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Is Quick Pay Surveys Legit Or Just Another Scam?

Is Quick Pay Surveys Legit Or Just Another Scam

Are you wondering whether is Quick Pay Surveys Legit or not? When i first came across them I was unsure what to think as they were a few things that popped up to me that struck alarm bells. Anyway its good your here as this site doesn't look like a clear cut legitimate site to make money online.

At the start they do sound good and with a $3 bonus to get you up and running it seems you can't go wrong however has you will find out there is more to them that you should know about, so if you want to know whether Quick Pay Surveys is legit then I have all everything you need to know here in this review.

Quick Pay Surveys Review Summary


What Are They?:

Survey Site (With A Few Other Opportunities)





 What Is Quick Pay Surveys?

Quick Pay Surveys is a reward site that pays you to do various activities these range from you completing surveys to completing offers and many other things. The difference between these kind of sites and the reward sites which this is one of them is that they aren't exclusive to just surveys.

Quick Pay Survey Login Page

Now one thing you may be wondering straight of the bat is why are there different address'es and names, it does look quite confusing at which one is correct.

As you can see the from loading up the site it comes up with the web address '' however the name of the site is quickpaysurveys and they used to have the address '' before that was scraped and changed to the address they have now. 

They are an established survey panel and have been in operation since 2009 however despite that this does look unprofessional and if I was new I wouldn't this site any of my time.

How Do You Get Started?

The site is free to join and as far as I'm aware anyone can join and become a member. As a incentive to encourage you to sign up they also give you a $3 bonus which you can put towards a payout, you get this automatically credited to your account on registration.

While it does sound like free money it isn't exactly as you will need to make an extra $13 in order to withdraw, so you can't withdraw it once your up and running. Admittedly it is easier for the first time however will take you longer for future payouts.

There were people saying and I have seen online that people once had to pay a fee to sign up which sounds just like a scam, with that not being the case and with it being free you can be assured for the moment. 

It is something to bare in mind though as survey sites that I have checked out that charge for a membership 9 times out of 10 end up being scams, a great example of this is Click4Surveys who still to this day charge people for a secret survey site list.

How Do You Make Start Making Money?

From the main page and even the name it seems like the only way to make money is through surveys however there are a few more ways to earn which I'll explain in a second. The sites currency is simple also and keeps to dollars instead of points so for every survey you complete you will receive cash upon completion just like any other survey site.

1. Completing Surveys

The first and primary way that you can make money is through completing surveys these pay out between $0.50 and $1.00 each. These will take between 10 -30 minutes depending on the survey. If you are also wondering these surveys are not through Quick Pay themselves but through partners which consist of Your Survey, Global Test Market and some others as they aren't a market research company but more of a survey aggregator.

2. Reading Emails

Another way they advertise on there site that you can make money is through reading emails. Its literally just has it sounds. Although these are easy to do they are understandably low paying and you will only get between $0.02 and $0.05 per email. As you can see it will take you hundreds of emails in order to cash out, when I checked my account I found 2 emails both valued at $0.02, so your best bet is to try other ways of making money such as surveys that I mentioned above.

3. Shopping

While not really being a way of making money another option at your disposal is shopping. This opportunity rather sucks to be honest mainly because the retailers and partners they work with are small and not well known to most people. The only one out of the list I recognised was Gap so if you a frequent customer of them and the others then that's great however apart from that this isn't of much use to you.

5. Referral Program

You can also get paid to refer friends which is a common feature on reward sites nowadays as it helps survey panels gain more members and you get to make money from it. I have tried many survey and reward sites so I know when a referral program is worth it as some are and some aren't.

In this case you get 15% of your referral earnings which isn't a great deal when I compare to sites that pay between 20% and $35 

What Rewards Are Available?

Quick Pay Surveys pay out once you have acquired a balance of $15, for the first payout you will only need to make $12 as you get a $3 boost when you sign up.

For your first payment they do have a system whether they check them which means you will be paid on a net15 basis, so for e.g if a payment was requested on the 10th February it would be paid on the 15th March.

They do this to make sure no fraud is taking place, some other survey sites do this as well like Swagbucks who send a letter through the mail with a code to verify your address before sending there first payment to you.

Things To Be Aware Of With Quick Pay Surveys

1. False Promises

This is a concern but when you browse around the site they make it seem very easy to make money. In fact in the FAQ under a question on how much you can earn its even stated that you can make money and withdraw within minutes. If you have reached $15 and about to withdraw then I'm guessing it would be quick to withdraw but if you have a new account it will at least take you a few weeks to get enough.

2. Site Looks Unprofessional

This is a fairly big concern that is one of the first things that came to my attention which is that the site does come across quite unprofessional. First you have the web address and actual name of the site issue where there both different, which looks odd and suspicious. The second thing I picked out is that the logo and even the whole site in general looks like it was thrown together in a few minutes. 

From looking online it doesn't seem to be a scam but these areas do raise some concern as they aren't normal to see on most survey panels so just be wary if you are thinking of joining.

3. Not Many Opportunities Available To You

The main way like I mentioned is through the surveys and for me anyway when I made an account I was shown 3 surveys, one of which was Global Test Market which is a once a day survey and the other two being YourSurveys and Opinion Surveys which are both unlimited. I have tried these surveys on other survey sites and they are good and you can make a few dollars a day by doing this, however apart from this there isn't too much on the site that will make you more money.

Is Quick Pay Surveys Legit?

Quick Pay Surveys do seem legit however whether they are worth it is anothe question and for me they aren't and this boils down to many reasons which include the negatives I spoke about a few minutes ago. I have on this site reviewed so many survey sites that it gets to the point where if there's something that is risky on a survey site or there is a slight chance you might not get paid once you have hit the threshold I won't recommend them.

There are many established thresholds that are well known and offer the same opportunities as Quick Pay Surveys and more so its make's sense to use these ones over, plus I have actually had success with them.

If your wondering what survey sites I am talking about you can find my most recommended survey sites here. These ones are some of the best I have tried and offer the best user experience to help you make money online.

My 'Worth It' Rating


What do you think to Quick Pay Surveys? Had any experiences with them or even any questions you would like tho throw my way ?

Let me know by leaving a comment down below πŸ™‚

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Is ClickPerks A Scam Or A Genuine Site To Earn Free Rewards?

Is ClickPerks A Scam Or A Genuine Site To Earn Free Rewards

While I do review many survey sites I do also like to review what is called GPT sites, these are ones that pay you to do various things which normally include surveys. I am fan of these sites however not all of them are great and offer a genuine opportunity for you to make money.

Today in this post I will be taking a look at a GPT site called ClickPerks which claims to offer an opportunity for you to earn cash and rewards online through doing various tasks.

So if your looking to find out if ClickPerks Is a scam then make sure to read until the end as there are few things that you should know about them.

ClickPerks Review Summary


What Are They?:

Reward Site






Clickperks is a rewards site that targets the US, Canada and UK demographic by offering opportunities such as surveys, watching videos, completing offers, shopping online and more.

 What Is ClickPerks?

Clickperks is a GPT (Get Paid To) site owned by marketing company called React2Media and are based in New York City, US. The aim of the company is to help their clients with thier market research by connecting the business to its consumer over at ClickPerks.

How Do You Get Started?

Before I go over how you sign up there are a few things you should know, first thing being that you must be either a US, UK or a Canadian resident in order to participate in any opportunities. You must also be 18 years old to be a member. They are the main thing should know about them as most rewards sites work the same, if you want to read the full terms and conditions then check them out on the bottom of the main page.

Anyway with that said back to the sign up process and this will take you roughly 5 minutes to do. You will be asked for a number of details these consist of age, name, gender, location and a few others, its quite simple to do.

After that and this is where my original impressions changed a little, as I was shown a few pages of offers from their partners that they encourage you to sign up for.

When I see this I do think negatively as this is something that many scams I have seen and tried have tried. My question when sites like Clickperks do this is do they think that members like to see many random 'special' offers when trying to sign up, most of them have nothing to do with surveys or earning money online. For me it takes the quality away from the site as if you look at any of the top established reward sites like Swagbucks don't have anything like this.

How Do You Make Start Making Money?

You can make money through completing like I mentioned above things like surveys, offers, watching videos, searching emails. I will go over what exactly is offered as at first glance it looks like there is alot of earning potential however I think otherwise.

1. Taking Surveys

The first way to make money using Clickperks is through taking surveys, these are not there surveys exactly but ones you will find on the majority of survey sites as these are third party ones. If you have taken surveys in the past the chances are you will recognise company's such as Peanut Labs, Adgate media, Offertoro, they do also have a few more. These pay upwards from 1 to 500 points depending on the router and the survey. 

CinchBucks Surveys

2. Completing Offers

Offers is another way to earn ClickPerks points on the site, on the tab you will find various priced offers where you can do various different tasks such as downloading apps, free trials, sign ups and others. From having a look at these it seems that the pay is between 5 and 100 points.

CinchBucks Offers

3. Watching Videos

You can also make money by watching videos, this is probably the least efficient way to make money however if you were a few points away from withdrawal then this would prove useful. For each video you watch you get 0.05 points, which is 5 cents in real money, so you can see how you will need to watch hundreds of these in order to cash out.

CinchBucks Videos

4. Shopping Online

Another way to make money is through shopping on the site, you aren't exactly making money but instead you are getting cash back when you purchase at the partnered stores.

5. Reading Emails

Reading emails is another quick way to earn a few cents on the site, while I couldn't find the opportunity on the dashboard it is something they claim to offer. As easy as it sounds though you can get paid for reading emails which is something most of us do daily.

6. Playing Games

You can make money through having a go at some of thier games, however the catch with this opportunity is that in order to earn you need to spend as they give you CP when you make in game purchases. You can also get paid at random points while playing the games for free, however that doesn't see exactly right as you not exactly getting money for your time.

7. Using Their Mobile App

While this isn't an opportunity of such but another way to earn is on the go through using there app. Here you can do what you could do on the desktop but just on their app as well, whether that's doing surveys or viewing a video.

What Rewards Are Available?

As I have mentioned throughout the review ClickPerks pay out through points, for each point it is worth $0.10. So bearing that in mind you will need 30 points to get the lowest range reward at $3. Its then an extra 50 points per $5, for example the Starbucks Gift Card the lowest one you can get starts at $15 so you will need 150 points.

Most rewards require different amounts and there are a whole host of retailers to choose from which consist of Starbucks, Amazon, Delta Airlines, Walmart, Target, MasterCard, Visa, Ebay, CVS, Kohl's, Babies 'R' Us, iTunes and  a lot more. 

ClickPerks Payout

If you would rather receive cash instead of just a gift card then you can get PayPal, however it will require you to have a balance of 250 points as that reward starts at $25.

The ClickPerks Positives and Negatives

The 'Good' Stuff

1. So Many Rewards To Choose From

This is one of the good things I found about ClickPerks is the many different payouts you can get the reward options are endless. So if you can get enough for a reward there are lots of stores to choose from to use your earnings on.

2. Pays Through PayPal

Again another nice thing I found is that among all the payout options you can get paid out in cash through the means of PayPal. This one is a mixed one as while its great they have it as its safe and quick to receive funds it does mean you will need 250 points in order to request a reward which is the lowest possible one. This means it may take you a number of months before you can request this reward, it depends on how active you are on the site.

The 'Not So Good' Stuff

1. Low Earning Potential

As with most survey panels out there you will find that the potential to make money is normally quite low and nothing changes with Clickperks. Admittedly I have tried and used survey sites that do pay out quite well and actually make it possible to make a part-time income however with ClickPerks I don't find anything special about them as the opportunities they give are quite general and basic.

I would say I have good experience when it comes to earning with reward sites and I can tell already that i would have a stressful time trying to make money with this site mainly due to the lack of opportunities. Yes at first glance initially it looks they offer various ways to earn 

2. Issues With Privacy

This is something I noticed and also heard is that there is an issue with privacy where your data is protected. They do assure you that your data is safe however on various occasions they have shared data with third party companies.

This is a major concern as with all survey panels that require you to give personal details you need that trust that any data you give them is confidential however it seems to not be the case here. 

I can't say I am particularly surprised either as going back to the registration where they give you various random offers it does seem like they are money focused by doing something like that.

3. 'Spam' Offers

I've touched upon this within this review a few times and this is something that needs talking about. I understand the offers within a reward site as this is another opportunity that can help members make money. I would also understand if the offers they gave you at the start gave you some kind of bonus but they don't which is why I question why they put it in. Obviously its something to help them make money but to be honest it comes across quite spammy as for most of them they are irrelevant. 

Is ClickPerks Legit?

ClickPerks does appear to be a legitimate site to earn money with despite the negatives I did highlight, which is why if you are thinking of trying them out to see if they are a site for that you make sure you consider the negatives I have mentioned in the review.

With that said I don't really see the big deal with ClickPerks and they do seem to be over hyped as they don't offer much more than any of the other sites that I have tried. 

My 'Worth It' Rating


What do you think to ClickPerks? Have any questions or opinions you would like to throw my way?

Let me know by leaving a comment down below, I'm interested in hearing what you guys have to say πŸ™‚

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Admired Opinions Review – Are They Legit Or A Scam?

Admired Opinions Review - Are They Legit Or A Scam

Are you considering the idea of completing surveys online to make money and have just come across a site called Admired Opinions. Well you may wan't to think again after reading this and finding out to truths about the panel.

Completing surveys is something many people around the world are doing in order to make an extra few bucks here and there, it can be a solid way to make money as it often requires little effort.

In this Admired Opinions review I will be taking you through whether or not they are a panel that actually admires your opinions or scams you instead. I found some interesting things about this panel that you may need to know if you are considering joining them as put it this way, they aren't all they make out to be.

Admired Opinions Review Summary


What Are They?:

Survey Site






Admired Opinions is a site that claims to offer opportunities for US residents to make money completing surveys.

 What Is Admired Opinions

Admired Opinions is a US site that at first looks like a survey site however is more like an offer directory, this is because instead of offering legitimate surveys they promote various different offers to you.

Now this is the part of the review where I normally give you some background information on them, however with Admired Opinions there is no owner specified nor is their no background information. Normally with a established or a legitimate panel you will find a privacy policy and a FAQ but those pages aren't present which already gives me the impression that they aren't to be trusted

Admired Opinions Review

How Do You Get Started?

This is a really odd one for me as for the purpose of this review I did decide to check them out for myself to see what exactly they had to offer and how easy it is to make an account. However I found that after going through all the steps that I didn't have an account set up or even an email sent to my inbox notifying me off setting up an account. 

This is very odd as this is standard for literally every other survey site I have tried, which are just more signs that they are a scam.

Let me explain how the registration works, it starts off with a few boxes that you need to fill out, these are normal questions that you would normally be asked. These include your date of birth, where you live, your name and gender. At this point it all sounds normal and this was the first step. To add on the right hand side they show the steps it takes to earn money with the site.

Admired Opinions Login Page

Offers Instead Of Surveys?

Completing offers is a feature that GPT and survey sites add to their sites not only to help them make additional revenue but to give their members more ways to make money online however this isn't the case with this site as its more spammy.

After I had finished the first page of the sign up I was left with 9 more steps, however these steps were all pages full of 'special' offers, as you can see by the image below it is quite random what is offered and its definitely not offers to help you earn but more like spam thrown in your way to help the owners make more money if you do click on them.

Admired Opinions Offers

The weird thing because I have come across similar sites to this in the past is the amount of pages there are, these take up steps 2-9. Step 10 consists of a quick survey, which on the page said's takes around 5 minutes however when you go to take the survey it directs you to a page called 'Shareyourfreebies'.

Share Your Freebies

Random Page That You Get Redirected To

This is a site that claims to give your freebies for all kinds of products how legit they are I don't know and it does seem like they have some partnership with Admired Opinions. At this point though I was wondering where is the surveys, is my account registered and why I was redirected to this random page.

Admired Opinions Complaints

1. Only Interested In Making Money

While survey sites do make money when a member completes a survey with this site its easy to see that the sole focus is behind making the owners money and not you the consumer as it should be. To be honest I have seen this done many times from sites such as GetPaidSurveys, ​Survey Spotter, Top10BestPaidSurveys and so on, the list is endless. The point is that this is done multiple times where sites are started up as money funnels where they will try and get you to sign up for various programs which in return will result in commissions for them. 

I know I may sound like a hypocrite as I do make money when people sign up to survey sites through my links however sites like these are often set up under false premise. Another thing they do is they set very unrealistic expectations of the industry also, for e.g a survey site I reviewed not so long a go called Click4Surveys (which is a scam!) claimed to have access to special survey sites that offer huge rates on surveys, they would go on to say how members who have signed up to their subscription are making $1000's each month which of course is BS.

2. No Evidence Of Positive Reviews

When I carry out these survey site reviews I do like to find out what others have to say about them as it can give you an impression of what to expect. With this site while there are people talking about them online, there does seem to be a real lack of reviews and the ones there are are quite negative. 

The main one I found was over at Survey Police where as you can see by the image below that they are advised to stay away from them. I think that was good advice given there as from what I see there is no evidence that this is a survey panel worth giving any of your time too.

Admired Opinions Reviews

3. No Background Information!

When it comes to any site on the web it is a must that there are pages on the site which give background information and while there is a privacy policy there still isn't much information on them. From my experience most scams lack any real information and have no way for you to contact them as if you did encounter any issues you wouldn't be able to sue them as they are not a proper establishment.

Is Admired Opinions Legit?

After having reviewed Admired Opinions I wouldn't class them as worth any bit of time or effort, that is because as you can see from the points I highlighted above there are many negatives that are wrong about this site. I think its safe to say with no opportunities available, no payment proofs that Admired Opinions is a scam.

My 'Worth It' Rating


What do you think to Admired Opinions? Have any questions or opinions you would like to throw my way?

Let me know by leaving a comment down below, I'm interested in hearing what you guys have to say πŸ™‚

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Is Maru Voice Legit Or A Canadian Survey Site Scam?

Is Maru Voice Legit Or A Canadian Survey Site Scam?

Welcome to my Maru Voice Review

With most survey panels being based in the US you forget that there are survey panels for other countries out there, this includes Canada, UK and even Asia.

Today I would like to cover a survey panel that is Canadian based but has also expanded to the UK in the past few months called Maru Voice. I have reviewed many survey sites already and from seeing what other people have to say about them that did encourage me to review them.

Obviously as I am from the UK I won't be able to participate in their surveys but the aim of this review is to give you as much information as you need to know about them and also answering question on whether Maru Voice is legit or not.

Maru Voice Review Summary


What Are They?:

Survey Site






This review summary provides everything at a glance and makes it easier for impulse buyers to get what they want and move right on to the purchase.

 What Is Maru Voice?

Maru Voice is a canadian survey panel based in Toronto, Ontario and are owned by a company called Maru Blue. You probably wont have been familiar with the name for that long as the company changed there name from previously being called Angus Reid Forums.

Maru Voice Logo

The main and only opportunity they have to offer is through surveys, in which members can make money for each survey that they complete. These thoughts and opinions that they give go along way as they help the development of local Canadian business, products and services

Since they are a new company they don't have the same amount of members as of big survey sites such as Swagbucks and Prizerebel however for the last month of 2018 they gave out $69,000 in rewards.

Maru Voice Payout

Maru Voice December 2018 Payout

How Do You Get Started?

Getting started is quite simple with Maru Voice and requires you to answer a set of questions to make an account, these consist of your age, your background, where you live. The whole point of this is too understand more about you with profile questions so that they can send out the right studies to you. 

While most survey panel registrations are quick this one will take you slightly longer than normal however it will still take you less then 5 minutes to do.

How Do You Make Start Making Money?

Once you have made an account with Maru Voice you will start receiving opportunity's to make money doing surveys. For every survey you complete you can expect to earn between $0.50 and $2 which seems to be the standard paying rate for surveys in the industry.

These surveys will also generally take between 5 and 20 minutes to complete, some times the amount you get paid does depend on how long a study but not all the time. For e.g a survey that is 20 minutes long might reward better then a 5 minute survey, but as I say it does depend.

Another additional incentive is that for every survey you do you get entries into the monthly prize draw which is $1000 for Canadian residents and Β£1000 if your with the UK panel. You probably won't win but its a free chance to win some extra cash.

What Rewards Are Available?

Maru Voice pay out once you have reached 5000 points which is $50. You can request a payout in various forms which consist of cash with PayPal or the choice of gift cards.

The Maru Voice Positives and Negatives

The 'Good' Stuff

1. Run By Canadians

Its a positive when a panel you participate with is based and located within your country as a long with getting paid you get to influence businesses within the UK and not just worldwide like some panels.

This can be a incentive for many people to join as I know not all people are bothered about getting paid and care more about having a say. This still goes for the Maru Voice UK as well as residents from that country get to give opinions on businesses products, brands and services within that country.

2. A Loyalty System

This is one of the main positives that caught my eye at first with the members who complete more surveys getting access to more surveys, it makes sense really. As being active more and completing lots of surveys should ream some kind of benefits which is the case with Maru Voice. This is something that other survey panels should introduce, however for the ones I know off that already do it make it not worth your time.

For instance with Prizerebel one of my go to survey panels i use daily they give you a 7 - 13 cent bonus each day when you earn roughly 158 cents with them. Has you can see while its a little bonus its very small.

The 'Not So Good' Stuff

1. Gone Down Hill?...

Its always a good idea to check the reviews as you can see what people don't and do like about something, with this site I noticed that while the majority of reviews are good, some being the more recent ones have picked out how the panel is not as good as once was. While these are just opinions some of the complaints that arised often was not having many surveys and rewards not being issued out which is something to bear in mind.

2. Low Earning Potential

Another problem that is often encountered with survey panels is the low earning potential that comes with most. Sure you will make money with survey sites depending on which ones you use but most do have different potentials when it comes to how much you can earn.

With Maru Voice the invites are quite low so you only expect to recieve a few surveys per month, there is the positive that the more surveys you do the more invites you get which means technically you can earn more and more per month but as its surveys were talking about and only a dollar or so per one there is still only so much you can get.

3. Threshold Is Too High

One of the most common complaints I find with survey panels is that they set the threshold way to high this means that members often have to complete dozens of surveys before they see any money. I much prefer lower thresholds for two reasons, the first one being so that you can test to see if they payout as no one wants to complete like $50 of surveys only to not get a reward. The second reason its just more convenient and means you can get your money faster, some survey sites will set high thresholds but not offer many opportunities to earn in return making it a grind to get to the amount needed to withdraw.

The threshold at Maru Voice like I mentioned earlier is $50 which is quite crazy and when you take in that the general amount you can expect to get paid per survey is $1 then you can already see that it may take some time before you will see any earnings.

To add if you compare the threshold here to industry competitors such as the likes of ​Swagbucks and SuperPayMe who both pay out from as little as $1 you can see a huge difference in the kind of effort needed in order to see money in your account.

Is Maru Voice Legit?

Maru Voice is legit however I wouldn't class them as a site worth your time. By all means check them out and maybe get a feel of what they have to offer but personally I feel there are just better survey panels that excell in all areas whether that's more opportunities to earn, more rewards or even notably a lower threshold.

Again if you are Canadian you can sign up and try them same goes for the Maru Voice UK panel that was launched towards the back end of last year. If you do sign up do leave a comment down below sharing what you think of them.

My 'Worth It' Rating


What do you think to Maru Voice? Have you tried the Canadian or even the newer UK panel? 

Let me know by leaving a comment down below, I'm interested in hearing what you guys have to say πŸ™‚

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Cinchbucks Review – Like Swagbucks…But Better?

Cinchbucks Review - Like Swagbucks...But Better

Welcome to my Cinchbucks review

Now a days you can do pretty much anything online and one of the main ways the internet is ultized is to bring in a income. More and more people are looking to the internet each day trying to make money and one of the quickest ways I have come across is taking surveys.

If you have ever considered or even taken surveys online then you may be interested in Cinchbucks as they claim to offer numerous ways for you to make money through doing online surveys and other tasks.

While when I first came across them they did look promising and also seem to follow the same lines as an industry competitor named Swagbucks, I did find many areas of concern that I will discuss with you in this review so make sure to read until the end.

Cinchbucks Review Summary


What Are They?:

Survey Site






Cinchbucks is a GPT site that offers the opportunities for people to earn extra cash doing surveys, offers and various other activities online.

 What Is Cinchbucks?

Cinchbucks is a GPT site but well known for being a survey site where you can get paid to do surveys, watch videos, do offers and more. GPT stands for Get Paid To and there are many other sites out there that follow that concept where you can get paid to do various things.

Cinchbucks Login Page

They were first started up in 2014 and are a part of Cinch Data Solutions Pvt. Ltd which is a market research company who's primary aim is to connect businesses with its consumers. They are also based in India but are open worldwide.

Cinchbucks Stats

Cinchbucks stats since they were founded

How Do You Get Started?

Cinchbucks is available to anyone worldwide, however there is a black list of countries who can't join which include the likes of:

  • Afghanistan, Albania, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Cuba, North Korea, Niger, Iraq, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Iran, Bangladesh and Vietnam

The sign up process is straightforward like most sign ups on survey sites are and will take you roughly 5 minutes to do. When you first go onto the site you are immediately shown a pop up with a new member promo where you get 50 CB when you input the code 'CBLAUNCH' on registration. While its not much these bonuses are good if you are new and want to reach a payout fast. 

Cinchbucks Coupon

When I signed up I got 10 CB for doing a quick profile survey which was 5 basic questions about myself which included my name and date of birth. When I then put in my promo code I was given 50 CB and I could get an extra 60 CB by completing more of my profile. However while that is nice you do need a lot more Cinchbucks to get paid out which is why they entice potential members with small bonuses.

How Do You Make Start Making Money?

Right now you are probably wondering how you can start making money and like I have gone over there are various ways you can earn money. When you complete something like a survey you are paid in Cinchbucks (CB) quite similar to Swagbucks who pay in SB.

I have checked out each way and I'll go over things like how much you can make and what is available in each section.

1. Doing Offers

Offerwalls are on most reward/survey sites and that still goes for Cinchbucks. These offers consist off doing things like sign ups, downloading apps, entering competitions, doing tasks and more. You will find many different ways and various opportunities to make a few CB here however the earning potential varies a lot as some offers don't require that much effort. With that said you an expect to earn 10CB - 100CB per offer.

2. Completing Surveys

The main way to make money you would suspect would be through the surveys and that is where you will find third party surveys. This means that the surveys don't come directly from Cinchbucks but from survey routers instead. You will find survey routers on most sites and the surveys you can take with CInchbucks consist of Pure Spectrum, Cint and YourSurveys. Again you can make again between 10CB to 100CB a survey

3. Cashback Shopping

While this way is a efficient way to earn CB without a lot of effort or time, it does require you to buy items at your favourite stores in order to get cashback. So for that reason I wouldn't say this is worth it as it means you have to spend money to get some in return. This feature is great if you need to make a purchase at a online retailer and instead of doing it for free you could do it via Cinchbucks and reduce the cost of that order with the cashback. 

4. Refer And Earn

Cinchbucks also have a referral program that invites members to get friends and family to join the panel with the incentive of earning 10% of all their earnings on the site.

5. Playing Games

Another way to earn money using the site is through playing games, while its not the most efficient way to earn it is at least a fun way to earn. When you click on the play games tab on the menu you will be directed to a page full of flash PC games that you can start playing.

How Does Cinchbucks Payout?

Cinchbucks payout through cash, various gift cards, bitcoin and others. The selection they have is wide however you will need to have $10 in order to get paid and these are paid out within 2 weeks of redemption.

Cinchbucks Payout

The Cinchbucks Positives and Negatives

The 'Good' Stuff

1. Legitimate Site To Earn Extra Cash

To clear up any doubts you may have on Cinchbucks they are a legitimate site and do pay out. Its always important to do your research with any survey panel and after doing mine I see that there are various payment proofs uploaded online which is always a good sign of whether you should trust a certain site.

2. Various Pay Out Options

Another thing I would point out as being a good positive is the amount of payout options you have at your disposal. Where you want to receive cash or a gift card is your choice as they seem to cover most popular gift cards and also pay out through the popular PayPal which is great as them in particular is a safe and quick way for you to receive your survey earnings.

The 'Not So Good' Stuff

1. Earning Potential Is Low

Unfortunately what can be the case with these sites is that they can be too low in pay outs. Yes, they do have many ways for you to make money however most things pay low. For instance a few hours a go I got an email for a survey invite that paid out 15cb for 5 minutes of my time and that made me wonder whether it was worth clicking and completing the survey for 15 cents when I need $10 to cashout, which leads me to another issue that I will talk about in a second.

2. Minimum Withdrawal Is Too High

I'm not sure how you guys feel about thresholds in general but for me anyway I feel that a threshold of over $10 is too high. Of course the amount of opportunities available to you does change how I feel, however in this case there isn't enough high paying ways to make money which will see you reach that threshold repeatedly. This means you may be lucky to reach that threshold once a month, which is still kinda good but with some sites I have tried and still use you can get paid out more and faster.

3. Better Referral Programs Elsewhere

I have to be honest that even though Cinchbucks do offer a service where you can earn a fraction of everything your refferals earn, its not as good as other panels I have tried. With Cinchbucks you get 10% which isn't too bad but when you compare it to others such as SuperPayMe and PrizeRebel who pay out 25% and 30% respectively of your referrals earnings then you can see where the value is. If you build your referrals on sites like I just mentioned you will end up making much more money and that is the fact.

With that said and to go on from the first negative I talked about the referral program does still seem the best way to make money on the site as overall the opportunities offered are fairly limited.

Is Cinchbucks Legit?

Yes, Cinchbucks is legit however I don't think its worth it having had chance to review it and try it out myself. I found that you were offered to little money/cb for your time and not only that considering they are a survey panel there was a lack of surveys sent to me. 

Obviously as they are not a scam by all means check them out but I would rather recommend a survey panel that would be more of worth to you. So I have left a link below to a survey panel that I have used to make Β£300 a month in extra income and has a great reputation behind them.

My 'Worth It' Rating


What do you think to Cinchbucks? Do you think there worth the time and effort?

I would be very much interested to hear what you guys have to say, so make sure to leave your thoughts in the comments section below πŸ™‚

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Qualnow Review – Is Qualnow Surveys Legit?

Qualnow Review – Is Qualnow Surveys Legit?

Welcome to my Qualnow Review!

Your probably here because you have an interest of making money online and more specifically through completing surveys. After all it has proven to be a nice little earner for many people looking online to make an extra few bucks online through just giving their opinions on different topics.

This site seems to offer a slightly different opportunity and that is through video surveys where they claim that you can get paid when you submit video responses (video surveys).  

This intrigued me so I have decided to explore this opportunity more to bring to you a review on them. This Qualnow review will hopefully answer any questions you may have on them, including whether they are legit and worth your time and effort.

Qualnow Review Summary


What Are They?:

Survey Site






Qualnow offers opportunity's for you to make money online through completing video surveys using your mobile/desktop devices in return for gift cards. 

 What Is Qualnow?

Qualnow is a US based survey panel that pays members to take part in video surveys. These consist of someone being asked a list of questions which would then require answers through a video response.

The way the company works is by working with market research company's who are looking for insights and opinions from consumers.

Qualnow logo

How Do You Get Started?

In order to be a participating member you will need to have the right tools which means a webcam is needed. As far as I am aware you can use any device as long as you have a webcam, so devices like computers, phones and tablets will all work in this case.

How Does Qualnow Works

As for any other requirements you will also need to be a US resident as they are exclusive at the time of writing this review, however I have seen that there is plans to expand to other countries. You also need to be over the age of 13.

How Do You Make Start Making Money?

The amount of money you can make from completing surveys all depends on the amount of questions you are given.

Each question you are given for a survey is valued at $0.50. So for e.g if you do a survey with 5 questions then that is $2.50 which isn't too bad for what seems as relatively low effort task.

The length of the survey doesn't vary like what you would normally see with other surveys as you are only required a response of 30 seconds.

However for most surveys it might take you around 1 or 2 minutes to say what you need to as it does depend on the question.

You will need to make sure you aren't just trying to reach that amount by rambling but are actually answering the survey.

What Rewards Are Available?

Qualnow have a reward system that sounds simple to understand in that all payments are processed on a Monday. You will need to have made at least $10 but if that is in your account by the time Monday comes around you will be sent a payment.

You can get paid by Amazon but I have heard plans that they are looking to add PayPal which would give you the option to earn cash for your time.

The Qualnow Positives and Negatives

The concept of Qualnow sounds great however like with all my reviews I like to go through what I like about the site and what I don't like. That way you get a better idea of whether this is an opportunity for you.

The 'Good' Stuff

1. No More Long Surveys!

This is something if you are familiar with surveys will know just how frustrating this is. Many surveys I have completing in the past have taken me upwards of 45 min to an hour to complete while only getting a few dollars for the survey.

Where as in this case lets say each question took you 1 minute to complete you could make $2.50 for only 5 minutes of your time which in some cases is a better payout compared to long hour surveys you will find on some panels.

In this case I find a lot of value and worth in a opportunity like this one.

The 'Not So Good' Stuff

1. Not That Many Surveys

While the payout rates are good the amount of surveys you get aren't endless in fact you can expect to receive from what I have seen between 1 and 4 surveys a month. With that said going on from my last example if you do 4 surveys of 5 questions a month then that is an extra $10 per month, which is money you wouldn't of got otherwise and also doesn't require much effort.

3. Won't Replace A Full-Time Income

I have to mention this as some people get the impression that you can start making a lot of money through these kind of apps, however that isn't the case. This app in particular does pay out well however what you will making is more extra cash then anything too substantial.

Is Qualnow Legit?

While many people are taking surveys online these days it can still be quite a frustrating way to make money as surveys can often be quite long and not pay out as well as we would like.

From what I have seen and heard from people using Qualnow is that they do payout which on that alone shows that it is legit.

I have to say that based on what I have seen and having seen the aims of the company I am impressed with this site as it offers a genuine and most importantly a time efficient way to make money online. Feel free to check them out, I'll leave a link to them here.

My 'Worth It' Rating


I am a fan of what Qualnow as to offer but I would be very interested to hear what you think to the site and any questions or opinions you may have on them

Let me know by leaving a comment down below πŸ™‚

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Forthright Surveys Review – Does Forthright Pay Out?

Forthright Surveys Review - Does Forthright Pay Out

Today I will be bringing to you a Forthright Surveys review and will be taking you through all that you would need to know about them.

Completing surveys is a growing industry online with many new people taking the time out to fill out there views and opinions on various different products and services. 

I have reviewed over 300 survey panels up to now and today I will be taking a closer look at a another one called Forthright which like others gives you the opportunity to make money doing surveys.

However its not all perfect and straightforward which is what you will find out in this review so make sure to read until the end. 

 What Is Forthright?

Forthright is a US based survey panel that offers members an opportunity to earn rewards from thier opinions. You may not be familiar with them as the name is still quite new, as they were previously known as InnPoll. They are also operated by a company Bovitz Inc, this partnership hasn't changed over the years.

Forthright Surveys Main Page

How Do You Get Started?

From what I can see the panel is only open to US residents and you can sign up by clicking the green join us button in the top right of the page. This will require you to use your email address which you will then need to verify by clicking the link sent to your inbox.

How Do You Make Start Making Money?

The main and only way to make money with Forthright is through there surveys, so unlike other survey panels out there you won't find a referral program to help increase your earnings further. They do also have other research projects that you could get invited to which consist of product testing and mobile/video surveys as well.

From first impressions it does sound like they pay at a good rate, they say you can expect to receive between $1 and $5 for each survey you complete. The amount you get does vary from survey you will known how much you will get paid before you get into one. 

Most people would look at that amount and not be impressed however the amounts I have just shown is the standard rate that you will find with most survey sites. You won't earn $50+ a survey like some panels claim (often fake/scam) but instead will be earning what is essentially extra cash.

What Rewards Are Available?

After you have completed a survey your earnings will be sent straight to your email. You get to choose your preference which consist of PayPal, Bitcoin, Amazon, Tango, Bank Payments and the option to donate to charity.

Interestingly after you have done a chosen study you won't need to complete more to get paid as there is no minimum threshold system in place. 

The Forthright Positives and Negatives

The 'Good' Stuff

1. Surveys Pay Out Okay

There isn't a lot of features that stand out to me with Forthright as to me they look just like your average survey panel, that is apart from the negative aspects I am about to talk about.

If there is one thing I can say is that the amount they are awarding per survey does seem quite fair with a min of $1 and max of $5. It does seem like generally you can expect to receive right in between that amount for every survey you do which sounds good. 

I have taken so many surveys on sites that I have almost lost count, but I can tell by now how much makes a survey worth your time and effort. When I first started taking surveys I was getting paid roughly a dollar or more per survey. I know its not the best but I considered it for the effort required to be worth my time and I can understand also why some people would disagree.

The 'Not So Good' Stuff

1. Not Rewarding Members

Any complaint where payouts aren't being made are always concerning and I saw this as a repetitive complaint when looking at the reviews made by their members. 

The problem here is that people are completing surveys and getting to the end of them only to not receive any money. I'm not sure if this is a glitch on the system as its happened to me before where a survey breaks at the end or doesn't redirect you back to the right page, with that said its still concerning and some members have wasted there time.

2. Varied Reviews

Again another thing I picked on is that some reviews were positive and some were negative and I didn't come across a couple in a row that were positive or negative so it seems as though the opinions are split. From the good reviews they were content with the payouts and surveys and labelled the site to be 'fair' where as the bad reviews often used the words 'fake' and 'avoid'.

I understand that everything out there on the internet is going to have some negative reviews, with Forthright it is 50/50 so its hard to say whether or not they are well regarded or not.

3. Earning Potential Is Low

The last point I would like to talk about is the amount of money you can make from these sites. In the FAQ's they say that you can take as many surveys as you want and can. However you are only given a selected few in your dashboard to work with, so despite saying that your earning potential is still limited. 

This isn't just for forthright this goes for most survey sites out there that there tends to be set amount you can make. I have managed to make upwards of $500 a month with some sites however it is time consuming and with those sites specifically I was offered lots of ways to earn so I never really ran out of things to do.

For a site like Forthright you only have the surveys to complete and that's it so you could make an extra $10 to $20 a month depending on the invites you get as the surveys do pay okay.

Is Forthright A Scam?

Be Forthright is a survey panel that is hard to call when it comes to its legitimacy, they are quite established and were fairly well known when they were called Innopoll. The complaints I have talked about are quite a worry as you it seems that there is a  inconsistency when it comes to crediting surveys. 

The decision on whether you sign up is up to you and with all the aspects I have talked about I wouldn't recommend them. I try to come up to a decision by asking myself whether I would risk it and since the answer is no I wouldn't advise you to risk it either as you may end up wasting your time.

There are many survey sites out there that won't end with loosing all your time and earning nothing in return. If you are still interesting in making a side income through completing surveys I would recommend you check out this list of Best Survey Sites In The US that I have put together.

My 'Worth It' Rating


What do you think to Forthright Surveys? Have any questions or opinions you would like to throw my way?

Let me know by leaving a comment down below, I'm interested in hearing what you guys have to say πŸ™‚

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What Is - About - Make Easy Money Clicking On Ads

As well as completing surveys I have stumbled across many other ways to make money online in the past few years and one of those opportunities includes being paid just to click on ads. Sounds so easy right, you click on an ad and get paid, however its not always that simple and as rewarding as it may look.

Today I will be bringing you a review, this is a PTC site that I have come across recently so I thought I'd check them out to see whether they are a legitimate opportunity to make money with online.

Make sure to stay to the end as I will be covering areas such as the complaints, why I find them to be either legit or a scam and most importantly whether or not the company is worth the invested time.

 What Is

Wordlinx was founded back in 2003 and as been active ever since so they are fairly established and do have a history of paying out.

You may or may haven't come across a PTC site but basically what that stands for is 'Pay To Click' and is the type of site that Wordlinx falls under. Very few sites still pay members to click on ads as that type of advertising as gone down in popularity over the years.

With sites such as Clixsense who were known for paying people to click on ads but have recently removed this opportunity from there site and now just operate like a GPT (Get Paid To) site

Its easy to work out why PTC isn't very fond of and that is because people click on the ads to get paid through a site like Wordlinx. From a business point of view its not great as these clicks are for the most part low quality and won't contribute much of a positive effect to your business. 

Wordlinx Main Page

How Do You Get Started?

I have signed up to many sites in the past including survey panels and PTC sites with Wordinx I found that the registration is one of the shortest I have seen. They only required me to put in my email address and that was enough to make an account, I was up and ready within 30 seconds.

When I signed up I was given 1000 share points and $0.50 which was credited to my balance as a reward for signing up.

How Do You Make Start Making Money?

As well as clicking on ads there are a few other ways you can make money on the site which I will go over how each work here.

Paid To Click On Ads

Just as it sounds for every ad you click on you will get paid a certain amount of points. As this action requires little effort the payout is very low, and you can expect to receive $0.005 per ad you click on. You will have to look at it for at least 15 seconds before moving on to the next ad.

Surveys And Offers

Wordlinx also offers the opportunity for you to make money by completing surveys and also by doing offers. They have a host of third party offer walls which have different ways for you to to make money. These payout between $0.25 and $5 per task

Inviting Friends

The other notable way to make money is through inviting your friends to come and join the site. This is probably the best way to earn money on this site as the other ways I have mentioned have a low earning potential. The referral program does seem complicated at first but all you need to know is that every time one of your friend signs up and makes money or buys a membership you will receive a cut of these earnings.

What Rewards Are Available?

Once you have made $10 you can then receive a payment via PayPal. In order to receive this you will need to add your PayPal email address to your account.

These will be sent and paid within 3 days of request. If you would like to advertise you can alternatively use your earnings to do so.

The Wordlinx Positives and Negatives

The 'Good' Stuff

1. Legitimate And Established

When I look at any site I always check how long one as been in operation, this is because sites are closing and opening all the time. This one however has been in existence since 2003 so as been active for over 15 years which is a good sign. 

2. Pay Out Via PayPal

If there is another thing I do like is that they do pay out via cash and even better through PayPal. You don't have to worry about whether they pay as they are legit and there are a number of payment proofs online, which is always good to see as it means they aren't a scam.

The only issue you will need to worry about is how you will reach that threshold consistently as from looking at whats available to you it may take you months before you see any money.

The 'Not So Good' Stuff

1. Low Earning Potential

As expected the amount of money you can make with this kind of site is very low. In fact making a few dollars from this site in particularly may not even be possible depending on how you go about making money on the site.

For example if you take the part where I mentioned each click pays $0.005, this means in order to get to $10 you will need to click on an ad and wait for 15 seconds min 1000 times to get paid. That's a time consuming process that doesn't reward well.

2. PTC Traffic

Has someone who has tried PTC traffic in the past to see what it was all about a few years ago I have to admit I am not a fan of the idea. When I tried it the traffic I was receiving was all of low quality, all my visitors would come on my site stay for the same time and then leave. This all happened as they were all trying to earn with the site. This meant that there was no engagement as people were on an off in an instant making it quite pointless.

Is Legit?

Wordlinx is legit and does offer a genuine opportunity to make money online. However with that question answered the only one to ask is whether its really worth your time. When you consider that you are making only half a cent per click I wouldn't regard this as an opportunity that is worth your time.

Instead I would check out these other extra income sites that I have reviewed that all offer plenty of ways to make money online and overall are better then what Wordlinx,com have to offer.

My 'Worth It' Rating


What do you think to Have any questions or opinions you would like to throw my way?

Let me know by leaving a comment down below, I'm interested in hearing what you guys have to say πŸ™‚

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Curious Cat App Review – Get Paid To Use Your Phone?

Curious Cat App Review – Get Paid To Use Your Phone?

Welcome to my Curious Cat app review where I will taking you through all the things you would possibly need to know about them.

With many people searching online for ways to make money some may not realise that some opportunities to make money can also be found on the app store. I have reviewed many apps that can make you an extra buck and in this post I will be looking at another one called Curious Cat. 

So if you are curious in finding out whether or not they are legitimate, pay out and are of course worth your time then it could also be worth sticking around until the end of this review

Curious Cat App Review Summary


What Are They?:

Making Money App






A UK based survey app that offers opportunities for you to make money completing short mobile surveys.

 What Is Curious Cat?

Curious Cat is an app created by a UK based company called On Device Research Company. The idea is that they are looking for opinions and thoughts on various different things through small mobile surveys. This information is valuable to company's and your participation can help influence many different projects and products.

Curious Cat App

How Do You Get Started?

As this is an app you will be required to download it from the app store, so unlike other survey panels you won't need to access the browser to start earning money. 

Once you have downloaded the app and made an account you will be able to start making money. First things first there are things you will need to know about this process, first thing is that only selective countries can sign up so make sure to check if your country is eligble as they only support a few. 

Second thing is unlike other survey panels who only tend to ask you to verify your email address you will instead need to verify your phone number. Admittedly I find this not ideal as I like to use a tablet/computer to do my surveys as its easier for me, however they do require this and I can understand if some people wouldn't want to go through with this step.

How Do You Make Start Making Money?

There is only one way to accumulate a few pounds with the app, which is obviously by completing surveys. I do like to clarify what is available on apps and sites as along with surveys many do offer alternative ways to make money on top of surveys. However in this case there is nothing else, not even a referral program which may disappoint those who like to invite their friends to make a additional income.

Anyway moving on and on to the surveys and how they work. There 4 types of research projects they may send to you, which include surveys, diary surveys, polls and short surveys. So as you can see there is variety to what you can complete. 

Now your probably wondering how much can you get paid for doing these, and that ranges between 20 to 200 points in the app currency. The amount of points you get does depend on different things, so some surveys may pay towards the lesser range and some may pay higher. This is the case with most survey panels and sites out there.

What Rewards Are Available?

Once you have reached the minimum threshold which is low you can request a payout. These are sent instantly and straight to your PayPal account. For additional information this is also paid out in pounds, so for someone like me who is British its much easier to understand just how much you are getting and earning.

The Curious Cat Positives and Negatives

The 'Good' Stuff

1. Pays Though PayPal and Instantly

There's nothing much better then receiving money instantly when you do a job and its good to see this with Curious Cat. There are many survey panels that I have used that have made me wait up to a few months just for a gift card so this is pleasant to see.

2. Make Money On The Go

One of the useful things about apps is not only can they be used at home but you can also use them out and about unlike a desktop computer, they are handy and you can get them out your pocket and be using them in seconds.

So this is a good bonus as if for example your on the tube you can complete a survey and make money pretty much while your on the go.

The 'Not So Good' Stuff

1. Low Earning Potential

The only letdowns with apps such as this one is that the earning potential is normally quite low. Some people come to apps like this thinking they will make full-time income however that is impossible. These apps are great but just for some extra funds per month, but nothing else.

2. Have To Verify Using Your Mobile Phone

Some might now consider this a con however I understand that giving away personal details such as phone number isn't ideal for many. So if you don't want to verify with your phone I would look elsewhere as there are apps and sites that just require an email and that's it

Is Curious Cat Legit?

I like to review new apps as occasionally you can find some great apps that can benefit you. With Curious Cat its hard to tell whether it is completely legit as they are fairly brand new and aren't well known. For the time being I would say they are legit and worth a try as users have shared there payment proofs online. 

I will come back to this review in a few months to update once the installs have increased and more people have tried the app.

  • ​Brand new app ​that isn't established

  • Requires mobile verification
  • ​Make money on the go

  • ​Pays through PayPal and also instantly which is good

My 'Worth It' Rating


What do you think to Curious Cat? Have any questions or opinions you would like to throw my way?

Let me know by leaving a comment down below, I'm interested in hearing what you guys have to say πŸ™‚

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Is VIP Voice Scholarship Legit And Can You Make $5000?!

Is VIP Voice Scholarship Legit

Ever thought of the possibility of making money online by completing surveys. Well it could be worth it as there are many survey sites out there that are looking to pay people well for their opinions. 

In fact before I wrote this post I went and typed survey sites into google I was shocked at how many there were that came up in the search.

Now your probably wondering if VIP Voice Scholarship is legit and the so called scholarship they have on offer. Well don't worry as I have it all covered and will be going through everything you need to know about them and that includes how exactly you can make $5000 by completing just 2 surveys.

VIP Voice Scholarship Review Summary


What Are They?:

Survey Site






VIP Voice is a North America based survey panel that offers a way for people to give their voices and opinions through surveys. In return for chances to win big sums of money and other items.

 What Is VIP Voice Scholarship?

The VIP Voice Scholarship is a inciting promotion set up by VIP Voice themselves to interest people into signing up to the panel. When you sign up to the scholarship you are actually practically signing up to the panel, its just this is a incentive to get you to join.

It isn't a load of rubbish with the $5000 and they do actually give it a way each month, in order to be eligible though you have to sign up and then complete at least 2 surveys. Doing this will ensure your eligible for the prize draw.

Now for VIP Voice the panel itself works just like most of the other survey panels and offers opportunity's for you to make money by completing surveys, inviting friends and through other ways.

They are operated and part of the NPD Group which is an organisation that's role is to gather up information needed and pass it on to the relevant party's to help the improve of various businesses. So when someone like yourself completes a survey this is useful to many companies as it helps them to develop their products and services.  

VIP Voice Scholarship Main Page

How Do You Get Started?

Signing up to VIP Voice is easy and takes little to no effort to do. When you click through to the home page you will find a box on the right hand side where you will need to fill in details that are required. This consists of your name, email, gender, D/O/B and creating a password for your account. The whole process takes around 5 minutes tops to do.

If you do want to sign up to VIP Voice you will need to reside in either US or Canada to sign up as they don't support worldwide users at the moment like other panels. There are different ages however as for US residents you will need to be 13 or over and if you are Canadian you will need to be over 18 years of age.

How Do You Make Start Making Money?

You can make money with VIP Voice however its not as simple or easy as you would initially think it would be. This is because you are not paid directly for your time and effort, for every survey you complete you will instead instead of money some sweepstake entry's that you can use in sweepstake's . 

I do find the concept quite odd as unlike other survey panels your not getting paid for your time and effort. You could complete many surveys however not win any of the sweepstake's, this means that you have wasted a lot of time.

The more surveys you do complete the more points you will receive that as well can be used on bidland which is where you can bid for various items including e-vouchers. However personally I'd rather have the option to purchase them as you could end up over paying for something.

What Rewards Are Available?

The more surveys you do complete the more points you will receive that as well as sweepstake's can be used on BidLand which is something where you can bid for various items including e-vouchers. 

The VIP Voices Positives and Negatives

The 'Good' Stuff

1. Big Sweepstake Up For Grabs

The thing that attracts people to this VIP Voice scholarship program is the $40'000 monthly pay out through the sweepstake.

When you consider that you have the chance to win that just by completing 2 surveys it doesn't sound that bad. 

I'm not sure how many people have joined or your chances of winning but I'd probably say that doing the lottery would be more worth it.

This is because you don't know how long the surveys are going to be and could take you more than an hour to do. So if you don't win that is effectively an hour wasted. 

The 'Not So Good' Stuff

1. No Rewards To Redeem

This one is a little odd as you don't get the option to redeem rewards such as gift cards and cash like other survey sites. Instead you either have to put your chances in a sweepstake or bid for items using Bidland.

I can only imagine though that you would end up either over bidding for items or with the amount of people signed up struggle to get anything.

Personally I'd rather have the option to redeem them for a set amount of points as then you know your hard work is being put towards something instead of just a draw.

2. Numerous Negative Reviews

In most cases reviews on products and websites can be a great indication on whether something is any good or is in fact rubbish. With VIP Voice I decided to check out the reviews on them and most of them weren't great at all.

The majority of them were about the fact that many people have been there for years and have not won anything but have completed many surveys over that time. This is an aspect to the site that I have spoken about and I do agree with them, why dedicate so much time when you will only get paid in entries, at the same time it was also there choice to stick with it for the years they did.

With the survey sites I use at the moment they have catalogues where you always know how much points needed and also what rewards you can get. This is much better as when I am in the middle of a survey I know that when I am finished that these points will be put towards something I can later withdraw.

There is quite a lot of bad reviews for the site but while they are I guess legit its safe to say they aren't worth the time or effort.

Is VIP Voice Scholarship A Scam?

VIP Voice Scholarship is legit and isn't a scam however the concept of the site and the way it works sure is questionable. No one likes to get there time waisted especially if your dedicating plenty of time into it but that seems the case here.

If you are here hoping to find a survey site that pays out well and even pays there members you won't nesscarily find that here, yes you could win $40'000 however that is unlikely and requires a time investment to be in with a chance to win anyway.

If your looking for some survey sites that pay out after each completion and give you the option to choose from a selection of rewards (gift cards and cash) then check out these top rated US and Canada survey sites here.

  • Not worth the effort or time
  • No option to redeem rewards
  • Mostly Bad Reviews

  • $40'000 sweepstake each month
  • ​Established survey panel and company

My 'Worth It' Rating


What do you think to VIP Voices? Do you think there worth it?

Have any questions or opinions you would like to throw my way?

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