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Chasen Research Review – Are They Legit Or Another Scam?

Quite a lot of the survey sites I review and try out are fairly established. In this post I have a Chasen Research review which is a company who have been around for over 30 years.

The fact they have been around that long maybe enough to assume they are legit but that isn't always the case.

The aim of this review is to give you more information on this site and whether they are a genuine site to make money online.

Now like the title of this post says are Chasen Research legit or a scam? I'll answer that question in this posr

Chasen Research Review

Name: Chasen Research

Type: Market Research Company

Recommended?:​ Yes 

Verdict: Legitimate

What Is Chasen Research?

Chasen Research is a market research company out in New York, USA. They first came on the scene back in 1986 by someone called Marcie Chasen.

Like most panels the focus of the company is to give opportunity's to the public to make money through various types of studies.

They also work with clients to help by collecting useful opinions to help improve and innovate various products

Opportunities available to thier members consist of the likes of surveys, focus groups and a few other. I'll take more on how these work at the site later.

Who Is Eligible To Participate​​​​?

In order to be eligible you will need to be residing in the US to participate. Also if your a teen you also won't be elgible has they are only seeking adults over 18.

The main opportunity that Chasen Research focus on is there focus groups of which only take place in the US. Although if you do live in the US the focus groups run all over the country.

How Do You Start Making Money With Brand Institute?

As I briefly mentioned the main way they look at gathering opinions on products is through there Focus Groups. They do however carry out online surveys for those who aren't interested in being interviewed face to face.

Opportunity's pay anywhere between $20 to $100 a study. This is very good pay for what is generally a simple task and easy thing to participate in.

Who Are They Targeting?​​​​

Whats good is that I'd your over 18 they are targeting almost every demographic. So finding a study that matches you won't be so difficult.

There looking for all types of people to participate so whether you are in full time employment or even unemployed there is surveys for you.

There are many sites that offer opportunities to make money but you will find a number of them are only looking for strict targeted audiences.

What Is The Payout Process Like?

When you complete a study you will be sent a payment for it. The amount you will be paid completely depends on the worth of the study.

You will be able to recieve your payment through either a bank transfer or cheque, down to your preference

Chasen Research Positives and Negatives

The 'Good' Stuff

  • check
    Opportunity for all demographics and audiences
  • check
    Focus groups pay very well for your time
  • check
    Open to anyone over 18

The 'Not So Good' Stuff

  • close
    Not a reliable way to make money online


I normally don't recommend these kind of reward sites that focus on focus groups to gather insights and opinions.

However this is a established company that has been around for years that does pay very well for each study you participate in

It is important to know that these kind of sites are good for the one of payouts every now and then but if your looking for consistent income I wouldn't consider them if that's what your looking for

My 'Worth It' Rating

What I’d recommend over Chasen Research?

I'm not going to lie but at least $20 a study is quite good and that for some you can even get $100 sounds great.

However the way I see it that is only one of payments so achieving a consistent income using Chasen would be hard.

Instead I would recommend sites that will help you earn on more of a consistent basis and help add to your primary income

Baker Street Solutions Review – Are They Legit or a Scam

In this post I have a Baker Street Solutions Review, this is a survey panel that pays members to complete surveys.

If you have come across this post to find out just what they are about and whether they are legit then your in the right place.

There are many reward sites that offer opportunities to make money while not all of them are scams there not all legit either

​This review should give you a heads up on Baker Street and if they are legit whether to even dedicate your time with them.

Baker Street Solutions Review

Name: Baker Street Solutions

Type: Survey Panel

Recommended?: ​Yes​​​

Verdict: Legit

Who Are Baker Street Solutions?

Baker Street Solutions are a market research company who started up the survey panel.

There aim Is collect great data that can then be used to help improve products and services from leading retailers in the world.

They have visions to become one of the best research companys in the world and managed to even win the top agency at the internet marketing association awards back in 2015

How Do You Sign Up?

The sign up process will take you a couple of minutes to complete just like most sites and is easy to do.

The things you will need to know before trying to attempt to sign up is that this site is exclusive only to US residents aswell as people over 18.

If you fit into both of them demographics your good to go.

How Do You Start Making Money With Brand Institute?

Now with all that said your probably wondering how do you make money and how well do the opportunity's offered to members pay

The main opportunity for making money is through there surveys which can be taken on both a handheld device and on a computer.

The other notable opportunities are through there Focus Groups and Interviews however whether you qualify for these studies depend on your demographics and your profile.

Now surveys pay generally around $5 to $40. I say that because many of the surveys do pay very well within the latter region.

This is different to other survey sites Ive recommended at points in the past as many claim they pay within a region but don't. 

I've reviewed and used sites that say they pay between $1 to $20, however you find the majority of invites are just over a $1, which sucks!

What Is The Payout Process Like?

​The payout system consists of payments sent out through cash. These will be sent out through either Cheque or a direct deposit depending on your preference.

​If your not interested in those payouts they also payout through Amazon gift cards. 

Bakers Street Solicitors Positives and Negatives

The 'Good' Stuff

  • check
    Pay out really well for surveys
  • check
    Established and the majority of reviews and experiences are positive
  • check
    Open to people over 18+

The 'Not So Good' Stuff

  • close
    Exclusive to only US residents


My first impressions and my thoughts after this review aswell are positive for this site. It's rare to find survey sites that pay well while also having an efficient payment system.

While I do recommend this site it's important to bare in mind that they won't make you rich however they will offer you opportunity's to make some extra cash

My 'Worth It' Rating

What I’d recommend over Baker Street Solutions?

No survey site is perfect nor are they going to make you rich. If any survey site has told you that they will help you make tons of money there probably not all there made out to be.

Baker Street Solutions are good in there own right however there not for everyone.

I've reviewed a good number of survey sites and from my experiences with them I haven't come across a site that has come close to my #1 recommendation.

Hopefully this Baker Street Solutions Review helped you out and gave​​​​ you the right information you were looking for 

What do you think to them? Have you had experiences with the site? 

Let me know in the comments section below

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Fast Pay GPT Review – Are They Just As Good As They Sound?

​In this post I'll be carrying out a Fast Pay GPT review and I'll be going over everything you need to know about this survey site.

This site is one of many existing survey sites out there however not all of them offer a quick way to make some more dollars.

Will this site be one of those that actually pays well for your time? Read on to find out if I recommend it and my reasons why

Fast Pay GPT Review

Name: Fast Pay GPT

Type: Survey Site

Recommended?: No

Verdict: Scam...I'll explain why in this review

FastPayGPT Main Page

What Is Fast Pay GPT?

Fast pay GPT is a relatively new survey panel who's operaters are based in the US. 

From first impressions I have seen many similar survey sites that work just like this one. As many of the features if not like are the same on many other survey sites.

Anyway the concept is pretty simple with Fast Pay as every time you complete a survey you will be paid.

There is a procedure you have to go through with the surveys which I'll talk about aswell as the other opportunities available to you a bit later.

FastPayGPT Logo

How Do You Go About Making Money With Fast Pay GPT?

There are many opportunities on offer to get straight of the bat to get you earning.

These consist of various surveys, offers, tasks and the offerwall, these are the main opportunity's that popped out to me at first.

They also have a referral system which I always recommend as you can normally utilise them to make more of a long term income. For every referral you refer you won't recieve a bonus but you will get a share of whatever they make. 

Now for the surveys and how they work which works different to others. Once you have chosen a survey and completed it you then need to return the original page and press submit.

Fast pay GPT will then credit you, although it is worth knowing that all Payouts are put into a pending state for 30 days.

What Is The Payout Process Like?

There are a couple of Payouts available which consist of the likes of PayPal, Bitcoin and Check.

What's definitely a positive is the minimal threshold is $1 so you can recieve a payout after 1 or 2 surveys.

Not Established and Hardly and reviews...

​It is normal for new sites to have little to know reputation but I was kind of suprised that I found no reviews for the site.

Normally you will find at least one review but with this one there is none. What's also quite interesting is that this site has paid only $1000 which is very low for a survey site.

To add to that when looking through the site after signing up I didn't find a privacy policy or any information about the company. If you have been reading my blog for some time you will know that this is a huge sign of a scam.

Fast Pay GPT Positives and Negatives

The 'Good' Stuff

  • check
    Low Minimum Threshold
  • check
    Has a referral system
  • check
    Number of surveys available to you

The 'Not So Good' Stuff

  • close
    Earnings put into pending for 30 days
  • close
    No Privacy policy or about us page

My Overall Thoughts

I'm going to say right now that this site is simply not worth it. I find the fact that there is no about us/privacy policy suspicious as they are mandatory on all sites these days.

With that said, I would leave Fast pay GPT right here as there ae other survey sites that are worth your time and more importantly are established

My 'Worth It' Rating

What I’d recommend Instead of Fast Pay GPT?

If you sign up for Fast Pay GPT you will be able to complete surveys and earn cash however there is no guarantee that you will recieve any payouts. 

Instead I only recommend sites that I know pay out and that I have used myself.

Ive tried a good number of survey sites and from my experience I haven't found a more rounded site that offer's more opportunity's then Swagbucks.

Opinions at Trone Review – Is This Survey Site Worth It?

In this post I'll be bringing you a Opinions at Trone Review. This is a survey panel I've come across recently that offer's opportunity's for you to make money online.

I think it goes without saying that not every survey panel out there will help you earn extra cash, but from the ones I've use I have had success with.

Anyway I'm guessing you have come across this review to find out a more about Opinions at Trone and whether they are worth your time. 

I was suprised of the lack of reviews for this panel however I today I'll cover every thing you need to know about them.

Opinions At Trone Review

Name: Opinions At Trone

Type: Survey Site

Recommended?: No and I'll explain why later

Verdict: Legitimate, But not an opportunity to make money

What Are Opinions at Trone About?

For those of you who don't know Opinions at Trone is a survey panel that reward members for completing surveys. 

Notice how i said reward instead of pay that is because you don't earn gift cards of cash for your participation at this site, but I'll get more into this later on.

So what exactly are Opinions at Trone, they are a panel owned and operated by Trone Brand Energy. The aim of the company is to collect opinions and insights on products from the public and forward them on to market research companys.

The company have been in force ever since 1982 and are an established US based company.

How Do You Start Making Money With Opinions at Trone?

Now to start with let me tell you that earning money isn't exactly possible with this site.

That is because when you complete surveys instead of gaining points that can be later used to redeem rewards you will be entered into sweepstakes.

Personally I'm not a fan of these kind of sites as you do the surveys that can sometimes take time only to be entered into a draw. This means that if your rewarded or not it depends on whether you win the sweep.

How Much Can You Make From Thier Sweepstakes?

From what I've seen people have won the sweepstakes which I was surprised to hear. My initial impression was that they were another scam however people have made money. 

From the reviews I have seen people have made $50 and even $100. They do claim though that the main draw is $250 so if you win that it could be worth it.

However your by no means guarenteed to win anything as completing surveys will only get you entries and even then it's still only a small chance you win.

Opinions at Trone Positives and Negatives

The 'Good' Stuff

  • check
    ​Established company
  • check
    High paying sweepstakes to be won

The 'Not So Good' Stuff

  • close
    Whether you earn money is complete chance
  • close
    High age requirements
  • close
    No other consistent ways to earn extra cash offered to members


Unfortunately I'll start this sum up of this site by saying I do not recommend it. I find the idea of completing surveys only to be entered into a draw a waste of time.

Obviously if you manage to win you will end up earning a nice amount of money however the chances of that happening are against you.

My 'Worth It' Rating

What I’d recommend over Opinions at Trone?

Its easy to recommend sites that are better then Opinions at Trone that is because there are many sites out there that offer more opportunities to make money online.

I've used quite a few in the past but to save you the time I've narrowed all of them down to 1 survey site that I have has the best experiences with and will offer you the most opportunity's to make money.

Brand Institute Review – Is This Panel Legitimate?

A lot of survey sites I fairly the same, as many run the same kind of surveys. However with Brand Institute there a little different in that they are targeting a medical audience.

This survey site isn’t going to be for everyone and fit most people as they are looking for people who have experience in the Medical industry.

The question and the reason I’m guessing behind you coming to this Brand Institute review is whether they are legit or a scam.

In today’s review I’ll cover this aswell as whether they are worth your time or Not, that is if you qualify…

Brand Institute Review

Name: Brand Institute

Type: Survey Site

Recommended?: Depends...As they target different on for more

Verdict: Legitimate

What Is Brand Institute?

Brand Institute is a market research company who founded this survey panel in there own name.

Like most of the survey panels out there this one is based in the US, however they are not exclusive to US residents only as anyone worldwide can sign up.

Like most survey sites the concept is that you will be paid to complete surveys.

A lot of the surveys are targeting the Medical field, they do though have other general surveys that are for anyone. it’s worth noting that these surveys pay much less then the Medical surveys

How Do You Start Making Money With Brand Institute?

Once you have completed the registration you can start receiving invites to surveys. 

As I briefly mentioned earlier there are two survey reward ranges depending on the surveys you complete.

There are your everyday surveys the ones you will find similar on most survey sites and then there are the Medical based surveys.

Anyone can complete the general surveys and these will pay between $1 to $5 a survey.

However if your a medical professional the earning potential is higher as you can expect to receive between $5 to $30.

As for how long you can expect each survey to take, most surveys generally take 10 to 30 minutes.

Looking at how much you can receive there is certainly more of an incentive to join if you qualify for the latter type of surveys as they pay 5x better.

Brand Institute VIP Program

They also run a program which is for the loyal and long serving members. Where after being a member for over a half a year you qualify for their VIP Program.

The idea of this program is that members can complete surveys before others, so have a better chance of getting paid out.

Some people have issues where they get disqualified due to market research companies having already collected the data they need from survey takers.

This theoretically gives you a better chance of getting to the end of most surveys.

Another bonus to this program is that you get access to the referral program which general members don’t.

I always recommend utilizing this feature on survey sites as they give you the opportunity to make more of a long term kind of income.

What Is The Payout Process Like?

The main pay out for Brand Institute is through PayPal. Unlike some even most survey sites out there is they don’t have a minimal threshold.

Instead when you complete a survey you will receive your earnings for that survey without needing to reach a threshold.

After that survey closes and the research companies behind that survey have collected all the data they need you will be sent a pay out.

The Brand Institute Positives and Negatives

The 'Good' Stuff

  • check
     Some members have struggled to qualify for surveys
  • check
    Medical surveys pay really well
  • check
    Open to anyone over 18

The 'Not So Good' Stuff

  • close
    Som​​​​e members have struggled to qualify for surveys


Brand Institute are certainly legit however the question is whether they are worth it or not.

For the general members I would say no but for people applying there trade in the Medical industry is say yes.

Simply because $5 to $30 A survey in my opinion is fantastic pay.

My 'Worth It' Rating

What I’d recommend over Brand Institute?

Of course Brand Institute will make you a couple of extra dollars. However from what I’ve seen the site is more designed for members who are in the Medical industry.

Now if your not working in the Medical industry but still want to be paid well for completing surveys. I would recommend checking out the survey site I use to make a sum of my income.

Are you a member of Brand Institute? Heard of them before?

Either way I’d love to hear from you by leaving a comment down below!

What Users Do Review – A Legitimate User Testing Site For Making Money?

There are a number of opportunities to make money online, completing surveys, making your own online business to name a few. Today I have a What Users Do review which is an opportunity I have come across recently to make money.

Another well known opportunity is 'testing', this is something that has become very popular over the last couple of years.

For me there are two kinds of testing that I'm familiar with that comes to mind, that are product testing and user testing.

The site I'll be reviewing fits into the latter of the two. So you will be paid for user testing and in this case testing out various websites in exchange for cash.

But who an earth are 'What Users Do' and how can you use them to make additional income? 

​I'll answer that question and others all in this review

What Users Do Review

Name: What Users Do

Type: User Testing 

Recommended: Yes

Verdict: Legit

What Are They About?

What Users Do is a user testing site where members and participants get paid to test out websites. 

like the name of the company suggests 'What Users Do' wants to find out just what users do when they come across websites and how they engage with them.

This information will then be passed on to thier owners of the sites there working with. Which will be used to ultimately improve the website. 

This kind of stuff can go along way as it can help people test various things on the site and then see how people interact and use the features on the site.

How Do You Start Making Money With What Users Do?

So your probably wondering how do you start making money. Basically when you sign you they will start sending you invites to tests that you can choose to participate in.

You don't have to accept every invitation so you leave them right there in your email however for every test you complete you will recieve $5. In my opinion that's some good money for doing something you probably do every day.

You will get up to 5 tests a month, so there's a earning potential of up to an extra $25 each month. It's also worth knowing that 'what users do' do look at each test and if they see that your doing a good job of testing the sites you will recieve more invites.

How Do The Tests Work?

The tests consist of you reciveing ​​​​a website that they would like you to test out and try.

Some Usertesting companys require there members to have a working webcam this isn't the case however with this site as they will only be recording your screen and your voice through mic.

The reason why they record your voice aswell is to hear what your saying while you test out the site

What Is The Payout Process Like?

The payout process is fairly simple as when ever you complete a study you will be paid out. So you won't need to reach any kind of threshold.

​Now it's worth noting that while there isn't a threshold they instead have a payout day where they issue out all the payments. In this case the payout day is the 25th of each month.

These payments will be paid out to your PayPal. So if you wanting to participate over at this site you will need to make sure you have a verified PayPal account to start receiving Payouts. 

The 'What Users Do' Positives and Negatives

The 'Good' Stuff

  • check
    Offers a simple way to earn money
  • check
    Site is easy to navigate around

The 'Not So Good' Stuff

  • close
    Won't make you alot of money as the invites are fairly limited each month


For anyone looking at going down the route of testing in return for rewards this could be a good place to start. 

The site is laid out well and the tests do pay fairly well at $5 each. 

Of course it goes without saying that this site won't make you a fortune however adding an extra $25 for reasonably simple tasks won't hurt

My 'Worth It' Rating

Any Opportunitys Better Than What Users Do?

What Users Do will help you earn a little extra cash but that is it due to the maximum you can earn is $25.

​I do recommend them as there aren't to many decent Usertesting sites but the fact you can only earn so much does put me off a little.

Instead I would rather opt for a site that will help you earn more on a daily basis and also offer you more opportunity's to achieve that.

Darwins Data Review – Are They A Genuine Opportunity To Make Money?

There are plenty of opportunities out there to start making money. While not every one is genuine you do get ones that will help you make extra cash. Today I'll be bringing you a Darwins Data Review

By the looks of it you have clicked on this post to find out more about Darwins Data and whether they are worth it. 

This is a survey site that has come to my attention recently so I thought I might check them out to see just what there about.

Now Darwins Data is yet another survey panel however what do they offer. Are they even genuine and legit? I'll tell you everything you need to know in this review

Darwins Data Review

Name: Darwins Data

Type: Survey Site

Recommended?: ​Not really​​​

Verdict: ​They are Legit​​​

Who Are They?

Darwins Data is a research company based in the US who operate the survey panel. 

The panel is somewhat different to most of the other survey sites out there as they send legal dispute based surveys.

So essentially you are able to put your opinions on to good use and make an impact on various legal cases.

A Slightly Long Winded Sign Up Process...

Firstly you will need to register for the site. While most survey sites make the registration process simple to complete this one works slightly different.

Let me explain how it works, first you will want to request an invitation. Once Darwins Data as accepted it you will then need to complete a registration form.

This registration form will take roughly 30 minutes to complete. However while that's a long time you there is an initiative to it in that you will recieve a free $10 Tango gift card.

How Do You Start Making Money With Darwins Data?

Once you have completed the registration and have recived your bonus you can start earning rewards.

Now if your used to surveys or taken some in the past you will know that they generally take anywhere from 10 minutes to half an hour to complete, generally that is.

With Darwin you will be required to complete hour long surveys, which you have to complete in one sitting.

The survey consists of several parts, you will need to watch a video and then answer some questions on it. The video will be a legal case.

An hour is a long time to be in a survey for although they do make up for that with there high payouts. For every survey you complete you will recieve $25.

There is a slight catch though, each member is only allowed to complete 2 surveys a year. This means that earning potential is capped of at $50.

I guess its a nice for a couple of one of payments however making money on a consistent basis wont be the case with this site.

What Are The Rewards Like?

They offer various Gift cards as rewards for completing there surveys.

Aswell as Tango gift cards they have the likes of Amazon, Starbucks and many other retailers to choose from

Darwins Data Positives and Negatives

The 'Good' Stuff

  • check
    High Paying Surveys
  • check
    Many Rewards to choose from
  • check
    $10 Tango Gift Card just for joining

The 'Not So Good' Stuff

  • close
    Earning potential is capped to $50 a year
  • close
    May require ID
  • close
    Time Consuming Surveys


They are Legitimate however with only so much you can earn with Darwin I wouldn't recommend them.

Of course if you don't mind completing 1 or 2 surveys a year and being paid well for them this one could be for you. Also if your interested in legal case based surveys this could be up your street.

​However with that said there are in my opinion better survey sites out there that will help you money on a more consistent basis instead of one offs every now and then.

My 'Worth It' Rating

Maybe you like or have even used Darwins Data?

​Let me know your thoughts and opinions on them down below in the comments

Life Fun and Everything Review – Are They Legit Or a Scam

Today I have a Life Fun and Everything Review which is a site I’ve come across recently

In my opinion taking surveys online is a great way to make money online especially if your looking to earn some extra cash

However that is not always the case with all the opportunity’s out there online.

While some survey sites will make you an extra dollar or so others will try and scam you which is why you should always be careful when signing up to some survey sites.

Now I’m guessing you have landed at this post wanting to know a bit more about Life Fun and Everything.

I’ve recently come across them and reviewed the site for you and today I’ll be telling you my thoughts on the survey site and whether they are legitimate or a scam. 

There are a quite a few survey sites out there that make it possible for you to make money online however not all survey sites will make you money

Today you will know just whether this site is worth it and if so do I recommend them.

​Life Fun And Everything Review

Name: Life Fun And Everything 

Type: Survey Site

Recommended?: No

Verdict: Legit

What Is Life Fun and Everything?

Life Fun and Everything is a US based survey panel for residents of the United States.

The majority of survey sites are based and founded in America and this site joins that list.

They were founded by a market research company called Phoenix Marketing International and are also operated by them aswell. 

The concept of this site is simple in that you will be paid every time you complete a survey.

There are a few things that are different about Life Fun and Everything compared to other panels. 

First things first this survey panel is running on an invitation only basis so you can’t just sign up like you can do with other sites instead you will need to be invited in order to participate in there surveys.

How Do You Sign Up?

The sign up process is simple once you have been invited to register with the site

After you have registered and created an account you will recieve a $4 bonus.

How Do You Start Earning Money With Life Fun and Everything?

Has you may be aware when you register you will recieve invites to surveys to start earning money.

For every survey you complete you will earn dollars that can later be exchanged for various rewards.

What I noticed and read when reviewing Life fun and everything is that it takes time to earn a substantial amount with this site.

Simply because survey invites aren’t so frequent however when you do get invited the surveys they do tend to pay well.

You can expect to recieve around $2 a survey, however when signing up to this site it’s important to know that this site is far from being a way to make consistent money every month as you will only recieve 1 or 2 surveys a month. 

While this would put alot of people off there are still many members completing surveys with the site and earning some extra dollars a month. 

In my opinion there are still far better survey sites out there that will offer you more opportunity’s to make money as if for example you recieve a minimum of 1 survey a month that is $24 a year which really isn’t great and won’t go far. 

I’d much rather use reward sites that will pay me each month and also offer me the opportunitys to make a decent amount of money through surveys. 

What Is The Payout Process Like?

The payouts available are various gift cards which you can redeem once you have reached the minimum threshold.

You can request rewards such as prepaid visa gift cards, cimema tickets and various other gift cards which can all be redeemed once you have reached a balance of $25. 

Reaching the first payout with the initial 4 dollar bonus will be easier however reaching $25 every month will be near enough impossible simply due to the lack of opportunity’s available.

As for how long it will take to recieve rewards you can expect to recieve them within 4-6 weeks from the date you redeemed.


The Life Fun and Everything Positives and Negatives

The 'Good' Stuff

  • check
    Surveys are simple to complete
  • check
    Good reviews from members

The 'Not So Good' Stuff

  • close
    Takes alot of time to get a payout
  • close
    Not a recommended site for making money each month
  • close
    Need to be invited to participate in surveys


Life Fun and Everything is legitimate however its not a great site for making extra cash due to many reasons.

One it will take you months to recieve a payout and two the opportunities available to you on the site are limited.

I created this site to show people like you the best ways to make an income online and which survey sites will actually pay you well for your time allowing you to make a decent amount of money. 

However not all survey sites will help you earn well, and that’s what bracket Life Fun and Everything falls into.

Dont get me wrong they are legit there’s just much better opportunity’s out there and survey sites that pay much better in my opinion

My 'Worth It' Rating

What a Better Alternative?

For Life Fun and Everything I wouldn’t recommend however if your looking for a survey site that will pay much better then any of the existing survey sites out there I wouldn’t look past Swagbucks

I’ve reviewed over 200+ survey sites in the last year and I haven’t come across a more rounded survey site with more opportunity’s available.

Of course they won’t make you rich but like they’ve done for me they will make you an extra $400 a month.

Is Gold Opinions A Scam – The ‘Actual’ Truth Exposed! (Must Read!)

Is Gold Opinions A Scam

Looking to find out whether is Gold Opinions a Scam then hopefully this review will answer this question and any others you may have. 

You might have checked them out beforehand and see the claims that they have made on what you can make.

Repeatedly they talk about how you can make $50 per survey. However is this even true?

That is of course great money especially just for giving your opinion however with most things in life if it sounds way to good to be true it can be best advised that you stay well away.

Make sure to read until the end of this Gold Opinions review as I'll be covering everything you need to know about them and trust me there are things you must know!

Gold Opinions Review Summary


What Are They?:

Survey Site Funnel



$1 for the trial, then $27 a month after



Gold Opinions is a site that try's to convince you that you can make unheard of money completing surveys. This is one that is too not be trusted especially since you have to pay money!

 What Is Gold Surveys?

Gold Surveys may seem to be your ordinary survey site at first that claims to pay you to do surveys. However from inspecting the site and company they are anything but.

Some people may be unfamiliar with the concept of Gold Opinions. Instead of offering opportunities to make money they instead show you survey sites that you will make money.

 How Does Gold Opinions Work?

It is a two step sales funnel designed to help the owners make money when you go through it

  1. Firstly they get to buy you the membership to get access to 'exclusive' survey sites (actually not!), this will cost you $1 for the first 7 days and then $29 after that.
  2. Secondly they then recommend you to survey sites and put in their affiliate links so that they can make money every time someone signs up to a survey site they promote

As you can see Gold Opinions are making a fair few bucks per person who gets conned into their program.

The problem here is that no one should need to buy this membership in the first place. You simply shouldn't need to spend money in order to get a few survey site recommendations. 

Its so easy to find survey sites online, you can simply google them, so as you can see you would only be chucking away money here.

Then again the promises they make and how they claim that you will be earning with them, could convince you into thinking they are worth it.

 The Gold Opinions Positives and   Negatives

The 'Good' Stuff

1. ClickBank Certified Product

This is good for those of you who have brought the membership but then later found out (reading this review) that Gold Opinions is a load of rubbish!

This is because all Clickbank products do come with 60 day money back guarantee, so you will be able to get a refund.

Many scams do come through Clickbank and it stops them from scamming lots of people as at least you can get your money back.

 The 'Not So Good' Stuff

1. Over Hype and False Expectations

Those two things above are very common when it comes to scams, they are so desperate to make money and con you that they make the product to be something you require and will make you lots of money.

In reality though this isn't true and you will find that the sales tactics used with Gold Opinions have been done many times before.

With this one they claim you can make up to $50 a survey, with premium ones paying out the most. In my history of completing surveys and I have gone through many I have never come across a survey that has paid that much. 

There are opportunities such as video surveys where I have recived payments of around $50 from companies such as Mindswarms. However these surveys are different and involve you saying the answers to survey questions in front of camera.

If you try out most of the reputable survey sites or even check out Survey Police who have many featured you will find the standard rates are $1 to $5 a survey. This is a normal amount you can expect to make per survey, not the amounts they claim.

They also claim you can work flexible hours, this is also doesn't sound right as with surveys you aren't get paid per hour. Instead you are paid per survey you complete. 

Having the attitude 'oh I will go and work an hour and complete a few surveys' won't work. Yes, you will make a few dollars but there isn't a set income . This is because:

  1. Market Research companies are looking to reach a certain quota to complete there surveys. Once this has been reached they will close the survey down.
  2. Companies are also looking to find people who fit into certain demographics to complete their surveys. For e.g if you are trying to complete a survey on kids toys but you aren't a parent you will probably get disqualified
  3. Every survey tends to pay various amounts depending on it's length, time and topic.

Those two factors are why its hard to make a standard hourly income completing surveys.

2. Costs Money

What has to be one of the standout signs that this is a scam is that you have to pay for a subsciption.

You don't get any training, surveys to complete, or anything else of worth for the $27 that try to make you pay.

All you will get is a few survey sites that they recommend, so its safe to say your not gaining a great deal here. 

Completing surveys and the industry in general consists of market research companies looking for opinions on various things something that you shouldn't need to pay for.

3. Won't Make You Any Money!

I think what many people originally assume and to be fair Gold Opinions does seem like your ordinary survey site. However when you buy the membership and make an account with them you won't be making any money whatsoever with them

Sure you will make money if you join the survey sites they recommend however that defeats the object as these sites can be found for free without investing any money.

What I don't get is the fact there is a membership in place that you must by so not only are you conned but you are conned every month you keep the membership going.

Imagine leaving the membership active for 12 months that would be $3,240, for what though? A list of survey sites that make you a full-time income.

It sounds like such a scam to me and could be one of the worst ones I have seen. I have found sites such as SurveyAllStars and GetPaidSurveys trying to con people into submitting their email details for exclusive survey sites but the fact that this one make you pay a recurring fee is quite ridiculous.

 So Is Gold Opinions A Scam?

As you can tell Gold Opinions is not legit nor is it a site worth your time and effort. I would advise you stay well away from this scam as they are only out to get your money.

They are not providing a service that will help you make money or even an actual survey site, the only thing they are after is your hard earned money.

  • ​Do have a moneyback guarentee

  • Attempts to get you to buy a pointless membership

  • Set very high expectations of what you can earn
  • Not an actual survey site

 My 'Worth It' Rating


 My Alternative To   Gold Opinions

There are many other companies just like Gold Opinions out there and one thing they all have in common is greed to get your hard earned money.

To be honest I am sick of seeing them, but at least I get to check them out and give a good review on them to hopefully stop more people from falling for there traps.

You were probably just looking for a genuine opportunity to make money by giving your opinions in surveys and I have got you covered there.

By clicking on the banner below I will show you a list of survey sites that actually pay out.

I have tried hundreds of survey sites and many of them have turned out to be garbage, however these are established and have a history of paying out well to their members so I have no problems recommending them

What do you think to my Gold Opinions Review?

Let me know by leaving a comment down below, I'm interested in hearing what you guys have to say 🙂

Tube Profit Sniper Review – An Opportunity To Make $500+ Everyday?

Tube Profit Sniper Review

Have you checked out Tube Profit Sniper and become suspicious on whether or not they are genuine. 

Well It's good your here as today I'll be bringing you a Tube Profit Sniper review that should answer all the questions that you have on them. 

I bet you are probably looking for a platform that will make you money online and with the numbers this company are coming out with it does sounds great.

$500 a day? Over $2000 a month? Surely this is too good to be true. Make sure to read till the end as there are some hidden truths you should be aware of before purchasing this product.

Tube Profit Sniper Review Summary

Tube Profit Sniper Main Page

Name Of Product: Tube Profit Sniper


No Specific Owner


$37 (This goes down to $17 if you try and leave the page)


In summary Tube Profit Sniper is a untrustworthy program that tries to convince you that you can make money using YouTube on autopilot.

Verdict:              Scam!

 What Is Tube Profit Sniper?

Tube Profit Sniper is a program set up by an unknown individual claiming that you can make a passive income from using and watching YouTube videos.

Of course there is a lot of money to be made with YouTube and right now there are many influencers on the platform making lots of money however the idea behind Tube Profit Sniper sounds quite ridiculous.

They say 1) you can make money by just doing a few clicks and 2) you can make money just by watching videos.

If it was really that easy I'm sure more people would be doing this and not just the 20 students he claims to have enrolled, but of course as this is a scam you won't actually be making any money.

Honestly right of the bat I found way to many signs that this is just another scam and watching a few minutes of the sales video confirmed my suspicions. I'll explain more on what I found in this review.

 How Do You Start Making Money?

The idea is that you start a YouTube channel based around a niche of your choice based around an interest of yours. You then need to connect to a system called Cash Siphon and that's about it. All you have to do is complete those few steps in around 10 minutes and you will start to make floods of money.

Obviously this is all wrong and this will not make you money, in fact if you really want to make money you will need to put in some considerable effort to get it to a stage where you are making any type of income. 

Tube Profit Sniper Make $500 a day

Claiming you can make $500 every day from Youtube

Simply starting up a YouTube account and connecting it to some service isn't going to make you $500 a day like he claims everyone who has followed the process is doing. That's all bull***t quite frankly.

 How Do You Make Money With   YouTube?

In order to make money on YouTube you will need to learn how to get subscribers and how to build a big audience. This is how all the successful YouTubers make money as they build their audiences over time until they have reached figures where its possible to make full-time incomes and more

If you are reading this and thinking maybe YouTube is a good route to success then your right as it is but it will take a lot of motivation, time and dedication for it to work for you.

As like most businesses you have to put in the work, so this idea with Tube Profit Sniper in that all the work is done from you is a load of rubbish as from my experience there is no way you can make money with a automation tool.

This is just an overused sales pitch that these people say to convince you to buy there products.

 The Tube Profit Sniper Positives   and Negatives

While doing my research I found things I don't like about them that are signs they are a scam but at the same time I have also found a few things that are good about them.

 The 'Good' Stuff

1. ClickBank Product

As you may know with ClickBank products is that you can get your money back, you only have 60 days from purchase date so if you have brought them and are having second thoughts you can at least get your money back.

This is a good thing as what I have found with other products not associated with ClickBank is they offer some 30 day guarantee but end up running off with your money.

2. Offers Some Training

If there is another good aspect to point out then that's there training they have for you when you purchase.

To be honest there isn't a great deal of information here and won't take you much time to learn the modules, in fact you will find better guides elsewhere on Google for free.

So I wouldn't say its worth it just for the training as you can save your money and find training elsewhere.

I have reviewed platforms such as Wealthy Affiliate and Affilorama that do offer some in-depth training however what Tube Profit Sniper as to offer is quite bleak.

 The 'Not So Good' Stuff

1. Fake Testimonials (Very Cringy!)

The amount of times I have seen this on scams are countless, the use of fake testimonials is so over used and are used to make the platform sound legit. 

Unfortunately as by the heading all the testimonials you will watch in the sales video they are all fake. I did have my suspicions as just listening to them speak it sounded scripted and unnatural. 

To back this up you will find that many of these people have worked with other programs to do testimonials in return for money. These company's seek them out by purchasing gigs, so many of them end up doing testimonials for different scams.

None of these people have come close to trying the program so all the figures they report they are earning is all lies as they are making money doing the spokesvideo not by using Tube Profit Sniper.

2. Unconvincing Owner

Another sign is the way the owner talks in the video. What I have found to be a recurring theme with these programs is that the the person talking in the video never goes in to depth or really explain how the system works, he only mentions the amount of money you can make and how you must sign up this minute.

When I look at buying products online I always like to do my research beforehand to see find out more about what I'm buying. This is a classic scam where they say you can make hundreds of dollars practically in minutes of purchase by using there 'powerful' machine.

Tube Profit Sniper Limited Spaces Lie

He tries to entice you into buying the product by saying all of his spots are full or that while your watching this video someone as already started making money with him.

When he mentioned this as I was around halfway through the video so again he's implying that by buying his product now you will be making money in 15 minutes. 

He talks about how its auto, how you can quit your job, live financially free and happy without really talking about the process.

Seeing someone access a PayPal account and showing you how much money he's got in it right now isn't going to convince me to buy the product as this isn't actual proof that this works. This is simply someone showing me a few transactions and a account balance.

3. Video Isn't Streamed Live

If you have watched the video you may have noticed a bar below the video that shows that it is being streamed. While it looks like the video is live, it isn't really infact, you want to know how I know this?

Well at the start of the video the streamer count starts on around 1871 people and continues to go up as you watch the video (or in this case keep the tab open), if you refresh the video the number restarts again.

I watched the full video which was 27 minutes and thought I'd leave the tab open for a few days on my laptop and despite the video finishing the streamer count is now at 61,000.

Tube Profit Sniper Video Isn't Live

As you can see since the video was uploaded the video as under 3000 views

Now that's a lot of people but if the video isn't being streamed live then that number is false. The reason why that number increased is because its a ticker set up to keep increasing which is just another sales tactic used to get you to take action.

In fact all the rubbish about it being live can be confirmed by clicking on the video as in the bottom right corner you will see the YouTube logo. When you go to the actual YouTube page you will see that it is a pre-recorded video with under 2000 views.

4. Fake Social Media

If you scroll down below the video you will find testimonials on there so called social media pages. However there are alarm bells ringing straight from the start. With both the Twitter and Facebook you will find different reviews however two have the same profile on each platform but different names which is very suspicious.

While that is odd I decided to go even further to find some of these reviews on Twitter and Facebook. I must of been searching for around 10 minutes but still wasn't able to see any sign of there social media pages or anyone writing reviews.

This means that yet again these are fake and have been made using a tool or software to convince you that more (fake) people are having success with them.

5. Don't Guarantee Profit (Or Working System For That Matter!)

If you are to buy in to any program or membership I always advise people to check the small print as it can be used against you if your not aware of it.

With Tube Profit Sniper if you go all the way to bottom of the page there is a snippet in small font that said:

'...regardless of my own results and experience, may not produce the same results (or any results) for you. makes absolutely no guarantee, expressed or implied.'

So despite all the over hype and how this program will change your life that part above is contradicting a lot of what he said's in the video on how you may or not make money. ​

Tube Profit Sniper Risk Free

The couple of words that stand out in that above passage is 'or any results', this is implying that by buying the product you aren't guaranteed to make a single cent. This is despite him saying its risk free.

In the business world making money is by no means guaranteed but if you follow the correct training and know what your doing plus put in the work you are destined for success just like anything in life.

The thing with this program is the guy talks about how powerful his system is and how people are signing up and making $500 easily, but to then mention how your not guaranteed to make money is a huge red flag.

 Is Tube Profit Sniper A Scam?

I don't recommend Tube Profit Sniper and having reviewed them I have come to the conclusion that they are a scam and one to stay well clear off.

The idea of making money using a automation system is ridiculous and not possible, this is a concept that is overused and honestly sucks that so many people get sucked into it and lose tons of money.

Hopefully though this Tube Profit Sniper review was of use to you and has helped you make a decision on whether or not they are a site to be trusted.


  • 60 day money back guarantee

  • ​Offers some training, however this is quite limited

  • ​​the business model they oppose doesn't work 

  • Owner is known for setting up similar products, so he's not new to scamming!
  • Fake income proofs and testimonials

 What Business Model Do I Use To   Make Money?

This business model I have talked about in this review is one that just doesn't work, to be honest its just impossible to make money in the way that they claim.

As with the heading you may be wondering which business models actually work and will make you money. Well over the years I have found affiliate marketing to be the best and most efficient way to make money and the concept is very simple.

So no more scams, it consists of you thinking of a passion or interest that you have and making a website based around that idea. The platform I use called Wealthy Affiliate then shows you how to make money with that website by recommending products within that niche.

What do you think to Tube Profit Sniper? Have any questions or opinions you would like to throw my way?

Let me know by leaving a comment down below, I'm interested in hearing what you guys have to say 🙂