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eSurveySeeker Review: Scam Or Legitimate?

eSurveySeeker Review

In this eSurveySeeker review I'll be going through all you need to know. Including whether the making $100+ claims are true

There are many survey sites out there that claim to pay and this one seems to be another one.

All in all completing surveys can be a great way to generate an income,

However not all sites are legit and will pay you fairly which is why you should be wary and do your research beforehand.

It's good your doing your research with this panel as from first impressions they don't look great and there are aspects of concern with this one.

As I don't like to judge a book by its cover I will be delving deeper for myself to find out whether or now eSurveySeeker is legit.

eSurveySeeker Review Summary


What Are They?: MLM

Verdict: Scam

My Worth It Rating: 1/5

eSurveySeeker Main Page

What Is eSurveySeeker

eSurveySeeker is a survey aggregator that claims to pays you to complete surveys, take part in research projects such as focus groups and do mystery shopping.

However it is quite misleading, when I first came across it I thought it was just your standard survey site but it seems I was wrong as its a system designed to make the owners money.

On the homepage it's hard to spot that they aren't an actual survey panel that is because they literally blend in with other sites.

I have reviewed sites just like this one such as Top10bestpaidsurveys, GetPaidSurveys and SurveySpotter, they all seem to adopt the same kind of concept.

​How Do You Start Making Money?

The first thing you will need to be aware of is that eSurveySeeker themselves don't offer any ways to make money.

For the survey sites they recommend they mention how for each survey you complete you will be paid out.

They say that you can $10 for a short survey, but that does sound way too good to be true.

I have found some of the best survey sites in the industry to pay no more than $5 max for a survey, and them ones tend to be longer.

So does seem to already sound like BS in my opinion.

The other opportunity that they mention is Focus Groups participation, here you can get paid up to $150 per study.

How likely that is I'm not sure however I do know and have reviewing panels out pay within those regions.

eSurveySeeker Complaints

Just Another Survey Funnel

As I have mentioned in this review the site is set up to make them money not to help you make money.

So having pages such as contact us, disclaimers, privacy policies doesn't make much sense as you would be signing up for other survey sites. 

This means that the pages I have listed would be of no use as companies have their own versions.

Interestingly they do also have a contact us page, but I'm not sure why they need it as any problems you encounter with the survey sites you would need to take up with the sites themselves, not eSurveySeeker.

Unrealistic Expectations

In the FAQ part of the site and in general mostly they have unrealistic expectations of how much you can make in the industry.

Like I brought up earlier they claim that you can make $10 for completing a short survey which is well above the average industry payout.

The eSurveySeeker Positives and Negatives

The 'Good' Stuff

  • No positives towards this site

The 'Not So Good' Stuff

  • Don't seem convincing enough and there is no evidence that they pay out
  • You don't get paid directly from the site, instead from its partners
  • High expectations set saying you can make lots of money which is a sign they may not be all there make out

Is eSurveySeeker Legit?

In all honesty I have tried so many similar variants of this site its crazy. These sites never pay out they are simply funnels set up to make themselves money, at no point do they put you first.

For this eSurveySeeker I have marked them as a scam as they are misleading and don't offer you opportunities to make money through doing surveys.

The claims they make such as 100's of surveys available and $10 surveys is just wrong. This is something to watch out for.

So to round this review up if you are sick of survey sites that don't pay (like I am) and are looking for ones that do then check out these top rated survey sites that are established and actually help you make money. 

My 'Worth It' Rating

Top10bestpaidsurveys Review – Scam Or Legit?

So your looking for ways to make money and you come across a survey site that claims to pay. However to start earning you must sign up to the site to then be shown other survey sites that will make you money. 

Bit confusing, don't you think? Well in the review I have for you a site that follows this concept. 

I do recommend taking surveys online as they can provide you with a good source of income. It goes without saying though that not all sites will but there are ones out there that will make you money.

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SaySo4Profit Review – Is It Possible To Make $75/Survey?

SaySo4Profit Review

Welcome to my SaySo4Profit Review

Have you come across SaySo4Profit wondering whether or not they are legit. Well I was, so I decided to check them out further to see what they are about.

Apparently you can make up to $75 a survey. That's quite crazy especially for just giving opinions.

Without further ado lets take a look at what is SaySo4Profit all about and are they worth your time and effort.

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Is Clout Cash Club A Scam Or Make $350+ Per Day?

Is Clout Cash Club A Scam

Were you wondering whether Clout Cash Club is a scam, well I was when I first came across them. 

At first impressions it does seem that Clout Cash Club is a survey aggregator however I will get more into what the site is about and most importantly whether or not you can make money with them

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Is Quick Pay Surveys Legit Or Just Another Scam?

Is Quick Pay Surveys Legit Or Just Another Scam

Are you wondering whether is Quick Pay Surveys Legit or not? When i first came across them I was unsure what to think as they were a few things that popped up to me that struck alarm bells. Anyway its good your here as this site doesn't look like a clear cut legitimate site to make money online.

At the start they do sound good and with a $3 bonus to get you up and running it seems you can't go wrong however has you will find out there is more to them that you should know about, so if you want to know whether Quick Pay Surveys is legit then I have all everything you need to know here in this review.

Quick Pay Surveys Review Summary


What Are They?:

Survey Site (With A Few Other Opportunities)





 What Is Quick Pay Surveys?

Quick Pay Surveys is a reward site that pays you to do various activities these range from you completing surveys to completing offers and many other things. The difference between these kind of sites and the reward sites which this is one of them is that they aren't exclusive to just surveys.

Quick Pay Survey Login Page

Now one thing you may be wondering straight of the bat is why are there different address'es and names, it does look quite confusing at which one is correct.

As you can see the from loading up the site it comes up with the web address '' however the name of the site is quickpaysurveys and they used to have the address '' before that was scraped and changed to the address they have now. 

They are an established survey panel and have been in operation since 2009 however despite that this does look unprofessional and if I was new I wouldn't this site any of my time.

How Do You Get Started?

The site is free to join and as far as I'm aware anyone can join and become a member. As a incentive to encourage you to sign up they also give you a $3 bonus which you can put towards a payout, you get this automatically credited to your account on registration.

While it does sound like free money it isn't exactly as you will need to make an extra $13 in order to withdraw, so you can't withdraw it once your up and running. Admittedly it is easier for the first time however will take you longer for future payouts.

There were people saying and I have seen online that people once had to pay a fee to sign up which sounds just like a scam, with that not being the case and with it being free you can be assured for the moment. 

It is something to bare in mind though as survey sites that I have checked out that charge for a membership 9 times out of 10 end up being scams, a great example of this is Click4Surveys who still to this day charge people for a secret survey site list.

How Do You Make Start Making Money?

From the main page and even the name it seems like the only way to make money is through surveys however there are a few more ways to earn which I'll explain in a second. The sites currency is simple also and keeps to dollars instead of points so for every survey you complete you will receive cash upon completion just like any other survey site.

1. Completing Surveys

The first and primary way that you can make money is through completing surveys these pay out between $0.50 and $1.00 each. These will take between 10 -30 minutes depending on the survey. If you are also wondering these surveys are not through Quick Pay themselves but through partners which consist of Your Survey, Global Test Market and some others as they aren't a market research company but more of a survey aggregator.

2. Reading Emails

Another way they advertise on there site that you can make money is through reading emails. Its literally just has it sounds. Although these are easy to do they are understandably low paying and you will only get between $0.02 and $0.05 per email. As you can see it will take you hundreds of emails in order to cash out, when I checked my account I found 2 emails both valued at $0.02, so your best bet is to try other ways of making money such as surveys that I mentioned above.

3. Shopping

While not really being a way of making money another option at your disposal is shopping. This opportunity rather sucks to be honest mainly because the retailers and partners they work with are small and not well known to most people. The only one out of the list I recognised was Gap so if you a frequent customer of them and the others then that's great however apart from that this isn't of much use to you.

5. Referral Program

You can also get paid to refer friends which is a common feature on reward sites nowadays as it helps survey panels gain more members and you get to make money from it. I have tried many survey and reward sites so I know when a referral program is worth it as some are and some aren't.

In this case you get 15% of your referral earnings which isn't a great deal when I compare to sites that pay between 20% and $35 

What Rewards Are Available?

Quick Pay Surveys pay out once you have acquired a balance of $15, for the first payout you will only need to make $12 as you get a $3 boost when you sign up.

For your first payment they do have a system whether they check them which means you will be paid on a net15 basis, so for e.g if a payment was requested on the 10th February it would be paid on the 15th March.

They do this to make sure no fraud is taking place, some other survey sites do this as well like Swagbucks who send a letter through the mail with a code to verify your address before sending there first payment to you.

Things To Be Aware Of With Quick Pay Surveys

1. False Promises

This is a concern but when you browse around the site they make it seem very easy to make money. In fact in the FAQ under a question on how much you can earn its even stated that you can make money and withdraw within minutes. If you have reached $15 and about to withdraw then I'm guessing it would be quick to withdraw but if you have a new account it will at least take you a few weeks to get enough.

2. Site Looks Unprofessional

This is a fairly big concern that is one of the first things that came to my attention which is that the site does come across quite unprofessional. First you have the web address and actual name of the site issue where there both different, which looks odd and suspicious. The second thing I picked out is that the logo and even the whole site in general looks like it was thrown together in a few minutes. 

From looking online it doesn't seem to be a scam but these areas do raise some concern as they aren't normal to see on most survey panels so just be wary if you are thinking of joining.

3. Not Many Opportunities Available To You

The main way like I mentioned is through the surveys and for me anyway when I made an account I was shown 3 surveys, one of which was Global Test Market which is a once a day survey and the other two being YourSurveys and Opinion Surveys which are both unlimited. I have tried these surveys on other survey sites and they are good and you can make a few dollars a day by doing this, however apart from this there isn't too much on the site that will make you more money.

Is Quick Pay Surveys Legit?

Quick Pay Surveys do seem legit however whether they are worth it is anothe question and for me they aren't and this boils down to many reasons which include the negatives I spoke about a few minutes ago. I have on this site reviewed so many survey sites that it gets to the point where if there's something that is risky on a survey site or there is a slight chance you might not get paid once you have hit the threshold I won't recommend them.

There are many established thresholds that are well known and offer the same opportunities as Quick Pay Surveys and more so its make's sense to use these ones over, plus I have actually had success with them.

If your wondering what survey sites I am talking about you can find my most recommended survey sites here. These ones are some of the best I have tried and offer the best user experience to help you make money online.

My 'Worth It' Rating


What do you think to Quick Pay Surveys? Had any experiences with them or even any questions you would like tho throw my way ?

Let me know by leaving a comment down below 🙂

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Is Legit – A Genuine Opportunity To Make Money?

Is Legit

Ever wondered if is legit, well I did and after reviewing them I found some surprising aspects to them.

So I thought I would write this Big Spot review to give you a better idea of what they are about especially if your looking to get paid to complete surveys online. Review Summary Logo


What Are They?:

Survey Site






BigSpot is a site that promotes and recommends to you other survey sites for you to make money. You won't be completing any paid surveys with them but instead with there affiliates

 What Is BigSpot

First thing you will need to know before going any further is that are not an actual paid survey site. 

That's right, despite how they initially come across as a panel to earn money with by completing surveys this isn't exactly how they works and that there is much more to it.

So if you have clicked on this review hoping for a panel to earn rewards with you will have to look else where or alternatively check out this list of quality survey sites I recommend to anyone looking to make extra cash doing surveys.

I have to say to start off that I am no stranger to sites like BigSpot in fact I have tried many almost identical sites like this one already.

So to see the way this one works is no surprise as there are many copying the same concept to help them make money, I'll explain is just a second why BigSpot are clever and are earning way more than you will make with the companies they recommend Landing Page

 How Does BigSpot Work?

If you use the form on the site to sign up you will notice you will be shown a host of survey sites that BigSpot recommend you join. So instead of operating like an actual paying survey panel you will be shown others. 

The thing is with the sites they recommend theres nothing special about them in fact I have tried out a few myself and found them to be okay. The reason they promote these sites is because they have affiliate partnerships with them where each time someone clicks and join ups they get a commsions.

Its quite clever and you can guess that if many people go through this process that BigSpot will end up making a lot of money. Most survey panels will pay between $1-$5 per sign up, so if you have visitors joining all the recommendations its going to lead into a nice payday for BigSpot you could presume.

 How Can You Make Money?

It is possible for you to make money once you have signed up to the panels but do remember that you are making money with the survey sites and not BigSpot themselves.

Its like being the company in the middle, you take sites that compare hotel prices for e.g. these sites work by showing you the lowest price for a hotel room to help you save money, if you then book with that hotel the site comparing the hotels will get a commission. Its as simple as that.

The reason why I don't like BigSpot is the fact they don't even give you any information on the survey panels, such as how much can you make per survey, who can join, what demographics they target and when can you withdraw your earnings. Instead they just chuck a bunch of panels at you with join buttons without any other information.

Since I review many survey sites here if I do recommend one I'll make sure to include all the information you need to know about them and also make sure that they are relevant to you.

 The BigSpots Positives and Negatives

 The 'Good' Stuff

1. They Don't Cost Any Money

If there is one positive to take away is the fact they don't cost any money and you can find out survey panels without having to pay money for a list like other programs do. Programs like Click4Surveys are ones to avoid where they try to charge you to get access to 'exclusive' survey sites. That's not the case with BigSpot but always be wary as scams do exist unfortunately.

 The 'Not So Good' Stuff

1. Not An 'Actual' Survey Site

If you have made it this far we have come to the conclusion quickly that BigSpot is not a survey site and more a middle man. This means you won't get paid for completing surveys

 So Is Legit?

BigSpot is not legit and a site that is only designed to make the owners money through recommending survey sites.

I would not recommend them as they are just not the worth the time and your time is better of invested in actual paying survey sites such as these ones.

  • ​Not a survey site

  • ​Site set up as a sales funnel to make owners money

  • Concerns over how safe your details are and privacy
  • ​Free to sign up

 My 'Worth It' Rating


 My Alternative To BigSpot

BigSpot is not recommended and I would stay well away from them for the reasons I stated in the review. Its not all doom and gloom as there are survey panels out there that do pay and I have taken the time to comprise a list of my favourite survey panels, that not only pay but well.

Check out the link below to check out my list of survey panels that will make you money online each month doing paid surveys.

What do you think to Have any questions or opinions you would like to throw my way?

Let me know by leaving a comment down below, I'm interested in hearing what you guys have to say 🙂

Survey Spotter Review – Make £300+ Every Month?

In this review I'll be going through a survey site that I have recently come across called survey spotter. From what I have seen you can make up to £300 a month with them however this all to familiar and similar to a site I have reviewed in the past.

With that said in this Survey Spotter Review and just like the title says I will be taking you through what are must know things you should know about them before joining.

This review will consist of me talking about what they have to offer then my pros and cons to summarise, so make sure to stick around until the end.

Survey Spotter Review Summary


What Are They?:

A site that shows you survey panels that will help you make money online completing surveys



 What Is Survey Spotter?

Survey Spotter is basically a site that recommends survey sites to people like you who are interested in making money online. They are operated by a firm in London by the name of All Grove Ltd.

The catch however or where the confusion starts is that with this site you won't be making money directly with them. Many people sign up and think they will make £300 on the spot, however that's not how they work.

You can get where many people get that idea from as when you click on the site your showed a big text saying just how much you can make, it all sounds rather easy.

However alot like another site called Top10bestpaidsurveys and you are simply shown survey sites which you can then join up to and make money with.

Who Are Survey Spotter

How Does Survey Spotter Work?

Now for the purpose of this review I went ahead and signed up to see just what Survey Spotter as to offer. I started by filling in the first page which required details such as my email and date of birth, this was easy to complete and took less then a minute.

Survey Spotter Sign Up Page

After doing that I went onto the next step which instructed me to choose survey sites to join, I was given a list of 11 survey sites I could sign up with. Most of which I have come across before and reviewed, sites like Global Test Market and Toluna were a couple of familiar ones that they suggested I joined. The thing is already I could tell that my time had been wasted as I knew the earning potential of the majority of the sites as I had reviewed them in the past. I know for a fact that you wouldn't be able to make £300 a month as most of them don't give out enough opportunities for you to do so.

Survey Spotter Step 1

I can see why this kind of site could be of use as you are shown sites that offer ways to make money through completing surveys.

The one thing i'm not a fan of is the false promises Survey Spotter make. They mention how you can make £300 if you sign up for all the sites however I recognise and reviewed a number of them and I have found that making £5 a month with some of the sites hard let alone £300. 

Who knows, you may be able to make more money with sites like Global Test Market, Toluna, etc but I found there pay to be really low.

How Do You Make Start Making Money?

When you sign up and choose the sites you would like to make money with Survey Spotter will sign you up for them using the details you provided.

I named a few of the survey sites you will be signed up to, there are another 9 sites which consist of:

There are a few good survey sites in their but of all of them Swagbucks is the only one that could make you £300 a month, all the others I have reviewed and tested in the past and most pay below par.

One thing that pops up a lot on their sites is how you can make at least £3 a survey. That's good pay especially for surveys however most of the sites listed will only pay up to £1 a survey if your lucky.

If it helps instead of signing up with Survey Spotter, ill leave links to my full reviews for the survey sites I've reviewed above so you can take a look for yourself to see if there's a site  there for you.

4 Things You Must Know About Them Before Joining!

1. Are NOT An Actual Survey Site

I think its important to make this clear as many people get the wrong impression when they come across this site and ones similar. To clear up Survey Spotter isn't a survey site and despite how they first come across which is a site that will make you x amount each month they aren't.

When I first came across Survey Spotter I originally thought they were a survey panel that would offer opportunities like most other survey sites to make £300+ a month and while that can still technically be done you will be earning money with there partners instead.

2. Is A Survey Funnel Set Up To Profit!

As you may be able too see that when you check out the site for yourself you will find various survey sites that they promote to you and advise that you join. The thing with all these is that Survey Spotter themselves have a relationship with them where they get paid when people sign up to them. 

It is basically a sales funnel set up to help the owners and creators make money. That aspect doesn't necessarily bother me its the fact that they don't provide much information on the survey panels so you don't really know what to expect, there's nothing like how many surveys can you expect to receive or what opportunities that each panel has to offer. 

3. No Valuable Information

That aspect doesn't necessarily bother me its the fact that they don't provide much information on the survey panels so you don't really know what to expect, there's nothing like how many surveys can you expect to receive or what opportunities that each panel has to offer. 

When I sign up for sites I like to know has much as I can before doing so and often like to do my research so I know who I am giving my personal information too. While they do show you survey sites that pay out, there are just sign up buttons for you to click on to sign up via Survey Spotters site.

4. Your Details Are Used To Sign Up To Multiple Sites

This one is tricky one as the signing up process is sorted by Survey Spotter so when you put in your details they will then use them to sign you up to the panels you choose. Once done you will then receive emails from the company's you wish to make money with telling you to verify your email address.

Negative about doing this is you are signed up to various sites automatically without you needing to do anything which means you don't known exactly who and what your signing up for. 

While it seems that there is a data protection policy where any data you fill in is safe I would make sure to be careful as they aren't a established company and have no background information. 

I would recommend instead that if you see a survey panel that takes your fancy that you search them up and sign up with them directly.

Is Survey Spotter Legit?

To sum it up Survey spotter is not a scam and are legit as your details are safe with them however they aren't worth it in my opinion as many of the sites they are partnered with pay cents, that and the fact they don't provide much use to you.

Don't let that put you off surveys though as completing surveys is still a great way to make money which is why I recommend the best site out there Swagbucks. These pay considerably better then the others and offer a variety of ways to make money.

  • check
    Legitimate company
  • check
    Work with a established survey panels
  • close
    You probably wont earn £300 a month with any of the sites they recommend with the exception of Swagbucks
  • close
    You will get a ton of emails from all the survey sites you join such as survey invites and registration confirmations

My 'Worth It' Rating


What do you think to Survey Spotter? Have any questions or opinions you would like to throw my way?

Let me know by leaving a comment down below, I'm interested in hearing what you guys have to say 🙂

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Is Gold Opinions A Scam? – The ‘Actual’ Truth Exposed! (Must Read!)

Is Gold Opinions A Scam

Looking to find out whether is Gold Opinions a Scam then hopefully this review will answer this question and any others you may have. 

You might have checked them out beforehand and see the claims that they have made on what you can make.

Repeatedly they talk about how you can make $50 per survey. However is this even true?

That is of course great money especially just for giving your opinion however with most things in life if it sounds way to good to be true it can be best advised that you stay well away.

Make sure to read until the end of this Gold Opinions review as I'll be covering everything you need to know about them and trust me there are things you must know!

Gold Opinions Review Summary


What Are They?:

Survey Site Funnel



$1 for the trial, then $27 a month after



Gold Opinions is a site that try's to convince you that you can make unheard of money completing surveys. This is one that is too not be trusted especially since you have to pay money!

 What Is Gold Surveys?

Gold Surveys may seem to be your ordinary survey site at first that claims to pay you to do surveys. However from inspecting the site and company they are anything but.

Some people may be unfamiliar with the concept of Gold Opinions. Instead of offering opportunities to make money they instead show you survey sites that you will make money.

 How Does Gold Opinions Work?

It is a two step sales funnel designed to help the owners make money when you go through it

  1. Firstly they get to buy you the membership to get access to 'exclusive' survey sites (actually not!), this will cost you $1 for the first 7 days and then $29 after that.
  2. Secondly they then recommend you to survey sites and put in their affiliate links so that they can make money every time someone signs up to a survey site they promote

As you can see Gold Opinions are making a fair few bucks per person who gets conned into their program.

The problem here is that no one should need to buy this membership in the first place. You simply shouldn't need to spend money in order to get a few survey site recommendations. 

Its so easy to find survey sites online, you can simply google them, so as you can see you would only be chucking away money here.

Then again the promises they make and how they claim that you will be earning with them, could convince you into thinking they are worth it.

 The Gold Opinions Positives and   Negatives

The 'Good' Stuff

1. ClickBank Certified Product

This is good for those of you who have brought the membership but then later found out (reading this review) that Gold Opinions is a load of rubbish!

This is because all Clickbank products do come with 60 day money back guarantee, so you will be able to get a refund.

Many scams do come through Clickbank and it stops them from scamming lots of people as at least you can get your money back.

 The 'Not So Good' Stuff

1. Over Hype and False Expectations

Those two things above are very common when it comes to scams, they are so desperate to make money and con you that they make the product to be something you require and will make you lots of money.

In reality though this isn't true and you will find that the sales tactics used with Gold Opinions have been done many times before.

With this one they claim you can make up to $50 a survey, with premium ones paying out the most. In my history of completing surveys and I have gone through many I have never come across a survey that has paid that much. 

There are opportunities such as video surveys where I have recived payments of around $50 from companies such as Mindswarms. However these surveys are different and involve you saying the answers to survey questions in front of camera.

If you try out most of the reputable survey sites or even check out Survey Police who have many featured you will find the standard rates are $1 to $5 a survey. This is a normal amount you can expect to make per survey, not the amounts they claim.

They also claim you can work flexible hours, this is also doesn't sound right as with surveys you aren't get paid per hour. Instead you are paid per survey you complete. 

Having the attitude 'oh I will go and work an hour and complete a few surveys' won't work. Yes, you will make a few dollars but there isn't a set income . This is because:

  1. Market Research companies are looking to reach a certain quota to complete there surveys. Once this has been reached they will close the survey down.
  2. Companies are also looking to find people who fit into certain demographics to complete their surveys. For e.g if you are trying to complete a survey on kids toys but you aren't a parent you will probably get disqualified
  3. Every survey tends to pay various amounts depending on it's length, time and topic.

Those two factors are why its hard to make a standard hourly income completing surveys.

2. Costs Money

What has to be one of the standout signs that this is a scam is that you have to pay for a subsciption.

You don't get any training, surveys to complete, or anything else of worth for the $27 that try to make you pay.

All you will get is a few survey sites that they recommend, so its safe to say your not gaining a great deal here. 

Completing surveys and the industry in general consists of market research companies looking for opinions on various things something that you shouldn't need to pay for.

3. Won't Make You Any Money!

I think what many people originally assume and to be fair Gold Opinions does seem like your ordinary survey site. However when you buy the membership and make an account with them you won't be making any money whatsoever with them

Sure you will make money if you join the survey sites they recommend however that defeats the object as these sites can be found for free without investing any money.

What I don't get is the fact there is a membership in place that you must by so not only are you conned but you are conned every month you keep the membership going.

Imagine leaving the membership active for 12 months that would be $3,240, for what though? A list of survey sites that make you a full-time income.

It sounds like such a scam to me and could be one of the worst ones I have seen. I have found sites such as SurveyAllStars and GetPaidSurveys trying to con people into submitting their email details for exclusive survey sites but the fact that this one make you pay a recurring fee is quite ridiculous.

 So Is Gold Opinions A Scam?

As you can tell Gold Opinions is not legit nor is it a site worth your time and effort. I would advise you stay well away from this scam as they are only out to get your money.

They are not providing a service that will help you make money or even an actual survey site, the only thing they are after is your hard earned money.

  • ​Do have a moneyback guarentee

  • Attempts to get you to buy a pointless membership

  • Set very high expectations of what you can earn
  • Not an actual survey site

 My 'Worth It' Rating


 My Alternative To   Gold Opinions

There are many other companies just like Gold Opinions out there and one thing they all have in common is greed to get your hard earned money.

To be honest I am sick of seeing them, but at least I get to check them out and give a good review on them to hopefully stop more people from falling for there traps.

You were probably just looking for a genuine opportunity to make money by giving your opinions in surveys and I have got you covered there.

By clicking on the banner below I will show you a list of survey sites that actually pay out.

I have tried hundreds of survey sites and many of them have turned out to be garbage, however these are established and have a history of paying out well to their members so I have no problems recommending them

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Is Click 4 Surveys Legit Or Another Dodgy Survey Site

Is Click 4 Surveys Legit

If your  looking to find out whether is Click 4 Surveys Legit or not then you are in the right place as today I will be bringing you a full and honest review on them.

Most of the survey sites I review do not ask for any money to register an account and instead pay their members for completing surveys instead of it being the other way round.

Survey sites are a great way to make money especially if your looking for some quick cash but in no case should you be paying to sign up.

My aim is to review as many survey sites out there so that I can show you which survey sites are worth your time and will earn you money but also warn you off scams out there so that your not being scammed by companies that’s the only intention is to get hold of your money.

With that said and with the answer to whether Click 4 Surveys is legit or not looking obvious I’ll be reviewing the site to see just what they’re about and whether they are as shady as they seem.

Click 4 Surveys Summary


Click 4 Surveys Logo

What Are They?:

Survey Site Funnel






Click 4 Surveys is a site that shows you other sites to make money. They claim that you can make upwards of $75 however they don't pay out neither do they help you make money.

 What Is Click 4 Surveys?

Click 4 Surveys is a site that claims to offer a exclusive list of survey sites that will help you make lots money from home. In fact the amounts of money they say you will be making is quite a considerable amount however it does sound way too good to be true.

Were talking a full time income for many, as you can see in the screenshot below you can make up to $3,500 a month. Obviously this isn't true and can't be done just by doing surveys however I will get more into that as we go through this review.

Click4Surveys unrealistic expectations

With Click 4 Surveys you will need to pay in order to get access to the survey panels they recommend.

The way the site works is a lot like Top10bestpaidsurveys and Survey Spotter, however with those while they give false expectations on what you will earn the good thing is they won't make you buy anything.

Unless your not aware you need shouldn’t need to pay money to complete surveys. It should be the other way round with market research companies paying you for your time.

If you do find sites that make you pay for some special list then there most likely a scam.

 How Do You Get Started?

First off you will be signing up and paying for access to the exclusive survey sites they claim you will make a lot of money with.

So after you’ve given away your money and signed up you will then need to sign up for other survey sites.

This is a process you could do without Click 4 Surveys, so if you’ve come across this review for clarification that this site is legit then I can tell you that this site is one big con.

 How Do You Make Start Making Money?

Click for surveys is a site that claims that by signing up to the site you will make a ton of money through surveys.

Now everything about this site screams scam as when you go the site you come across a video which is a presentation from the owner himself. This is quite odd as before I go onto the video itself it’s worth mentioning that this is fairly unusual for survey sites.

You do get videos on sites showing you how to make money on the site but this video is basically just random videos of people’s experiences using the site which are clearly fake.

I’ve found that many of the people who gave testimonials for the site have got accounts on sites like fiverr where they offer testimonial services for $5.

This is very shady as there is nothing genuine to the videos and it just feels that when your watching the video you feel like your being sold to which shouldn’t be the case.

After scrolling down I came across a story from the owner himself who talks about how he quit his job to do surveys. As you can see by the image below he talks about how he took surveys to take himself out of debt. 

Click4Surveys quit your job

Owner claims to quit his job after making money completing surveys

Its quite remarkable and I'm sure its fooled many people into thinking he holds some secret however this is all b******t making thousands of dollars a month completing surveys isn't possible.

As you can see there is only one aim of this site and that is to con you out of your money. Of course for the money you pay you do get access to a what they call ‘exclusive’ list of survey sites. 

But for $19 it really isn’t worth it as you will find most of the survey sites by searching into Google.

In case your still not aware you will not be directly making money with the site instead you are directed to sites that will pay you for surveys.

 The Click 4 Surveys Positives and   Negatives

With Click 4 Surveys as you can tell there are some aspects that raise some eyebrows so I'll go over these now.

 The 'Good' Stuff

1. Shows You Legitimate Survey Sites

If there is one positive that can be taken from Click 4 Surveys is that the sites they recommend are legit. 

However making you pay for access to the list is wrong as you shouldn't need to pay anything.

These are sites you could find by typing into google phrases such as 'best survey sites' and you will find many legit sites come up.

 The 'Not So Good' Stuff

1. False Expectations

One thing that stood out to me is the fact they claim you can make up to $75 a survey and even $3000 a month. 

Click4Surveys make $75 a survey

For someone who as used and tested many survey sites I knew straight away that this wasn't true as these rates simply don't exist. 

You won't find any survey sites paying out this amount even with the sites they recommend.

While its false they tell you this to entice you into their trap. 

2. Costs Money To Sign Up

In order to get these survey sites you will need to pay upwards of $35. This is crazy especially for a ordinary list of survey sites that can be found online for free.

I recommend survey sites however I do it to show people like you sites that payout, I wouldn't charge as its not something that should be sold.

I have found companies who sell lists of survey sites to all be scams that are just looking to make money and don't put you first so you must be on guard as they do exist such as Click 4 Surveys.

 Is Click 4 Surveys Legit?

If it isn’t clear Click 4 Surveys is a scam already then I can say that it definitely is and one to avoid.

It’s sick to know that sites like this exist especially with there fake videos and there false promises of making you lots of money.

Luckily you have come across this review as this site is only out to get your money.

So for that reason and the fact you shouldn't need to spend money to earn money completing surveys I won't be recommending them.

If you are looking for some genuine survey sites that are looking for your opinions and don't cost a cent to sign up for then check out these top rated survey sites here.

  • ​Won't make you any money

  • Includes many upsells and costs money to make an account

  • Won't make you any money
  • Recommends legitimate sites

 My 'Worth It' Rating


 Still Looking To Get Paid For Your   Opinions?

Sites like Click 4 Surveys are sites that are full of false expectations and conning people out of money.

Now instead of going anywhere near Click 4 Surveys which I doubt you will there are survey sites that don't require any investment and are looking for peoples opinions on different topics, services and products in return for rewards.

If you are looking for some genuine sites that have helped me make money online in the past few years doing tasks such as surveys, watching tv and playing games in my spare time then check out the banner below.

Do you think Click 4 Surveys is a real opportunity to make money with?

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Is Survey Money Machines A Scam Or Make $200/hr?

Is Survey Money Machines A Scam

So you are wondering whether Survey Money Machines is a scam or a genuine opportunity to make money with. 

Let me start by saying that completing surveys can be a good way to make money and most of the time it will only take you 5 to 10 minutes to do. However making a full time income is not possible with these kind of opportunities.

Obviously it does depend on what sites you use as not every survey site is legit, so its great that you are here so I can give you my honest opinion on this site.

Now quickly before I get started...

Before I get underway with the review if you are looking for a top notch survey site that pays well above any of the other sites I have tried then check out my recommendation below.

Survey Money Machines Review Summary


What Are They?: Survey Panel

Verdict: Legit

My Worth It Rating: 1/5

Survey Money Machines Main Page

What Is Survey Money Machines About?

Survey Money Machines is a website that shows you reputable survey sites for making money. They aren't a survey panel themselves but instead show you other sites out there where you can get paid for your opinions.

They are owned by someone called Hailey Gates, this is interesting as you don't normally find a specific person who owns the company. Most survey panels are run by other market research companys, but then again this one isn't a survey site.

I have tried out sites just like this one such as GetPaidSurveys and Survey Spotter which work the same. Again these companies don't pay you directly instead you will get paid when you complete the surveys with their partners.

Your probably also wondering what is the point of the site if all they do is refer you to other sites. The site does affiliate marketing so when someone clicks on one of their links they will receive a commission.

As you can tell already the site is quite useless and is essentially just a sales funnel set up for the company to make money.

​How Do You Start Making Money?

As I have mentioned you will be able to start making money once you have clicked on the links to the other survey sites they recommend. 

Once you have signed up to these panels you will start receiving invites to surveys which you will be able to complete in exchange for rewards. By completing surveys you will be earning points that can then be used to redeem gift cards and cash.

The Survey Money Machines Positives and Negatives

The 'Good' Stuff

1. Shows You Legitimate Survey Sites

If there's one thing that I noticed that is good is the survey sites they recommend are legit and don't cost any money to sign up for. Which means you can sign up to them and try them without losing money. 

The 'Not So Good' Stuff

1. Over Hype A Lot

As you can probably tell from the first page they do hype it up a lot and make it seem like a must use way to make money. If you look at the testimonials on the side some of them say how they are earning $200 a hour. 

Its worth saying that making that amount of money in this industry is unheard off, in fact I would go as far as saying its impossible. You can make extra cash of course and you could make around $500+ a month if you join some of top ones but making 3 digits a hour is not possible.

2. Very Easy Way To Make Money?

Following on from the last point the messege it seems they are trying to tell you is that you can make very easy money completing surveys.

Now if you have tried survey sites before you will probably recall that at times it can be quite stressful. Whether that is getting disqualified mid way through a survey or just not having that many opportunities available to you.

The point I'm making is that survey sites will earn you some extra cash but you can't go in with the mentality of making $5 an hour as admittedly you will lose time because you aren't a fit for certain types of surveys.

That's just how the industry is as market researchers are looking for certain demographics and insights on their products and services.

Is Survey Money Machines A Scam?

No, Survey Money Machines isn't a scam however they aren't much use to you.

They do show you survey sites that are legit however what you could do instead is type survey sites into google and you would find a whole host of them appear.

So you don't have to give away your email for a secret list of panels like they claim here.

If you want to skip that site and check out some survey panels that I have had success with over the years and made some extra cash in my spare time then check out this top rated survey sites list here.

My 'Worth It' Rating

What do you think to Survey Money Machines? Have you had any experiences with them?

Let me know by leaving a comment down below 🙂

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