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SurveyTalker Review – Is This New Site Worth Your Time?

I haven’t heard too much about this site called SurveyTalker and has a matter of fact only stumbled across it on an ad on google. 

As of this moment I haven’t seen much evidence that this site actually pays their members even though they claim that they do. 

So Today I’ll be bringing you a review of this site and while it does look like a scam at first impression, ill seeing whether they can walk the walk of its all talk.

What is SurveyTalker? 

SurveyTalker is another market research company that claims to pay members for completing surveys.

Who Is Available To Sign Up?

SurveyTalkers is available to anyone over the age of 13, I should add that like any other seemingly legit site you don’t have to pay to sign up. I know that’s a given and you should never need to pay to sign up for a survey site but i thought I’d just tell you anyway.

How Do You Sign Up To SurveyTalker?

Signing up for the site is quite simple and like the image below takes just about 2 minutes to complete.

What Payout Can You Request and When Can You Request One?

Payouts can be requested through only PayPal despite very similar websites to this having other ways of paying there members in. You can request one as soon as you reach $8 which I could only imagine would take some time with the infrequency of surveys from the site.

What Surveys do they offer?

SurveyTalkers offers a range of surveys that are emailed to you. So basically when there’s a survey that fits you, you will receive email invitations. Since I joined over a couple of weeks ago I am still yet to receive a single email invitation so i will update this post as soon as I receive one, if I do that is. 

I have to say though that the fact I haven’t received an invitation as of so far is quite concerning, as I’ve reviewed many survey sites that have normally at least given me a couple of invitations to surveys. The surveys isn’t even the last thing I’m going to mention in this review and already the site is going in the direction of being a scam

No Social Media Presence

Most survey sites these days have some kind of social media presence whether that’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or whatever they normally have at least one account.

SurveyTalkers as one of them and that Facebook but the really odd thing about their account is that there’s nothing going on. No one likes the page, there are 4 likes at the moment and also they haven’t posted a single thing on October the 12th and that was to change the cover photo.

I find this really odd as many survey sites engage with the public not only to reach out to more people but to gain more trust with people.

Pros Of SurveyTalker:

  • Site Looks Nice but also looks like it was created in a day

Cons Of SurveyTalker:

  • No Social Media Presence


If you want to waste time then I reckon surveytalker is for you, if not i would stay away as it has scam written all over. While the site looks fresh and brand new I wouldn’t let it deceive you as I don’t think this site as paid anyone. 



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Have you had any experiences with SurveyTalker? Got a question in general to ask me?

Let me know in the comments section below:)

Have A Great Day! Josh

Is Survey Savvy Scam or is it Legit? My Full Review

Hi Everyone, So your probably here to find out the answer to the question ‘Is Survey Savvy Scam or is it Legit?’. 

Well, you’re in the right place has today I’ll be presenting a full review if the company to give you a little more information about them.

So let’s get into and see whether SurveySavvy is a good investment in terms of time for money

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Survey Savvy

What is SurveySavvy?

SurveySavvy is a US based survey panel that collects information on how members use the internet as well as offering the usual surveys. The information they collect is then passed on to research companies which as far as I know off is then used for research purposes.

As well as paying members to download SurveySavvy on their devices they also give out surveys to their members. These surveys pay fairly well when you compare to other competitors in the GPT industry online. 

Who Is Available To Sign Up?

Anyone aged 13+ is available to join SurveySavvy, but you will find you will have a better experience if you’re residing in the US. This is because many of the surveys are aimed at US residents although I’m sure with the online surfing program and referral system it won’t make too much of a difference where your from

How Do You Sign Up To SurveySavvy?

The sign-up process takes around 5 minutes to complete, it’s simple to complete but does require your mailing details which I know does put off certain people as that is personal information to give away to a random company.

When you get taken to the SurveySavvy homepage there is a box on the right-hand side where you will the sign-up button. 

You can sign up either by using your own details or by signing in with your Facebook account.

Survey Savvy Log In

What Payout Can You Request and When Can You Request One?

Unfortunately, there’s only one way you can receive a payout from SurveySavvy and that is through cheque. Cheques are sent from the US so if you live there it’s perfect if not its not so.

However by the looks of it SurveySavvy mail there cheques abroad to residents of other countries.

I can only guess though that the times for receiving a cheque would vary hugely on where you live. If you live in Australia then it could be some time before you receive a cheque from SurveySavvy

SavvyConnect ‘Get paid to browse the internet’

As I mentioned earlier SurveySavvy as a feature that pays their members to browse the internet from any of their devices, this is called SavvyConnect. For each device you connect to survey savvy you earn $5 a month. 

What Surveys do they offer?

SurveySavvy does offer surveys the only problem is that there is a real lack of them. You can expect to receive a survey every so often maybe once or twice a week if you’re lucky.

I guess you could say that that’s not much of a problem but then you’ve also got to deal with survey disqualification which could mean that some weeks you won’t earn any money.

So if you manage to fit the criteria for all the surveys, then that’s great for you. If not then it could be hard to earn any money using SurveySavvy.

The good thing, however, is that even though they don’t send out many surveys they kind of make up for it by paying $1 to $2 a survey which is fairly decent considering.

So if you completed one survey then that would be more than enough to reach the threshold for a payment.

SurveySavvys 2 Tier Referral System

Undoubtedly the best way to earn money using SurveySavvy is by taking advantage of their 2 tier referral system. This means that not only will you earn money for every survey a referral completes but also you will earn money from any surveys the referrals referrals make. So technically a bit like CashCrates referral system there’s a lot of Earning Potential in this.

Survey Savvy Referral Program

Pros Of Survey Savvy:

  • High Paying Surveys
  • Nice 2 Tier Referral System

Cons Of Survey Savvy:

  • Not enough surveys
  • Some members have reported that they haven’t been paid

Is Survey Savvy Scam Or Is It Legit?

Despite many saying the sites a scam, SurveySavvy is legit

Try it for free here!


Unfortunately, with this site, it looks like too much effort to earn money even if you do make money from surveys, getting a payment to your door seems to be not guaranteed. Due to the lack of surveys and you could even say lack of payments I wouldn’t recommend SurveySavvy as there are much better survey sites out there that guarantee that you will actually get paid on time.



Want a more efficient way to achieve a full-time income?

SurveySavvy isn’t the worst survey site that I’ve ever reviewed but it ain’t amazing either, anyhow if you do choose to try out I’m sure you will be able to earn some extra cash.

While I don’t mind SurveySavvy I recommend a much better program that will help you actually earn a full-time income from home, no messing about! 

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Other Alternatives To SurveySavvy To Earn Money

What are your opinions on SurveySavvy? Let me know what you guys think in the comments section below

Have a great day guys:)


MyView Surveys Scam Or Legit? My Full Review

Is MyView Surveys Scam Or is Indeed a Legit Site? Today I will be bringing you a Full Review of the site and will be talking to you on whether this survey site is a genuine opportunity to make money.

Now I have come across this site many times in the past whether that’s online reviews or seeing other people’s experiences with the site. These have been rather mixed so I thought I’d review the site myself so I can give you an unbiased review.

I personally haven’t used the site much since I signed up back late last year as I didn’t think too much about it. I literally signed up and never went back on it. I remember the layout wasn’t great which didn’t really go in the site’s favour

Anyway, you probably stumbled across this site to see what MyView is all about and whether you can earn money from this survey site. Let’s get into it, shall we!

What is MyView Surveys?

The MyView Panel first came onto the scene in 1996 providing market research for many companies. However, the site wasn’t up and running to members till 2008.

Some people tend to argue that MyView is a scam and is a site to stay clear of but the fact that the survey site has a TripleE security certification is good.

One downside that the site as suffered with is the fact they’ve been awarded an E by the BBB which isn’t great when you consider that many survey sites are getting A’s and B’s. However, the BBB accredited business which is the parent to the BBB (Better Business Bureau) has awarded them an A.

Who is Available to Sign Up?

The majority of countries are available to sign up for MyView. They also allow anyone over the age of 13 to participate in surveys on the site. Having a low age limit is great as it means that young teens can make some extra cash.

How Do You Sign Up To MyView?

While most sites like to boast about what their site offers on the home page, MyView doesn’t do that and takes you straight to creating an account.

I’m not quite sure what to think of this as I like to see what a survey site as to offer and see what makes the site stand out from the rest.

What Payout Can You Request and When Can You Request One?

There are a number of payouts available including the popular Paypal and a number of gift cards like amazon. If you read my reviews then you will probably know that Paypal is one of my favourite payouts, which is good for this site. 

You will need $10 (13,000 points) to request a payout however for Paypal and while some gift cards minimums are $10 for some you may need to reach the $25 threshold (34,000 points).

A nice little option that MyView have also added is the option to donate earnings to charity, which is a nice touch. I know a few sites are currently doing that, Swagbucks as a range of charities such as water-aid which you can donate to.

However, if you live outside the U.S then the rewards available to you will be limited as most of them are for retailers in the U.S. What was a surprise to me is that Paypal is only available in the U.S, you would think they would make it available to every country as the currency can be easily converted 

What Surveys do they offer?

MyView offers quite a few surveys and updates their site daily for new ones. As I opted into receiving emails via the email address I provided to MyView when I signed up. I do get a number of survey invitations from MyView each week.

Pros Of MyView:

  • Many Payouts
  • Many Survey Invitations sent to your email
  • Update their surveys daily
  • Fast Payouts
  • Good customer service

Cons Of MyView:

  • No referral system like many other survey sites
  • Limited payouts to members outside the U.S

Is MyView Legit?

Yes, MyView is legit and is renowned for paying their members. 


MyView is a genuine survey site that will help you to make some extra cash. Without a referral system it will be hard to earn a lot of money in the long run (Check out my #1 Recommendation for a long term incomhere). However with new surveys each day it looks like making a $10 payout in a couple of weeks is not over achievable. I’ll definitely use this site more and update this review in a couple of months time.


6.5 / 10

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Have you tried MyView before? Whats your opinion on the site? 

Or have you got a question to ask in general

Let me know in the comments section below 🙂

Is UserTesting Safe? Can You Earn Money Using This Site

I’m not going to lie to you my first impression of UserTesting wasn’t great. I’m always getting emails constantly every day saying things like ‘try an iPhone 7S and keep it’ or something like ‘You have just won 50’000…Blah Blah. These emails I get in my inbox are mostly scams and that’s exactly what UserTesting reminded me off at first. As there are many scams that claim to do what UserTesting does. 

Anyway, I’m guessing you’re here to find out more about UserTesting and whether it’s a genuine opportunity to earn money online. Ill be letting you know very soon…

For the purpose of this review, I have had a play about with UserTesting to see what it’s all about

Is UserTesting Safe? Well, let’s get into it!

How Do You Sign Up For UserTesting?

The Sign up for UserTesting took me a bit longer than it would normally take when I sign for these kinds of sites. In total it took me just over 5 minutes which I guess isn’t too long.

First off let me just say that to sign up you must be over the required age of 18, but apart from that, there are no other requirements to participating on the site.

The whole sign up process is basically an application for UserTesting to see whether you can complete their studies. No need to worry though as pretty much everyone is accepted and normally your ready to go within 30 minutes of applying.

The Sign Up process requires you to download one application to your desktop ( This records the screen ) as well as completing a Test. For the test, you will be taken to a website where you will do various tasks while talking. So if you don’t have a clear voice or are not comfortable with talking through the mic this may not be for you.

After you’ve completed your sample video, your sample test will then be sent to UserTesting to be confirmed. They say to give them a couple of hours but it typically only takes around half an hour or less.

What is UserTesting?

As the name of the companie suggests UserTesting is a site that pays their members to complete various tests. 

Market Research Companies pay are willing to pay a lot of money to hear the opinions of the public on new products and services. In this case, Usertesting will get paid by these companies to give out tests to their users to receive feedback in return

So How Will You The User Get Paid For Using UserTesting?

Like the diagram below shows its fairly simple and requires only 3 steps to getting paid. Once you’ve signed it’s very straightforward as it’s as simple as checking into UserTesting to see what new tests they have available.

The only issue I guess someone could have with usertesting is that rather like surveys you will have to complete demographic information when applying for surveys. Like surveys, market research companies want to make sure that there hitting their target audience so that information is then relevant and can be used.

Since I’ve joined I’ve completed a handful of tests each of which offered different amounts of money in return for my time and effort.

The First test I completed took me around 10 minutes and paid me $5, which was a good but not quite the $10 I was expecting. The test was fairly simple to complete and just required me to click and complete various things on this travel website. One of the tasks in this test was to pick a hotel in Paris, which took little to no time.

I applied for more tests and finally, I got test worth $10 the next day. As expected this one took me much longer than the others at around 15-20 minutes completing pretty much the same tasks just on a different website.

How Do UserTesting PayOut?

While some companies do offer payouts through cheque, UserTestings only way of paying their members is through PayPal. I have no problem with that myself as I use PayPal a lot and it is the main payout I use on most reward sites nowadays. However maybe adding some additional methods in the future could be good as i know gift cards such as amazon are very much popular.

Pros Of UserTesting:

  • Fairly Easy To Complete a Test
  • Tests Updated Each Day
  • Once you’ve been accepted its simple from then on in
  • 99% you will definitely get paid for a task

Cons Of UserTesting:

  • Sign up process takes at least 5 minutes to complete
  • You have to apply to become a member
  • You can request a payment 7 days after completing a task

Is UserTesting Safe?

Yes It Is


While my first impression of the site wasn’t great, I believe now that this site is a genuine opportunity to make money. 

I had a good experience with the site and got paid for the tests that I took which is a positive.



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Many other people are taking advantage of learning what it takes to make their own online business and you could be the next.

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What do you think of UserTesting? Tried It before? Or even got anything to say in general?

Let me know in the comment section below:)








What is Surveyeah Review – Can You Get Paid Fast For Your Opinions?

So what is surveyeah? Today I’ll be bringing you guys my a Surveyeah Review. Surveyeah is a survey site that has only recently been brought to the scene. With this site, it does feel like I’ve seen it all before as it looks almost identical to the likes of crowdology.

Like Crowdology, Surveyeah is also partnered with Cint Surveys and uses the same surveys as Cint. So I’m guessing if you were using a site similar to crowdology then you would be completing the same surveys.

It is pretty crazy how identical this new site is to some sites already out there, however today in this surveyeah review ill be looking at what the site offers to see if it’s a genuine opportunity to make money.

Firstly before we get into this Surveyeah review, if you’re looking for a longer term source of income then check out the platform that I use to achieve that. Read more here

What is Surveyeah?

Surveyeah is a market research company based in Italy, although it’s based in Italy Surveyeah as made themselves available to many other countries in the world. 

What Pay-out Can You Request?

You can request a payout through either PayPal or Amazon

When can you cash out?

The minimum cash out depends on which region you sign up under. You can get a cash out in either euros, dollars or pounds.

For Euros, the minimum is $5

For US dollars the minimum is $6.25

For GB Pounds the minimum is £4

How long Can you expect to wait to receive your reward?

All rewards are processed within 48 hours, which is great for anyone wanting to get paid fairly quickly.

How does Surveyeah work?

Once you have signed up Surveyeah they will start to send surveys to you through email. Sounds great, right? Not really, as the company say that you’re only guaranteed to get 2-4 surveys a month. A Month! Sorry for that but that is just not great at all when you take into consideration that decent survey sites offer you loads of surveys a day, not a couple every month. 

The thing is though is that realistically you probably not going to qualify for every single one you get either, which is just going to prolong you from getting paid. So basically you could be waiting around for a long time before seeing that notification pop up saying ‘You’ve got Paypal money’

Don’t get me wrong the site does pay and isn’t scam as many users have already uploaded payment proofs of getting paid through this site. They do offer many profile surveys which are supposedly supposed to improve your chance of getting more surveys. This is a good thing I guess but even then I doubt you will start getting flood loads of surveys. 

With all the survey sites I review I like to try them out first before writing out the review. I signed up for this just under a week ago and have seen no sign of any surveys in my emails has of so far.

With most survey sites I try I do tend to complete the profile surveys just to test and see how many surveys these sites will actually send you. As this site is run exactly like Crowdology I didn’t complete them on this occasion

Pros of Surveyeah

  • Fast Payout
  • Simple to use

Cons of Surveyeah

  • Only expect to receive 2 to 4 a month, which is bad when you compare to other survey sites
  • Hard to reach payout, despite it being fairly low


I know I’ve mentioned this site a lot in this review but it literally feels like an exact replica of crowdology except for the change of logo and maybe the design of the site.

With that said Surveyeah is not a great site to earn money and not one I recommend myself. This is mainly due to the real lack of surveys they offer you, there are just many other better survey sites like Swagbucks and PrizeRebel that offer you way more surveys on a daily basis then this site would offer you in a year.



Why not try Wealthy Affiliate?

I would waste my time with survey sites like this as you won’t come out of it. A site like this will probably pay for a 1 Big Mac Meal at McDonald’s a month and that’s it.

A more efficient way to make money is to start your own business at the Wealthy affiliate. Wealthy affiliate provides you with all the training and helps you need to start your own website and from there how to make money. 

The great thing about this kind of opportunity is that you’re in control of how much you earn!

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Hope you enjoyed my surveyeah review

Feel free to leave any kind of questions or anything in general in the comments section below

Is Earnably Legit? – Can You Even Make Money With Them?

This is my Review on Earnably and today I’ll be sharing with you guys on is Earnably legit or an indeed a scam. Earnably is fairly new on the scene when you compare it to others such as Swagbucks and Global Test Market.

Earnably seems to offer a fair amount of earning opportunities to their members, I also found that what they offer is quite similar to other survey sites that are already out there.

Anyway today I’ll be covering all you need to know about the site and how you can earn money using them.

What Is Earnably?

Earnably is A survey site that pays you to complete surveys as well as doing other things such as offers. Earnably Like I said is fairly new and only started up a couple of years ago back in 2015.

Who is Available to sign up?

Anyone can sign up for Earnably that is taking that you are over 18 years of age. That kinda sucks in a way as I know many teens are always looking on the internet for opportunities to earn money. Luckily However the site is available Worldwide.

How Do You Sign Up?

With some sites having a sign-up process where they ask you for many of your details, earnably only require you to choose a username and password as well as providing your email address. Quite simple.

What Payout Can You Request?

You can redeem payouts in either Paypal, Amazon and the Increasingly popular Bitcoin Currency

What’s the Minimum Payout?

The Minimum Payout is $1 which is fairly easy to reach. The Payouts range from $1 to $30, the higher the payout you request the more value for cash you get. For the minimum payout you will need 125 points to get $1 but if you save up for the $5 payout you will only need 500 points which mean your saving points.

How long Can you expect to wait to receive your reward?

Similar to PrizeRebel, Earnably has a level system that determines how long you will have to wait to receive your rewards. From what I know users that are lower than level 1 will have their payout processed after 24 hours. For members who are level 1 or above will receive their reward instantly, This is a huge tick in my book.

How does Earnably Work?

For everything you do on the site, you will be rewarded with points that can be later exchanged for rewards. There are some features that are available to you and I’ll explain how each section works below.

Offer Walls

This feature is one of the most notable sections to make money on the site. They boast the fact that they are partnered with over 30+ offer walls which include the likes of Persona, AdWall, Peanut Labs, Adgate Rewards and much more.

Certainly, if you’re looking to rack up a couple of dollars a day then using the offer wall could be a great way to do so.


There a set of daily surveys available for you each day as well as a couple of featured surveys. They have partnered with the likes of YourSurveys and Opinion Surveys most notably as well as having another 5 more survey routers on the site. By the looks of it, you are only able to complete one a day for each survey router. Something to thing about is that in some occasions the surveys may take up to 2 hours to credit.


Videos are another way to earn money on the site. They have partnered with tv and adbistro that provide new videos on the site. I wouldn’t advise watching videos as there rather a waste of your time, you will only get a couple of pennies for each video you watchfully aswell.


This section is an interesting one as you don’t normally find games on survey sites. From the top of my head, the only survey site I know that pays members for competing in games is Swagbucks. I reckon this will be a feature that will be implemented into many survey sites in the coming year or so.


You can earn money by simply downloading apps to your mobile devices. I don’t like these types of features on survey sites as there quite frustrating and most of the time don’t work. Apps such as Appbounty and Featurepoints spring to mind as I use to download many apps of them and not get credited. Unless they work for you I would stick to some of the other features on the site.


This is a fairly unique feature where Earnably pays you for doing various things. This is one of the standout features on the site as you can earn some good money especially if you’re a new member. Below I’ve noted the 5 actions you can do to make some extra cash, the great thing is that there fairly simple to do as well. Apart from the bug one you could earn 1120 points which convert to $11.20!

These consist of:

  • tweeting about them (20 points)
  • reporting bugs that you’ve experienced on the site (20 points)
  • Put us in your forum signature (100 points)
  • Create a forum thread (500 points)
  • Create a video review (500 points)


You can earn up to 20% of your referrals earnings when you invite friends and others to the site. For each level you get a higher bonus, you start on 10% at level 1 and that will get higher as you go levels. 

Pros Of Earnably

  • Instant payouts at level 1 and upwards
  • Nicely laid out site
  • Actions feature is great for new members to earn money
  • 30+ offer walls to choose from
  • The games feature is a fresh new feature

Cons Of Earnably

  • Surveys can only be completed daily
  • Only 3 payouts to choose from, but having Paypal is great. 

Is Earnably Legit?

Yes it is

Join Earnably Now 


Taking that I have only come across this site recently I’m pleasantly surprised by this site. It’s definitely one I’ll be trying out more in the coming weeks. If you’re looking to make a couple of quid/dollars a day then you should like this site. 



Thanks For Reading My Earnably Review

If you have any questions or even had any experiences with the site

let me know in the comments section below

Have a great day!



LegerWeb Review – Do They Pay Out Or Simply Overhyped?

So Is Legerweb a scam, well today I’ll be answering this question and giving you all the information you need to know about the site in this Legerweb review ive got for you today.

Legerweb Is a Survey panel that is located within Canada that offers their members with many different types of surveys in exchange for rewards.

While only being exclusive to Canadian and US residents this is one of the largest survey panels in Canada providing surveys to many people. The survey panel as been around since 2004 and as over 400’000 members registered to the site. 

Just so you know I am not eligible for the survey site being in the UK but I decided to make an account to see if it’s a genuine opportunity to make money online.

LegerWeb Review


Type: Survey Site

Recommended: Yes

Verdict: Legit

What Is LegerWeb

Legerweb is a survey site that pays canadian residents to complete surveys on various topics.

Legerweb is one of Canada's biggest survey panels and has paid out over 20 million dollars to their members since they founded.

How Do You Sign Up?

When you first go to the site you will be greeted with a sign-up form to complete which takes around a couple of minutes.

How does Legerweb work?

After every survey, you complete you will be awarded a certain amount of cash or air miles.

With every survey, you complete you also receive some chances of winning the monthly prize draw.

A number of chances you receive varies from survey to survey. Legerweb will also let you know of any new and updated surveys that have become available to you through email.

What Surveys do they Offer?

They send you survey invites on almost everything. While I don’t take surveys on the site because I’m from the UK I have still received surveys on things such as Fast Food restaurants, Sports, general interests and many others.

How Many Survey Invites Can You Expect To Recieve?

You receive a fair amount of invites to surveys on a regular basis.

On the site, they do have many profile surveys which are supposed to increase your survey invitations.

On average I receive one invitation a day so I can only imagine that completing profile surveys could only increase that amount.

It is also possible to get invited to focus groups from time to time which will also pay you money to complete special surveys.

How Well Do The Surveys Pay?

Going from the survey invites that I’ve received the majority of them have offered $1, $2 and $3 a survey, which is good considering what other survey sites pay for each survey.

When Can You Request A Payout?

You are able to request a payout once you’ve hit $20. You can only process payments in instalments of $20, so if you have $40 instead of requesting a payout for the whole lot you will need to do 2 separate requests of $20.

How Long Does It Take To Recieve A Reward

Rewards are sent after they are verified, this can take up to 72 hours. After it has been verified either a cheque will be sent in the mail or air miles or a charity donation will be deposited/donated.

The LegerWeb Positives and Negatives

The 'Good' Stuff

  • check
    Surveys Pay Well
  • check
    Regular Survey Invites
  • check
    They let you know whether a survey is compatible on mobile or not

The 'Not So Good' Stuff

  • close
    High minimum payout
  • close
    Only a couple of payout options available


LegerWeb shows promise as it seems like a genuine survey site to make some money. If I was eligible for the surveys I would give it a go.

So if you’re from the US or Canada this could be a good earning opportunity for you so feel free to try them out here.

A 'Better' Alternative

I have to say Legerweb looks like a solid site for earning cash, especially if your a Canadian resident. 

I don't normally like sites with high thresholds but because they have high paying and easy to qualify for surveys it kind of makes up for it.

Now one of the main reasons I started up this site was to find high paying reward sites that I can show you that payout while at the same time reviewing survey sites that aren’t good and don’t payout aswell as others or at all.

What I’ve found from reviewing hundreds of survey sites is that there are some that do payout well.

One of which is the main survey site I recommend simply because they offer more opportunities and pay much better then anyone else in the industry.

I want to help you make as much money in your spare time as possible so feel free to check out my #1 recommendation here 

My 'Worth It' Rating

What do you think to Legerweb? Have you had any experiences with them or maybe you have an opinion on them

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Unique Rewards Surveys Review – Make Easy Money Completing Surveys?

Unique Rewards Surveys

Unique Rewards Surveys Review

Today in this Unique Rewards Surveys Review ill be giving you an inside look at the site and giving you a full rundown on all you need to know about the site.

So What is Unique Rewards?

Unique Rewards is another typical survey site that pays their members for completing various tasks. Unique Rewards has been around since 2007 which kind of shows that they are an established site in the GPT industry. These are various tasks to choose from to make money at Unique Rewards some of these consist of Surveys, Offers, Listening to Radio and many others.

Does Unique Rewards Pay Out Its Members

Unique Rewards does pay their members and has been doing so since 2007.

Who is available to sign up?

Anyone from the US, Canada and the United Kingdom can sign up for the site at the moment

How Do you Sign Up?

When you first click on Unique rewards you will see a clear button in the middle of the page. Once clicked you will be brought to a page where you will need to enter your details to create an account. They also make you enter your mailing details but they do kind of makeup for asking for them details by giving you a £5 bonus once you’ve successfully signed up.

What Payout Can You Request?

You can request a payout through Paypal once you’ve hit the minimum withdrawal payout.

What’s the Minimum Payout

The minimum payout is $20

How long Can you expect to wait to receive your reward?

You will receive your reward on the following Monday after requesting a payout, so depending on when you request you may have to wait up to a week to receive your reward.

How does Unique Rewards Work?

When you complete surveys, tasks, etcetera, Unique Rewards will pay you for your time and effort. While some sites have special currency, Unique Rewards is simple and pays you for everything you do in Dollars ($).


How Can you earn cash at Unique Rewards?

  • Surveys – They have many surveys ready to be completed on the site. I do like the survey section on the site as there are quite a few and i found them to be fairly good paying
  • Offers – They have some decent offers on the site that pay anywhere from $0.40 to $50. Of course for the higher pay ones you normally have to do some kind of purchase but there are quite a few free offers to choose from aswell that pay ok.
  • Cash Back On Shopping – This feature is another nice one at the site as they offer you up to 50% cashback on Purchases you make at online retailers

Unique Rewards Referral System

Unique Rewards ironically have quite a unique referral system on their site. Thier system has 3 stages to it, so theirs a lot of earning potential to this feature

The first stage gives you $1 when a referral completes their first Survey/Offer/Cashback or Coupon offer.

The second stage allows you to have $5 once one of your referrals has claimed a cashout. Although you only get credited for this once per referral.

On top of all that, for the third stage, they give you 10% of all of your referrals earning


Pros Of Unique Rewards

  • Surveys Pay Well
  • Offers Pay A lot especially the paid ones
  • Nice Referral System

Cons Of Unique Rewards

  • Up to 8 days to wait for rewards. Its fine for me but there are many sites that pay quicker
  • High Minimum Withdrawal of $20


Unique Rewards is a good site and will help you to get some money. Definitely worth a try if you already signed up for the site.



Feel Free To Check Out The Site Here

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Point Club Review – Legit Site Or A ‘Point’less Scam?

Point Club Review – Is This A legitimate Site To Make Money

Point Club is a survey panel that pays their members to complete surveys and play games. Has the site is currently in a beta mode the features on the site are fairly limited but they have said that they will be bringing a full version of the site out in due time. I have heard a lot about this site already with fairly mixed reviews. Today I’ll be bringing you guys a Point Club Review and will be showing you all you need to know about the site.

Does Point Club Pay its Members?

I can’t say that they do pay their members for sure as I am 1/3 of the way there towards the payment after completing a couple of surveys after I joined. I have seen many reviews on Points Club, some of which were on Survey Police where many members have come close to a payout and then haven’t received any surveys. This doesn’t sound promising has it seems as if getting a payout on the site isn’t so straightforward and gives me the feeling that this site as a shady feel to it.

How can you sign up for Point Club?

The sign-up process is fairly simple as you can be signed up with either Facebook or Google in just a couple of clicks. They also give you free points up to 5000 points by joining by completing profile surveys, verifying your email address and connecting to Facebook and google.

What payouts can you request?

You can request a payout through Paypal and many gift cards such as amazon

What’s the minimum payout?

The minimum payout for Paypal is $25

How Does Point Club Work?

Point Club will pay you points for each survey you successfully complete. They use a currency of points instead of cash, the points converts at every 1000 points equals $1.

How much do you get paid for surveys?

From my experience, I have completed a couple of surveys which have all paid fairly well. I have been offered surveys ranging from 800 points to 3000 points.

How Long Is Each Survey?

Each survey ranges between 5 – 30 minutes. Before you click on a survey each one states how much you will get paid for the survey as well as how much time is required to complete the survey

How Many Surveys Do They Offer?

They tend to flood you with many survey opportunities at the start when you’ve just become a member on the site. Although many people have reported that as you get closer to the payout they don’t send you as many surveys as you were getting before.

What are the qualification rates for surveys?

The qualification rates for the surveys are good as they only offer surveys to members based on your profile. So unless you mess up in the survey with silly answers then you should be able to see every survey out.

Point Club Pros:

  • Many Surveys offered to new members
  • Pay well for surveys

Point Club Cons:

  • High Minimum Payout
  • Can be hard to get points as you get closer to the minimum 


Point Club offers many opportunities when it comes to providing surveys towards their members. However, i do find it shady that when you come close to a payout Point Club doesn’t offer you as many surveys. 



Thanks for stopping by and reading my Crowdology Reviews

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Is Squishy Cash Legit or a Scam? – Read This Review Before Joining!

Is Squishy Cash Legit – Can You Make Money Using This Site

Who are Squishy Cash?

Today I’ll be delving deeper into the site and will be answering the question ‘ is Squishy Cash Legit ? ‘ and whether it’s really possible to make any money using the site.

Squishy Cash is a Well Known Survey site that has been paying their members since 2007.

When you first click on the site you will be greeted by quite an overwhelming home page packed full of stuff promoting the survey site. Such as several payment proofs, payment methods and many stats showing how much they have paid out over the years.

Squishy cash offers you many ways to make money such as the usual offers and surveys and much more.

Is Squishy Cash Legit?

Yes, Its is legit and has paid over $300’000 to their members.

How Do You Sign Up?

The Sign Up process is fairly long winded when you compare it to other survey sites. Not only do they ask you for your email address and your name as well as choosing a username, they also tell you to give them your Mailing details.

While it is Optional to enter your mailing details. They do say that you will have to enter to them to prove your identity when requesting rewards, which is a bit of a pain!

What Payouts can you request at SquishyCash?

You can request all kinds of payouts including PayPal, Amazon, Target Gift Cards and much more

What’s the Minimum payout you can claim?

For most of the rewards, the minimum payout is $5

How Long Can You expect to wait before receiving your reward from Squishy Cash?

Squishy Cash Guarantee you that when you request a reward that you will receive it by 11:59 PST the next day

How Does Squishy Cash Work?

Squishy Cash will pay you in either chips or cash for completing tasks on the site. Before you complete a task on the site to the right of it will show you how many Chips/Cash the task is worth. I Much Prefer having one currency on survey sites as it is much less confusing. The conversion goes like this – 100 chips is worth a $1. However, you can convert from one currency to another which makes it much easier.

One thing I noticed while using this site is that if your not completing tasks then you will struggle to make money from the other ways such as Surveys. Surveys most notably are quite disappointing on this site as most of the surveys they have on the site pay quite low. When you compare this to other sites you will see in order to make money with surveys you will need to spend

Tasks, on the other hand, are the most efficient way to make money on the site as they pay very well and offer you around $5 per Task.

While Tasks do pay well I’m sure they will put off many people like they did me as for most of them they require a credit card to complete the task.

Making Money on Squishy Cash with surveys

When you compare this to other sites you will see in order to make money with surveys you will need to spend a lot of time. In some cases, this is much more time than you would spend doing surveys on other legitimate survey sites. I found most of the surveys to be around the $0.50 range which isn’t great when you consider that most surveys take around 5 – 30 minutes to complete.

Another thing I picked up on was the fact that there is a wait to get credited for surveys. While on other survey sites like the likes of PrizeRebel and Swagbucks that credit your account automatically Squishy Cash don’t credit you until someone as checked the completion of the survey.

I decided to take a quick survey the other day and it took around 15 minutes to credit. While it’s not the worst thing it can be a bit of a nuisance.

Squishy Cash Pros:

  • Quick Payouts
  • Tasks Pay Very Well
  • Payout Is Low when you compare it to the likes of Ipsos and Toluna

Squishy Cash Cons

  • Will take you a lot of time to build up cash/tokens on the site
  • Surveys don’t pay as well as they should


Squishy Cash is a Legit site to make money, but in order to make any type of money on this site, it will mean you will have to invest a lot of time into the site. Personally, there are just better sites out there and while it’s not a scam it’s not very time efficient.

Taking they’ve been around for nearly 10 years which is fair play to them but for me to even consider this site in the future they will need to improve the site in many areas.



My Alternative To Surveys

Ever thought about creating your own online business, well a platform called Wealthy Affiliate gives you the opportunity to do so. They teach you the ins and outs of making your own website and then how to make money from it.

Do check out my full review for more info on how you can get started and ultimately start earning money. I’ve also put in my 4 steps to getting started with this free platform.

Click Here To Read My Full Review

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