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Is Paid Surveys UK A Scam – Or Can You Make Hundreds Of £’s?

Is Paid Surveys UK A Scam

Apparently you can make up to £50 a survey completing surveys, that's what Paid Surveys UK seems to claim. Well in that case I better sign up and you should to as it sounds like its a very easy way to make money.

Unfortunately some things seem to good to be true and that's something I found with this site.

Yes you can make money completing surveys in fact there are hundreds of thousands of people around the world completing surveys right now and it can be an easy way to generate an income online.

Many of you are probably wondering is Paid Surveys UK a scam or can you actually make good money using the site.

There are many sites like this one around the internet that set high expectations for the industry when in reality the payouts are a lot lower. 

Without further ado let me teach you more about Paid Surveys UK and why they aren't all they initially come across as being.

But very quickly before I get started...

I know I was going to start the review and tell you whether or not they are legit but to save your time and hopefully help you make money starting today I wanted to recommend a survey site that I have had a lot of success with over the years.

The #1 recommendation I have for you offers plenty of ways to make money including completing surveys, watching videos, doing offers/tasks, shopping online and more.

So feel free to check them out if you are interested in making extra cash online.

Paid Surveys UK Review Summary


What Are They?: Site That Promotes Survey Sites

Verdict: Scam

My Worth It Rating: 1/5

Is Paid Surveys UK Main Page

What Is Paid Surveys UK?

Paid Surveys UK isn't exactly a survey site of such instead they show you and promote other survey sites to you that you can start making money completing surveys. Basically it's a site set up to show you survey sites in the industry that pay out.

If you have heard of sites like Top10bestpaidsurveys, Survey Spotter and GetPaidSurveys, you will find that they are all very similar.

This site as been in operation for 13 years ever since 2005 and are owned by Affility Media Inc which are a UK based company.

They are also interestingly owned by the same company that function of Survey Police, to be honest I'm not that surprised. While Survey Police is a established site that shows you hundreds of sites that offer ways for you to earn money from your opinions. I did find they do over hype sites that have bad reviews but despite that they still recommend them.

If you have checked out the site before this review you would of found that it is scattered with links, these are affiliate links that make them money every time someones clicks on them and joins the survey site they recommend.

How Do You Start Making Money?

On the site you will find guides and lists of survey sites to join with and start making money. If you want to earn PayPal cash there is a list of survey sites that do that, as well there are other lists.

In order to actually start making money you will need to sign up with the sites by clicking the join now buttons. Alternatively you can type the sites into Google and sign up that way.

Once you are then signed you, you should be able to start taking surveys and receive invites. These are from the survey companies themselves not Paid Surveys UK.

How Much Can You Earn?

They say you can get paid up to £50 however with the sites on offer it does depend from site it site as some pay out more than others.

From looking at whats available and what they are promoting I wouldn't expect to make any more than £5 a survey. Then again that is quite high and most surveys that I have taken pay out £0.50-£2 a survey, so that's a good guideline to go around.

One thing to understand when it comes to taking surveys is that making tons of money isn't possible and that goes for the industry in whole.

You can make extra cash however up to £500+ in fact with this site I like to use, however any site promising more than that is more than likely a scam.


Recommending Average Panels...

Either the list is old or they are recommending survey sites that are just poor and don't pay out well. Their are a few on the list that could be worth checking out but for the most part the surveys they promote are garbage in my opinions.

Two on that list in particularly are Toluna and Ipsos which I have tried out for myself and I found myself quitting the both as earning money was to hard and stressful.

This is one of the reasons why I raise an eyebrow with these kind of sites as most of the just aren't great and you will find many rumours to back that up. It's either they are recommending them because they have a good relationship with the company's or they really believe you can make money using the site. It's up to you which one you think...

Setting Unrealistic Expectations

Going from there FAQ's they mention how you can make plenty of money just completing surveys and at one point they say you can make up to £50 a survey. 

Well I would love to see a screenshot of a £50 payout as you just don't get offered them, especially at the survey sites they promote. In fact to an extent 

The Paid Surveys UK Positives and Negatives

The 'Good' Stuff

  • check
    Legitimate and don't charge you
  • check
    Promote survey sites that mostly pay out
  • check
    Open to anyone over 18

The 'Not So Good' Stuff

  • close
    Still a sales funnel that makes them money
  • close
    Some of the sites have shut down which shows that it isn't updated regularly 
  • close
    Lack of support

So Is Paid Surveys UK A Scam?

Well Paid Surveys UK is legit however they are quite pointless.

What I do like however compared to similar sites is that they do talk about the survey sites and show you what they have to offer instead of just shoving links in your face.

Apart from that I don't really see that much wrong with them so feel free to check them out and maybe you might find a survey site that is for you.

I will slightly contradict myself and like I mentioned a good chunk of them I have tried and found to be poor. 

Instead I would recommend checking out #1 recommendation that I have tried and been paid numerous times by.

They are a level above the other survey sites I have tried out and it's clear why as they offer a lot of opportunities for you to make money from home

My 'Worth It' Rating

What do you think to Get Paid Surveys UK? 

I'm interested in hearing what you guys have to say so make sure to leave a comment below 🙂

SurveyAllStars Review – Legitimate Survey Site To Earn Money?

SurveyAllStars Review

I have had a few people come up to me wondering whether or not SurveyAllStars is legit or not so I thought I'd check them out for myself. In this SurveyAllStars Review I'll be taking you through everything you need know about them.

From initial impression they don't exactly look like a survey site that offers genuine opportunities to make money like they initially come across to.

As I'm guessing your here to find out more about them then hopefully this post helps you answer any questions that you may have.

Now quickly before I get started...

I'll cut to the chase and tell you that SurveyAllStars don't actually pay out or even offer opportunities to earn money, but I'll go more over that in this review. 

For the time being and if you want to skip the next 5 minutes talking about a pointless site I would rather save your time by showing you a survey site that does pay and will benefit you.

Click below to read my full review of my #1 recommendation and how you can get started completely free.

SurveyAllStars Review Summary


What Are They?: Site That Promotes Survey Sites

Verdict: Scam

My Worth It Rating: 1/5

SurveyAllStars Logo

What Is SurveyAllStars?

Initially they do look like a survey site however they are a company recruiting members for the businesses they are partnered with them. In the end they are a lot like similar sites that have sales funnels in place such as Top10bestpaidsurveys and Survey Spotter

So instead of making money directly with the survey site like normal such as ones like Swagbucks and Prizerebel they simply refer you else where. 

If you look around the internet you will find very similar sites scattered around that have pretty much the same concept in that you are shown sites elsewhere that you can make money with.

The difference here is that every time someone signs up to one of the sites they feature their partners pay them, so its basically a sales funnel set up to help them gain.

​Getting Started

When you first come across the site you won't find a great deal of background info on SurveyAllStars instead you are greeted by a registration form which they advise you to go through in order to sign up to them.

The FAQ's themselves are quite misleading as they state you are signing up for a membership and that all you need to in order to become a member is fill in the details.

You aren't creating a membership with them which is where the confusion is, instead you are signing up for their newsletter. That's one of the reasons I don't like sites like this one as they make it so misleading, where someone would sign up thinking that they will be completing surveys at SurveysAllStars themselves.

The only reason they want you to do that is so they can spam you with emails full of promotions, not good ones by the way.

You may be thinking especially if you have checked them out before looking at this review that you are joining the actual site. That's not the case however as you are signing up to their email newsletter where they continue to send promotions and offers to do with other survey sites for you to join.

Again every time you sign up to one of the sites they recommenced they will receive a commission for that action, this is also known as CPA in the internet marketing world.

​How Do You Start Making Money?

You will be able to make money with some of the survey sites they recommend but just to make it clear you won't be making money with SurveyAllStars. 

Some of the survey sites they do recommend are legit such as Swagbucks and VipVoice which I have checked out and do use the latter for myself.

By joining them sites you will be able to make money doing things such as completing surveys, but after you have gone through the funnel the relationship is between you and the survey site.

If you do have issues with one of the survey sites you will need to contact the survey site you've joined themselves not SurveyAllStars as they have no involvement with them apart from referring you in the first place.

The SurveyAllStars Positives and Negatives

The 'Good' Stuff

  • check
    Free to sign up for

The 'Not So Good' Stuff

  • close
    Offers no value to anybody
  • close
    Funnel set up just to make the owners money not to help people make money online completing surveys
  • close
    No details on the owners

Is SurveysAllStars Legit?

SurveysAllStar may be legit in the sense that they aren't selling you services or trying to con you of such but there is still no real use to the site.

I mean feel free to try them for yourselves as you won't have to buy anything but you will probably get a whole host of spam through your inbox. This is why I wouldn't recommend them.

The thing I don't like is that they try to come across as a company trying to help people make money through completing surveys.

Although is almost the opposite and all they care about is getting people to sign up for sites in return for commissions.

My 'Worth It' Rating

What do you think to my SurveyAllStars Review? Do you see any using their website?

Let me know by leaving a comment down below, I'm interested in hearing what you guys have to say 🙂 Review – Are They A Legitimate Survey Panel? Review

Today I thought I'd take the time out to review a survey site called GetPaidSurveys. 

There are a few things that are not right with this site however all will be revealed in this Review. 

So if your looking to find out if GetPaidSurveys is a legitimate panel that pays out make sure to read until the end.

Very quickly before I get started...

If you are looking for a legitimate survey site that pays well, don't look any further than my recommendation.

They have helped me make an extra $500 every month ever since I first joined them! Review Summary

Website: GetPaidSurveys

What Are They?: Survey Site Sales Funnel

Verdict: Legit

My Worth It Rating: 

GetPaidSurveys Home Page

What Is GetPaidSurveys?

Its easy to explain what this site is as its not actually a survey site which some of you maybe initially thought.

Instead GetPaidSurveys is simply a funnel set up to earn money from you guys. When ever someone clicks on thier links to the survey sites they recommend they will get paid a commision.

There are no proper guides on how to make money neither is there any opportunities for you to make money through completing surveys there on the site.

This frustrates me as this isn't new to me, I have checked out and lost time trying these kind of sites in the past. Some of the recent ones include the likes of Top10bestpaidsurveys and SurveySpotter. Both of which are the same and run just like GetPaidSurveys. Check them links out and see for yourself, there are a lot of similarities.

​Getting Started

When you first click on the site you will find phrases such as 'Start Now With Our Top 5 Paid Surveys' this is then followed by the 5 sites they recommend, there are also join now buttons for you to sign up for them.

These 5 sites are nothing special but are simply companies that GetPaidSurveys work with in order to get commissions. These sites are ordinary survey sites, some of them are even garbage such as Ipsos, read this review if you don't believe me.

The thing is they don't have your best interests at mind and are just looking to get your money. 

Admittedly you will find links to survey sites that I recommend on this website, however these are ones I've tried that ACTUALLY pay out, half the ones on that list are in my opinion rubbish as I have tried them.

There is a part to the site where you can make create an account, which I went ahead and did for the purpose of this review. I found the site to be buggy which you will see in the screenshot below. Where I assume you should be able to login there is instead wordpress code which indicates that the website as issues.

GetPaidSurveys Login

Once I had input my details and answered questions similar to those you would find before taking a survey. I was then shown a completion page where someone called Jessica Sterling is now going to show me the best paid surveys in 2014. 

This is odd as it shows that this site hasn't been updated in over 4 years. Have the owners set up the site, put a funnel on and then just left it? Looks like it too me! 

Where Is GetPaidSurveys Going Wrong?

Wierd Log In Issue

When you create an account you aren't creating a GetPaidSurveys account instead you are setting up a WordPress account. As you can see from the screenshot below it seems as if I am logged into the site.

GetPaidSurveys Logged In

Dodgy FAQ's

Like most sites they also have a FAQ section to the site, where they answer questions. However this one is different and actually made me chuckle whilst reviewing as all the answers are the same, the questions aren't though. 

Its seems as if the site was thrown together in five minutes, as you can see in the screenshot below its nothing short of a mess.

GetPaidSurveys FAQ (2)
GetPaidSurveys FAQ (1)

The GetPaidSurveys Positives and Negatives

The 'Good' Stuff

  • check
    No good aspects to the site

The 'Not So Good' Stuff

  • close
    They collect your data and send you spam
  • close
    Not worth the time and simply a funnel set up to make them money
  • close
    No option to contact the site 

Is GetPaidSurveys A Scam?

Yes, I'm afraid GetPaidSurveys is not a legitimate survey site like I initially suspected however just a site set up to make money from guys like you.

You won't gain anything from signing up to sites like these that are simply a waste of your time. Sure you can click on the links to the survey sites and earn money from completing surveys.

But the idea of giving a site like this which is quite frankly joke is no from me. I would suggest if you are interested in manually looking up the sites on Google instead.

Or better still if you are on the hunt for some survey panels where you can get paid for your opinions. Then check out these extra income sites that do pay out.

Want $5 For Free?

Join Swagbucks for free and make extra cash today! They pay you to complete surveys, watch videos, search the web and much more. They have paid out over $160,000,000 in rewards in the last 10 years!

My 'Worth It' Rating

I don't recommend GetPaidSurveys however I want to hear your thoughts and opinions​

Let me know what you guys think by leaving a comment down below 🙂

Take Surveys For Cash ‘Scam’ Review – Can You Really Make $3,500 A Month?

Take Surveys For Cash Review

Recently I've been getting multiple comments of which most of them were spam here at BestSurveySitesForMakingMoney promoting a panel called Take Surveys For Cash.

Before I go any further this company is a huge NO NO in other words a SCAM. All this panel is out to do is cheat you out of money instead of actually trying to help you make money. I will be covering everything you need to know so its important you read the rest of this review to find out!

I've had comments such as 'Check out how to make $3,500 now here' 'Find out the secret trick I use to make lots of money completing surveys here' and so forth. However from my experience making such money from surveys is just not possible. 

Sure you can make an extra $500 A Month with some sites but in general you will struggle to make anywhere near the amount that Take Surveys For Cash claim to pay.

For some people this would be enough to even quit your job as that's basically a full time income.

The question it leaves me asking is if you can make so much why have I only just come across it now.

Anyway it's good your here as in this Take Surveys For Cash 'Scam' Review I came across a lot of information that you must read if you have or are considering using their services..

Is it all BS? Keep reading on to find out...

Looking To Make An Extra $500 a Month?

Check out the survey site we use that offers numerous ways to make money online

Take Surveys For Cash 'Scam' Review Summary


What Are They?: Survey Panel

Verdict: Legit

My Worth It Rating: 1/5

Take Surveys For Cash Scam

Take Surveys For Cash 'Homepage'

What Is Take Surveys For Cash?

Since researching the panel I've found it all seems to be centered around the owner Jason White.

When you first go on the site they emphasise the word 'Freedom' as they say by completing surveys you can live the life you want to.

Take Surveys For Cash Freedom

Sure you can definitely make money completing surveys and a lot of people currently do, but the earning potential isn't that high.

I would love to see income proofs from members who have been paid from them as I've never come across a survey site that will help you achieve income in that region.

To be honest it's not possible to become so financially free as surveys typically pay enough to help you make extra cash online not all of sudden help you to quit your job.

The way the snippet on the site by Jason White make it sound he makes completing surveys online look so easy.

It is an easy activity to do however it can be stressful as not every survey you will qualify for and from time to time when your not a fit for one you may get booted.

Unfortunately while the below picture seems to give an example and show how making money from surveys is easy, well it is simple however racking up those numbers is impossible. This is because the Legit survey panels don't normally offer surveys that pay over $50 let alone $400.

Take Surveys For Cash Survey Payouts

Who Is Behind The Survey Panel?

As I briefly mentioned they are owned by someone called Jason White but through doing research on him and the panel it seems there isn't a great deal on the owner.

For all I could know he could just be a made up person as on the site you wont see any videos or pictures with him featured in.

While this isn't a common theme with survey sites I have stumbled across some in the past where owners have been either made up or there is no information on them.

​How Do You Start Making Money?

In order to start making money you need to buy there program which is a one off purchase of $35.  Absolute steal in my opinion...worth every penny!

Unfortunately there is no money to be made as this is just a sales funnel aimed at making money from people who are unsure just how the survey industry works

Of course I'm joking as paying so much just to get a program that promises you getting dozens of invites to surveys is not worth it. In fact in the world of online surveys participation is free and it shouldn't cost you a dime to complete any surveys.

You will see multiple screenshots on the site of how much you can make money and for some of the amounts they are new to me as ive reviewed many panels none pay within any of those regions. Sure some panels that are looking for a targeted audience may give out the occasional survey in the hundreds region however that is quite rare.

What amazes me and looks way to good to be true is the fact Jason is claiming and showing you how hes getting a minimum of $50 a survey. 

Take Surveys For Cash $500 a survey

I have never come across panels paying anywhere in that region!?

Take Surveys For Cash Income Proof

When your on the site you will find many testimonials in fact its swarming with them. These are basically people who have been paid to provide a good review of the company. These are normally brought of Fiverr and similar sites like that where you can buy different services.

Anyway with that said alot of the information on the site is fake and the reason why Take Surveys For Cash is a scam is due to the fact that you are repeatedly being sold.

Literally everything you read you are being told how the program is the best one out there and how you can make so much money.

One part I recalled which you just wouldn't see from any legit survey panel is that you will get $50 bonus just for signing up, so essentially by purchasing the product you will make $15 profit. To me that just rings many alarm bells that this isn't a panel that is all what it makes out to be.

Looking To Make A 'Genuine' Survey Site?

This survey site offers opportunities in the form of surveys, watching videos, cashback and many others that will help you make an extra $500 a month.

The Take Surveys For Cash Positives and Negatives

The 'Good' Stuff

  • check
    Offer a money back guarantee of up to 60 days after purchase

The 'Not So Good' Stuff

  • close
    Products offered aren't worth it
  • close
    So many upsells and a set sales funnel targeted at making Jason money (not you!)
  • close
    Completely over hyped and shows what survey sites shouldn't be like

So Is Take Surveys For Cash Scam?

Yes im afraid Take Surveys For Cash is a scam and not worth your time, not forgetting your money aswell. There are many genuine survey sites currently out there that pay you for completing surveys and are free to join, which is how it should be.

Its a shame that people like Jason White set out on scaming people of there money through an awful sales pitch and funnel with Take Surveys For Cash. 

Unfortunately while some people have fell for the trap, I am at least glad to have got to you guys so I can advise you and point you in the right direction.

You can make money through completing surveys and you might be able to with this one, but with all the 'fake' details, upsells and basically aload BS I would advise checking out other survey panels out there instead.

If you are still interested I have found these 5 survey sites to be high paying, established and come with a good reputation. 

Want $5 For Free?

Join Swagbucks for free and make extra cash today! They pay you to complete surveys, watch videos, search the web and much more. They have paid out over $160,000,000 in rewards in the last 10 years!

My 'Worth It' Rating

Any of you have any thoughts or experiences with Take Surveys For Cash?

I'd be interested in hearing what you guys have to say so make sure to leave a comment below 🙂

Is Survey Club Scam Or Is Legit – My Honest Review

Survey Club is a site that claims to pay members for completing surveys, in fact, they think there so good that they say you can make your first $5 in the first 7 minutes of joining. As much as I would love to believe that I hardly think so but then again you never know which is why I went ahead and took a closer look at the site. 

Your probably wondering is Survey Club a scam well no need to worry as I’ve got you covered as by the end of this review you will know whether survey club is a genuine site to make money of or not.

Let me just say straight up before I get right into this review if you’re looking for a site that will help you make a genuine full-time income with no messing about then check out my #1 Recommendation – No Scams, No False Claims, just a genuine opportunity to make a passive income from home. Don’t believe me? Then check out my full review here with proof


So What is Survey Club?

Survey Club is basically and ancient survey site as it has been around for some years now. Survey Club is basically a panel that pays their members to complete various surveys in an exchange for rewards. This site is a bit of a weird on as you would think that being in the business for quite a few years would make them stand out but yet it is quite the opposite.

Survey Club Surveys

Now, as soon as you sign up for Survey Club you will be presented with a whole host of surveys ready to complete, which seem really good and high paying. However getting into surveys is quite an issue as the disqualification rates seem to be really high. With this site, you will find it extremely difficult to get into a survey which is quite annoying and time-consuming. That’s why I tend to stay away from these type of sites as you just get massive headaches using them.

How Do You Get Paid For Using Survey Club?

As soon as you reach $20 you can redeem a reward. This is quite a big downside as it will take you some time to reach $20 with it being so high and hard to get to. If the surveys were easier to qualify for it wouldn’t be such an issue but unfortunately, they aren’t.

While it’s not funny, with this kind of sites you will probably come back a year later to find that you only have less than $5 sitting in your account, basically most people tend to give up trying to reach the payout. Which is quite bad, you could say its a bit of a con.

Survey Club Pros:

  • Sites been running for many years

Survey Club Cons:

  • Takes time to build up points
  • Nearly impossible to qualify for a survey
  • High threshold of $20

So is Survey Club A Genuine Site For Making Extra Cash?

Don’t get me wrong Survey Club is a legit survey site and has been paying members for some years now, the thing there is just much better ways to spend your time on. First off there are much better survey sites that will pay you with little to no hassle. However, if you want to give it a go then be my guest but in my opinion, it’s just not worth it.



Want a more efficient way to achieve a full-time income?


If your really good at qualifying for surveys then you have a 0% of qualifying for them then you may find this site handy. Normally I would say with this kind of survey sites that you probably could get at least one payout. With this site, I can’t even guarantee that. 

Howeve, there is one guarantee I can make to you and that is a program I highly recommend. This program will actually help you make a Full-Time income from home. Most people will come across this kind of sites and waste so many hours with them trying to make money. I know exactly what it’s like to spend time trying to find sites that pay. Been there done that!

Anyway with my #1 recommendation that I’ve picked out for you is actually kind of awesome as it allows you to make a full-time income doing something you love, perfect! Whether you’re into gardening, sport, travel you can make an online business from scratch and ultimately earn revenue from it (Full-Time Income!).

I’ve made a full review on the site showing you everything you need to know about them and how you can get started for free today

My Full Review

Other Survey Sites To Survey Club To Earn Money

What do you think of Survey Club? Let me know what you guys think

Have a great day guys:)


Is Paid Surveys At Home A Legit Or Scam Survey Site – My Full Review

Not sure about you but this site looks rather dodgy at first impression, maybe you’ve just come from the site and are looking to see whether this site is actually a scam. You are in the right place as today I’ll be bringing you a review of PaidSurveysAtHome. So is Paid Surveys At Home a legit or scam survey site

Want to know the secret to how I make a Full-Time income from home then check out my #1 recommendation

What is Paid Surveys At Home?

Paid Surveys At Home isn’t the only site who just refers people to other organisations on the internet, yep that’s right there are others, funnily enough, doing this. 

Paid Surveys At Home is a company that claim to help members earn lots of money through completing surveys.

The only problems are that not only is that rubbish that they help you to earn money through online studies but also there is literally no background information on the company or the owner. This is very suspicious!

This is a study site that apparently has been in business for 10 years now, however, within the online community, I have never heard about this site paying members. 

The owner is Patricia Johnson, but that is all I know as there I no other info on the woman behind the company.

Referral System

This survey site also has an affiliate program although I have to know clue how it works or how they would get the money to pay their members. One can only think that they get their money from the research companies they promote which are what I’m guessing. I really wouldn’t recommend using this referral program as there’s really no guarantee that you will get paid.

One can only think that they get their money from the research companies they promote which are what I’m guessing. I really wouldn’t recommend using this referral program as there’s really no guarantee that you will get paid.

What Surveys do they offer?

Technically the site doesn’t directly pay you to take surveys, instead of taking surveys to the site the site recommends about 10-15 market research companies to sign up for.

This site kind of works like top10bestpaidsurveysites that instead of actually being an actual survey panel instead they just refer people to other sites where you can take surveys. 

In my opinion its all dodgy and just not worth messing about with.

They claim that they pay up to $25 a survey but that in fact is false as the companies they work with only pay up to $5. It’s basically just shoving loads of rubbish at you.

Not only that they also have a sidebar on the landing page which is full of testimonial. These have been written to make the site look absolutely perfect, but you can obviously tell that its fake.

Cons Of What Is Paid Surveys At Home:

  • No About Me page so information on the founder of the site
  • The company doesn’t pay anyone

Is Paid Surveys At Home A Legit Or Scam Site

Paid surveys at home is a definite scam as it shows literally no sign of legitimacy or members being genuinely paid

If you want to know which survey sites I recommend then – Check out this list of my favourite survey sites here

My Verdict


Want a more efficient way to achieve a full-time income?

As I really don’t recommend any of you guys using this site as its a scam. I thought id take the time to actually show you something that will not only be worth your time but also help you to earn a full-time income.

Programs like Paid Surveys At Home are only after one thing and that people’s money which is why I want to identify these scams and point people like you in the direction of actual genuine online opportunities to making money.

That said let me actually show you what program I was talking about and recommend. I recommend Affiliate Marketing for making a passive income each month. A site called Wealthy Affiliate is the place to be in 2017 and is my #1 recommendation

Want even more great news? It’s free to join! – Check Out My Review Here

Much Better Survey Sites To Paid Surveys From Home To Earn Money


Have any of you guys heard or used Paid Surveys from Home? Let me know what you guys think

Have a great day guys:)