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Persona.Ly Review

Today I’ll be bringing a review on an offer wall called From now on into the future ill be bringing you reviews on offer walls and survey routers showing you how you can earn money using them. Today I’ll be talking you through and the best ways to go about making money using this offer wall to make money on survey sites.

Without Further ado lets get into it

What is is a service that pays sites when members on survey and rewarding sites use their service to get points

What survey sites does Persona.Ly appear on? can be found on most survey sites out there such as:

  • Swagbucks
  • InstaGC
  • Keep Rewarding
  • Cashcrate
  • PrizeRebel
  • InboxDollars
and others.

What ways can you earn using

You can make money on this offer wall for completing the following types of offers:


  • Making a deposit on a Betting site – these often pay the best, but you will need to make a deposit of around £10 to £30 to get credited. You do usually get paid the same amount for completing the offer as you deposit on betting site.
  • Sponsored Surveys – These are usually quite high paying within the region of £3 to £5. To qualify for these surveys. However, you must fit the particular audience. Before entering the survey, I would advise reading the description as it will tell you what there looking for such as age, occupation, etc.
  • Persona Surveys – Aswell as the sponsored surveys they also have their surveys. Most of these don’t pay that well averaging around £0.50 although some do pay around the 1 pound range. These are updated all throughout the day.
  • Featured Apps – Download apps is another way to earn money using this offer wall. These pay quite poorly but make up for the fact that there easy to do. You will only get a couple of these every couple of days.
  • Sign Ups – These are a good way to earn money as you don’t have to pay half the time to complete them. You will be required for some of them to use your Payment details, but that’s just for the free trials. You will see a couple of these and these are usually updated every couple of weeks. These pay ok from around £1 to £10.

Pros of Using to make money

  • The Sponsored surveys pay well
  • Surveys are updated daily
  • Nicely laid
  • out offer wall

Cons of Using to make money

  • The non-sponsored Surveys dont pay very well
  • Apps pay cents literally, so I would look elsewhere to download them and earn money


There are some good ways to earn money using this offer wall like the sign ups and the sponsored surveys which pay good value for time. Compared to some of the other offer walls this one is one of high paying off the.



Thanks for reading my brief review on

What’s your favourite Offer wall? Or do you have a question to ask me

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Cint Surveys Review – Can You Make Money Taking These Surveys?

My opinions on Cint are fairly mixed as there are both equal pros and cons to completing surveys on this survey router. Cint is basically a panel that supports market research companies by giving out surveys from them to survey panels.

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What are Cint Surveys?

CINT is an innovation organisation who help companies to get opinions and views on their products and services. Through their OpinionHUB stage, they also join forces with different online study boards.

What Surveys Do They Offer?

They offer surveys on all types of products and services which come from third-party companies. How they work if very similar to Samplico where market research companies will send out all kinds of surveys to then be shared with various survey panels

How Long Do The Surveys Generally Take?

I’ve found Cint Surveys to be average and when I say average I’m saying mostly 15 – 30 minutes long. Is isn’t too bad but what I don’t like is that sometimes you will be halfway through a survey and you will get disqualified without any reason, that can be frustrating buy it happens from time to time.

How Much Can You Get Paid?

Cint pay around $0.80 to $1.00 for a survey, which is one of the main pros for using cint surveys being the high paying surveys. If only Cint had better disqualification rates I would rate Cint highly but half the time I struggle to get into a survey.

The site I use primarily for completing surveys is PrizeRebel which at the moment pay $0.90 for each successfully completed survey.

Pros Of Using Cint Surveys:

  • Pay well for each survey

Cons Of Using Cint Surveys:

  • The disqualification rates aren’t great
  • Some days they will either have no surveys or hardly any

So Is Cint An Survey Router Worth Using?

I do prefer the likes of GlobalTestMarket and Toluna surveys over Cint as generally they are easy to qualify for and ultimately earn more money.

However, I do at least try a couple of times to qualify for a Cint survey as when you get matched with one that is fairly straightforward you get paid fairly well if you manage to successfully complete.

But very much like samplico, although I prefer cint to samplico you will find that the disqualification rates can be quite high most days.

My Verdict


My Alternative To Surveys

My personal recommendation is creating your own business from home as it’s very straightforward and can be very rewarding in the long run. When I say rewarding the platform I use that teach you all you need to know about making your own business also show you how to make a full-time income with it. I’ve made a full review of the platform I use which ill leave a link to below.

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Have you had much success with Cint? What are your opinons on them? 

Let me know in the comments section below:)


GiveUsYour2Cents Surveys Review – Can You Make More Then 2 Cents Using This Router?

 I use survey routers a lot to make a good income on survey sites, one of the routers in particularly that I have used is GiveUsYour2Cents Surveys. For me, I have had reasonable success with this router and that’s because of a few reasons which I’ll talk about in this review. Today I’ll be reviewing GiveUsYour2Cents to see if you can make more than 2 cents using this router.

Before I get into this review, if you guys want to know my #1 recommendation for building an online business and making a passive income – Then Click Here For My Full Review

What are GiveUsYour2Cents Surveys?

Give Us Your 2 Cents is likewise called Toluna USA so you will find that a lot of surveys they provide are from Toluna, however not all of them are. The company Toluna first started GiveUsYour2Cents in 2009, so has been providing surveys for sites for quite a long time. 

Anyone is eligible to complete surveys from the United Kingdom, United States, Canada and Germany. You must also be 13 years and older, so if you’re a teenager you can try them out, which is good.

What Surveys Do They Offer

Samplicious surveys offer all kinds of surveys which target all kinds of audiences. What I’ve found with suspicious surveys is that it’s when you qualify for a survey as they do have fairly high disqualification rates.

While these surveys can be rewarding it all depends on whether you can qualify for them in the first place as I find a lot that when I attempt a survey I’m soon being redirected to a new one.

How Long Do The Surveys Generally Take?


Surveys tend to take 10 -15 minutes to complete which is a big reason why I like these surveys. There not like some of the other routers that have surveys which drag on, which these there over fairly quickly. Not just that you will find that the disqualification rates are low, one thing I absolutely hate is being kicked out, but with this one, you will find that only the occasional survey will screen you out.

How Much Can You Get Paid?

Normally you will get paid about $0.75 to $1.00 for completing a survey. Although this does vary from survey site to site. The one I use to complete GiveUsYour2Cents surveys the most is PrizeRebel that charge $0.75. I do think the reward is justified as surveys are like I said easy to get though and only take 20 minutes max. 

Pros Of Using GiveUsYour2Cents Surveys

  • They pay around $0.75 to $1.00
  • Low Disqualification Rates
  • Surveys are fairly easy to get through and take 10-15 minutes

Cons Of Using GiveUsYour2Cents Surveys

  • Can run out of surveys some days without getting paid for one

So Is GiveUsYour2Cents An Survey Router Worth Using?

I do attempt samplicious surveys every day but mostly I’m lucky to qualify for about 3/4 a week. There always worth trying so if you do qualify and complete a survey its a bonus

My Verdict


My Alternative To Surveys

I know surveys may not be everyone’s cup of tea which is why I recommend Affiliate Marketing. A site called Wealthy Affiliate is the one I use, which basically teaches you how to make a website and then how to earn revenue from it. Definitely worth trying out if you haven’t already. I’ll leave a link to my full review which gives you a full in-depth look at how it works and how you can start making a Full-Time income.

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Is Saysoforgood Safe? My Honest Review

I’m a big fan of taking surveys, in fact, I take surveys every day without fail. However, not all surveys are the same with some surveys being easier, harder, quicker, longer than others. Now the survey router ill be reviewing today is a bit of a strange one as I can’t recall the last time I completed a Saysoforgood survey, I think it was about 2 months ago!

Now I’ll explain the reasons why has we go through this review, I’ll be telling you today whether this router is any good and most importantly whether is Saysoforgood safe to use.


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What is Saysoforgood?

Saysoforgood is a non-profit organisation which primarily aim is to donate to various charities around the world. Saysoforgood bring in surveys from third party companies to help them gather up opinions on all sorts of products and services.

Despite the fact I’m not a big fan of this router I have to admit my eyes lit up when I saw that they donate the same amount of money that you get rewarded for surveys.

Like most routers and surveys for that matter, you will need to complete some profile questions, this is to match you with relevant surveys. However, the bit that’s quite annoying with Saysoforgood is that they will repeat the profile questions such as age for each survey you try to qualify for.

What Surveys Do They Offer

They offer a number of surveys from Technology to Food, they have all kinds of surveys. Before you get into the survey you will have a brief idea on what the surveys about as there will be an image next to the survey showing you the category.


How Long Do The Surveys Generally Take?

Surveys typically take 20 – 30 minutes to complete which is much more than most survey routers. You will get the occasional ones that are less than 20 minutes but there not as sought of. What i did notice when i was trying to complete the surveys was that the majority of them would tend to drag on, but then again that can be the case with some surveys.

How Much Can You Get Paid?

You can expect to receive anywhere from $1 to $4 for completing a survey, the estimated duration of the survey is a big factor in how much you will be rewarded. For the ones that take 15 to 20 minutes you can expect to get around $1 to $2 and for the ones that take longer than that can range from $3 to $4.


Pros Of Using Saysoforgood

  • Pay well when you qualify for a survey

Cons Of Using Saysoforgood

  • Very Low Qualification Rates
  • Surveys take time to complete (20min <)

Is Saysoforgood Safe or Is it Really Not Worth It?

In my opinion, Saysoforgood isn’t really worth it as getting into surveys is quite difficult and even if you qualify you almost nearly get disqualified at some point in the survey. When I go on GPT and Survey sites I tend not to bother with these ones though occasionally I will try as they do pay more than some of the other routers out there.

My Verdict


My Alternative To Surveys

I think it’s safe to say with this Survey router you will struggle to make any money, you would probably be lucky to come out with a couple of dollars. 

Do you want to know what I recommend? Well, I recommend Affiliate Marketing as you will be able to earn more money in the longer term and build more of a Full-time income. An income you will struggle to reach with survey sites.

Ive wrote a full review on this program for you guys so feel free to have a look and the best part is its Free!

Click Here To Read More

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Have You Tried this Survey Router Before? Had Much Success?

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Making Money With Toluna Survey Center – My Survey Router Review

Toluna Survey Center is definitely one of my favourite survey routers that I use, most of that goes down to its consistency. However, I’ll talk more about Toluna as we go through this review. Anyway today I’m bringing you guys another survey router but this time around its Toluna

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What is Toluna Survey Center?

Toluna survey centre is basically just a survey router. Some of you maybe thinking isn’t Toluna Survey Center just the same as the website. Well in one sense it is in the fact that the surveys given out are mostly Toluna ones, it is run exactly like the website though.

What Surveys Do They Offer

Well like most survey routers you will that this one offers all types of surveys, some of the popular ones I seem to get matched with is the ones based on your ‘home’ and also ‘Food’ seems to also be a common survey theme.

How Long Do The Surveys Generally Take?

Generally speaking, these ones only take around 5 – 20 minutes to complete. From the surveys I’ve been offered however most have been either 10 to 15 minutes. The good thing I like about these is that although they say some surveys take a certain amount of time I, however, seem to get them done in 5 – 10 minutes. 

I don’t know if this is because I’m fairly quick to answer questions, but I should warn you that sometimes Toluna do punish you if you finish the survey before the general time.

How Much Can You Get Paid?

From the sites, I use the Toluna survey router on I find that they pay you roughly the same amount for all their surveys. You can typically expect to get paid anywhere from £0.50 to £1.00 for a survey.

The site I use primarily to complete Toluna surveys as I tend to get 4/5 a day is Prizerebel, these pay in the region of £0.50 to £0.70 but again I do get quite a few invites which make up for the reward per survey.

Pros Of Using Toluna Surveys

  • Low Disqualification Rates
  • Easy to complete

Cons Of Using Toluna Surveys

  • Can get a minimum of half a pound for a survey

So Is Toluna Survey Center An Survey Router Worth Using?

I do recommend Toluna survey centre as they give out good surveys that are rather easy to complete

My Verdict


My Alternative To Surveys