thing i'm not a fan of is the false promises Survey Spotter make. They mention how you can make £300 if you sign up for all the sites however I recognise and reviewed a number of them and I have found that making £5 a month with some of the sites hard let alone £300. 

Who knows, you may be able to make more money with sites like Global Test Market, Toluna, etc but I found there pay to be really low.

What Money Is Their To Be Made Using This Site?

When you sign up and choose the sites you would like to make money with Survey Spotter will sign you up for them using the details you provided.

I named a few of the survey sites you will be signed up to, there are another 9 sites which consist of:

There are a few good survey sites in their but of all of them Swagbucks is the only one that could make you £300 a month, all the others I have reviewed and tested in the past and most pay below par.

One thing that pops up a lot on their sites is how you can make at least £3 a survey. That's good pay especially for surveys however most of the sites listed will only pay up to £1 a survey if your lucky.

If it helps instead of signing up with Survey Spotter, ill leave links to my full reviews for the survey sites I've reviewed above so you can take a look for yourself to see if there's a site  there for you.

The Positives and Negatives

The 'Good' Stuff

  • check
    Legitimate company
  • check
    Work with a established survey panels

The 'Not So Good' Stuff

  • close
    You probably wont earn £300 a month with any of the sites they recommend with the exception of Swagbucks
  • close
    You will get a ton of emails from all the survey sites you join such as survey invites and registration confirmations

Is Survey Spotter Legit?

Survey spotter is legit and your details are safe with them however they aren't worth it as many of the sites they are partnered with pay cents.

Don't let that put you off surveys though as completing surveys is still a great way to make money which is why I recommend the best site out there Swagbucks. These pay considerably better then the others and offer a variety of ways to make money.

My 'Worth It' Rating

What do you think to my Survey Spotter review? Have you tried or used any of the survey sites there partnered with?

Let me know what you have to say in the comments section down below 🙂

PureProfile Review – Is this Site Purely Legit?

I’ve heard quite a few mixed reviews on PureProfile since I first discovered the site although most of them I have found to be negative.

Despite that in this PureProfile review ill be telling all you need to know about them and whether they are worth your time and effort.

PureProfile Review


What Are They?: Survey Site

Verdict: Scam

What Is PureProfile

PureProfile is based within Australia but is open to residents of all countries.

This market researching company is your typical get paid for survey site that pays their members to complete surveys and as been doing so ever since the year 2000.

However, this survey site isn’t so straightforward to make money with as it has had a few problems when it’s come to paying its members on request.

How Do You Start Making Money With PureProfile?

Once you’ve signed up for the site which can be done through Facebook, Google, Twitter or manually you can start completing surveys.

You will very quickly need to complete about 7 profile questions which shouldn’t take you to long a minute tops.

Once you’ve signed up you will be taken to the main profile page where you will probably see 2/3 surveys.

I know from many members views on the site who have said that there is a lack and low frequency of surveys which isn’t. 

So obviously reaching that minimal threshold could be a bit of a challenge. What is good to see though is that before entering surveys you will be told exactly how long it will take and how much you will get paid.

Unfortunately with PureProfile unless you actually live in Austrailia you will have a hard time with this site as most of the surveys and earning opportunities are not targeted for other countries.

PureProfile’s ‘$2 Per Referral’ System

For every referral you invite to PureProfile they will pay you £2, that will only be rewarded if the referral completes 10 tasks with one of which needs completed within at least the 30 days of signing up.

What Rewards Are Avialable

You can either request a payment through a straight cash transfer into your bank or you can either get the much popular Paypal.

Now in order to get a payout, you must have a minimum of £25 in your account before you can withdraw your earnings.

What I do like about this site is the fact that unlike some sites, Swagbucks to name one, they do not use a points system.

For me, I find points systems quite complex especially the ones that don’t match the cash e.g 1200 points = £10. ​

For all the surveys you complete you will be paid in cash, not only that it even says beforehand how much each survey is worth which is good.

Once you’ve requested a reward you can then expect to receive a payout within the next 30 days.

It’s not great but to be fair it is the standard rate for bank transfers which do tend to take time.

The PureProfile Positives and Negatives

The 'Good' Stuff

  • check
    Been in function for over 17 years
  • check
    Site is simple to use and function

The 'Not So Good' Stuff

  • close
    Got quite a mixed reputation most being not great
  • close
    High Minimal Threshold of £25

Well Is PureProfile Legit?

It is a fairly respectable company but unfortunately, they have had a lot of complaints about late payments and a lack of surveys.

With better survey sites to spend your time on I wouldn’t recommend this site as to me its a but risky.

My 'Worth It' Rating

Have you used PureProfile in the past? What are your experiences with the site?

Feel free to leave your comments in the comment section below:)

Similar Sites To PureProfile To Earn Money

  • PrizeRebel
  • Panel Opinion
  • My Opinions Australia Review – Are They Legit Or A Scam?

    Today ill be looking at a survey site called MyOpinions which is a site that pays residents of Australia to complete surveys.

    There are many mixed reviews going to this site but hopefully this review should clear everything up and help you understand whether MyOpinions is a site to invest your time in.

    My Opinions Review


    What are they?: Australian Survey Site

    Verdict: Scam

    Worth It?: No

    What Is My Opinions Australia?

    My Opinions is a survey panel owned by Research Now SSI that targets residents of Australia only.

    Getting Started

    Making an account with this survey site will take you around 5 minutes to do. This process will involve you entering the usual details such as your email and what region in Australia you live.

    If its easier you can also register using your Facebook, Google or Linkedin account.

    What Rewards Are Avialable

    There are two main rewards with My Opinions and that is through cash and gift cards.

    Although with these there are different thresholds you will need to reach in order to get paid.

    You will need $10 for a gift card and a $20 balance for a PayPal payment

    My Opinions Complaints

    Unfortunately, I found quite a few negative reviews that makes this survey site look like one to avoid. While some people are getting paid there are incidents where people are not getting paid.

    Accounts Closing Down

    One common complaint I found among the reviews is that My Opinions have closed down multiple accounts after members have requested payouts. 

    This is very suspicious as this shows that the site doesn't consistently payout.

    Any site that has a dodgy payout system I recommend people to stay clear of as theirs no guarantee that if you do the surveys that you will receive your money.

    My Opinions Positives and Negatives

    The 'Good' Stuff

    • check
      Prize draw or $1,200 worth of prizes
    • check
      Anyone can get started
    • check
      Open to anyone over 18

    The 'Not So Good' Stuff

    • close
      No guarantee you will receive any earnings
    • close
      Have a tendency to close a number of their members accounts down
    • close
      Only available to Australian residents


    I wouldn't recommend My Opinions as if you complete surveys with them theirs a chance that your time and effort might be wasted. 

    I never recommend sites that have reputations for not paying out and this one isn't any different. 

    If you are willing to take a chance then feel free to try them out but if you do want to make money taking surveys online I would recommend checking these sites that have good reputations for paying well.

    My 'Worth It' Rating

    What do you think to My Opinions? Have you been paid out or had any experiences?

    Make sure to leave what you guys think down in the comments section below 🙂

    Rewarding Your Opinions Review – Are They Legit or A Scam?

    Today ill be taking a look at a canadian based survey site in this Rewarding Your Opinions review. Going into this review I've heard good things from them and most of there users are leaving great feedback on them.

    However to clear it up are they legit or are they another scam, this post should give you all the information you need to know about them aswell as whether they are site to invest your time into



    What Are They?: Survey Site

    Verdict: Legit

    What Is Rewarding Your Opinions

    Rewarding opinions is a site aimed at Canadian residents to offer opportunities for you to earn rewards such as air miles for taking surveys. 

    For those of you who aren't familiar with this site they have since changed their name from Air Miles Opinions to Rewarding Your Opinions.

    This probably explains why the main and only reward available to you are Air Miles which is a reward you can use on redeeming things such as flights. Having previously reviewed a site called Legerweb this seems to be a popular reward choice in Canada. 

    However if you did come across this review wanting to be paid out through cash or gift cards then I would recommend checking this highly regarded top 5 list of reward sites here.

    Getting Started

    Unfortunately at the moment Rewarding Opinions are not looking to add any more members to their community however from the notice on the site this could be just temporary.

    Now when they do open up joining is fairly simple, you will need to fill out a registration form which from there Rewarding Opinions will look at then send you an invite depending on whether they would like to invite you.

    How Do You Start Making Money With Rewarding Your Opinions?

    One of the main reasons that makes Rewarding Your Opinions stand out from other surveys sites and have so many good reviews because of it. Is due to the way there surveys are.

    The surveys at this site are short and will take you no later then 20 minutes to complete. This isn't too bad when you consider there are many existing sites that offer surveys up to 1 hour long.

    In my opinion surveys within the 10 to 20 minute are just right as its not too much time out of your day, although one thing to always take into consideration is the payout as 20 minutes for a few cents is a poor return.

    Luckily this site doesn't pay out pay and rewards you with Air Miles for every survey you complete. While I wouldn't complete surveys to earn Air Miles as I much prefer getting paid cash it still offers a different kind of reward especially for those who do travel a lot.

    Get Rewarded Anyway?

    This is something that would go down well with survey takers on other sites as with this site if for some reason you aren't a good fit they will give you a small reward of 1 Air Mile. This means you don't necessarily have to complete a survey to earn.

    Lack Of Rewards

    If it wasn't for the fact that they are only a Canadian site not for any other countries I would say having a couple other options for payouts surely wouldn't hurt. As with many of the reward sites there are many popular manily for the variety of rewards than you can redeem, some good examples consist of InstaGC and Swagbucks

    The Rewarding Your Opinions Positives and Negatives

    The 'Good' Stuff

    • check
      Reviews and feedback from members are mostly positive
    • check
      Legit and do reward

    The 'Not So Good' Stuff

    • close
      Exclusive to only Canadian residents
    • close
      Currently not accepting new members
    • close
      Only offers one reward and aimed at people who travel alot


    Rewarding Your Opinions is legit and offer a good way to earn air miles. While I'm not the most familiar with this reward payout alot of members are using them and having success with the site.

    There is obviously a select category of people who will enjoy using this site and there the ones that do travel and own a Air Miles account as there people who will gain the most out of using a site like this one.

    If your like me however and would much rather earn gift cards or cash then this site won't be one for you. So instead I would recommend checking out these other survey sites instead, this goes for those who aren't Canadian as well as them sites are available worldwide.

    My 'Worth It' Rating

    What do you think to Rewarding Your Opinions? They may have a good reputation but I'd love to know what you guys have to say down in the comments section below 🙂

    Finger On The Pulse Community Review – Are They Legit Or A Scam

    In this post we will be taking a closer look at a relatively new survey panel by the name of Finger on the Pulse community. At the moment there aren't many people talking about this survey site as there relatively unknown. 

    However in the Finger on the Pulse community review Ill be giving you all the information you need to know about them at this stage and whether they are a site to invest your time in to earning rewards

    Finger On The Pulse Community Summary


    What Are They?: Online surveys, polls and discussions site

    Verdict: Legit

    What Is Finger On The Pulse Community

    Finger on the Pulse is a site that pays people to complete surveys on various topics.

    They are a US based site owned by a market research company called Toluna Group. 

    Getting Started

    Getting started with the panel is straightforward and like most survey sites takes a few minutes to complete.

    You do also need to be at least 18 but good news is that they are open to anyone worldwide.

    The registration process also requires you to complete a profile survey. This is to help them understand you more and send out the relevant opportunities to you.

    How Do You Start Making Money?

    They offer a few ways to make money these consist of completing surveys, taking part in discussions and various polls.

    These are all activities that you can expect to receive invites to while being a member.

    As mentioned earlier these are based around a number of topics. As for how much you get paid it really does depend on the activity you complete.

    As well as this you can also make money by inviting friends to the site using there refer a friend feature.

    What Rewards Are Available

    By completing surveys you will receive rewards in the form of gift cards.

    Unfortunately if your looking to make cash you won't be able to at this site however they do gift cards such as Amazon, Target and iTunes.

    The Positives and Negatives

    The 'Good' Stuff

    • check
      Have a referral system to offer you another way besides surveys for making money
    • check
      Available to anyone worldwide over 18

    The 'Not So Good' Stuff

    • close
      Haven't got a great deal of reputation online
    • close
      No option to receive cash instead of gift cards


    To be honest from what ive heard I haven't heard a great deal as there reputation isn't that high however from the reviews ive seen people are earning rewards with them. 

    They could be a great site to make an extra reward or so with. With that said however there are better reward sites out there that will offer more opportunities to earn more and actually make you cash.

    If your looking for some great survey sites that pay out that are worth giving a go in 2018 then check out this post here.

    My 'Worth It' Rating

    What do you think to Finger on the Pulse? Have you tried them out or use them?

    Let me know what you think and be sure to share your questions in the comments section below 🙂

    Datatelligence Online Review – Is Datatelligence A Scam?

    In this post ill be taking you though all you need to know about Datatelligence online. The panel is one that offers opportunity's to make money through testing out various products and completing surveys on different topics however is Datatelligence a scam or are they a legitimate rewards site for making money. Read on to find out what I have to say about them.

    Datatelligence Review


    What Are They?: A Survey/Product testing site

    Worth It?: No

    datatelligence landing page

    What Is Datatelligence

    Datatelligence is a US based survey and product testing site that gives members the opportunity to earn rewards online.

    They have been around since the start of the 21st century and are owned by a market research company called CRC Global.

    Getting Started

    Signing up to the site is simple and takes a few minutes to complete the registration process. Making an account is also free however the site is exclusive to only US citizens and requires you to be at least 13 years of age.

    However if your looking for a rewards site that acquires for all countries then I'd recommend checking out this awesome list of sites

    How Do You Start Making Money With Datatelligence

    Datatelligence offers a number of opportunities for members to make money online. The main opportunities they offer consist of completing surveys and product testing, although there are all sorts of testing you can participate in including even taste testing which is something I am new to.

    As well as taste testing they offer fragrance testing as well as also sending products for you to test at home.

    This offers a different kind of testing opportunity to existing sites of this type already out there such as Product Testing USA and Usertesting where you get paid to test out websites.

    The other way you can make money with there site is through taking there surveys. You can expect to receive around 1 or 2 surveys each month. You can expect each survey to last roughly 10 - 20 minutes to get through. 

    While some sites pay out cash or have there own on site currency Datatellingence also have there own in the form of 'Datapoints'. These are awarded when your complete activities such as surveys.

    What Rewards Are Avialable

    The reward system that Datatelligence adapt is a simple one in that as soon as you reach 1000 datapoints you can redeem a reward.

    Kind of rewards you can request consist of gift cards and also for those who looking for cash a cheque reward option as well.

    The Datatelligence Positives and Negatives

    The 'Good' Stuff

    • check
      As a number of opportunities to make money
    • check
      Open to teens over 13+

    The 'Not So Good' Stuff

    • close
      Restricted only to those living in the US
    • close
      Many members having problem with points crediting
    • close
      Only receive 2 surveys each month


    From what ive seen Datatelligence offers quite a few opportunities to make money but what puts me off is the fact that so many members are having problems with not recieving points.

    All in all they may just be a good site and of course every site is going to have its complaints however there are much better survey sites that offer more opportunities on a daily basis then this site will offer you in a year.

    When you sign up for sites that give out 1 or 2 surveys a month its going to take you many months to reach the payout. So lets say you recieve 2 surveys a month and each survey rewards 100 datapoints it will take you 5 months to get a payout, thats one hell of a wait.

    Its up to you whether you try this site out, however if your looking for a site like this but more opportunities to earn then why not check out these 5 best paying reward sites to use in 2018.

    My 'Worth It' Rating

    What are your thoughts on Datatelligence? Have you been able to check them out and try them for your self?

    If so let me know by leaving a comment down in the section below, I would love to know what you guys have to say! 🙂

    Is Ipsos I Say Legit? Or Another Time Consuming SCAM

    So your looking to make money online through completing surveys and have come across a site called Ipsos, but is Ipsos I Say legit and are they a survey site to invest your time and effort in. 

    I've tried out many survey sites and have come across ones which have left me regretting signing up, read on to find what exactly I think to this site aswell all the information you need to know before considering signing up for them.

    Ipsos I Say Summary


    What Are They?: Site that rewards you for completing surveys

    Verdict: Legit

    What Is Ipsos I Say?

    So in a nutshell what Ipsos I Say is is a survey site that offers an opportunity to make money through giving your opinions on various topics in surveys. So when you complete a survey with Ipsos you will be paid its as simple as that.

    The panel is owned by Ipsos itself and is one of the most established market research companies out there being around for over 40 years.  

    Getting Started With Ipsos I Say

    Creating an account with Ipsos I Say is simple and relatively quick to do. When you first get through to thier site there will be a sign up form which you can use to regsiter an account with the site. The whole process will probably take you around 2-3 minutes to do. 

    Its also worth noting that after you have signed up you will receive an email from Ipsos I Say which you will then need to check out and use to verify your account. After that is done your pretty much good to go,

    How Do You Start Making Money With Ipsos I Say

    Now while other survey sites offer a few other ways to make money apart from surveys the only way to make money is with there surveys. 

    Before I get into how the surveys work and pay first you will want to know that Ipsos adapt a points system on thier site. While others are difficult to follow this ones easy in that every point you earn from surveys equals out at a cent. So if you complete a survey worth 100 points that is $1.

    Onto the surveys which from the ones I recieved when I signed up do pay generally low. You can expect to recieve surveys that payout within the region of $0.10 to $1. 

    These will be the easiest to qualify for, though mind you I found that qualifying for surveys on the site quite difficult. they do have surveys that pay out more then $1 however these are either hard to come by or difficult to actually qualify for.

    What Rewards Are Avialable

    Ipsos I Say do have a simple payout system in that once you accumulate a total balance of 500 points you can request a reward.

    Not all rewards have a low threshold however for example if your looking to be paid cash you will need 1500 points for a $15 PayPal payout.

    They do have other payouts to choose from that consist of:

    • Gift Vouchers - Amazon, Starbucks, Target, plus more (500 points needed - $5)
    • Visa Card ( 2000 points needed for a $20 payout )

    If your wondering how long these will take you can expect to see your reward within 1-3 weeks of requesting.

    Loyalty Program For Those Who Complete 'Lots' Of Surveys

    I emphazise the word lots as if you have been following this review up to now you will know that qualifying for surveys aint exactly easy. 

    Ipsos I Say loyalty programme

    However despite that if you are able to qualify for Ipsos surveys and complete quite a few then you will be rewarded with bonus points. These points range from 25 to 300 depending on the amount of surveys you complete.

    For the latter you will need to complete 100 surveys but for doing all that work and giving all that time to them you will only receive a $3 bonus

    Ipsos I Say Complaints

    As with any site legit or scam you are always going to find some kind of complaint with them. This is no different to Ipsos I Say as I also came across some complaints with them which ill talk more about now.

    Surveys don't pay out well enough

    Sure you can earn up to $1 for completing surveys however when I signed up and checked them out for myself I found that most surveys pay lower then that more within the $0.50 region.

    When I complete surveys on the sites I use normally $0.85 is just about worth it although does depend on how long the survey takes. 

    Whereas with Ipsos I Say when your taking a 30 minute survey for something like $0.35 its just not worth it at all.

    Grind to reach payout

    If right now you are considering using Ipsos I Say and are looking to make consistent income with them, then thats not going to be possible with Ipsos has with thier limited opportunities (only surveys) it makes it hard to get payouts multiple times a month.

    Its not just down to the fact that surveys is the only way to make money, the amount of surveys that are offered and the pay for each one are just two more factors why you will struggle to make a great deal.

    To counter that what you could do is try doing a survey every other day and then maybe if you have enough in a month or so request a reward. But why do that when there are much better sites out there such as these ones.

    The Ipsos I Say Positives and Negatives

    The 'Good' Stuff

    • check
      Legitimate and established survey panel

    The 'Not So Good' Stuff

    • close
      Surveys are less frequent and pay out low
    • close
      Aren't any other opportunities to make money such as a referral feature


    Its safe to say that Ipsos I say is legit however are they worth your precious time?

    Definitey not

    Don't get me wrong they do payout and I wouldn't class them as entirely a bad site to use, so use them if you wish here.

    Although with that said there are simply better survey sites out there that are willing to pay better dollar to hear your opinions.

    My 'Worth It' Rating

    What do you think of Ipsos I say? Have you tried them out or had any experiences with them? Got any questions you would like to ask me?

    Make sure to leave your comments in the section just below and ill make sure to reply! 🙂

    Is Clixsense Safe or Another Scam To Avoid

    The year is 2018 and Clixsense have more or less switched there attentions to paying people to complete surveys, offers and refer others. All of which ill talk in more detail in this review as well as be answering the question is Clixsense safe or infact a low key scam.

    Clixsense used to be a site that paid people to simply click on ads in return for rewards. Okay you wouldn't get paid much but it was easy to do and went down very popular with Clixsense's members and survey takers.

    Clixsense Summary


    What Are They?: A GPT Site (Get paid to complete surveys and offers)

    Verdict: Legit

    What Is Clixsense

    For those of you who are not aware of Clixsense and clicked on this review to find out more then there basically a site that pays you to complete various tasks.

    These tasks consist of like I said giving your views through surveys, doing offers and also promoting thier site through the referral program they have.

    Its basically your standard reward site, but this one in particlar one of the most established out there having been around since back in 2007.

    They are a US based site that currently have over 7 million members registered to the panel and have paid out just over 30 million dollars worth of rewards out.

    Getting Started With Clixsense

    Getting started with Clixsense is straightforward and easy to do, what you will want to do is sign up to the site from the home page. Making an account is free and they are a free panel so aren't running on a invite basis either.

    Something you will need to do though when signing up is give your mailing details. Your details are safe with Clixsense as stated in thier privacy policy however I can understand why someone would not want to fill in details that include where they live.

    Clixsense Log in and Sign Up

    How Do You Start Making Money With Clixsense


    The first way you can start making money with Clixsense is with thier surveys. They have surveys that update daily from companies they work with.

    To be honest making money with the surveys probably isn't worth it as they are low paying. You can expect to receive from anywhere between $0.40 to $1. Most of which are towards the lower side of pay outs. These will take you between 10 to 30 minutes a survey.

    Clixsense Surveys


    Another way to make money with Clixsense is through their offers, these are an increasingly popular way to make money as there generally easy to do and pay well.

    Clixsense Offers

    Clixsense have their own offer wall aswell having partnered offer walls on the site too, including Trialpay, Peanut Labs, and Offertoro.

    With Clixsense there is a real difference in terms of payouts with the offers this is because there are certain offers that pay well and others that don't pay as well.

    The ones that pay well are known as paid offers and will require the use of your credit card whether that is a trial or a purchase however these pay much better that the offers.

    Now the other offers I'm talking about and you will find a lot more of these ones are called free offers. These require no credit card however pay much less.

    Now in terms of how much each offer pays, low paying offers pay out between $0.20 to $1 on average.

    Whereas the paid offers Clixsense have to offer can pay up to $5 and more.

    Invite a friend

    Referring friends is another way to make money with Clixsense and can be a great way to generate a passive income each month.

    While some survey sites have referral programs most them either give you a one time commision for referring a friend or a percentage of your referrals earnings. 

    With Clixsense you get a share of what ever your friends make aswell as a one time bonus as soon as they sign up.

    You will get between $0.10 and $0.30 when a referral joins, the amount you get depends on where the referral is from. To boot you also get 20% of what ever your referral makes.

    This is probably the best way to make money with this site as it can be quite rewarding if you can gain enough referrals. If you want to know how to increase your referrals easily then check out this guide I made.

    What Rewards Are Available

    To receive a reward you must have a balance of at least $10 before you can withdraw your earnings.

    As for the rewards available Clixsense pay out mainly through cash, so you can recieve rewards from either Payoneer, Tango Gift Card, Payza, Skrill and Check.

    Rewards take different times to process but a good time guideline to follow is 3-5 business days as that is the maximum of days you can expect to wait for your rewards. I know alot of people get confused with this and often comment scam before looking into it, business days are different to just days as they are days where people are working.

    So if you request your reward on a Friday you can expect to receive your reward between Wednesday and Friday next week as the weekend don't count as working days.

    Clixsense Complaints

    Hard to qualify for surveys

    One thing i found tricky with Clixsense is completing a survey, this is becuase the disqualification rate is high. When you login and check out the surveys you will find a big selection of rewards however out of the many I tried to complete I found myself being booted from quite a few of them.

    No option for PayPal

    Whats interesting with Clixsense is that despite having every other payout avialable through e-wallets, PayPal is one of the notable ones they don't support. Its a shame as PayPal is a popular payout options with survey takers

    The Clixsense Positives and Negatives

    The 'Good' Stuff

    • check
      Free and legit site to make money
    • check
      Low minimum threshold
    • check
      Open to anyone over 13

    The 'Not So Good' Stuff

    • close
      The majority of surveys and offers are low paying
    • close
      Surveys are hard to qualify for


    Clixsense is legit and a good way to make extra cash, and a lot of people are earning with them as i type now.

    However while you can earn money with this site its somewhat difficult to really make any thing significant. I remember this one being one of the first survey sites I started using and I found it a grind to make the first payout.

    Anyway despite that they are legit so i your interested in checking them out you can sign up here.

    My 'Worth It' Rating

    What do you think to Clixsense? Are they a site you use to make money online

    Make sure to leave your questions, experiences and comments in the comment section below 🙂

    Is E-Rewards Safe? – If So Are They Worth It

    In this post Ill be taking you through a survey site I've just recently come across called E-Rewards. What this site offers is a way for people to make an income online through giving their opinions on surveys. Ill be telling you whether is E-Rewards safe to use and if so are they a genuine opportunity to make some extra cash.

    E-Rewards Review


    What are they?: Online survey site

    Legit: Yes

    E-Rewards Log in page

    What Is E-Rewards?

    E-Rewards is a US based survey panel operated by a market research company called Research Now USA.

    This panel was to help market research companies improve products and services through the opinions of the public. In return for voicing your opinion E-Rewards will reward you for your time and effort.

    E-Rewards Market Research surveys

    Now if your not familiar with online surveys you may ask why an earth would they pay you for your opinions. This is simply because Market Research is fairly important on the development of most businesses. When you when you take a survey you are helping improve aspects of their products.

    This is why you can make a reasonable amount of money taking surveys as company's are willing to pay top dollar for this kind of information

    Getting Started With E-Rewards

    Now I've gone over how E-Rewards work your probably wondering how you get started with them.

    Now here is the catch, you can't just get started with them necessarily as you need to be invited in order to take surveys with them. There are a number of sites out there that are invitation based, Pinecone Research for example and E-Rewards follows this theme.

    Now what I do and don't get is that okay you need to be invited but its actually quite tricky to do so. With other invite only panels they have times where you can apply for them or registartion forms that they then go over too see of your a good fit for the panel.

    However with E-Rewards the only way you will be making money with them is if you have given out details to companies that they work with. So I guess you have to be lucky to receive that invite.

    How Do You Start Making Money With E-Rewards?

    So lets say you do get invited to E-rewards or are currently a member then how do you start making money. Well the main and only way is through there surveys which ill explain how they work now.

    Now before you can start earning real money you will be required to complete what is known in the survey world as a 'Profile survey'.

    These surveys have no benefit to you but help survey sites understand you more and what kind of surveys would fit your demographics and profile.

    After that is completed E-Rewards will start sending surveys your way that are a good fit for you.

    What Rewards Are Avialable

    With a name like E-Rewards its probably no suprise the best area of this survey site is its fairly large choice of rewards. They are currently partnered with many different offline and online retailers that you can redeem rewards for. 

    They are partnered with US company's such as Best Buy, Starbucks, Air Miles. To name a few of the most recognisable and popular gift cards they have to offer.

    E-Rewards Complaints

    As with every survey site out there your always going to find some kind of complaint and that goes no different for E-Rewards.

    You can't choose to join E-Rewards

    This is probably the main complaint in that its not in your hands whether you can join this site. So if you want to earn rewards with them you will have to hope that you get an invite through your email. Of course one thing you could do to improve your chances of getting invited is check out the companies there partnered with but either way its hard to just get an invite.

    You can't make direct cash with them

    A Lot of survey sites offer at least one way to receive your survey earnings through cash. I personally prefer PayPal as its so easy to receive and for me anyway is more useful than gift cards however this is something E-Rewards don't offer unfortunately and that does suck. I guess they do make up for it with the rewards they do have on offer.

    The E-Rewards Positives and Negatives

    The 'Good' Stuff

    • check
      A good selection of rewards to choose from
    • check
      Surveys pay well

    The 'Not So Good' Stuff

    • close
      You must be invited in order to participate on the site
    • close
      No cash option


    Now if your wondering is E-Rewards safe and a legitimate survey site to make money with I can that they are. So if you do get invited it could be worth trying out to see if they are for you. 

    In my opinion there is just too much hassle that comes with this site with the invitation issue being a problem and also not offering a cash option is frustrating. If you want to make cash I would check out this top 5 list of cash paying reward sites

    The thing is why sit around waiting for an invite to this site when there are far better rewarding survey sites out there. The ones I use and recommend not only are they free to use and you can start earning straightaway but they also offer more opportunities to make money.

    My 'Worth It' Rating

    What do you think to E-Rewards, have you been lucky enough to be invited to them?

    Make sure to leave a comment in the comments section below if you have any questions, opinions or experiences on the site 🙂

    Is Fusion Cash A Scam Or Legit Rewards Site

    Is Fusion Cash a scam or legit rewards sites to make some extra cash with online. So far I have heard quite a few postive things about this site but never actually got round to checking them out.

    Well anyway If you have come across this review trying to find out whether this site pay outs then and if there worth the time and effort then your in the right place.

    Fusion Cash is one of the longest serving survey sites out there but are they all what they make out to be. In this review ill be telling you whether they are a genuine opportunity to make money and if so are they legit or a scam

    Fusion Cash Review


    Type: Survey & Reward Based Site

    Verdict: Legit

    Fusion Cash login page

    What Is Fusion Cash

    Fusion Cash is a survey/reward site that has been around over 13 years ever since 2005 so its safe to say that this panel is established. Over the years thier reputation has grown and along with sites like Swagbucks they've become one of the most popular rewards sites out there.

    Fusion Cash works like most reward sites as they will pay you to complete different types of tasks including completing offers and surveys.

    Unfortunately not everyone can use Fusion Cash as they target US and Canadian residents. In fact if you don't live in those two countries their site wont even load up.

    How Do You Get Started?

    Getting started is pretty simple and is completely free. There are just a few guidelines you will need to follow being you must be over 18 and either American or Canadian.

    In order to do the whole signing up process on your own you must be 18 however as long as you have parental guidance anyone from 13 and over can start earning.

    Apart from that signing up is straightforward and takes a couple of minutes to complete. Whats cool is that you also receive $5 just for signing up which makes reaching the minimum threshold and getting your first payout easier.

    All you need to do to claim that is make an account and then verify your email address.

    What Opportunities To Earn Are Avialable?

    There are a number of opportunities for you to start earning money using FusionCash. As soon as you sign up you will see a few ways you can start making money straightaway.


    Surveys are one of the main ways to make money on the site. If you don't know what surveys are there basically questionnaires where you will get paid for giving your input on a range of different topics. 

    Fusion Cash have there own surveys but for many of them you will probably be redirected to other sites.

    Chances are you will get disqualified or screened out but that's how it is and you just have to move on to the next survey.

    When you sign up you give them your email address and this is what they will use to notify you of any new surveys opening. You can expect to receive 1 or 2 a day.


    Offers are a pretty simple way to make money and with this site they separate there offers into different category's making it easy for you navigate through them. Offers are one of the easiest ways to make money as it requires you do a task.

    So I mentioned just before then that there are different category's that they got in which you will find free offers and paid offers (displayed as no credit card needed). 

    Fusion Cash opportunities

    How these offers work is self explanatory, as for one set of offers you won't need your credit card and are then of course free and for the others you will need a credit card. 

    A quick one on the paid offers before I move on, these tend to pay very well and in some cases will reward you enough to clear the threshold in one go, however does require a purchase of some kind.

    Below is an example of a paid offer at Fusion Cash, this one in particular pays out really well however look closely at what it requires from you and what it rewards. As you can see its not worth it and that goes for some of the offers they have, as the cost outweighs the reward. 

    Sure if you wanted a Gamefly subscription it would be worth it as you gain $2 but for the sake of making money it wouldn't be worth it.

    Fusion Cash high paying offer

    Inviting Friends

    This is for sure one of the highlighted features of the site and one of the best ways to make a passive income each month. With each referral there is an earning potential of $7 per member, I say potential as there are different tiers which ill go over now.

    You get $1 for referring someone, a further $2 as soon as they complete there first offer and then lastly $5 when then do there first withdrawal making a grand total of $7.

    I do prefer these type of referral opportunities as I have found the majority of friends I've referred to often sign up for the site only to use once and never return. For FusionCash all a referral as to do is sign up and you get paid which is awesome.


    As simple as it sounds this one will reward you everytime you watch a video. The one thing about this way is that its fairly low paying, so watching a few videos will only make you a handful of cents max.

    If you want to earn with FusionCash I would stick to the other ways however with that said you can still earn a small passive income.


    This is opportunity allows you to earn cashback on your shopping when you buy things at stores Fusion Cash is partnered with. This can be a great way to save money as if you have intentions of shopping at a certain store you can do that but also get money back.

    What Rewards Can You Get?

    So onto payments and how you will actually get paid for participating at FusionCash. The minimal threshold for redeeming a reward is $25 so you will need to aquire at least that amount before you can cash your earnings out. This does kind of suck as it is a grind to reach that amount especially when a lot of the surveys and free offers pay a $1 max.

    There are a few ways to cash out each of which offer cash, consisting of PayPal, Direct Deposit and Cheque.

    This is great that they offer this as I know not everyone as PayPal and there's always going to be some who don't like receiving the other two, so it gives you a choice of what method you would like to receive earnings through.

    A quick little heads up as for most survey sites verifying your email is as far as it goes when it comes to giving a panel verification.

    However with FusionCash you will need to give them phone verification so you will need your phone the first time you go to redeem a payment. 

    Not many panels do this, off the top of my head Swagbucks do it and require you to verify your actual address but all in all it shouldn't take you more then a couple of minutes to do.

    Fusion Cash Complaints

    The main thing that frustrates me with this site is the high minimum threshold. When you sign up for a survey site you have the intention to earn money quickly but when the threshold is so high it makes it hard and your more likely to give up before your even half way there.

    For all the survey sites i actively use at the moment to make an income none of them require a huge amount of points or cash before withdrawing.

    With that said there is a strategy that I would take with this site if you are thinking of using it and that would be to log in every day or so and do a survey or 1 offer and then by the end of the month you should have enough to withdraw. 

    From my experience trying to clear out high thresholds in one day can be time consuming and frustrating.

    The Fusion Cash Positives and Negatives

    The 'Good' Stuff

    • check
       Are a established and popular survey site
    • check
      Pays out cash through 3 methods
    • check
      Open to anyone over 13 (Under 18's need permission however)

    The 'Not So Good' Stuff

    • close
      High minimum threshold of $25


    All in all Fusion Cash Isn't a scam and is for sure a legitimate panel to earn rewards with. While I wouldn't sign up with the intention to become rich overnight has that wont happen with FusionCash its definiety possible to make some extra cash in your spare time

    My 'Worth It' Rating

    Thanks for reading this Fusion Cash review and I hope I helped you learn more about what they have to offer!

    Now do make sure to leave a comment whether thats an opinion or experience you have had with Fusion Cash or maybe a question in general...make sure to let me know in the comments section below 🙂