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SurveyFriends Review – Scam Or Legit? My Full Review

I haven’t heard too much about this site since I came across it recently. I was surprised when I went to look up the site and found little to no reviews on them, literally just a hand full. Anyway I thought I’d go ahead and do a review of survey friends for you guys to answer whether the site is a scam or legit

What are SurveyFriends?

Surveyfriends is a survey panel that is based in Islington, UK and gives out surveys to their members in return for Gift Vouchers. This site is fairly new on the scene with only £41,000 being earn’t by members on the site, although that might seem a lot it isn’t that much when you compare it to the big ones in the GPT industry.

Who Is Available To Sign Up?

The good thing about SurveyFriends is that anyone above the age of 15 can join. However being based in the UK means that the Gift Vouchers will only be able to be used within the UK, so, unfortunately, this site is only available to UK residents. 

What Payout Can You Request and When Can You Request One?

You can request a gift voucher as soon as you reach 20’000 survey points which is £10. There are 9 gift cards you can request as soon as getting to the minimal threshold of £10 which consist of:

  • Lifestyle
  • Love2Shop
  • Starbucks
  • Amazon
  • Arcadia
  • Tesco
  • Sainsburys

What Surveys Do They Offer?

There are only really two ways to make money and that through surveys and referrals, I’ll talk more on referrals in a minute. Surprising this site offers quite a few surveys to their members which are cool. From the reviews, I’ve seen on the internet as well including one of the popular review sites ‘SurveyPolice’ show that it’s easy to build up a good amount of points! Well, that sounds good to me!

Getting Paid or Not For Referring Other Members

What’s quite strange with this site is that you can earn points for referring members but not money. In other words, you can’t use the points you get from referrals to get Vouchers. 

There are two different types of points, one being social points and the other one survey points. It’s probably obvious but you can only get social points for referring people and you can only get survey points from completing surveys. 

The points you earn from surveys can be used to purchase anything on the site including vouchers and lottery. However, with the points you earn from the social points can only be redeemed for entries in the auction.

Pros Of OnePoll:

  • Not many reviews on the internet but off the ones I’ve seen are mostly good
  • The Site shows promise

Cons Of OnePoll:

  •  Threshold is average at £10, which isn’t too bad
  • Be much easier if they used one point system instead of two as its quite confusing

Is SurveyFriends A Scam?

After reviewing the site and taking all the information and experiences on board it seems that SurveyFriends is not a scam and does pay.


This site shows some promise in the sense that the sites laid and functions well. The fact that people, although only a few, are getting paid using this site, is a good thing. Hopefully, will see more of this site in the future because at the moment as it’s not very well known within the survey world, maybe it will gain more interest and popularity soon.

My Verdict

6/10 (However its early days for this site so far)

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Is OnePoll Legit? Or Is it Just Another Scam – My Full Review

OnePoll is another fairly well-known survey site on the internet, the question is that is One poll legit or is it just a stone cold scam. My first impressions of the site were fairly good as not only is the site laid out well but they also have an up to date policy which is good to see. However, you may have heard a common saying ‘Never judge a book by its cover’ so today I’m going to delve deeper and see whether this site is actually a genuine site to make some extra cash.

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What are OnePoll Surveys?

OnePoll is a market research company with its main headquarters primarily based in the UK. However, unlike some of the survey sites I’ve reviewed recently, OnePoll supports other countries around the World.

Who Is Available To Sign Up?

As far as I know anyone is available to sign up despite the site being designed for UK members. 

What Payout Can You Request and When Can You Request One?

The main currency is Sterling which is the currency in the UK. There are three payouts that you can request, Paypal, Cheque and BACS. What’s good with PayPal is that essentially anyone can get paid through it as it’s easy to convert currency with Paypal. So if you’re from out of the UK you can definitely request Paypal payments. However, if you’re outside the UK obviously you won’t be able to request a cheque as these are only mailed to physical addresses within the UK.
Despite OnePoll having my favourite payout option of PayPal, I’m not sure if ill be using this site anytime soon with such a high threshold of £40. I use survey sites to get money almost instantly preferably the same day as requesting the payout which probably explains why all my favourite sites have systems where they at least process payouts on the same day. 
For me, I find minimal withdrawals of £10 and £20 a lot so having a £40 minimal is just way too much as it will take you at least a couple of months to reach it. Not only that but I’m not a big fan of leaving money sitting in my accounts on survey sites as you never know what updates the site may have or if the site closes down. Like imagine if OnePoll (I doubt it will) closed its site and you were on £39, that would really suck!

What Surveys Do They Offer?

There are many different types of surveys you can complete on OnePoll. Being partnered with many big companies and retailers in the UK means that there will be a whole range of products and Services that surveys will be based on.

I tried a couple of surveys since joining, one of them i remember was based on home and internet and what services i used in my house such as networks etc. This one took me around 10 minutes to complete but only paid me £.0.45, which i wasnt to pleased about.

They do have a reputation of paying fairly low with surveys and ive seen many reviews on the internet where people have expressed there frustration with them. The other common issue i saw come up alot in reviews was that when you are close to the £40 threshold surveys tend to dry up. Im nowhere near the threshold but already even though it isnt a scam it does sound abit dodgy. Luckily people have said that they do give you more surveys eventually so you can reach the payout but not straightaway.

Pros Of OnePoll:

  • Partners some big retailers, so you know its fairly trustworthy
  • Layout is smooth and looks good on the eye
  • Anyone can join the site

Cons Of OnePoll:

  • High minimal withdrawal
  • Some surveys pay next to nothing
  • Can take up to 28 days to receive a reward

Is OnePoll A Scam?



I am really unsure on what I think about OnePoll, okay its a legit site and people are getting paid but the payment side is a real downside. Don’t get me wrong this site is genuine but its most certainly nowhere near some of my favourite survey sites I’m using at the moment. I also dont like the fact how they dont offer you surveys near £40 like they do when youve just created an account, which is a bit shady.   

My Verdict


Heres My Much Better Alternative To OnePoll

If im being honest signing up for OnePoll probably wont get you anywhere unless youve got lots of patience to wait a couple of months for that one installment of £40. Ive reviewed many programs and ive come across a legit program that helps you to earn a full time income from home. My #1 recommendation is through Affiliate marketing, which is pretty much setting up a business and making a part time income.

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I hope you guys enjoyed my OnePoll review! 

Have you used this site before? Had any experiences with it?

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Is PanelBase A Scam? Or is it A Genuine Survey Site To Make Money

I have heard of PanelBase a few times in the past but never signed up, I got round to signing up about a month ago but only just recently remembered to write up my review on the site. Anyway today I’m bringing you guys another review on PanelBase and tell you whether it’s possible to actually make any money using this site. So Is PanelBase A Scam? I will give you my verdict in just a mo!

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What are PanelBase Surveys?

PanelBase Surveys is a panel located in Northumberland in the UK. The panel is owned by a long-serving company that’s been applying its trade in the industry since 1997, called Dipsticks Research Limited.

Who Is Available To Sign Up?

PanelBase is unfortunately only available to residents currently residing in the UK. You must also be over the age of 16 which isn’t too bad with quite a few sites only allowing adults. They do however have plans to make their website available to many more countries. This is a bit bummer as I know many of you guys are from other countries such as the US and Canada. Luckily I’ve made a list of my favourite survey sites that support nearly every country, find them here.

Bonus Money For Signing Up

Some sites give you maybe £1 or £2 to sign up, I know Vindale give you a bonus of £2 but then again the threshold is £50. However for PanelBase, you get awarded £3 for signing up, which is cool, so all you need is an extra £7 to get a payout.

What Payout Can You Request and When Can You Request One?

There are three different payouts you can request, either BACS (Which is a bank transfer), Charity Donation or a Voucher to a high street retailer. As soon as you reach £10 you can request a payout, these payouts similar to Swagbucks will be sent to your account instead of your email like most survey sites.

How do you Start Making Money With Panel Base?

What’s interesting about PanelBase is that you don’t necessary need the internet to start making money as there are various ways to make money. Some of the most popular ways being Internet surveys, Telephone, Mobile Phone and Product Testing. 

There are many opportunities to make money with this site which brings something different to those survey sites that I’ve reviewed and used that only offer basic surveys. I have to admit it can be easy to get bored of just completing 20-minute surveys so having some variety in earning opportunities is great.

What Surveys Do They Offer?

Since I’ve joined I’ve noticed that there has been a lot of survey invitations for me on the site. It’s always a positive when you get more invites as technically the potential to make even more money is greater.

Over the last month, I’ve received at least 2 surveys a day, with only 1 or 2 of those 30 days where I didn’t receive a survey. They say that you can expect to receive anywhere between £0.25 to £10 for completing a survey but nearly all the surveys that were offered to me were under £4. By the looks of it, the surveys that pay the higher amounts like £10 are quite rare.

However, I haven’t been able to attempt all of them because stupidly I’m signed up to so many surveys with the same email so the number of invitations I get daily to surveys is quite a lot. 

The surveys I have tried I was pleasantly surprised as not only did I not get disqualified from many, I also found the pay to be pretty decent. The only fault I could pick out from the surveys if I was to point out something then that is that some of the surveys are quite lengthy and when I say lengthy in talking around the 15-25 minutes region. It’s not the biggest issue as a lack of surveys on survey sites is definitely worse but it can get very boring when you’re clicking away for half an hour.

Pros Of Panel Base:

  • Bonus £3 for signing up
  • Various ways to make money
  • Frequent Surveys
  • Different payouts as well as the option to donate to charity

Cons Of Panel Base:

  • Disqualification rates are sort of high
  • Some Surveys Are Lengthy

Is PanelBase A Scam?

No, it isn’t a scam


I don’t mind PanelBase and I do think it’s generally a good site for earning a bit of side cash, but no more than that. I have to admit I’m liking the bonus £3 as it does make getting that first payment much easier.

My Verdict


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Other Opportunities To Make Money

Have you tried PanelBase? Or maybe you’re using this site on a regular basis? Whats your opinion on the site

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Prolific Academic Surveys Review – Is This Site A Prolific Way To Make Money?

Sorry for any of you guys living outside of the UK as today I bring another UK based review, today I’ll be bringing a Prolific Academic Surveys Review. 

So what is Prolific Academic? No need to worry as I’ll be covering all you need to know about them within this review.

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What are Prolific Academic Surveys?

This company’s main headquarters is located in Oxford, UK so it’s no surprise that this panel is linked to Oxford University. In fact, the whole company is supported by Oxford University. While many other survey sites partner third party companies this one allows researchers to sign up separately for the site and upload their studies. The researchers then pay a certain amount of money to hear the opinions or certain criteria of people, so basically you the participants at home

While many other survey sites partner third party companies this one allows researchers to sign up separately for the site and upload their studies. The researchers then pay a certain amount of money to hear the opinions or certain criteria of people, so basically you the participants at home

Who Is Available To Sign Up?

This site allows anyone from the UK to sign up from the site so anyone residing in a country other then UK wont be eligible to sign up. This site also doesn’t support teens as you need to be over 18 years of age to sign up.


What Payout Can You Request and When Can You Request One?

The good thing about this site is that not only does it offer payments through PayPal but also the threshold is fairly low. The good thing is that essentially after 1/2 surveys you could be able to cash out as the threshold is only £5.

You can also use your earnings and donate them to charity which I think is a nice touch. So you can either keep whatever you earn or donate it to a charity of your choice.

I’m not a big fan of survey sites that have such huge thresholds to cash out as you normally give up trying to reach them after some time because it is so high. Having a low threshold, similar to some of my favourite sites, Swagbucks and Prizerebel is a bonus in my opinion as it makes it even easier to get payouts more frequently.

However there is a slight catch as you will receive a fee if you cash out at £5, so best bet is to wait until you reach £20 as at that amount you can cash out without any fees. I guess you can say in a sense it’s kind of too good to be true.

You’re probably also wondering how long it will take for you to receive a payment. Well, it normally takes under 48 hours after you’ve requested a payout to receive it. They do say to wait up to 5 days but even then that’s the norm wait for survey sites these days.

How do you Start Making Money With Prolific Academic?

When you sign up for the site you won’t essentially be able to start any surveys straight away. Firstly you will need to start going through profile surveys on the site this is to help them match you with more relevant surveys.

Like every survey, site is run the more profile surveys you take the more opportunities you will receive. I know Profile surveys don’t pay you at least not on many sites but they can be rewarding in the long term.

As you complete more profile you will see more studies in the study section flashing green meaning you can go ahead with the survey. When you qualify for a survey it will be ‘green’ and if you don’t qualify it will be ‘red’, the good thing is you know all the details of the surveys before you click on anything.

What Surveys do they offer?

They offer all types of surveys, these are quite specific and you know exactly what the survey is about before clicking on it. Instead of getting survey categories like Food, Home and Education, for example, you will get surveys on Sweets, Mattresses and GCSEs.

The downside is that because they are looking for specific audiences to complete their surveys means that it can be hard at times to qualify for a survey


Pros Of Populus Plus:

  • Only offered surveys that you’re eligible for
  • Pays through PayPal
  • Low minimum threshold of £5
  • You know what the survey offers before starting
  • Option to donate to charity

Cons Of Populus Plus:

  • You have to wait to be accepted to a survey
  • Easy to get disqualified from a survey

Is Populus Plus Legit?



Overall Prolific Academic Surveys is a genuine opportunity to make money, with there quick payouts and high rewarding surveys. Those two being some of my favourite things I like in a survey site.

You won’t earn a fortune however with this site as it’s hard to qualify for every survey but I still give it a recommendation as you should be able to reach that minimum threshold without applying too much effort.

My Verdict


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Populus Live Review – Is This Site Popular Among Survey Takers?

Today I’ve got a review of another UK-based market research company called Populus live. In this Populus Live review, I’ll be telling you guys all you need to know about this company

Going by the main headline on their landing page they sure do look promising. Earning £1 every 5 minutes is pretty good going, that’s like £12 an hour which is the above the norm of a full-time wage. 

However, I’ve never been on a survey site that’s paid that well, surely Populus Live is too good to be true! Luckily for you, I’ve gone ahead and reviewed the site so I can bring a review of Populus Live to you guys. 

Is this site promising members more than they actually pay? Stay tuned for my verdict

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What is Populus Plus?

So what is Populus Plus? Populus Plus is a market research company that was founded in 2003 and has been providing their members with surveys on products and services ever since. The Populus Plus panel is owned by a company called ‘Populus’, so I guess they named the panel after the company which makes sense.

Who Is Available To Sign Up?

Quite like Survey Bods the company I reviewed just the other day, Populus live is also exclusive to only UK residents only. You must also be over the age of 16 to be eligible to sign up for Populus Plus

What Payout Can You Request and When Can You Request One?

Populus Plus only offers one method of payment and that is through cheque in the post. I do tend to prefer PayPal on survey sites as there much easier to get paid, however, cheques are fairly straightforward to cash in.

The only problem I would say about the payouts at Populus Plus is that you have to save up 50 points to receive a payout which is the equivalent to £50. For me, that is a very high minimum threshold especially as this site is infrequent with updating their surveys.

How do you Start Making Money With Populus Plus?

Populus Plus works much differently to many other sites currently out there, in that they pay you for the actual time you spend on surveys. They state on their website that you can earn £1 for every 5 minutes which is great. This is actually true as they will actually pay you on the time you spend instead of rewarding you the worth of the survey after you’ve completed it. 

I think this is quite cool as essentially you won’t be wasting any more time, as with most sites you could spend 20 minutes on a survey and not get paid.  With this site, it isn’t the case as you are getting paid efficiently for the time and effort you put into a survey.

What Surveys do they offer?

Populus Plus offers all kind of surveys, however, the only issue with the surveys that I found is the frequency of invites. I first signed up about 3 weeks ago and in that time I have had 6 survey invitations.

While I did find the surveys to be easy to complete, it’s the lack of them which is the problem. It doesn’t bother me as much as I have a couple of survey sites that I’m using on the go at the moment, so I’ll probably only use the site when I get an invite.

Talking about invites this site is great with them in the sense that they give you the details of what the surveys about before getting into it. I’m not a big fan of going into surveys not knowing what they are about or how much I’m going to get paid.

Monthly Prize Draws

Populus Plus do prize draws once at the end of every month. For every survey, you complete you will get 1 entry into the draw also if you dont qualify for a survey you will also get an entry. So basically to enter the draw you must simply attempt a survey.

Pros Of Populus Plus:

  • Surveys are straightforward
  • Site is laid out well and is easy to navigate around

Cons Of Populus Plus:

  • High Minimum threshold of £50 is offputting
  • Can only receive a payout through Cheque

Is Populus Plus Legit?



Overall I think this site is a good genuine opportunity for making money. Despite the fact, there is a high minimum threshold and a lack of surveys it is definitely possible to get paid after a couple of months. I’ve reviewed a fair amount of survey sites where the surveys have sucked, with this one, however, it’s quite unique which is what I like about it.

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My Verdict


Want a more efficient way to achieve a full-time income?

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Thanks for reading my Populus Plus Review! I hope this answered any questions you may have with the site!

Is Populus Plus Popular among you guys? Let me know down in the comment section below

Have an awesome day!



Survey Bods Review – Is This UK Site Legitimate?

Hi Guys, today I’ll be bringing you a Survey Bods Review. Right now you’re probably wondering whether Survey Bods is a genuine survey site to earn money. Today I’ll be giving you all the information you need to know about the company and whether it’s worth using this survey site.

Survey Bods is a survey panel based in the UK and also exclusive only for people residing in the UK. I’ve have heard of this site a couple of times in the past but never really got the chance to sign up. Oh well, a couple days ago I got round to it and I have to admit my first impressions were quite good.

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Without Further ado let’s proceed with the review!

What is Survey Bods?

Survey Bods is a survey panel that has and currently partners up with many big companies around the world to help them with market research on different products and services. You will probably recognise some of the companies they work with, with Nickelodeon and MTV being just a few of them to name.

Who Is Available To Sign Up?

As I mentioned at the start, unfortunately, only residents of the UK are available to sign up for Survey Bods. However, for any of you outside the UK, I’ve provided you with some alternatives that you can use right here. 

However what I do like is that anyone from the UK can join, so if you’re under 16 and have your parents permission, you can go ahead and register. You must be at least 11 to join which is much lower than some of the other competing sites out there.

How Do You Sign Up To Survey Bods?

The sign-up process takes a couple of minutes in total to complete. You can either sign up using a facebook account which seems to be quite popular with survey sites these days or you can sign up using your own details. Each way takes approximately the same time.


What Payout Can You Request and When Can You Request One?

You have a choice of two payouts, the first one you can request is through an Amazon Gift Card, the other available payout that you can request is a bank transfer where they will transfer your money straight to your account.

As soon as you reach 1500 points you can request a payout whether that’s through Amazon or through money being paid to your account. It will take around 5 days for Amazon vouchers to be sent to your email for payouts through the bank it will take a couple of weeks to process.

How do you Start Making Money With Survey Bods?

As soon as you sign up for Survey Bods you will start to receive surveys from them. Before you start with the actual surveys you have the option to complete 4 profile surveys. Not only will the 4 profile surveys help you to qualify for more surveys but they will also give you 50 points for each one you complete, which is equivalent to £2.00 ( £0.50 ) for each one. 

What Surveys do they offer?

Based on what surveys I’ve been invited to there based on all types of things. Since I’ve been a member I’ve tried a handful if surveys, about 3 as they were the ones available to me at the time. The surveys were on my current vehicle, universities in the UK and fast food.

I have to admit I found them to be easy and simple to complete, normally surveys drag on and take ages but these ones only seemed to take me at max 10 minutes. The surveys pay around £1 to £4 which is not bad considering there are many sites that pay under a pound a survey. The majority of surveys I’ve been offered have been around the £1.20 to £2 region, so I’m guessing that the £4 surveys are kind of rare.


Survey Bod’s Loyalty Bonuses

SurveyBod has a loyalty program where for every certain amount of surveys you complete you unlock badges and bonuses. The more surveys you complete the more bonuses and prizes you will receive.

Badge levels consist of:

  • You achieve the Bronze Badge when you complete 2 Surveys 
  • You achieve the Silver Badge when you complete 5 Surveys 
  • You achieve the Gold Badge when you complete 10 Surveys
  • You achieve the Platinum Badge when you complete 20 Surveys
  • You achieve the Diamond Badge when you complete 30+ Surveys 

Pros Of Survey Bods:

  • Bonus points for up to 200 points (£2) just for completing the profile surveys
  • Surveys pay well and are easy to complete

Cons Of Survey Bods:

  • The minimum payout is fairly high
  • You will have to wait at best 5 days to recieve a reward

Is Survey Bods Legit?

Yes, Survey Bods is legit


Survey Bods is definitely genuine and will help you to earn some extra cash. Although this site is exclusive to UK members only, in my opinion, this site is one of the best ones when it comes down to reputation within the UK. 

However if your outside the UK there are many other alternatives to Survey Bods – Check out many other survey sites that you could start earning on today here

My Verdict


Want to try an Alternative to Surveys And Earn More of a Long Term Income?

Don’t get me wrong this site is good and will help you earn some extra cash. However using Survey Bods to acquire a full-time income will be very difficult especially as the frequency of surveys is fairly low.

Anyway, I’ve got good news as I’ve found a program that helps you to earn a full-time income. A site called Wealthy Affiliate is the place to be in 2017 and is my #1 recommendation for building a sustainable full-time income.

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Similar Sites To Survey Bods To Earn Money

Thanks for reading my Survey Bods Review! I hope you guys enjoyed it!

Have any questions or experiences on the site or even anything in general? Do let me know in the comments section below

Have a great day!



Is BzzAgent Legit? – Does This Site Really Pay?

So is BzzAgent Legit? Today I’ll be reviewing the site to see if it does indeed reward their members

BzzAgent is a US based survey site that offers their members surveys on various products and services to collect opinions. Not only do BzzAgent give out surveys in return for cash but they are also known for giving out free testers and samples. 

I can already see how this site could be a nice way to make money as reviewing free samples and even getting to keep them is a fairly simple to do and doesn’t take much effort.

Well with that said you’re probably still wondering whether or not BzzAgents is legit or not. 

At first impression, it sure did sound like a great way to make money. The question is this site genuine. I’ll be covering all you need to know about BzzAgent right here in this review

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Now that’s said let’s get into the review!

What is BzzAgent?

So what is BzzAgent? BzzAgent is a product testing company within the US. They give you the opportunity to try new products and services and review them.

I’ve had a look around at reviews on the internet, and for the most part, many of the reviews have been positive and it looks like this company does actually send out products to members. They are partnered with a lot of big names, Disney, Loreal and Ebay to name a couple.

Who Is Available To Sign Up?

Anyone over 18 from the following countries is available to sign up:

  • United States Of America
  • United Kingdom
  • Sweeden
  • France
  • Canada
  • Germany

How Do You Sign Up To BzzAgent?

You can sign up either by using a Facebook account or by using your email address. The sign-up process is relatively straightforward and shouldn’t take you more than 5 minutes to complete. 

What Payout Can You Request and When Can You Request One?

With this site, you don’t necessarily get paid for using the site. Instead, you get to keep the products and merchandise that get sent to you for a review.

How do you start Making Money With BzzAgent?

This is a bit of a weird one as funnily enough you don’t get paid for using BzzAgent. Instead, you just get to keep the products you review.

So I guess you’re probably wondering now is how do I start receiving products for review. Well after you’ve completed your sign up for the site BzzAgent will want to find out more information about you.

This is because they want to send you products based on your interests and hobbies, so basically they want to send items to the right people. Anyway once you’ve completed some campaigns you will start to receive invitations through email on products for reviewing.

After this the process becomes very 1,2,3, you will receive some products, write up your experiences with them preferably writing a good amount on them as the more you write essentially, the more benefits and campaigns you will be invited to in the future. And that’s your work done

What Surveys do they offer?

The idea of the surveys is to see find out more about you, for example, your interests, hobbies, electronics, etc. There are quite a few surveys at first available to you to complete.
A bit like Profile surveys you find on quite a lot of survey sites these days the more surveys you complete, the more opportunities you will receive.
I would recommend this as the first thing you do after signing up for the site as once done their won’t be anything holding you back from receiving many invitations.

Pros Of BzzAgent:

  • You get to keep the products you test
  • Easy to start receiving products

Cons Of BzzAgent:

  • Not all the goods sent out are high in value

Is BzzAgent Legit?

Yes, BzzAgent is Legit and will send you products out for reviewing. 


After trying out BzzAgent for the last week or so I have to say I do quite like it. Unlike ProductTestingUK who rarely send out goods to members this site, however, sends more products out and to more people.

Like a similar site, I reviewed recently that showed promise in Usertesting this site also looks good and a genuine site to start earning not quite money but quality products instead.

My Verdict


Want to try an Alternative to Surveys And Earn More of a Long Term Income?

I like the concept of BzzAgent as it gives you the opportunity to get free products just for testing, that’s cool! However, when it comes to making money you won’t make any with BzzAgent, which is obvious. 

My Recommendation and one platform that will give you the opportunity to make a full-time income from home is Wealthy Affiliate. What they basically do and they run is they show you how to make an online business and then how to make revenue ( a passive income!).

I’ll leave a link to my full review on the platform here 

Similar Sites To BzzAgent To Earn Money

What do you think to BzzAgent? Let me know in the comments section below

Have A Great Day Guys! Josh

Is Tellwut Surveys Scam or is it legit? My Full Review

Today I’ll be reviewing another survey company called Tellwut, otherwise known as ‘Tell us what you think’. Even though I haven’t heard much of this site since recently this site is known to paying their members and has mostly positive reviews.

Now quickly before we get started with this Tellwut Surveys review, If you would like to find out how I earn a full-time income online and how you could be doing so too. 

Then let me show you how you can earn a full-time income here with proof it works

So then is Tellwut surveys scam or legit? There are positives to the site but there are also negatives as well, but I’ll explain them more as we go along. By the end of this review, you will know the answer to this and whether this site has any earning potential with it.

What are Tellwut Surveys?

Tellwut surveys is a survey panel located in Canada, Toronto to be specific. Tellwut pay their members to complete surveys and do other things such as refer members to the site. 

Who Is Available To Sign Up?

As far as I know you need to be from either US or Canada to complete surveys on the site. Bad news as well for any teens using or wanting to use the site as you must be at least 18 years of age.

How Do You Sign Up To Tellwut Surveys?

I’ve noticed recently with a number of survey sites that Facebook is becoming increasing popular in signing up for accounts with survey sites. As you can gather Tellwut allows you to sign up for the site using your Facebook account. You can also manually sign up using your email address.

An awesome thing that Tellwut do is that they give you the chance to get bonus points along the way of creating your account. Things, like entering your mailing details and confirming your email address and some others, will get you as much as 100 points each. But obviously, you will need to still complete a number of surveys to reach the minimum threshold.

What Payout Can You Request and When Can You Request One?

There is quite a range of gift cards available to you including Amazon and many US and Canadian retailers. With the minimum for these being $10 which means you will need at least 4000 points to claim a payout. Unfortunately like quite a lot of other survey sites the option of getting some form of cash isn’t available, so if you’re looking to get PayPal money I would check out this list of high paying sites that pay through PayPal.

Quite a big downfall to this site is the fact that you will need to wait 10-15 working days to receive a payout

What Surveys do they offer?

There are two types of surveys available to you, one being Tellwut surveys and the others being external surveys. The Tellwut surveys are much easier to complete compared to the external ones because they have been created by Tellwut. If you start a Tellwut survey your almost guaranteed to get paid for completing it as you can’t get disqualified from them. The average points however for completing one of these surveys is only 15 points so you would need to complete an awful lot of these to reach the payout.

The other type of surveys you can complete is external surveys. The difference between these ones and the Tellwut Surveys is that these have been created by other market researchers outside of Tellwut. 

Tellwut Surveys Referral System

Tellwut have a referral system where they pay you 25 points for every member you refer to the site. When you look at the fact you need 4000 points to get a payout this will mean you will need 160 referrals to get $10. That’s a lot of referrals!

I reccomend using referral systems as there normally along with surveys the best way to earn money. While most of the referral systems i use and prefer are the ones which pay you a percentage of your referrals earnings as this allows you to get more earning potential. However i guesss with Tellwut if you were to get just over 1000 referrals thats an extra $100 in the bank.


Pros Of Tellwut surveys:

  • Quite a lot of gift cards available
  • Non – Tellwut Surveys pay okay

Cons Of Tellwut surveys:

  • Referral system doesn’t pay well
  • Not enough surveys to receive payouts frequently 

Is Tellwut surveys Scam Or Is It Legit?

Yes Tellwut Surveys is indeed a legitimate site and many members are using the site to get paid


With some really positive reviews on this site on most survey review sites, I wouldn’t argue against this site. If you are from the US or Canada then this site could be worth just trying out as it seems to pay their members. It would, however, take you some time to reach a payout because of the high minimal threshold.



Want to try an Alternative to Surveys And Earn More of a Long Term Income?

Have you ever considered maybe creating your own business, well… 

A site called Wealthy Affiliate makes it possible to do so and even at no cost!

They show you how to make your own business plus also guides you to making a Full-Time income from it.

Check it out here on how you can start making a full-time income from home today!

Have you had any experiences with Tellwut Surveys? Got a question in general to ask me?

Let me know in the comments section below:)

Have A Great Day! Josh

Is Clear Voice Surveys Legit or Just Another Scam – My Full Review!

So is Clear Voice Surveys Legit or is it indeed another one of those scams. Well, today by the end of this review you will find out exactly which of the two Clear Voice is. 

My first impressions were that Clear Voice as a well laid out site looks like a survey site that has been around for years. I’ve browsed the internet recently to find mixed opinions and reviews while some really enjoy using the site many do dislike.

Now quickly before we get started with this Clear Voice Surveys review, If you would like to find out how I earn a full-time income online and how you could be doing so too. 

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Without further ado, let’s get into the review

ClearVoice Surveys

What is Clear Voice?

Clear Voice is a company that started back in 2006 since then it has been providing market research to many companies. Like the name suggests Clear Voices aim is to hear the voices and opinions of their members in their surveys.

Who Is Available To Sign Up?

Despite it being an American company, Clear Voice Surveys is available to anyone worldwide

How Do You Sign Up To Clear Voice?

The sign-up process as two stages to it, firstly on the main page you can either sign up with a facebook account or you just put your name and your email address and continue to part 2 of the process.

ClearVoice Surveys Log In

For Part 2, it’s pretty standard you will need to enter all the usual stuff such as emails, and names etc, and then you will also need to put in your mailing details.

I know it may seem a little long winded but it shouldn’t take you more than 5 minutes to complete


What Payout Can You Request and When Can You Request One?

The payouts that are available depend on which country you sign up under. I’d imagine that if you were a US resident that there would be more payouts available for you then if you were a member living in another country.

This is because the company is based in America so most of the payouts will be gift cards in dollars which would be no use to anyone out of the US.

However, as you can see below are the payments that I can get being a member in the UK. These payouts, however, will defer if you lived in the US or Canada which are the other two big currencies that Clear Voice surveys payout in.

The minimum threshold is $10 and as soon as you reach that you are then able to request a payout


ClearVoice Rewards

What Surveys do they offer?

Clear Voice surveys offer a variety of surveys the only issue is the frequency of them. You know the score the more surveys there are on a survey site then the more opportunities to make money and reach the payout it quicker. 

Unfortunately for a survey site such as Clear Voice, you won’t receive many surveys on a daily basis so earning potentially is fairly limited.

However, when they do offer surveys they could be either Online surveys, Surveys over the phone and even being sent products to test and reviewWhile it is possible to get Telephone surveys and even test products i am yet to recive an opportunity since i joined so i can only imagine that the majority of these kind opportunitys are avaiable to US residents.

I have though been offered a couple of online surveys but i got disqualified from the couple i got so i can see how some members have struggled and found reaching that minimum threshold hard.


Pros Of Clear Voice:

  • Offer different types of surveys

Cons Of Clear Voice:

  • Will take you time to reach the payout
  • Lack of payouts for members outside the US

Is Clear Voice Surveys Legit?

Yes, Clear Voice Surveys is Legit and will pay you for taking surveys

Try it for free here!


It is definitely possible to get paid out using Clear Voice, but I still wouldn’t recommend this site as it’s not a good use of your time. Clear Voice surveys is legit but making money with the site just takes too much time and frankly.

Making money through completing surveys is possible however and some sites out there do make it possible for you to make an extra $500+ a month. Check out these 5 high paying sites that I recommend and have had success with.



Want to try an Alternative to Surveys And Earn More of a Long Term Income?

Using Clear Voice Surveys to get extra cash isn’t an efficient way to make money, without any kind of referral system and also a lack or surveys will make it difficult.

I would recommend creating your own business as this gives you the opportunity to earn a passive income each month.

Check it out here on how you can start making a full-time income from home today!

Have you had any experiences with Clear Voice Surveys? Got a question in general to ask me?

Let me know in the comments section below:)

Have A Great Day! Josh

Top10bestpaidsurveys Review – Is This Site Another Scam Or Legit?

So your looking for ways to make money and you come across a survey site that claims to pay. However to start earning you must sign up to the site to then be shown other survey sites that will make you money. 

Bit confusing, don't you think? Well in the review I have for you a site that follows this concept. 

I do recommend taking surveys online as they can provide you with a good source of income. It goes without saying though that not all sites will but there are ones out there that will make you money.

If your looking for a rewards site that offers plenty of opportunities to earn cool rewards check out my #1 recommendation.

Unfortunately not every survey site is legit which is what you will find out with this top10bestpaidsurveys review. A lot of people have been asking me whether or not top10bestpaidsurveys is real or not so hopefully this review helps you out.

The way this site works is strange as they say you will make money by signing up however you won't be earning money through them directly instead you will be shown other survey sites to sign up for.

Top10bestpaidsurveys Review

Name: Top10bestpaidsurveys

Type: Recommends you to other survey sites

Recommended?:​ No

Verdict: Scam

Completing surveys is a great way to make money and is a method I recommend especially if you want to make money in a short space of time.

However I only recommend sites that not only pay but will actually pay you well, that’s not a bracket that top10bestpaidsurveys fits into too.

Top10bestpaidsurveys Summary

My First Impressions

When I first clicked onto the site I found myself on the main landing page.

What seemed quite dodgy already to me was that the site had in bold letters ‘Make £300 per month in your spare time’. 

Sites that claim that you will make so much is not great in my opinion as there just baiting you to sign up.

The site doesn’t show you how can go about making that money.

Top10bestsurveys £300 a month

Anyway despite that lets jump straight into it and find out what Top10bestpaidsurveys is really all about and why they aren’t what they make out to be.

What Is Top10bestpaidsurveys?

Top10bestpaidsurveys is a site that claims to be and work like a survey site despite the fact they aren’t.

On the landing page, they boast that they have over 500’000 members already earning money with them.

However I dont understand where they get that number from as when members sign up through them they are not making money directly with top10bestpaidsurveys instead there making money with thier partners.

Sure you are making money eventually but your better of finding survey sites yourself. If you type it in to Google 'survey sites' many sites come up that you can start earning with. 

So even if you knew top10bestpaidsurveys wasn't a survey site you are better off not signing up for them as its not a good use of time. Its all one funnel where the site gets paid every time they get people to sign up for thier partners.

How Does Top10bestpaidsurveys Work?

For the purpose of this review, I decided to sign up for the site to find out what goes on and whether it's possible to make £300 a month.

After I’d signed up putting in my name, date of birth and email address, I was then taken to step 2 of the sign-up process where I was shown a whole host of survey sites.

Above is what step 2 looks like and at first, I thought that once you complete the sign-up process you will get surveys on the site itself.

They say to select all to earn more money so that’s what I did. 

At step 3 I was told to then confirm my email address by clicking on a link that had been sent to my emails.

Surprisingly I didn’t get an email and still haven’t received it now. Which made me even more suspicious.

if you can’t get into the site and receive surveys then how an earth are you supposed to earn money using the site.

The whole idea of this site is rather odd as you don't need it to sign up for surveys site as you can easily find them yourselves.

Within the next half an hour of signing up instead of getting a confirmation email I got emails from all the companies that I ticked saying validate and confirm your subscriptions.

Summing It Up...

If you came to this site has a solution to earning money through surveys then I'm afraid this isn't one. They aren't a scam but at the same time Top10bestpaidsurveys is nowhere near being legitimate.

While this site is of no benefit for you unless your looking for 10 random survey sites your better of finding them on Google or better still checking out our #1 recommendation which will actually help you make £300+ a month.

All this site does is sign you up for loads of different survey sites, so you won’t earn a single cent using the site.

With a lot of false hype saying that you will earn wads of cash, this site is definitely one to avoid.

Looking For A Way To Make Easy Cash Now?

This survey site makes it much more worth your time and effort! There free and have multiple opportunity's to help you make money. You can earn money by doing activities such as surveys, watching TV, searching the web and much more...

My Verdict


Have you used Top10bestpaidsurveys? What do you think to them?

Let me know in the comments section below:)