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Yoursaypays Surveys Review – Can You Earn Money With This Site?

Today I’ll be bringing you a Yoursaypays Surveys Review. Yoursaypays is a survey panel based in the united kingdom that pays their members to complete surveys. This is a survey site that I have just come across recently after reading several reviews on them on social media. 

Anyway today I’ll be breaking down Yoursaypays to see if there a genuine survey site and if it’s really possible to make money using the site.

Who is available to sign up for Yoursaypays surveys?

Yoursaypays surveys are only available to residents of the united kingdom and the republic of Ireland. Unfortunately, young teens cannot sign up for the site as only adults over 18 are allowed to complete surveys on the site.

How do you sign up?

To sign up you will need to press the register here button at the top of the page. From there you will need to enter the standard details plus your mailing details, that is just to prove that you live in The United Kingdom or The Republic Of Ireland.

What Pay-out Can You Request?

You can request payouts in the form of either Amazon UK vouchers or PayPal Money.

What’s the Minimum Cashout?

Now Minimum Cashout is one of the main factors for me that decides whether I’m going to use a survey site on a regular basis. The minimum cashout for yoursaypays is £20 which is a turn ofI’veIve signed up for sites and use ones that have minimums of £5 and £10 but i find £20 just a bit too much. 

How long can you expect to wait to receive your reward?

The waiting times for rewards are not great. For both Amazon vouchers and PayPal, you will need to wait up to 30 days to receive your reward. This is pretty rubbish when you consider that there are many online reward sites out there paying their members in much less time. Along with the high cashout, this probably explains why this site isn’t that popular and why I haven’t come across this site much sooner.

So How does Yoursaypays work?

Uk companies pay and send out surveys to Yoursaypays which are then passed on to their members, basically you guys. For every survey, you successfully complete you will get paid for it. 

Yoursaypays update their site with surveys and also if members click the tick box when they sign up send survey invitations through email. I’ve seen many reviews from people who have said that a number of surveys you receive is little and infrequent. Not only that the surveys worth are fairly small and when I say small I’m talking a couple of 10ps.

Although I haven’t been sent many surveys since I joined the site, I did try and attempt a couple of surveys myself. The bad thing is that for all the surveys I attempted I didn’t get accepted to a single one and got screened out at times where I just wasn’t expecting it.

What other ways can you earn at Yoursaypays Surveys?

Because the site exclusively just surveys there aren’t any other ways you can just log in and make money from using the site apart from their referral system which I’ll talk more about in a minute. Making money is a struggle with this site as not only are there no other ways bar referrals of making money on the site but just the frequency of surveys. I’ve heard from some users of the site who have had to wait up to a year to reach the £20 minimum threshold

I’ve heard from some users of the site who have had to wait up to a year to reach the £20 minimum threshold, now that’s quite bad!

Yoursaypays Surveys Referral System

Thier referral system is the only other way you can make money on the site. For every referral, you recommend to the site that signs up you get £0.50 and so does the referral. Unfortunately, they do not offer percentages of your referrals earnings like most of the other survey sites are currently doing. I guess a good way of going about this site is that if you can conjure up 40 referrals to sign up then you will be able to receive a payout.

Can you earn money using this site?

It’s not a scam and you can make money using the site, just don’t expect to see a PayPal cheque from them anytime soon after joining. There are many other better survey sites out there that I recommend, PrizeRebel, Swagbucks and Keep Rewarding to name a few.

Sign up for Yoursaypays here

Yoursaypays Surveys Review Pros:

  • Can make a payout by using the referral system

Yoursaypays Surveys Review Cons:

  • Not enough surveys
  • Minimal threshold is too high
  • Over 18 requirement to sign up
  • Up to 30 days wait for reward to arrive



Don’t want to try Surveys?

I wouldnt mess about with the likes of Yoursaypays, a more reliable way to amke money is through affiliate marketing

Dont get me wrong surveys are a nice way to make money especially if you need it fast, but it won’t cover you in the long run. 

The best way to make a full-time income without having to work the 9/5 regime is through creating your own business. Anyone can make money this way, you don’t have to be an expert to succeed. When I first started I was a complete beginner and now I know exactly what I’m doing and am now making an income through it.

Wealthy affiliate teaches you how you can make your own online business and excell with it

Do check out my full review to my #1 recommendation to making money from home here



Do feel free to any questions or just anything in general in the comments section below:)



Wealthy Affiliates Huge discount for New members

Hi  again guys, just thought id share with you today a great offer on Wealthy Affiliate that they have been promoting recently. For any of you reading this who are yet to create an account make sure to check out my review of WA and the other posts I have published on WA.

If you are currently signed up with WA and don’t have a premium or haven’t created an account yet basically WA are offering a huge discount of 59% of the premium, yes that’s right 59%!

This is huge has this is a massive saving of over 30 dollars of what it originally was. With this offer, however, after you’ve created an account and made use of the 7-day free trial you will then have 7 days to decide whether this journey is the right thing for you. So I advise that if you want to get a taste of all the premium features available to you at premium to upgrade before the 7 days are up.

I have to admit when I was deciding whether to try the first-month at discount I was in two minds about as I was unsure if it would be worth it, but now looking back I’m happy I did as I have learnt a lot from WA in that time.

What features does WA premium offer over free membership?

Don’t forget if you decide to make the decision of going to premium and you don’t want to continue (although you won’t want to) you can at any time

There are many of people making the most of this offer and building a future right now

Will you be next?

feel free to leave a comment below:)

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  Make sure to check out my post on my review of wealthy affiliate as well

Wealthy Affiliates ‘Umbelievable’ Referral System

Today I’ll be showing you one of the best ways to make money by taking advantage of wealthy affiliates fantastic referral system. At Wealthy Affiliate they provide you with all the tools and resources you need to promote your online business and refer people to Wealthy affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliates Referal system may look complicated at first but as you get used to it and you make your way through their exclusive affiliate boot camp course you will become an expertise in it and would have learned all you’ll need to know about it.

When I first came across the system I was like this is far too good to be true when I saw the earning opportunities of the system, but when I took the affiliate boot camp as well as listening to what the WA community had to say about I had gained all the knowledge I needed to know how it worked.

by taking full use of the system I have been able to gain a good amount of success which is why I have decided to share this with you guys as you could be taking full advantage of me and many other people are already on a wealthy affiliate by starting your own business.

What do you need to do to get started?….

First things first you will need to create a WA account which is so easy and takes literally seconds!

<< You can make it right here :    >>


How does it work?

Wealthy affiliate provides you with the opportunity to make money by referring visitors to WA through your online business. For every referral who signs up for wealthy affiliate through your online business you get a commission, it’s that easy! There are so many people searching the internet nowadays, looking for opportunities to make money online, so as long as you build a good online business following the tips and tricks you learn at WA you will start to see those referrals roll in.

How do the commissions work?

When you sign up for WA there are different subscriptions offered to you, when you refer visitors you get a certain commission of the subscription they purchase at the site. Although not everyone you refer goes to premium with about only 12% ( 1 in 8 ) making that decision.

  • When a Referral successfully completes the sign-up process you will get 2 credits ($1)
  • First Month Free for New Members – (59% off = $15.99) – You will get $8
  • Sign up For Monthly Subscription – $49.99 – You will get $22.50
  • Sign up For Yearly Subscription – $359.99 – You will get $175

if you’re a starter member, however, you will earn only half, so for e.g instead of getting $22.50 for each monthly subscription, you will get $11.50, which is still pretty good!


Not only that you get a commission on all the purchases they make on WA, so if they renewed their subscription either monthly or yearly you will keep getting commissions.

So if someone you referred was to stay at WA for 5 years you will earn a whopping $875


if you were to get 100 referrals you could be earning up to 2,250 grand, and it doesn’t stop there! 

The potential is that big!

Okay…. I may have made it sound so easy but in truth, it is as long as you commit and put the hours in it, anyone can succeed in any online business it just depends if you have the determination to make things work!

Affiliate Bootcamp – Your #1 Guide

download-9The affiliate boot camp course provided by WA is a great course on learning all you need to know. Kyle runs all 7 of the courses in the affiliate Bootcamp with the first one exclusively free to all free members. Basically, the idea of the 7 courses is to show you all the possible ways of promoting affiliate marketing, including blogging, Banners, Links and much more…

download-7Although you may think that’s not entirely amazing I have to admit when I first got introduced to WA I learned all the basics I needed to know to succeed in course 1. By going to premium, however, you ultimately have the full shebang of it all.



Thank you for reading my blog and I Hope you found it of use to you

feel free to leave a comment below:)

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  Make sure to check out my post on my review of wealthy affiliate as well

5 Must use ways to attract traffic to your site

if  you were to ask a blogger what they want for Christmas?

what do you think they would say?

More Targeted Traffic To Thier Site Please

Having good useful traffic is crucial in developing any site, and while it’s important to have traffic you need to know how to go about getting it.bloggers are always asking themselves the question of ‘what is the best way to get traffic to my website’

Bloggers are always asking themselves the question of ‘what is the best way to get traffic to my website’

Here ill be showing you 5 must use ways to attract traffic to your site…..

  1. The Use Of Social Media

The use of social media is one of the most consistent ways to get traffic out there. By advertising on social media you are connecting with others and attracting other people to come check out your site. using social media is a great way as you are able to build online communities and groups specific to your niche so you are then able to attract people who are interested in your niche. In my opinion, I would recommend these ones, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.


2. Blog More 

Blogging more regularly is a good way to improve your traffic as it helps you to get better rankings and gain more trust with google. By adding content more regularly you are more likely also to retain visitors as if they know that you upload often they will be more likely to return to your site. When it comes to knowing how regularly you need to blog really depends on your niche, personally I like to upload a blog 3/4 times a week as I like to take time and provide good useful content for my visitors.


3. Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is another method of getting referred traffic to your site. This method can be very effective as it allows you to attract people who are interested in your niche to your site. To this method, you will need to find bloggers in your niche that would be happy with you posting on their site.

4. Mention other bloggers 

linking posts made by other bloggers is a great way to improve your traffic as the kind of like guest blogging it helps you to get visitors that go their site to come and check out your site.


An example of this:

The other day I was browsing the internet when I came across this interesting article from a well-known blogger called Neil Patel on traffic, in this, he mentions his effective strategies on how he goes about getting traffic.

5. Include Interesting content

Content is one of the main factors that determine whether you get good traffic, as without good interesting content it makes it very hard to retain any visitors. You can make interesting content for your visitors no matter what your niche is! When thinking of what to write you should put down whatever comes to your head at that moment and let it flow from there. My biggest tip is to write concise content because then the reader is less likely to get bored and more likely to read all the way to the end



Thank you for reading my blog and I Hope you found it of use to you

feel free to leave a comment below:), If you want another part to this leave a comment and ill do another 5 must use ways to get traffic to your site

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They are currently doing a 59% discount for new users wanting to upgrade to premium so definitely worth checking it out if you’re interested!

  Make sure to check out my post on my review of wealthy affiliate as well

How to Create your Own Website for Free?

Many may think that the process for creating your own website is complex and long winded, however, it is quite the opposite.

When you browse the Internet going from site to site you wIll notice that many sites out there especially the well-known ones are well designed and include a lot of big features within them.

the thing is though and this is what I tell to anyone who questions me on getting success through making your own website is that anyone can make their own website and gain success through it

There are a lot of sites out there that allow you to create your own website such as the likes of, weekly and others

However, in this post I’ll be showing you how you can make your own website entirely free through Wealthy Affiliate in just a couple of easy steps

Step 1 – Make an account with Wealthy Affiliate (Takes approximately 30 SECONDS!)

First things first you will need to sign up with an account at Wealthy affiliate which takes little to no time whatsoever



Step 2: What do your want your niche to be?

I’ve put choosing your niche as a step on its own as finding you perfect niche can take some time and research. So basically what your niche is the specific topic you want your website to be based on.

Before going into building your website what I would suggest and this is also what I did before going into building my website is brainstorming ideas down this is basically putting anything down that cone’s into your head as well as using the Internet to research other ideas.

Once you have your niche sorted you are now ready to move on to step 3….


Step 3 – Start the Course 1 of the online entrepreneur’s qualification

One thing you may notice when you first have a look around the site is the amount of information, online guides and tools available at your doorstep. Unless your planning on going straight into the site builder, I would suggest you start to make your way through Course 1.

Also throughout these lessons they will show you how to setup your own domain with hosting for FREE!


As you make your way through the course which is 10 lessons in total it will show you a step by step guide to setting your website up and will also hell you develop a beginners understanding of websites. By completing the 1st course you will by the end have the basic.


All the courses are made by co-owner Kyle who also helps run the side alongside Carson. In each lesson, Kyle also provides an in-depth video walkthrough of each lesson, which I found especially helpful for when I first started at the site.

Kyle and Carson decided to make the first course free to all members on the site, however, there are another 4 courses on the online entrepreneur’s qualification available for premium users to access which contains all the information you wI’ll need to master your site and take it to the next step. Although you don’t necessary need to upgrade to premium o get success with your website I do highly recommend you look into the premium memberships as there are many benefits available to you.

Hope you enjoyed this blog on how to create your own website

if you have queries or need help or anything feel free to leave a comment below:)

if you are interested in checking out wealthy affiliate and looking to create your own account with them for free check out the link for Wealthy affiliate

  Make sure to check out my post on my review of wealthy affiliate as well

The Secrets Behind Mark Zuckerbergs Sucess

When you think of successful businesses one of the first ones that come to your head is facebook, and the man behind all of it who got the site up and running was a man called Mark Zuckerberg. Now if you haven’t heard of Mark Zuckerberg then you’ve clearly been hiding in the cave for god how long as he is one of the biggest online businessmen out there and currently makes a whopping $51 million per annual.

Now many will ask how did he get there and how you can try and get the same success as he did. In this blog, I’ll be going through what I think are the 5 reasons why Mark Zuckerberg gained the success that he did and how you can implement some of these skills into your online business.

1. He set clear goals

Now to succeed in anything you must have a set of goals as without any you are not really setting yourself anything to try and go and (11) In Marks case, his goal was to set up a social media site more advanced than the likes of and MySpace at the time. Understanding what you need to do in order to achieve your goals is the best way to ensure that you reach your goal. Mark set up a goal system where he set up goals for himself to try and work towards each year and then at the end of each year he would then make an evaluation of each goal to look at how he has progressed with each of his goals within the year.

2. Showed Determination

To go far in any online business you must be determined to succeed has without any set of determination you are basically setting yourself up for failure. images (4)Mark made it clear that he wasn’t going to stop until he had come up with a product that was going to outshine the other online social media sites out there. Mark had to face a lot of sleepless nights and a lot of long days trying to figure out more ways to further develop his site and what features he could add to make his site special. When facebook was finally released in 2005 it contained many features that most people didn’t even think were possible to put on a site, People were able to share stories with the community something that wasn’t as well developed in other social media sites at the time. Many people were able to use Facebook to track down long lost family and friends by using the site, with many stories being told where the family had been found on there who people didn’t even know existed before. With so much competition it would have been very easy for Zuckerberg to back down at any point but instead he decided to carry on and see the project through to it’s up most potential.

Mark Zuckerburg’s has been able to get to the place that he is today due to is the dedication and hard work and never once believed that anything was out of his reach. By showing the amount of drive that he did just shows how much of an inspiration he is towards younger generations and it shows everyone that no matter who you are, you have the potential to make something good of yourself.

3. Took Gambles and risks

In order for Mark Zuckerberg to get to the place he is today, he had to take many risks and gambles along the way. Some people say that in order to gain success you must take risks to get to higher places and that is something that mark definitely did. download (12) When he was well into the process of developing his websites many of the hugest investment companies were all fighting for the right to work alongside Mark Zuckerburg. By making the decision alongside his facebook team to ignore the interest of the investment companies was a risk that paid off in the end as the website was then developed anti much more than it started off has. Although there was the great temptation to go for the offers being put up by investment companies that this was then able to show you a bit about Mark Zuckerberg personality and how he wasn’t going to settle for second best. By not letting fear get in the way of such a big decision he was able to benefit from it and vastly improve his chances of gaining a better business.

4. Set up a good team

Another thing that helped mark gain the success he did was the fact he had a great team behind him supporting his every decision. download (13)by having a team behind him mark was able to receive the support he needed as well as being able to share any ideas with the team. By having a team that wants to gain success is only going to lead to success, the key to success is having the determination and focus to better something which is something that both mark and his team were able to carry through the whole process. By having a team they are then able to understand what you are trying to do with the product and will start to feel more involved with the company



5. Consistently focused

In order to come out with any type of success, you must be consistently focused on the whole process of developing a business. download (1)The greatest things are achieved only when you are focused and that is a field that Mark shined in as at no point did he drift off and get distracted with other rubbish that could have decreased his chances of success. Although people argue and say that everything was handed on a plate to Mark Zuckerberg and that as soon as he thought up an idea everything was straightforward from then on, well this is rubbish as at all times mark  remained focused and concentrated fully on developing his product which a lot of hard work



I hope you enjoyed my 5 reasons on why Mark Zuckerberg enjoyed the success he did and that if you have anything to ask me to feel free to leave a comment below:)

I’ll be uploading more on successful businessman and will be going through how they got to where they are now

if you are interested in checking out wealthy affiliate and looking to create your own account with them for free check out the link for Wealthy affiliate

Make sure to check out my last post on the review of wealthy affiliate

Cya later folks, Josh 🙂

6 Simple Ways To Make Money In Your Spare Time

In this article I’ll be going through some of the best ways to make money, whether waiting for a paycheck seems to far away or your just looking for a way to pass time but while making money. Then these ways that I’m going to be discussing with you could be the perfect ideas for you.

1. Selling on eBay

Ebay is a great website for selling unwanted and unused items online that you no longer require. imagesBy selling your items on eBay not only are you getting rid of items that you no longer need you are also able to get some extra cash for all the items that you are selling on there.

2. Online survey sites

Completing online surveys is a great way to get money quick. Online sites are good for getting gift cards such as PayPal, amazon, and much more. If you want to check out a list of the best survey sites from my experiences go to the best survey sites for making extra money page.

3. Starting up your own website

Making a website is a good way of making money, although one mistake people always make with this way is that they go into it thinking there going to make money easy and fast, this is where they are in fact wrong! Going through with making the website and getting it to its full potential can be time-consuming and require a lot of energy in order to get anything out of it at the end. The good thing about this way, however, Is that once you get into the flow of things it becomes much easier and more opportunities to make money online stem from that. The site that I went with and that I highly recommend for any of you out there is a wealthy affiliate, this business will show you everything you need to know about the online marketing industry and how to properly set up a website. I’ll be uploading a full review of wealthy affiliate for you guys within the next couple of days, so keep an eye out for that.
download (7)
4. Mowing the lawn

If you looking to do a simple job that pays well with a reasonable amount of effort applied then mowing the lawn could be a good job for you. Mowing the lawn is a good quick way of getting money for age and as long as you advertise your services well you will be able to spark interest from people. By simply organizing a set of leaflets and posting them around your town will get you going and would help you promote yourself and start up your mini business.

5. A Part time job

A part-time job is one of the most common ways that people go about getting money in their spare time. There are all types of part time jobs which are aimed at people ages 16+ who currently have the time to do so. A part time job would be the perfect job if you are currently a student (16-21) as it offers you good money as well as a good set of work experience.
images (1)

6. Becoming a Freelancer

Freelancing is an ever growing online industry where you can get money for offering your services online, these can be writing a blog, creating an advert, designing a website and the list goes on…. There are loads of people online looking for people to complete the simplest of tasks for them in return for a good sizable amount of money for their services. One of the most popular and best-paying freelance websites out there would be a site called Fiverr.

images (2)


I have stumbled across this site a fair few times and by the looks of it they seem to be a good genuine website and looks like the perfect way to earn money if you own good skills in any field, just by doing a simple task and getting a fiver for it, in my opinion, is totally worth looking into.





If you enjoyed the read and have any questions about anything feel free to leave a comment below:)

I’ll be uploading a further more parts to this blog in the future with more ways for you guys to look into

Also if any of you are interested in starting up with blogging check out Wealthy affiliate

Make sure to check out my last post on how to tell whether a site is a scam

Josh 🙂

Welcome Folks!

Hey guys and welcome to my website, my name is joshua and from now and into the future ill be going through the best ways to make money online and sharing with all of you my personal expences that I have had with them. Also I will be reviewing all types of ways to make money online so that you know exactly what your getting into before going through with signing up at sites you don’t know enough about.

download (4)



If you’ve had any past experiences that you want to share or any sites that you want me to review in the future then Feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of the page